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  1. eBay - any answers?

    I’m rather in the opposite situation just now A couple of weeks ago I put three resin airliner kits on eBay. Two sold to the same buyer at a sensible price - less than new kits would cost but enough for me to be very happy. The third kit went for a stupid price, significantly more than a new kit with international postage on top, and the buyer is now claiming he can’t afford to pay for it. I have given him until the end of this week to settle up otherwise I’ll offer it to the next highest bidder and leave negative feedback. I don’t particularly care how much I get for the kit - I’m more interested in making space than money - but I’d be pretty annoyed if anybody thought I was deliberately inflating the price or running some other scam when the reality is that I have had my time wasted and extra hassle caused by an idiot.
  2. Thanks Neil. Good to know that Whisky Alpha is still active, although not for much longer. There's no avoiding the fact that the BA 767s are getting old and worn (the day after I flew on her Whisky Alpha suffered serious instrument problems while flying IST-LHR and had to divert to VIE) but I'll certainly miss them once they're gone.
  3. Very nice indeed. Not the easiest livery but the mica white and Tamiya red really look great. There has been quite a run of airliners in RFI recently and yours is a worthy addition. I’m just finishing a 787-8 in LOT colours and at some point I hope to do a -9 probably as Norwegian’s “Freddy Mercury”. If it turns out as well as yours I’ll be very pleased.
  4. Ascensio Decals, your thoughts ?

    Sorry Mike but the problem isn't primarily with the decals. Ascensio decals are laser-printed and I'm afraid you don't seem to understand the characteristics of that type of decal. I appreciate that you may not have encountered them before but laser-printed decals are, by the nature of the process, translucent. They must be applied over a white background and they cannot really be overlapped. Laser printers can't print white so it's completely normal to have, say, a tail logo (or even a decal for the whole fin) with a transparent section where the white should be, the idea being that the decal is applied to a white-painted fin. Having to cut out each individual piece is also completely normal. You have to be very careful with masking for cheatlines and the like and one company (F-DCAL) sometimes provides masking templates to help this. There are literally hundreds of laser-printed airliner decals available and for my own part I use them regularly. Most companies who produce airliner decals use laser printing for at least part of their range (the only significant exceptions I can think of are Lima November and BOA) but the user must understand how they work otherwise the result is liable to be disappointing whoever the manufacturer is. Since I wrote my earlier comment in this thread (in 2014!) I have had first-hand experience of using Ascensio decals. Here is the thread and you will see my comments about how to deal with the lack of reaction to solvents. Admittedly that model was in a simple livery but I was very impressed with Ascensio decals and I have bought several more sheets which I'm looking forward to using. Dave G
  5. 1/200 BOAC Jumbo jet

    Very nice indeed. I find 1/200 too small, particularly for narrow bodies, but the old Love Liners are really nice and you've certainly done a fine job on this one. A classic aircraft in a classic livery.
  6. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    Don't under-estimate yourself Mike. I've been following your build with interest and you're doing stuff that I've never tried, like designing your own decals. There are two or three airliner modelling geniuses active on BM, the rest of us follow in their wake. I know my own standards have improved significantly in the five years or so that I've been a member by learning how other modellers achieve their results and trying the techniques for myself, not always successfully! The most important test is whether you've enjoyed building your model and are happy with it, not how it measures up against someone else's. As Lao Tzu said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".
  7. Donaldson International Britannia **FINISHED**

    Hi Graham I just noticed your post by pure chance. It seems there is an issue with Postimage which is both ironic and infuriating because I moved all the images there after being held to ransom by Photobucket. At least Postimage aren't trying any financial rip-off and according to some online stuff I've read photos are recoverable. However I'm afraid I simply don't have time to re-link over 30 photos just now even if I can remember what they are. If it's any help I put some pics of the finished model in RFI. These are on Flickr so hopefully they're safe. Feel free to pm me if you're looking for any specific information about the build Dave G
  8. Thanks for your kind comments everybody. They are much appreciated and make it all worthwhile It's the miracle of Authentic Airliners "photo real" windscreen and cabin window decals, probably the biggest single improvement in 1/144 airliner modelling in the last decade. I've always been a user of window decals and I'm gradually retrofitting the best of my older models with AA windscreens. Most of the main types are now available but there are still some gaps, notably classic propliners. I didn't know LN had covered Star Air. The railway line between Dalmeny and South Gyle runs directly beside the cargo area at Edinburgh Airport and there is usually at least one Star Air 767 in evidence any time I pass. Look forward to seeing it in due course. Thanks for such a generous comment Eng. Like many Scots we have family in London and we're up and down fairly regularly. We usually use LCY but I'm hoping to get a final 767 flight before they leave the fleet. The arrival of "densitised" Airbuses on the EDI-LHR run will be a good reason to stick to the Cityflyer Embraers!
  9. Pan Am Boeing 747

