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  1. Q: MB 200 interior colour?

    Chamois appear during 1939 and it's a very light color. Until dec 39, the french air ministry stipule(1935 to 1939) a "flat, dark neutral color" for interior area, included cockpit.. before 39, Morane(230,406), Caudron(714) use "light blue grey" and Breguet(691/693), Latecoere(298), Dewoitine(520) "blue grey", interior cowling & wheel wells were same color as underside From dec 39, "Night blue" was applicable to cockpit area of all military airplanes in factory Before 1936, Breguet use "kaki" for interior of his Br XIX, but this "kaki" is light and look like "interior green 611" below, chamois paint on D520 wreckage(rear fuselage, interior)
  2. Hurricane wingtip lights

    Except during WW II, the tail light lens on some US & british airplanes, normally frosted white could be remplaced by red, green or clear lens(RESIN lens which had a narrow beam) for rear recognition(the light was emitted in limited angle)
  3. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    As you wrote, the loop antenna was fitted after this plane(42-105011) was delivered to unit, the reinforcement plate in escutcheon shape is NMF still.. just forward this plate there is the upper identification light. Radio compass and it rotatable loop antenna will be fitted in factory from airplane 42-106029.
  4. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    your previous link contains no image, but yes, it's correct, the hole in the wing fillet is a cabin ventilation air intake
  5. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    the fairing was easily removable(9 screws and nut plate on the skin)
  6. Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    P40E : N-2 on rear of gunsight P40E1: G-45 in a fairing under starboard wing, outboard the LDG P40F/L : N-2 on rear of gunsight(41-13600 to 14099) & in starboard LDG fairing (41-14100 & subsequent) P40K, M & N : N-2 in starboard LDG fairing
  7. Modelling 1/72 later P-40 / Kittyhawks

    I forget, it's on airplanes 42-104429 up to 43-24251 (P40N-1/5/10/15 & 20)
  8. Modelling 1/72 later P-40 / Kittyhawks

    and, P40n had not electric tab on left aileron, just a single tab. The rear vision mirror is hanged under the windscreen frame. No horn under the rear vision window(N-1) On floor, one hydraulic pump only (on E to L has two pumps, 1 auxiliary + 1emergency painted in red) ....
  9. RAF P-40s

    I think that P40 of french order had 4 wing guns, and P40CU 2 wing guns only RAF designation
  10. Aussie P-40N Warhawk seatbelt type

    in RAAF report, comparison E, K & N, , about safety harness on P40N, I read: new USA type, similar to RAAF type(T.O.1) fitted
  11. 1/48 AirfixTomahawk belly fairng

    dra from ordinates, keel fairings technical drawings fwd, intermediate & rear
  12. P-40 Cockpit question

    Airfix copie the restored aircraft which had some inaccurate or missed details. the long horizontal line recessed just above the wing fillet is normally a overlap joint, many other panel lines are wrong.
  13. P-40 Cockpit question

    the seat is slightly forward the bulkhead because there was the seat mount between. The hole in the frame, behind the seat, was closed by a curtain (P40, P40G)* or the armor plate(same shape as the hole) on P40B & C*, so the fuselage fuel tank was not visible from exterior *Handbook service instructions of these airplanes
  14. Aircraft identification

    is it really from an aircraft shot down near Hambourg? the blade is in very good condition for an crashed aircraft may be the story of the owner around this blade is false, just to increase the price....
  15. Aircraft identification

    It's a blade manufactured by Rotol prop, the blade drawing RA10331, was fitted on Sea Fury.