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  1. Hi all well it's done.And some video of the effects.
  2. I'm so excited we pick it up Tuesday evening (our old car is the same just 2 door and squeeze green) we're getting the xguard pack which protects the paintwork and interior it's only done 3047 miles and is like a new car, we both love it, I especially love the colour my missus chose the last one (not that I didn't like it but blue is my favourite colour)
  3. Hi all well the vdub is finished, you can start to see why it's a poor little vdub
  4. More superb work
  5. Here is the next update, nearing the end now just need to finish the vdub then tie it all together.
  6. I am indeed planing another but will be a while coming and will be along the first idea I had with the first build.
  7. Hi all here is the next update.
  8. That's a great start on a very ambitious task
  9. Hi all here's the next update (it may not look very pretty I accidentally stood on the engine) I've tried to fix it up a bit (it doesn't really matter as it won't be seen in the dio and anyway no one will be looking at the beetle. Couldn't resist trying the body on it.
  10. Well some people are so rude. I'm a member of Instagram ( I have been a member for a while but only really started posting model pics lately)I don't know much about social media but normally I just post pics with no explanation so I posted these pics as it gone along, after this update I got 80 likes in one day (that is the most I've had so far) well I got a private massage saying "you should stick to drawing this is crap my six yr old could do better"that's just plain rude, I don't know them, they don't know me, and obviously a lot of people like it, I don't know why people feel they have to make statements like that. I've looked ate some of their posts and they don't even build models (at least if they do they're so crap they don't post them)
  11. Maybe this will help (a direct quote from the musical of the film) A huge, rounded bulk, larger than a bear, rose up slowly, glistening like wet leather. Its liplessmouth quivered and slavered, and snake-like tentacles writhed as the clumsy body heaved and pulsated
  12. Hi all here is the next update.
  13. Looking good mate, will tag along.