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  1. I hope someone helps Christer - I know nothing I'm afraid.
  2. Thanks OT, very kind of you. I'm less wary of old kits now (having built a few) but, like the new kits, there are some 'dogs' out there. This kit is not one of them!
  3. Also arrived today, a delivery from Squires. In a recent thread about sprue cutters @Grey Beema suggested I try Squires and I was hooked. Be careful if you visit their site - it's like 'modeller's porn'... and I couldn't resist: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr As usual, I should have listened to my Mother. What did she say? I don't know, I didn't listen... The locking forceps are another attempt to get some of Stew's modelling skills to rub off. The plastic tweezers were bought to hold parts for spraying but they don't lock (doh!) so I'll need to get some small elastic bands. The clean pot is to replace my current swamp monster but, er, it's a bit bigger: Note my forethought in buying some extra filters (I can't find the ones for the old pot) and hindsight that says I should check if it comes with spares (it does). Emptying the old one was a bit of a science experiment. I have a wine bottle of sludge that I'm going to take to the dump so they can safely dispose of it, probably in the landfill skip (sigh). Here's the old pot and sludge bottle: Interesting layers. Oh alright, suit yourself. Finally the 'Plastic Vacuum Swivel Vice' which isn't plastic and is also a bit bigger than I imagined: 70cm jaws. Hmmm. You know what they say about vices with big jaws don't you? Big jaws, big feet. (Did I get that right?) I'm sure it'll 'come in' when I need to hold something for sawing... if I can get the vacuum foot to stick to my dirty mat. All this after spending HOURS this morning trying to process our second 'auto-enrolment' pension contributions file upload. Well, as they say, that's my morning - how's yours been?
  4. A panic buy when I discovered it's been discontinued, the Harrier / Skyhawk Falklands set: and, just because you can't order ONE thing can you, one of these: Look! Can be built 1 of 2 ways! 'Plus Stimulant'? I've checked the box twice and I can't find any stimulant... oh, wait, Francais, je suis un idiot. I love the 'skill level 2' considering the instructions: I wonder what level 1 is like? Wheels up option and a pilot though - hooray!
  5. Thanks John Not waving, just drowning... Fuselage sanded: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Getting close to wings on - when I stop dropping things!
  6. Just caught up with this one and I love the internals Peter - good job I've had the same problem, in the same place, with the fuselage fit and I think it might be the i/p join? Too late to investigate now but I'll watch out for it on the next one!
  7. Wow, that was quick! I see you have the usual problem with the fuselage seams - horrid on this kit IIRC. Might be worth sanding them a bit and filling before you go much further? My advice with the Vallejo primer is chuck it out - I've had some horrible problems with it - peeling, not sanding, etc etc. My favourite is Badger Stynylrez (also now branded by Ultimate); it's easy to spray straight from the bottle, sands well and it's non-smelly too. Good work on the wing joins, they're really neat
  8. Good job Cam and some nice detailing there. What's next?
  9. Great stuff Bill, those decals look just right - good job matey I wish I could find an easy pixel editor for the Mac... the Gimp version ('Seashore') stopped working when I upgraded to macOS (Sierra) but it was hard anyway. I miss PSP too!
  10. Thanks Stix - I sensed some doubt about the fuselage join in your comment and now I know why - see below! Hi Tim - one for Leon I guess; I'll be using the kit decals so watch this space. Thanks Johnny - the wobbly isn't wine induced, sadly, it's an old man thing. Getting better though and I'm expecting 'normal service' tomorrow. Fuselage fit. Hmmm. Remember this one? See how the bulkhead doesn't meet the fuselage sides? I had some pondering when I fitted the part to the floor but was really concentrating on using the TnF. There's a lug on the bulkhead that may either fit over a step but stop the locating peg going into the part OR it's designed to angle the bulkhead backward. Who knows. By this time the pilot had kicked it out of kilter anyway. It certainly meant that the gun cover on the bottom was going to be a problem: until I poked it all around a bit. This made the gunsight very close to the pilot: and may have caused problems with the nose: although I doubt it. Cutting off the locators solved the nose issue, but there something wrong somewhere as the ?bomb bay? didn't fit on this side: Mind you, I'm used to kits where a gap that small would be a win! I'll let the glue dry and sand the seams tomorrow. Seems to be pretty close to the end of the instructions now.
  11. ... and the previous episode where Tim's interviewed by Harry Hill.
  12. Thanks Giorgio and Stew, very kind I suddenly had a worry that they wouldn't fit so did some tests and before I knew it: The pilot's hands rest nicely on the controls but his feet push the i/p a bit so some clamping needed later. The Nav is obviously enjoying himself - way hey! All glued now but not the canopy - that's just held there while the rest dries to make sure it goes on later:
  13. Oi yoi! No need for the photo thanks Rob... oh, wait, you meant the wax warmer, sorry
  14. What a great site! Thanks Stix - I love that virtual tour (didn't work in Safari but Firefox was fine) and found you can click on the aircraft for more details and some have a '360 cockpit view' option. Great stuff. That said I don't think I'll be scratching a realistic cockpit at 1/72 anytime soon!