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  1. Thanks Simon for the vote of confidence - it will help top up the mojo tank! Me too - after the ICM decals I'm beginning to think there are some right sadists in the AM industry - "Hey, run a scalpel over the decal sheet. Hee hee!" and now "That PE fits really well... let's make this bit wider, this bit longer...". Or perhaps I'm just paranoid. "Aw, varies" - clever! Thanks Tony. Indeed! I'm looking at the stuff more closely now and thinking "Does that really look like a radio? What is THAT lump" and worse (see below) Thanks Keith - I have promised myself something painless next time AND I'll check the instructions, parts and reviews BEFORE I commit. Thanks Jont - more confidence booster - thank matey! Is that you Britney? I do laugh at this: We need to talk about Kevin. Thanks Giorgio - great tip... I'll put away the hammer and chisel for a while then Thanks Christian - more mojo boost! Thanks Jean - it is great isn't it. Hopefully the finished model will look something like it. I just need to get the PE out of the way. Thanks TT - another vote for more 'positive' action - taken to heart below. You know I'm never sure whether to use the 'quote' feature or just reply in 'plain text' and have people scrolling up and down... thoughts? Do we need the exercise? Anyhoos, more internals. The instructions say to use plasticard block to make a backing for the radios. Well, excuse me, but having four blobs on a bit of PE do not a radio face make. Even so, rather than fiddle with the punch set to make my own knobs I pressed on, just to show it can be done. It also gave me an excuse to use the mitre block for the first time: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Tiny stuff and hard to line up. I glued the PE to the end to act as a guide. Helped a bit. Done now: Very realistic. Not. Fitted to the internal part ready for painting: I've straightened that bent edge. Does this add anything? We shall see what a coat of black and some Pitt pens can do. You can see how frustrated this is making me by the state of the bench: Messy for me. Next up, the fuselage frames: Front next. Oooh look, that bit goes across the slot I had to cut to get the IP in: Right, out with the scalpels. I also used the fibreglass pen to clean up the sink marks: Nice tool - thanks Nigel! This side of course has to be lined up 'by eye" (uh oh). I ended up positioning the part, using thin CA and capillary action to glue and pressing it down with the actuator pen. Yes, by this time I didn't care! It would also appear that the Nav has the throttle and trim wheel. Presumably the pilot just shouts out the settings. Speaking of which Ernest and Alfie are almost ready - they need a matt coat. Not my best work, but when you have a pilot who's wearing a onesie and has a box of cereal down his jacket, needs must, And why does Alfie look more like a cat? Perhaps he's not feline very well...
  2. Has the paint arrived yet? Just saying... bump? But that's just me being selfish - your other fine models are not 'my scale' - yet!
  3. Beautiful work as always Bill. Top tip on using tape for detailing - noted!
  4. Thanks Simon - very kind and much appreciated! Thanks Tony - very kind of you Sir. The wings are huge aren't they? Presumably why ICM decided to (grrrr gnash) split them past the nacelles to keep the box size down. I was pleased with how the pastels went on with the makeup sponge. Even I found it hard to mess that up!
  5. It's a nice kit Johnny IIRC... and at that price, a bargain! Until of course you factor in the MiG, stuff for smoke...
  6. Thanks Ian and Bill - once again I should have checked before purchase! Oh well, it's giving me a pain in the an interesting time (see below) I hope you like the glue Bill - working well for me and no cursing those little tubes anymore (although I'm not sure how you know it's running out - better get a spare one). Thanks John and welcome! IP's not fitted yet, but soon, hopefully. Welcome - I hope I do it justice! Thanks Leon and welcome. Hi Simon and welcome to the kit bashing! A long break (for me) in the posts as I was sorting out the Avia. I did some work on this today but quickly got, er, cross. Why? Well, having fiddled with the PE I thought "Best way to do this is to fit the kit parts and then bash the PE into shape based on that": Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Now look what's happened: The kit parts don't fit either! Oh joy. I've had a quick look at other's builds and I think I can see that they had the same problem, or quickly covered the gap with the canopy, which is thick. Very thick. The PE does close the gap a bit: but it doesn't fit here (surprise): File it, fit it, make a groove in the fuselage (both sides), file it etc etc and finally it fits, so glue it to the kit part. Oh, hold on... does the PE stop the canopy fitting? Gaaahh! Rip it off again. Pause. Breath. How about the pilot's bulkhead? In an unusual Airfix / Airwaves collaboration, neither fits. More joy tomorrow.
