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  1. This is fantastic work.
  2. That really is a beautiful build of one of the all-time great airplanes.
  3. Really beautiful job.
  4. That is a beautiful paint job, Mark.
  5. That used for a net looks good, Karlo.
  6. That looks great. I found this kit in my basement.... yippi..... you inspired me a lot. What about pieces of old nylon stockings for the net?..... just a thought. What are you thinking of building next? Please do it here so we can watch.... you do great work. Do you have any more builds here I can look up? Take care. Randy
  7. 1:72 Grumman/General Dynamics F-111B "Beta Tomcat"

    Hi again. I didn't know you were interested in Homer. I came across a wonderful book called, "The War That Killed Achilles." I enjoyed it greatly. Just the thing to dive into as you recover. Take things easy and get well. Randy
  8. 1:72 Grumman/General Dynamics F-111B "Beta Tomcat"

    Thank you. These recent comments looking at the F-111B and comparing it to other carrier based aircraft have been fascinating. R
  9. 1:72 Grumman/General Dynamics F-111B "Beta Tomcat"

    Hi Bill, You have gone through a rough time. Thank God for all the advances in medicine. Just take the time to get well, the body has its own tempo in doing these things, so enjoy as much as possible in the beautiful summer. I was thinking.... the F-111 was/is such a beautiful plane.... such a shame it is no longer really in service. I can imagine those big things launching from an aircraft carrier.... perhaps an aircraft carrier a bit bigger to hold all those big planes..... maybe 1400 feet? Now that would be a sight..... Take care. Randy in Newfoundland
  10. 1/48 Hobby Boss F-111F Aardvark **FINISHED**

    Wow... just beautiful; great paint job.
  11. Air France Concorde, Heller 1:72

    I love this plane. This kit is also the Airfix kit reboxed? I will enjoy watching your build.
  12. Yes, it looks really great. You have every right to be proud of your work.
  13. 1/48 Iraqi Mig-25 PDS - KittyHawk

    That is a great paint job. I have certainly learned from you in this area.
  14. 1:72 Grumman/General Dynamics F-111B "Beta Tomcat"

    Glad you are safely home now. Get well steadily and surely. And enjoy that holiday.
  15. Wow.... that looks fantastic...... !!!!!