    Yes, of course. The engines in the Space Shuttle kit represent the Pratt and Whitneys used by Pan Am. There are lots of airliner experts on Britmodeller and as a member of both sites I find Britmodeller much friendlier than Airliner Cafe.
  10. Thanks Ian. I really like the Revell 763. It's old school but with enough detail not to need major additional work apart from the engines. Every time I start one I know I'm going to enjoy the build and hopefully get a good result. What livery are you planning for yours?
  11. Pan Am Boeing 747

    Hi Hans, Just to make you aware, the Revell early 747 is also available as the E-4B 04663. If you can find one it would save you deciding what to do with the Space Shuttle! The only problem is that the E-4B comes with General Electric engines which are horribly inaccurate and wrong for Pan Am anyway (PA used Pratt and Whitney engines) so you would need to replace the engines with after-market items from BraZ Models (reference BZ4014). Dave G
  12. G-BNWA was the first Rolls-Royce powered Boeing 767 to take to the air. She was delivered to British Airways in 1990 and is still going strong at the age of 28 although I believe retirement is due later this year. Sister aircraft G-BNWB actually joined BA first but in terms of first flight date Whisky Alpha is BA’s oldest aircraft. Back in the summer of 2016 she took me from EDI to LHR and the enjoyable short flight reminded me that the current BA livery wasn’t represented in my collection so I dug out an old Revell kit and here is the result. The Revell Boeing 767-300 was the kit that really got me started with airliners about 25 years ago. It isn’t without its flaws (mainly affecting the engines) but it’s still one of my favourite airliner kits and forms the basis of a good model. It’s one of the few airliner kits where the fit is good enough for me to depart from my normal “stick it together and mask it” building and attach the wings after painting. The build is pretty much OOB apart from some correction to the pylons on the Revell RB211s. For absolute accuracy these need total reworking but I contented myself with fixing the more obviously visible errors ahead of the wing. I also added strakes to the engines and a few small fairings to the fuselage. It was necessary to tweak the panel lines in a couple of places to accommodate the eight door layout. Paint is Halfords Appliance White, Fiat Capri Blue and Racking Grey with Tamiya and Revell metallics. Decals are by TwoSix and Authentic Airliners with Scaleliners corroguard. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  13. Query: British Caledonian DC-10 wing colours

    I doubt if there is a clear answer to this. If I'd known you were going to ask the question I'd have taken notes when I flew to Hong Kong on G-BEBM 32 years ago. You could try contacting British Caledonian.com to see if anyone remembers how the wings were painted. They have a very good DC-10 gallery but unfortunately all the pictures which show the upper wings seem to be in black and white. It really is disgraceful that photographers in the 1970s and 80s didn't consider the needs of modellers in the 20teens! I suspect you're just going to have to take an educated guess and defy anyone else to prove you wrong. If there is a definitive answer I'd like to know too because I have a long-term plan to model G-BEBM. Dave G
  14. A brace of BA "Bluebirds"

    Coming along nicely Mike. I liked the world images and was sorry when they went. Laser decals can be a bit of a pain occasionally. You have to think ahead and plan your painting taking account of their characteristics but you soon get used to them and they can produce excellent results. The economics of screen printing don’t always stack up for a niche market like ours and if it wasn’t for laser decal printing we’d have far fewer schemes to choose from.
  15. Thanks Ian. Good point about the wings. I probably rushed the model a bit because of all the other stuff (modelling and non-modelling) that I've got on just now. I finished it this morning and then realised it was dry outside so I just went ahead with the photos there and then rather forgetting about weathering. I'll get that sorted before the model goes on display at the Perth show later this month. Dave