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  1. Thanks Stuart - results (and worms) below Thanks Roger - yep, worth it (on this one) Hi John - I can't wait, but need to leave it on until I've finished with the varnishing and messing about. Fingers crossed "... are we all wrong Ced?" Um, well Keith, scroll down a bit... Thanks Chris - you're a very lucky man I guess. Or perhaps you're always using decent decals. Whatever it is, keep it up (and your fingers crossed!) Thanks Bill, kind of you (but hold your breath...) Thanks Johnny, yep, whatever works... OK, OK, wait no longer. Matt coat on: More matt coat on. No luck. Pause for... Tut tut, and and told you so . Keith you and thousands of other modellers are NOT wrong. Will has an unusual voice and now I have one too - whiny. Rats. You know how I like to share my mistakes so let's have some close ups: Ugh. Note that the serials, stencils and white trestle marks are three different types of decal so my theory (and Will's) is obviously rubbish. His solution (yes, I did type that in a whiny voice) is to poke the decal with a sharp thing and apply strong decal solution: Strong by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Did that work? No then. Double rats. Right, what to do (after more weeping, obviously). Although this was an experiment I think it turned out quite well, until the transfers. I'm thinking pull off the transfers with sellotape, gloss coat, reapply transfers (maybe even the stencils) and matt coat. Any other ideas? I'll wait until my eyes clear (just joking), glue some jet stuff and come back later for a review.
  2. Thanks Bill OOB, repeat after me, OOB! No messing, I need a rest... oh but wait, why not use up some of those Humbrol acrylics (da da daaaaaah...) Thanks Johnny - nice Gnat! I think you'll like it Thanks Benedikt - great picture, now my desktop background Thanks Keith - I know, easy peasy eh? Black and, er, WHITE! Need to make that harder on my self... Paints: Yes, I'm going to use all acrylics (hide the white spirit!) and try the H34. Madness. Gloopy. Added some Humbrol acrylic thinners and mixed it up with Cookie's ThinnersTM then blasted it on. Yikes, wet! I finally used my MAC valve - it reduces the airflow not the pressure (huh?) - and moved back to get the paint to dry on the way to the plastic. Not too bad. Then VMA NATO black (trusty): Not too bad. On to the Hawk. I'm going to use my old pot of Revell 76. Madness. Gloopy. Added some water and mixed it up with Cookie's ThinnersTM then blasted it on. Perfect! Tarting up the internals and glueing in my future. OOB, OOB...
  3. D-Day Double build.

    Great masking Shellie and the Stirling canopy looks like a good fit. Sanding is my least favourite job too and I use a mixture of tools... The Flex-i-files are good for maintaining curves - there's a rave review on YouTube from International Scale Modeller here. Don't forget to squeeze the frame to release the tension and maintain the curve on the model. Quite hard to search for as it's also a brand name, you can get various sets here. While you're there you might also want to get a finger belt sander for 'spot work' on harder to reach areas, like removing ejector marks inside fuselages. I also have some Flory sanders and they're great for more general work. They also 'wipe clean' so they'll last longer than wet and dry or standard sanding sticks. I bought their starter pack for £10 here. It's worth watching the video on that page too for some tips on how to sand seams - Mr Flory is a modeller too! Finally (I love spending other people's money!) it would be remiss of me not to mention the six-inch half-round second-cut ('sihrsc') file you may have seen mentioned on other threads. Perdu first suggested this and I thought it was a bit mad counter-intuitive but you can pick one up at any good tool shop. They look really harsh but, if you don't press and just 'stroke it' gently over things like leading edges it'll whip the spare plastic off in no time and you'll hear when the roughness has gone. Get a 'file card' too to clean it - all cheap enough. Last tip - as shown in the video don't be afraid to start with course grits (or sihrsc) to remove the excess plastic and then work down to a polisher to remove the scratches - it's much faster and less painful than rubbing away with fine sandpaper or wet and dry. Hope this helps and, as always, practice on something first! As they say, YMMV!
