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  1. Ha! I’ve flown this one.. I really probably ought to have a stab at a Lynx... Guy
  2. Hi again, Number 3 in the BoB collection - Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.1 Again a super little kit, panel lines overly deep but good fit and detail. Supplemented by the Eduard PE set. Paints are MRP and Xtradecal decals. Couple of glaring mistakes but I won't highlight them (I'm sure someone will!) Looks nice in the flesh, but hasn't photographed as well as the other 2 for some reason... It is hard in this scale tempted for a switch to 1/48... Anyway, still waiting for my perfect model... Cheers, Guy
  3. Yep, I wouldn’t disagree with that. Generally I don’t mind a bit of artistic licence, but if I built another. I would definitely tone that down. Realistically, as you say, you can hardly see them on the pictures, but it needs a little something or I find it looks equally toy like with nothing... thanks again though for the comments.. Guy
  4. Sorry, meant to reply.. You're probably right re the wheels.. The aerial wire is just plain old monofilament (fishing line) but very fine. Just superglue at one end - let dry - then glue the other under tension. Guy
  5. Thanks, Thanks for that Troy, cracking pics! Yep me too on the old Airfix kit...
  6. Ps didnt the old Airfix 1/24 109 boxing depict this aircraft? I seem to remember it and it was what drew me to the scheme... Some childhood subconscious pull.... Guy
  7. Hi Fin, The Xtradecal set x72118 - BoB 70th anniversary. Very nice decals. Yep Jean, you’re absolutely right. I didn’t realise until I’d started the paint job but carried on regardless... I do love the scheme. Although I realise that may upset the purists! The Xtradecal set has yellow 11 as an E3, but obviously the kit is an E4...
  8. Hi again, Part 2 in the ongoing collection... Hopefully lots to come, Spit Mk1 nearly done and the Revell Ju88 has crept onto the bench too The lovely Airfix 1/72 109E... Super kit.. few cock ups but that’s modelling!
  9. Cheers Don’t worry, the Spit’s nearly done! Guy
  10. Ah thanks Guys, For the questions - I did a mini build thread... think that should cover them.. Guy
  11. Finally got round to finishing and photographing the beautiful Airfix 1/72 Stuka. The first in my intended ‘Battle of Britain’ mini collection Thanks for looking in... Guy ps Me109E next, and a Spitfire Mk1 on the bench...
  12. Summary of Past Builds

    Thanks Vinnie, perhaps I should.. some of them are featured in ‘Scale Aviation Modeller’. Thanks Smithy, it’s probably the one I put the most effort into - and I spent a small fortune on after market! Thanks Mackem, to be honest though, once I’ve finished them I tend to lose interest - some are collecting dust in the garage, some in boxes, some at the tip! That’s partly why I’m starting a string of 1/72 - I’d like to have them on view. 1/32 is just too big. Cheers Mike, yep, love that scheme. Which reminds me, I did a 1/72 one in the same scheme alongside the big one - I must dig that one out... Thanks for looking.. Guy
  13. Summary of Past Builds

    Thanks Neil & Gorby.. Ah yes, they’ve branched out! Either that or it’s Tamiya.. Guy
  14. Thanks Troy & Ian, That’s super helpful.. and enjoyed looking through your thread Ian. Although I had another mini disaster with a spillage and I think it may be be one fault too many - I’ve put it aside for a bit - I may start another. In the meantime I’m going to start a new thread on build No.3 - Airfix 1/72 Me109 But I will come back to finish the Hurricane off here shortly... Guy
  15. After the Photobucket saga, I thought I’d post a quick summary of past builds... 1/32 Wingnut Wings Felixstowe: 1/32 Tamiya Mustang: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Snipe 1/32 Wingnut Wings Brisfit: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Albatros: 1/48th Tamiya Stug: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Spit: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Halberstadt: 1/6 SE5a: 1/32 Hobbyboss: 1/32 Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel: Thanks for looking... Guy