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  1. Hi all well now the big Citroen is done I've promised myself I will finish this to add another stalled build to the finished pile. I'm not sure why I put the engine in the chassis as it was not finished there is some pipework I hadn't added as you can see from this first pic I really like the wheels on this kit, although they are a bit too shiney. I think they look better now.
  2. Thats a real beauty and no mistake. Great job you're doing of it
  3. Love the colour, great build
  4. Wow, that's amazing.
  5. Glad you're on the mend, loving the work you're doing on this.
  6. I have to say I agree with roymattblack there is little to no interest in lge scale kits and this will be the last I post, will still continue with smaller scale but this is it with the larger scale (not to say I won't build them just no point in taking the time to post them)
  7. Hi all here is the next update, almost done now I thought I would put the bat tank with it just to make it less boring.
  8. HI all well it's finally done I've posted some pics of the first build just to show the complete difference between them. Personally I think the more interesting build is the first one (it's by far and away the one I enjoyed the most) And it's final resting place.
  9. Thanks mate I tried that and they want the URL I tried posting that link but it says it's not a valid URL(I know next to nothing about this stuff) anyway someone else has reported it for me. Thanks for the comments guys.
  10. Well I'm well peed off someone called brightlogic has posted this build on YouTube, no mention of me so I assume they're passing it off as theirs, they didn't ask if I was OK with it or not just posted the whole build, there's no area to post comments or I would say something like "oh thanks for posting my build, yes I was very proud of it myself" or something like that, what really pees me off is just not asking. Here's a link to it
  11. Hi all nearly at the end now, there are so many more things I could add to this but I think I will just finish it as it is, I must say I much preferred the first build of it and I think it's more interesting to look at when I build the next one it will be in more of a state than the first one.
  12. Hi all, next update, nearing the end now.
  13. Hi all here is the next update.
  14. Hi all here is another update (I'm afraid I've given up on a working hood so it will be fixed in this position in the finished thing
  15. Hi all nearing completion, here is the next update.