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  1. Hi all here is the next update.
  2. Scales are weird

    Hi all I was thinking I've got a 1299 motorcycle engine to build that is 1/4 scale which should make it a aprox 350cc engine size and yet a 50cc Raleigh run about engine is probably at least 4 times the size, could someone explain what that's all about.
  3. I've got to say for pocket money prices this is a really detailed kit I'm really enjoying it, I must have the one good fitting kit airfix made of it because I've got to say so far it's been a perfect fit no problems at all I wonder if there is a bigger than 1/72 model of this kit.
  4. Not seen it will have to look out for it what day is it on.
  5. Hi all here's the next update, I've heard lots of people say this is a bad fitting kit but I have to say it seems spot on to me (so far anyway) just a trial fit of the top cabin nothing fixed yet I'm toying with the idea of making it removable to show the detailed interior.
  6. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Hi all well I've not actually started building it yet but I couldn't resist comparing it to the biggest scale I've built so far (1/6 bikes) these bikes are huge but putting the ducati crank case and gearbox along side it this is going to be enormous (baring in mind there are no cylinder heads or fuel intake on it) by the time I add those the engine will probably be twice this size. I will probably being upsetting the purists among you as it won't be the box colours it will be a custom job.
  7. Tamiya 1/48 Douglas skyraider

    Hi all done a bit more on this. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with tamiya they only give the option for landing gear down and I wanted it up but the doors are a really bad fit when you cut the unnecessary bits off to have them shut, I've bodged it up as best I can.
  8. Hi all well it's arrived man it's huge here is a pic of the box And just for size comparison here it is along side a calor gas fire The instruction manual It's really well packaged And here is the Paul Koo upgrade kit I'm not allowed to start it till my birthday on the 26th of next month though (although I wasn't allowed to open it then)
  9. Been at the hospital all day

    The vw kit was built as herbie and is in the finished section
  10. Been at the hospital all day

    Hi all well after just a year she has done a park run and continues to amaze me. She has after 15 yrs of pestering her finally agreed to marry me, I'm like a dog with three tails or an elephant who's discovered he's stood on a mouse, we're now looking at dates and venues.
  11. My boss's husband has bought my last 2 sailing ships hoping thats where this will go if not probably end up in a cupboard somewhere.
  12. Academy 1/48 ah-64a

    Thanks mate.
  13. Academy 1/48 ah-64a

    Hi all well on holiday and browsing the lms I saw this never tried one before but it took my fancy. Anyone built one if so got any tips.
  14. I know we shouldn't

    More grey than anything now (Don't tell her I said that though)
  15. I know we shouldn't

    Hi all we had a laugh at my missus expense. We were walking round the gift shops and my missus spied three round containers in a box labelled tea coff and gar she said whats gar I turned it round so she could See the other letters, we were in fits of laughter (including my misses when it dawned on her)