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  1. Thanks for the offer but I've had the decals in my stash for a few years. I recently got round to buying an Authentic Airliners 757-200 and Britannia was one of my livery options, mainly because I already have the decals. (The other main contenders are BA and Martinair). The model is in primer at the moment and I've still to take the final decision on which scheme. I'm not a huge fan of Flying Colors decals at the best of times and I think I'll take Britannia off the list.
  2. I built the F-RSIN Trident a few years ago and had no real problems with it apart from the normal issues associated with limited-run moulding. If the wings are warped to the point they're unusable my advice would be to contact Laurent Herjean who runs F-RSIN and send him a couple of photos of the problem. Laurent is normally very helpful.
  3. About a year ago I was visiting Springbank Cemetery in Aberdeen where both sets of grandparents are buried and by pure chance I noticed the grave of one of the Papa India cabin crew. I can't remember the exact inscription but it was a clear reference to the Staines crash. The victim was female and I think the surname began with "M". Although nobody knows exactly who did what, Papa India is a very well-documented event.
  4. Thanks Vince. Because of Merry's colouring we should really put sunblock on her ears. Suffice it to say we tried but it didn't go well. Fortunately she tends to shelter when it's really hot and she has a number of nests in shady corners of the garden. We've given up with the sunblock and nothing has fallen off so far.
  5. A nice shady nest for a hot day
  6. Not sure how I managed to miss this until now. What a beautiful piece of modelling. Well done for not giving up after the finishing problems. I don't know if I would have been so tenacious but I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished result which I'm sure will justify all the hard work. By coincidence I was intending to use these decals on a 757 but after reading your comments about them breaking up and the other problems I think I'll find another livery!
  7. That's a wonderful job Mike, really inspirational. Seeing it with the 720 shows just what a huge beast it is. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  8. Another beauty John, every bit as good as the -500 conversion you posted a while back. Any plans for a -475 to complete the set?
  9. Buying a replacement resin part and popping it on to the model in place of the kit cockpit glazing is hardly "major surgery". Of course it's up to Rb21770 how he builds his models, as it is with any modeller. At the end of the day the only test of a model's success is whether the builder is happy with it. That said, some of us like to try to help less experienced modellers by pointing out problems and issues with kits and suggesting fixes. (The incorrect shape of the Minicraft 707 cockpit is far from being "my opinion"). Rb21770 is free to take the advice offered or not. It would be a sad day for Britmodeller if experienced modellers were discouraged from offering help and advice for fear of being accused of "destroying a person's enthusiasm."
  10. Well that's me put in my place. My post wasn't actually directed to you. Please feel free to ignore anything I write if it upsets you. Nowhere did I say that the Minicraft 707 needs "major surgery". It doesn't.
  11. The Minicraft 707s aren't that bad. The nose shape, particularly the cockpit roof, is really the only major issue. Drop in the Contrails part in place of the kit item and you're well on the way to a good model. I agree about not getting hung up on 100% accuracy. I generally apply the principle that if a model looks right it won't be far wrong. Unfortunately the Minicraft cockpit does look wrong and is one of these things which cries out to be fixed.
  12. What are you planning to do about correcting the nose on the Minicraft 707? Contrails do a drop-in replacement for the transparent section which is a lot better than nothing and as Jessica says Two Mikes do a complete replacement nose although I'm not sure about availability. I've seen quite a decent result achieved by filing and sanding (a lot of filing and sanding!) and I can give you a spare glazed section from a Daco 737 if you're totally stuck.
  13. Daco produce decals for the 'Dreamliner" livery applied to EI-DCL and Drawdecal do the "Cable and Wireless" livery on EI-CSC. If you want the standard livery the only source I know is the Revell kit. You might be lucky and find somebody who has built the Revell kit but not used the decals and is willing to part with them.
  14. I doubt if anybody can really explain Argos. The reason for its existence is a mystery to me. Basically you go into what looks like a shop in which there are a number of tables/desks each with a large catalogue chained to it. You rummage through the catalogue in the hope of finding what you want and if you are successful you write the relevant code number on a small slip of paper. You then stand in a queue for a checkout where somebody will inspect the slip of paper, take your money and issue you with another piece of paper. You then stand in another queue until you are called to your "Collection Point". At that stage your purchase will probably appear sliding down a chute or something similar, an employee will pass it to you and stamp your second slip of paper. You are then free to leave. There are variations on the theme including on-line ordering and self-service checkouts but that's really it. See Darby's wickedly accurate description above for the reality of the experience. Somewhere along the line Argos started acting as a pick up point for items bought on eBay UK. You make your purchase in the normal way but choose "Click and Collect at Argos" and select your nearest branch. The seller will then dispatch your purchase there instead of your home address. The theory is fine and provided it works it's great for people who are out all day. Unfortunately you are at the mercy of Argos staff whose quality can be a little variable, to say the least. Hope that clarifies it for you!
  15. You are clearly very fortunate Toe. It takes a truly special kind of idiocy to destroy a plastic spanner on the grounds of "security" (which also raises the question what right Argos have to open a package addressed to a third party) then hand the empty jiffy bag to the collecting customer without a comment, let alone an explanation