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  1. Lovely collection Paul. Thanks for posting. Just one small correction - SX-DBI was a Boeing 720, not a 707. Dave G
  2. Minicraft DC-7?
  3. Very interesting thread John. I've built the S&M Viscount twice in BEA red square and Aer Lingus liveries. Both builds were more or less OOB and it's interesting to see it in expert hands. The one thing I never bothered with was trying to improve the props - both models were fitted with Aeroclub white metal ones - but you've certainly done a good job on them. The F-RSIN Viscounts are quite good although like all F-RSIN kits they need a bit of work. As well as the choice of the 700 and 800, F-RSIN give you alternative noses and engines.
  4. I've no idea what engines they will include but I've seen it suggested on another forum that they aren't going to include undercarriage!
  5. Hello fellow modeler, I was reading about your 727 input and got interested on your fixing airfix material, would you mind to share it with me?

    1. Skodadriver


      If you give me your e-mail address I will send you a copy of of the article.

  6. Lovely job Eng even though I'm not a great military aircraft fan. When I was young we spent many family holidays at St Andrews and if there was nothing else doing I would often take myself off to Leuchars to spot trains and watch aircraft. From that period - basically the late 1960s - my memories are of the Lightnings rather than the Phantoms but in later years my wife and I were regular visitors to the Leuchars show where the Phantoms featured prominently. Although I've always been more interested in civil aviation, Leuchars is a place of happy memories and I still can't quite believe it isn't there any more.
  7. I use cotton buds for several things. I always swab a model with IPA (isopropyl alcohol, not beer) last thing before priming. IPA is an extremely effective cleaner/degreaser and a lot quicker and easier than washing the model. I also use them for applying Klear. Although it's not a beginner's technique you can also use IPA on a cotton bud to blend Mr Surfacer. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Milliput. I would strongly encourage a novice modeller to learn to use it both as a filler and for carving things out of. I'm also surprised nobody has mentioned a really good light source - a lot of modern kits have very small parts and our novice modeller is going to get hacked off pretty quickly if he/she has to work in a dark corner and can't see properly. Personally I'd put a decent (not necessarily expensive) desktop lamp/magnifier near the top of the list I've been modelling for over 50 years and although I have inevitably accumulated a fair number of tools I build most of my 1/144 airliners using: Desktop lamp/magnifier (see above) A4 cutting board 2x Swann Morton scalpels with 10 and 10A blades plus a third ancient one for spreading Milliput Tweezers Pair of small scissors Pin vice with dressmaking pins and selection of small drills Humbrol Liquid Poly Revell Contacta cement for thicker sections (optional but I think it's great stuff) Loctite superglue Milliput Superfine (white) Mr Surfacer 500 Clothes pegs for use as clamps Wet and dry paper in various grades from Halfords or similar Emery boards ("borrowed" from Mrs Skodadriver if necessary) Flexifile and selection of tapes in various grades (bit of a luxury but very handy) Masking tape, Tamiya and Halfords Toothpicks Selection of paintbrushes Cotton buds (see above) Finishing is a topic in itself and will vary depending on what is being modelled but obviously primer and a basic set of paints appropriate to the subject will be required.
  8. If you want a really accurate 727-200 out of the box the only way to go is to save up for the Authentic Airliners version. It ain't cheap and according to the AA website it's currently out of stock but Kurt should do a new run in due course. Otherwise, as you say, Minicraft and Airfix both have their faults. Personally I'd go for Airfix - the thick wings on the Minicraft kit are a deal-breaker as far as I'm concerned. With the Airfix kit you really have to fix the shape of the cockpit which involves a fair bit of sanding and filing but isn't particularly difficult. Airfix have also made a bit of a mess of the fin where the No.2 intake blends in. The engines can be left as they are although they will benefit from improvement and there are a few other minor issues like a non-existent fence on the wing trailing edge. Years ago there was an excellent article about correcting the Airfix 727-200 in the old Airline Modeller magazine. I have a copy in my archives and if you pm me your e-mail address I'll gladly scan it for you.
  9. There are several reviews online. Here are links to a couple of them: If you read German Uwe Damaschek lists the main faults very concisely: Roughly translated (with apologies to any native German speakers!): "Unfortunately the fuselage has a few clearly visible errors in shape - the top edge of the fin is wrong. It has a kink which is not present on the original. The intake for the centre engine is equally inaccurate, the section below the intake is much too bulbous. The details are particularly disappointing: the engines are not accurate at all and the undercarriage including the undercarriage bays is a complete fantasy by the model producer. Pleasing points are the good nose shape and the thin trailing edges of the wings. Unfortunately this advantage is cancelled out by the unbelievable thickness of the leading edges. .... All in all I recommend buying the ... Airfix kit and correcting it where necessary" I haven't built the Minicraft kit but I've seen a couple of examples built by other modellers. It can't be mistaken for anything other than a 727-200 and the nose shape is streets ahead of Airfix but fixing the faults and making a properly accurate model is a lot of work. HTH Dave G
  10. I tend to go on the principle that it's unlikely to be serious if they're still eating but I always get anything unusual checked out. A distressed cat at two in the morning isn't funny. If we give Merry food she doesn't like she will look deeply offended and then start "covering" her bowl with imaginary cat litter. She never fails to make the point!
  11. Glad you had him checked out Vince. Our previous cat developed a loud and rather strange purr and when we took her to the vet it turned out to be a symptom of severe bronchitis which along with some other age-related ailments led to her being put to sleep a few days later. It's always better to err on the side of safety even if it means a few quid in vets' bills.
  12. I managed to miss this first time round so I'm glad the thread has been revived and I've had the chance to admire your magnificent model. The Doyusha kit definitely has a better outline than the Minicraft version although the engines need a lot of work. Lovely job. Dave G
  13. Hmm... spraying red over black? You wouldn't get away with that using Humbrol....
  14. Some slightly mixed comments on Airliner Cafe. Considering the cost of the kit it's troubling to read complaints about parts misidentified on the instruction sheet and comments like "and yes damn it I will make these parts fit" or "screwy way of mating the wings to the fuselage". I think I'll hold on to my cash until I see some more reviews.
  15. Thanks Ian. I remember seeing that thread a while back but didn't make the connection. The sheets I've bought (Windrose A320, Lituanica E170 and SAR Avia Yak-42D) aren't available from any other source that I know of so I'm as confident as I can be that there isn't a piracy issue with them. However it's certainly worth bearing in mind for any possible future purchases. Dave G