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  1. Seafire III 1/72

    It is coming along Justin and very nicely too
  2. Nice work on the smoke and the chicken run Johnny I do admire the effort you put into your paint effects and they certainly add to the result. I must practice!
  3. Thanks Tony and Keith Coming close to the last bits now, thank goodness: Although, guess what, the fuselage needs filling.
  4. Thanks Rob - crikey, $20,000 IS expensive, even for Lightning but I guess for those who've done it worth every penny dollar. I seem to remember some RAF Phantoms up for sale years ago... they seemed cheap until you saw the 'buyer collects' clause Thanks Simon - I'm sure you don't want people to buy more Spitfires just for the spares I did feel a bit guilty to be honest but then I thought 'When will I use all these bits anyway?' Better hold onto them though, just in case. Thanks Giorgio A bit more bashing this afternoon. I keep saying I need the nacelle fronts to be the same size as the spinners so I thought it was time to tackle these: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr 'orrid, again. No, the spinners don't have bushes on the back and no, there are no thick mounts around the prop shafts. After several eye watering minutes with these tools I now have some clean props: ... and some very smooth, dusty fingers. The final madness was to add the missing intakes on the front and to try and round out the intakes using the thinnest tool I have: Then I suddenly re-focused back to the real world, saw the real size of the intakes and thought ENOUGH! Onwards!
  5. Looking very good there Jaime - I do admire your attention to detail and your patience masking up all that stuff; I still use a hairy brush on the internals because I'm too lazy to mask, but looking at your results I may try harder! Very nice, neat work
  6. Dornier Do 18-D

    Glad you're all fine Tony and, from the state if your middle finger in those photos, that you're having fun with the new airbrush (Oh no, perhaps it's some old injury... or a Pangolin bite... have I put my foot in it again? )
  7. You look good to me too Bill but I'm with Steve - once you've had Mac you never go back
  8. Thanks John - I don't know how we solve this tailgater problem short of ammunition. My youngest drives far too close and when I eventually asked her to back off she said "But I was taught that you were OK as long as you could see the tyres of the car in front". When I told her that was when you stopped behind a car so you could pull around it if it broke down she said "Oh, right". Now whenever I see a tailgater in Bath I wonder if they had the same instructor. 'Only a fool breaks the two second rule', that's my aide-memoire. Thanks Simon, Keith, Benedikt, Jaime and Stew - I think I'm getting there, slowly, but the phrase 'pig's ear' keeps coming into my head Thanks Rob - sad you've missed the chance of a Lightning flight although I guess that would be really expensive! Certification is going to be an increasing problem I guess as the old aircraft reach flying hours where no one knows if they're safe or not, like the Vulcan. Thanks Benedikt - good idea (see below) but I want to keep the front of the nacelles narrow to match the spinners. I've had a change of heart this morning... Filed and sanded the Humbrol which has given me a rough shape to work on: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Out with the dental burrs and Dremel to open up the rear of the cowlings: ... which I'll bung some black paint in at the end (if I remember). Looking at the awful mess on the top I decided to chop off the lumps and search the stash for some suitable vent things. The sprue attachments on Eduard's Spitfire looked like a good start: ... but then I saw this: Hmmm. Saw off the mess on the top, cut off the front exhaust, take a bit off the bottom... ... and then stick them on with plenty of TET, pushing them into position: Good enough for the ceiling.
  9. Aerospace Bristol Open!

    The new Aerospace Bristol museum opens today! Details on the website here. I was lucky enough to get a preview on Sunday (I donated a small amount some time ago and I've volunteered) and I must say it's worth a visit. The collection is housed in the renovated WWI hanger with Concorde G-BOAF having her own, purpose-built building and exhibition. The main building displays include a Bristol Fighter and Scout, Sycamore and Type 173, Harrier, Bloodhound and some excellent exhibits from BAC's missile and engine divisions. There are also walkaround sections of a Brittania and modern Airbus exhibits, including a simulator. I was particularly impressed by the model collection although they are yet to be labelled: Some Bristol beauties: Bristol 138 by Ced Bufton, on Flickr I took quite a few pictures and they're in my Flickr album here. (Hope that works). The Concorde display is comprehensive and interesting. I was a bit concerned about the idea of projecting images onto the aircraft but this is actually very effective IMHO: ... especially the video on the engine explaining how the intakes work: Of course you can board her, ten at a time. You can also have your picture taken at the door while you're waiting: Recommended!
  10. Diorama-"Return to England"

    Vinnie when I first opened the thread I just saw image file names but, after a while, they loaded one by one - well worth the wait! I'm using Firefox on a Mac by the way.
  11. Amazing work Hendie and that extinguisher is a little work of art
  12. Spitfire Mk IX MH434

    Um, er, nice thought??!! I would have loved to have seen your face... mine would have been, how can I say, a little 'strained'!
  13. Diorama-"Return to England"

    I had the same problem as David - but most of the images loaded, eventually What an interesting idea, perfectly executed - well done, very well done.
  14. "They'll be in the last place you look". What a stupid saying - only an idiot would continue looking once they've found something. Use a coin Willard...