  7. Owweeee! Hope the finger's not too sore Johnny. Good job on the canopy - nice and shiny. Those silly bits drove me mad too - the TET sucked them down in the wrong position, several times. You can have whatever scheme you like Sir, it's your model.
  8. A lesson in weathering - great result Tony, especially the 'dribble on the spinner' method; noted. Marvellous stuff, lovely result, good job.
  9. Thanks PC! I'm still saving that Beau you sent me for a time when I've built something and made no mistakes. It may be a while... Thanks Leon I won't be doing two at a time again I don't think - they get in each others way too much. Thanks TT - I'm glad you like it! I've put it with the Spitfires, still waiting for me to decide how to hang them, in the hope some of the love will rub off. Maybe. Thanks Giorgio Thanks Benedikt - thanks for the music and enjoy Shrove Monday!
  10. Thanks JR - the weathering certainly split the audience but it gave me a chance to practice. It was a very educational build - certainly taught me a lesson! Next? Not a Chinese re-box of an Afghan kit. It's an Airfix Fairey Firefly - another test! Thanks Keith - patience is a virtue! One of the only ones I have... The Firefly is already causing problems - I do pick 'em! Second one released? What was the first one like?? I'll trust you that they're nice now - but only once I've checked the web for builds! Another lesson learnt. Thanks Giorgio - Wicked indeed; I did threaten to take a towing cable to TT's and you're a lot closer than he is Thanks Cookie - I really wanted something painless, and now I'm on the Firefly. The next one will be something painless, I've promised myself! Thanks Stew, very kind of you. I must learn to check before I purchase. Or weather. Thanks Simon - learning is one of the joys of life - so they tell me. I think I should stick to books. Thanks Benedikt! Thanks Duncan - very kind and Benedikt has replied for me! He knows me so well...
  11. Two of them! Now I'm doubly envious of that detailing Simon - great stuff, they both look very realistic.
  12. Thanks Johnny - very kind of you I'm not sure I'll be taking any more plunges soon but, if I do, it will be slowly! Thanks Benedikt - I have done some more, see below. Shrove Monday sounds like a great day in Germany; all we get here is pancakes tomorrow, if we're lucky! That bottom. Hmmmm. I thought the Citadel sepia was going to give me a nice 'wash' finish but actually the stuff is designed to coat the whole surface and 'pool' in the crevices and detail to highlight them. It also dries as a sort of 'film' that's quite resilient - it will shift with water but it doesn't go liquid again, it sort of 'peels off'. Eventually. Here's the bottom after my washing efforts this morning, pre-Micro-meshing: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr You can see why I decided to try the Micro-mesh; the washing scrubbing left patches and stripes. Final result in the RFI. I also put some Aqua Gloss on the glass, dubbed some black in the exhausts and did a tiny bit of pastel for the exhaust stain. Enough! Now in the RFI here. Some shots I didn't use: As always, thanks for all the help and support during this build and for your companionship - always appreciated!
  13. When I was re-starting this wonderful hobby I thought "I should buy a kit from every manufacturer to see what they're like" and so picked up an ICM kit of the 'Avia B-71', the Luftwaffe version of the Tu SB-2. Sadly I didn't put it down again... There have been lots of comments on BM about assembly problems with the 'new tool' Airfix kits - one has to be careful with the precision fit. Any paint on the joining surfaces puts everything out. Now imagine that problem when the molds are a bit old, the locating pins are blobs and there's flash on most of the joins. Not that obvious stuff, just a thin line of plastic where there should be a flat surface. Oh, and 'Ikea' picture instructions that have been photocopied. Three times. At least. Decals that seem to have had a scalpel run across the sheet so that they split into a jigsaw within seconds. Not a pleasant experience. If that's not enough, why not choose a scheme that involves a captured aircraft with faded, three-colour camouflage that's been converted for target towing and had its bottom painted yellow? i could name the reasons, but enough moaning... The usual long WiP with helpful input from other BMers here. I learned a lot about weathering too but still need more practice. Just in case you think it's a bit 'heavy', here's a reference shot of the sort of thing I was going for: Here is the results of my efforts: DSCN0079 by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Comments welcome as usual. Thanks for looking.
  14. Nice job on the tailwheel Stew - great attention to detail that always shows in your modelling, especially the paint finishes. Great stuff. If the new canopy doesn't suit could you (carefully) get the paint off the other one?