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  1. I grew up about 15 miles from Glasgow and believe me Aberdeen is abroad to many Scots as well. My mother was from Aberdeen and she usually spoke quite "proper" i.e. she could be understood outside her native city. However if they put their minds to it she and her older brother could have a conversation which was incomprehensible to anyone born more than ten miles from Holburn Junction. For some reason I never explored model shops in Aberdeen when we went to visit the grandparents but I do remember Brian Sheriff's in Dundee. It was a pretty decent shop although one staff member could be a tad abrupt at times.
  2. There was a thread on here a couple of years ago where I and a few others swapped memories of Glasgow model shops. I've tried and failed to find it but if I do I'll post the link. I'm old enough to remember Glasgow when the trams were running so I have first-hand memories of Glassfords and Clyde Model Dockyard among others. I worked in Argyle Models during my Uni vacations in the early 1970s although I can't say I have particularly happy memories of the place. Pegasus Models (which was "conveniently" just off my route home to Clarkston where we lived at the time) is a relatively recent memory! I understood that Rab gave up the shop to train as a teacher. He's still around and usually turns up at the main shows. I still reckon Jamieson's was unique and irreplaceable.
  3. Lovely job as always John. Thanks for posting one of the great "might have beens". I share Ian's mistrust of full tail decals but in my experience Two Six's usually work OK and yours looks perfect.
  4. I totally agree but others including Laurent Herjean of F-RSIN have fallen foul of the "no traders" rule.
  5. It would have to be Jamieson's in Glasgow. A bit chaotic and with a very strange smell but it was stuffed to the ceiling with kits, books, paints, tools and everything the discerning modeller might conceivably need. Scott's and Wildcat are doing their best to carry on the tradition but with no disrespect to either of them Jamieson's was unique and can never really be replaced.
  6. As somebody who specialises in 1/144 airliners I'll put in a word for Revell. Looking at my stash it's probably at least 50% Revell and they continue to produce decent 1/144 airliners (the E190 has just hit the shops) at prices real people can afford. Life without the Revell airliner kits would be rather bleak. They also re-box some Zvezda kits (e.g. the 777 and 787) so I'd have to hope that Revell's demise didn't affect Zvezda to the point that they too went out of business.
  7. Lovely job Alex. With advancing years and declining eyesight I find 1/200 a bit small even for a 777 but I agree that the Hasegawa kits are beautiful. Your ginger cat is almost identical to the cat I grew up with!
  8. Thank you for the information but don't be surprised if your post is deleted. The moderators do not allow traders to post in the forums.
  9. Merry is the most talkative cat I've ever known. She usually tells us a long and complicated story when she comes in and she frequently joins in human conversations which can be really funny. She has an amazingly wide "vocabulary" and even for those of us who don't speak fluent Cat there is never any doubt when food is the topic!
  10. What is it with railway modellers and soldering irons? In my railway modelling days I also picked up a soldering iron by the bit thinking it was unplugged. It wasn't. I didn't make that mistake twice. Although it didn't involve personal injury I once confused plastic cement and decal softener. I was applying decals at the time.
  11. Ketchup? Does he eat it or just like to sniff it? None of our cats has ever been interested in ketchup although one of my parents' cats was addicted to toothpaste.
  12. Airbus A380
  13. Thanks John. She's casting white fur all over the house just now and I was trying to persuade her to go out to the garden so I could give her a good brush and comb. The idea was not popular!
  14. "I don't care if it is supposed to be spring. The last time I went out I got snowed on. I'm warm, comfortable, half-asleep and I'm not moving".
  15. See this discussion. One contributor suggests Halfords Ford Champagne Gold. I've never used it so I can't say how close it is.