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  1. Hi all here is another update (the seats are just placed for now not actually fixed yet) in this kit the front seats are adjustable (just like the real thing) they slide forwards and back. This really is an amazing kit.
  2. Hi all here's the next update on this
  3. Awesome work.
  4. Great work on this mate.
  5. Hi all well here's the next bit, I got some leather for the seats (thanks to Roy Fitzsimmons) and I decided to add wooden window sills to it.
  6. Hi all well the roller is finished, going to shelve this dio for a while as I'm starting to just chuck them together just to finish them and I'm not giving it my best so will come back to it when I feel more like doing it justice Here is everything I have for the dio so far.
  7. A great reference work can't wait to get mine (of course it won't be to this standard )but it's still very inspirational. Keep up the good work.
  8. Sorry it will come back at some point.
  9. Hi all here is the next update, I've got to say this is THE very first kit I've ever built with no decals, not even for the dash a kit with a few disappointments the colours have codes at the start of the instructions but that is the only mention of them so apart from the box art there is no mention of what colour anything should be. Anyway here is where I am now.
  10. Hi all well I've attached the front wings (for anybody building this kit the wings and bonnet connections all need reinforcing)
  11. Hi all here is the next bit TBH I'm loosing interest in this dio even though it gets more interest (or maybe because it gets more interest) than more complex kits I'm building, I may shelve this for a while as I'm getting to the stage I feel like just chucking them together to get them out the way, once I've finished this model I think I will concentrate on the others I'm building, and put this on the back burner for now
  12. Hi all well I'm scrapping the marble effect idea (the gold pigment in the paint was too thin and would have required two coats to even start to cover which doesn't work with the marbling effect) (it's a one coat thing) not sure what I will do now, I'm thinking hard now. I've put the humbrol tin there to give an idea of the size of this beast.
  13. Hi all here is the next update
  14. Hi all well i didn't like mk1 so here's mk2 And here's the two together Much happier.
  15. Hi Lee looks like a nice bike, I cut my teeth on an rd100 and loved it (stuck to the road like s*** to a blanket with the Avon road runners on it ) bought an Rd 250 after that, put me off yamahas forever gutless and handled like the tyres were coated with grease hated it, that said this is a nice looking bike.