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  1. Revell 747 questions

    Half way between a 747-400 and a 747-800?
  2. Boeing 757 kit

    The Eastern Express 757s (they do a -200 as well) are "closely related" to the Minicraft kit which is poor quality and inaccurate. Personally I think it's a pile of but other views are available! Pin is probably right when he says the existence of the Minicraft kit discouraged Revell and other reputable manufacturers from giving us a decent model
  3. Nearly missed this until I spotted the "airliners" tag. Lovely work as always John. Apart from a few minor irritations mainly around the engines the Roden Brit really is a smashing kit and you've certainly done it justice. I must get on with the -100 conversion I've been threatening for over a year! It's possibly you've already seen this article but if not you might find it helpful when you come to do your VC-10. Best regards Dave G
  4. Boeing 757 kit

    Trying to second-guess Revell's motives is probably pointless! I hadn't actually forgotten Condor. I know they operated the 757, as did LTU, but I've always thought of them as primarily a leisure charter airline rather than a flag carrier in the sense of BA, Lufthansa or Air France which was what I was really thinking about in my earlier post. Several Dutch airlines including Martinair and Air Holland also operated the 757 but again they were largely leisure charter operators. I find it surprising that Revell have given us the Avro RJs, the Fokker 100 and the Embraer 190/195 but not a 757. I suppose if anything was going to persuade them to invest in the tooling for a 757 they would have done so by now.
  5. Boeing 757 kit

    Don't forget that Revell is fundamentally a German firm. As far as I remember the only European scheduled airlines which operated the 757 were British Airways and Icelandair. If Lufthansa or Austrian had used it we might well have seen a Revell kit. Much the same applies to Zvezda - the 757 was very rare in Russia and Eastern Europe. It would have been nice if Zvezda had done the 757 instead of the A320 which duplicated a good existing kit but unless Roden step into the gap we'll probably have to be content with the resin kits from PAS and Authentic Airliners To correct one point in the original post, ICM make an excellent kit of the IL-62M. I know because I've built it.
  6. Paasche Vision, Help Needed.

    I realise Mark is in the USA but for the benefit of any Brits reading this I've used Paasche airbrushes for years and never had a problem with spares. Graphicair and Airbrushes.com are good sources.
  7. Modelarstwoalexander decals

    These are certainly encouraging signs. It would be interesting to know if anybody has placed a second order with the Brazil warehouse. According to the discussions on BM and Airliner Cafe, the Polish operation sometimes managed to send the first order but things then went off the rails with second or subsequent orders.
  8. Retire! Me!

    A few years ago my employers decided they wanted to carry out a major management reorganisation and out of the blue they offered me a combination of early retirement and voluntary redundancy including immediate payment of my occupational pension. I had been very unhappy at work for some time but I hadn't seen that coming. The offer, which was made in mid-February, was conditional on me being out of the door by 31 March and I was given a weekend to decide whether to accept. I would have been insane to have turned it down - I wanted out and refusal would probably have meant being transferred to another office involving either a commute of two hours each way or a house move at my own expense. Because of the short notice I had no time to plan for anything beyond clearing my caseload and packing up. On 1 April I wakened up and thought "What happens now?" One piece of advice which stood me in good stead was not to rush into anything. I was lucky that my wife was still working and the mortgage was paid off so there was no immediate financial pressure. Initially I had what was, in effect, a holiday, enjoying idleness and getting used to the idea that I didn't go to work any more. Then an old pal offered me work two days a week for six months and that led on to me doing locum work covering holidays, illness and so on which I still do. It ekes out the pension and keeps my brain active. Because I'm paid on a daily fee basis I'm free to turn down work if I'm too busy, or just don't feel like working. In the meantime I had volunteered for the Samaritans (following my father, uncle and sister) and within about 18 months I found myself heavily involved in the management of the local branch and all sorts of other stuff as well as doing my shifts on the phones. I eventually had to row back on this quite significantly because it was taking over my life and my normally tolerant wife was starting to complain she never saw me. It was also beginning to interfere with leisure pursuits like modelling, swimming (did somebody else mention that?) reading and motorcycling. Mustn't forget that I'm also organist and director of music at our local parish church and retirement has given me additional time for music study and rehearsal which I badly needed! Since I left full time work I have probably been as busy as I was but the absence of pressure and the ability, within reason, to please myself are wonderful. As Seahawk so rightly says, it's great to waken up in the morning free to decide what you want to do. I also agree with Bootneck that you will be surprised how much money you don't spend although inevitably things like heating bills will increase. Would I do the same if I had the time over again? Without a doubt. Apart from marrying my wife, taking early retirement/voluntary redundancy was the best decision I ever made.
  9. Tu-144 finished

    Sorry if I'm being stupid but where are the pics you're talking about? You haven't posted a link and I can't see anything in Ready for Inspection which is where I would expect to find photos of a completed model.
  10. Modelarstwoalexander decals

    He uses his own name on BM although I see I mis-spelled his first name - it's Guilherme, not Guillherme. A pm through the site should reach him. Alternatively he sells on eBay under the name kosciuv.
  11. Anigrand 1/144 Short Belfast.

    Thanks. I have a set of Heavylift decals which are meant for an IL-76 but could almost certainly be made to fit the Belfast. Anigrand don't really do civil aircraft so I've no experience of their kits and it's good to know there aren't any hidden nasties! I wouldn't even have to worry about the refuelling probe since Heavylift and Transmeridian aircraft didn't have them.
  12. Correcting the Revell 737-800

    It's good to see the photos of the Air Europe model again - thanks John! I have been messing around with a spare pair of Authentic Airliners engines and when I test fitted them to an Airfix model they seemed OK lengthwise but the front of the pylon looks too broad compared to photos of the real thing and I didn't find the effect realistic at all. Unless I'm seeing optical illusions you seem to have managed a more realistic result from the modified Airfix parts. Can I suggest changing the thread title to "Correcting the Revell and Airfix 737s" or something similar?
  13. Modelarstwoalexander decals

    You could always take your chances on an order from the "warehouse" in Brazil. It seems to have worked for Airliner Cafe member Exile so you never know!
  14. Modelarstwoalexander decals

    A member of Airliner Cafe reported that he had successfully ordered from Brazil but he was careful to point out that it was a one-off. Here's the thread: http://www.airlinercafe.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=10058 See post 67491. The only source of Brazil/Gio Decals I personally would trust is Guillherme Kosciuv who is a member of Britmodeller
  15. Is it me or is LSP down

    Pardon my ignorance but what is “LSP”?