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  1. Just to add to what JohnT said, I realise the original poster lives in Warwickshire but for any Scottish members who might be reading this, the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 does not apply in Scotland. Parking companies sometimes attempt illegally to use that Act (specifically Section 56 and Schedule 4) to intimidate Scottish motorists into paying. One company was actually prosecuted for attempted fraud for doing that although unfortunately the prosecution collapsed.
  2. Thanks for all that really useful information Jonathan. Some of the staff at my nearest Halfords tend to be rather less than helpful. Maybe it was the paint guy's day off but a couple of years ago I had a surreal dialogue of the deaf type experience trying to get a can custom mixed to match my motorbike. Ever since then I've stuck to cans off the shelf but if Hannants don't restock X336 I know what to ask for.
  3. This might be of interest. Mr Kosciuv is a member of Airliner Cafe and appears to be reputable.
  4. Even if they accepted credit cards I would never think of giving my card details to a company in Russia. No disrespect to BSModelle but the risks are just too great. With Paypal your account details are not disclosed so the chance of fraud is minimal and they have a dispute procedure if something goes wrong with the transaction. Back at the start of December my wife ordered a DVD to give as a Christmas present. It never arrived and e-mails to the seller were ignored. She had paid by PayPal and eventually raised a dispute. Earlier today PayPal confirmed they had decided in her favour and she got her money refunded. I still occasionally use my credit card for UK purchases but for international transactions it's PayPal or nothing.
  5. Thanks for such an interesting post Jonathan! I should say that another forum member has kindly offered me a spare tinlet of X336 so my immediate problem is sorted but if you can be bothered it would be interesting to have a Halfords match anyway - maybe somebody else would find it useful since X336 is no longer listed by Hannants and is obviously not just temporarily out of stock.
  6. Never even heard of them but they have some very tempting Airliner schemes - Windrose A320 and Lituanica E170 to name only a couple. Most of the decals are clearly laser printed and things like windows look pretty basic but they're very cheap and you're covered by PayPal so I'd be tempted to give them a try.
  7. Thanks for this. The problem is that X336 has been discontinued and the one ancient tinlet in my stash has deteriorated beyond usability. Being lazy I'm looking for a ready made substitute for X336, preferably from Halfords. The grey is less of a problem because I still have a useable tinlet of X337 although I'd prefer to do the whole model in the same kind of paint. If all else fails I'll brew my own blue and use the Xtracolor grey.
  8. Has anyone used Halfords paint to match the later British Midland blue and grey (not the scheme in the Revell A319 kit) as in this example? I know Xtracolor used to make the colours as X336 and X337 but they are no longer listed. Any suggestions gratefully received Dave G
  9. I've largely given up eBay auctions after a number of poor experiences as both seller and buyer. I can't be bothered having my time wasted by idiots and chancers when I could be doing something worthwhile like building models. Normally I only look at Buy It Now listings and treat eBay in the same way as Amazon or any other marketplace. Hobbies (in my case modelling, music and photography in that order) are optional extras in life. Nobody has died because they haven't managed to track down a 1/24 Tamigawa Scruggs Wonderplane.
  10. I used Postimage for a while and found it great. However it had a major wobble a couple of months ago when it looked as if it was going to fold because of financial problems (basically an unsustainable business model). It still seems to be functioning but I doubt we've heard the end of its problems. If you're looking for something simple Img Safe is about as basic as it gets and it's worked for me so far. Many people recommend Flickr and I'll probably give it a shot the next time I want to post more than a single image.
  11. If there is any difference between the spacing of the front and rear main wheels on the Roden kit it certainly isn't apparent to the naked eye. I'm kicking myself that I overlooked this when I was building the kit for the Airliner III GB a few months ago - it's not as if I didn't look at the walkaround photos. I have no intention of trying to correct the finished model but I'll make sure i get it right the next time.
  12. Photobucket is a complete pita. Other hosting sites are available ....
  13. Other than this and this not a lot so far. The Airliner Cafe thread rambles off at various tangents and there doesn't seem to be much hard information.
  14. Hi Ray I'm a bit behind the game here but you don't seem to have included: Authentic Airliners 1/144 B737-100/-200/-600/-700/-800/-900 I'm already planning for this (yes, I know it's in 2018) and at the moment the most likely candidate is a Condor 737-230/Adv in the natural metal/yellow tail scheme. Whether I'll use the AA kit or modify an Airfix one will be decided in due course. Cheers Dave G
  15. All cats are interesting although Rufus was a one-off. He was physically big and powerful with a real badass attitude towards defending his territory which consisted of most of the street and surrounding area. Our neighbours had a particularly stupid dog which he persecuted mercilessly to the point that they would take the dog indoors if Rufus was on the prowl. Domestically he was great fun, prone to daft turns which for some unknown reason often involved pulling encyclopaedia volumes out of my father's book case. He was also amazingly tolerant of a toddler (me) grabbing handfuls of tail or fur and we became great friends. My parents had got him from his mother's owner so unlike most cats his actual birthday was known and celebrated every year. He died of kidney failure a couple of weeks before his 21st birthday. It's hard to believe that was nearly 50 years ago!