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  1. Sea knights and skyhawk help needed

    Armycast just issued a sheet called defender of the holy land
  2. Wellesley x 2- FINISHED

    Smart models Tony. With all those models, your home must be buldging at the seams, very impressive.
  3. back full swing, you are. Great to hear it.
  4. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    If you are refering to the pictures taken at Rayak, it was before november 1942. I mean summer or fall '42 as cne Litolff appears on it. he went to fight in Russia with the G.C.3 normandie in november '42 and was killed in action during the Kursk offensive in '43.
  5. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    Is this a two seat D-520 I see on the pictures ?
  6. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    Well the D-520 wasn't a liaison aircraft as far as I know. I read it or they were used for training. I do think they were left over from the Syrian campaign of 41. What puzzle me is why they took the time to repaint it ?
  7. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    Hi Tony, An old carpena set gave humbrol 84 as color which is midstone , but it could indeed have been painted light bleue
  8. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    Well, it may be, those aircraft weren't used in ops, as for corrosion, I think that Rayak is located in levanon, and corrosion wasn't the number one problem,
  9. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    you may say so fernando. I saw an overall light bleue and a profile with chamois upper and bare metal lower. My preference goes to overall chamois.
  10. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    Yes that's the one. Tulasne was indeed flying a MS-406 when he escaped. Thanks Stew,
  11. Devoitine D-520 overall sand

    Hi folks, I am looking for informations over a devoitine D-520 based in Rayak lebanon, I think it was Jean Tulasne's one. According a old carpena sheet, it was painted sand overall Does someone have some informations about ? Joseph
  12. Fighter escort op Jericho

    thanks everyone for the useful informations
  13. Fighter escort op Jericho

    Hi, I'm looking for info about the fighter escort for the raid on Amiens. I know they were typhoon, but were they cabdoor or with a bubble canopy? Cheers, Joseph
  14. Airfix Gladiator to Sea Gladiator Conversion

    I think the dinghy and the arrestor hook were removed