  4. Nice work Ian, looking spiffing! (A chum has just emailed me a Biggles picture...)
  5. Welcome Simon, Stew, Roger, Stuart, Simon and massimo, great to have you along Too kind of you Sir... I'll have my share of fumbling I promise Ah, well, we shall see Sir Keith! Have you seen the transfers on these? Great big things they are... plenty of opportunity for testing my decaling skills. Eeek. Giorgio I shall attempt to rise to the challenge. It's looking promising so far... I know! Great isn't it? I've stuck more Gnat stuff on sticks: Black on the right, white (??) on the left. Aluminiumed the '11' bits and masked off, some bits glued for the wheel bays: Ready for spraying: The Hawk got it's bit prepared and the guys got their red applied. Red Arrows red? Well, H19 which is pre-arrows Humbrol: Paint prepared. Grey, grey and, er, grey for the Hawk internals and Xtracolour 'Red Arrows' for the, er, red: Of course I also have the black and white for the Gnat to hand too. Simples
  6. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Glad you're feeling better Tony and nice work on the 'never to be seen again strips with holes in' thingies. Yes, there has been wine, but only as an attempt to stop the blasted lump pain
  7. Thanks Simon The port side serial is from the kit and went on nicely: Seven stencils - count ‘em! by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Thanks for the tip about using the Airfix stencil instructions - I'll try to remember next time! Thanks Stuart Oh no, not the old 'gloss before transfer' argument discussion... others have pilloried me in the past for not gloss coating but my excuses are: Will Pattison, recommended by PC and one of my 'go to' YouTube guys, has shown that gloss coating doesn't help prevent silvering I've found that silvering is more a feature of the decal than the surface Colourcoats has a nice satin finish and I'm lazy bone idle. Of course, if I had gloss coated, you wouldn't be able to spot the stencils: Spot the stencils! by Ced Bufton, on Flickr If they don't get matted by the varnish I KNOW there will be several readers tutting, shaking their heads and thinking 'I told you so' but we shall see, we shall see I've started my next build. It's going to be easy. Seriously, I need a rest. I've selected two easy kits from the stash, Two Red Arrows WiP started here.
  8. I've been promising myself an easy build for a while now and although not 'my theme' (WWII Europe) I do stray occasionally for 'specials' and these two certainly count. They also look nice and easy. (Images thanks to Scalemates.com) Both Airfix so, of course, both have pilots and parts for the wheels up option. No 3D printing. No custom transfers. No strange idents to mask. Bliss - OOB build then. I should have taken some sprue shots, sorry, but these aren't rare and I couldn't wait to get started: The mug looks as though it has 'tide marks' on it but that's crema from the coffee. Oh yes, I have a machine for that too! Bits on sticks started and crew base coated: It's gonna be great! Not Fritag great, obviously, just normal kit bashing great
  9. Thanks Tomo, Stew, Benedikt, Giorgio, Johnny, Keith and John - you're all very kind Masking 8" serials? Seriously? Another lesson from my master modeller friend. Must try that. New setup: New setup by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Couldn't waste the water warmer. My sharp tweezers won't pick up much water so I used a brush. Hmmm. I can see how that will avoid twisting transfers so on with the replacement serials and the rest of the stencils: Some time later: Finished, thanks goodness. The KP instructions are less than helpful IMHO and some of the stencils are missing? Weird. No one's going to see them on the ceiling anyway. I brushed some Micro Sol on the bottom ones, mainly to try to avoid silvering, and the KP trestle stencils (which are a bit vague to be honest) immediately wrinkled. I'll have to leave that to dry now but I do want to put some Sol on the serials too. When that's dry I can matt coat, then it's off to the RFI for me!
  10. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Those sensitive to racial stereotypes please skip this post - other, please adjust stereotype to that appropriate in your region “O’Leary, your glass is empty, will you be having another one?” And what would I be doing with two empty glasses?” O’Leary replied. PADDY: “Hey Shaun, what’s Mick’s surname?” SHAUN: “Mick who?” PADDY: “If you can guess how many Pheasants I’ve got in me bag you can have both of them”. SHAUN: Three? Murphy had a rope hanging from a tree in his garden. Shamus asked him what it was for. “It’s me weather guide” said Murphy, “If it’s swinging back and forth, it’s windy and if it’s wet, its been raining. Murphy was told by the Doctor he had two weeks to live, so he chose the last week in July and the first week in August. Father O’Flaherty asked Mrs O’Reilly how many children she had. Four was the reply. “That’s a good Catholic woman you are, and when will you be having the next? He asked. “I’m not Father”, she replied. “I read that every fifth child born in the world is Chinese”. The Dublin pensioners club go on a mystery tour every Wednesday and to make it interesting they have a sweep to guess where they are going. Shamus, the coach driver, has won five weeks on the trot. Mick and Paddy were unemployed and walking down the road when they see a sign saying "Tree Fellers Wanted" "Oh Paddy, what a pity there's only two of us"
  11. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Beautiful work Bill Others have already confirmed that the u/c design was to allow deployment of the aircraft to old airfields, most of which were grass and not maintained. Spyflight.co.uk states that "XR220 was hidden away in a hanger on the far side of RAF Henlow airfield for many years, with all its internal equipment ripped out and the wiring cut, rather than disconnected, to prevent to aircraft ever being resurrected, and was eventually placed on display at RAF Cosford's Aerospace Museum." I remember seeing her tail through the window of the 'Top Secret' hanger whilst on 'airfield runs' during my training there. Seeing her at Cosford is a lot more comfortable, I have to say (unless you bang your head on the aerial!) I for one would be happy to meet up in May. If you can't wangle a trip to Cosford then the RAF Museum is near London and Hannants have a shop just down the road. Their stock is limited there now but they do send orders there from the warehouse. Just saying.
  12. Thanks Keith, very kind Thanks Giorgio No, really, I need a rest from all this fiddling. I've got two Red Arrows out of the boxes, Airfix Gnat and Hawk. They have pilots, wheel up option, everything! More later. Thanks John (D) As the greatly missed Edgar said, NOTHING goes over the roundels. Trouble is, with deep panel lines, it's hard to show this: Nothing over the roundel! by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Thanks Jamie, especially for the wonderful paints! Roger you're far too kind, thanks very much Thanks Benedikt I'm loving the Colourcoats and I hope you can source some, soon. Thanks John (Biggles), painted walkways are going to be my new standard I think Thanks Bill - yes, your dotty touch up technique Thanks Simon, very kind Thanks Tony - it's the paint, honestly. My skills are still 'meh' Serials and stencils started this afternoon. Tiny, fiddly things: Seven stencils - count ‘em! by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Turned the model over, cut out the other serial, held it with tweezers and dipped it into the water and it immediately wrapped itself around the tweezers! Gaaaaaaah! I tried dipping it in the water so it floated flat but no way was this mess going to sort itself out: What a mojo killer! Checked the stash for suitable serials - what! No black serials? No worries, I can design and print out another serial. Tried again to install the RAF fonts on my Mac - no joy. Tried to snapshot a screen image of the font - useless. Then my old grey matter stirred and I remembered that the Kitsworld idents, strangely, also had serials so I cut them out: Out to the Theatre tonight - hopefully my mojo will be restored in the morning.
  13. Thanks Jon - you really are too kind and yes, there was wine last night! Thanks Simon - very kind of you too. I'm sure you could do this but, to be honest, the opportunities to mess up are legion and I'm not sure it'll be my preferred method in the future; special models only Thanks Cookie, not only for your kind comments but also for giving me the ideas in the first place Here's how (what I call) Cookie's walkways turned out: I like that, a lot. I found it surprisingly easy to get the tape straight down the lines and quite easy to maintain the right gap. Apart from ensuring that the ends of the tape are square(ish) it's a simple job that produces a great result, much better than fighting with stencil decals and getting, grrrrr, silvering anyway. Touch ups this morning. Bill's dotty method. Apart from accidentally dotting blue on a white part of the roundel she's now ready for serials and stencils: Then it'll be matt coat, prop on and off with the canopy masks - can't wait to see how the Ultra Mask worked there; I'm hoping its thinness will lead to nice frames for a change. I'll have a look at the stash, choose some candidates, check that the wheels up option works and let you know what my next, OOB, easy build is going to be.
  14. Nice work Simon, especially those crazy transfers on RFoD