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  1. Thanks Bill I must admit I can't resist the occasional stroke or pat. Thanks Keith and Joseph - my mistake... I have no idea really, I should look it up.... Jet-A1, I stand corrected! Very slow progress on the Spit. Wheels glued in and painted ready for door fitting. Stencils and prop marking transfers on their way from Hannants. I'm just putting off the custom transfer production... I have decided to brush paint her with Colourcoats as I want to give them a try and I've yet to set up the spray booth exhaust. Should be fun?
  2. Dornier Do 18-D

    Great nose job Tony - those gun thingies are looking very smart now
  3. Seafire III 1/72

    I love that finish Justin - great result, good job
  4. Thanks Johnny - yes, doors will be sorted! Hi Leon - both dog and Mrs B are back to health now thanks. Almost normal No modelling today as I spent the afternoon with a beautiful lady. This one: My first shift on 'Concorde Floor'; other shifts have been split between the front and rear doors. 'Floor' seems to consist of herding cats (as usual) and also making sure visitors are safe. From what you may ask? Well, I fail to understand what the attraction of these are: ... but I had at least five toddlers running behind (or under) the strap barrier and trying to look into the VERY BRIGHT projectors before being herded away, hopefully with their eyesight intact. My suggestion that we replace the barriers with an electric fence was not approved. No, not even a small one. Older children seemed to realise the danger and, instead, find great mirth in standing in front of one of the projectors and blocking off part of the video. Bless their little hearts. It was quite quiet this afternoon. Probably the snow. Gave me a chance to read the stencils though. Fascinating She is gorgeous though eh? Lovely lines. All of them. Bit smelly underneath though (ah, Avgas!) but hey, she's probably at that age...
  5. Condolences on your bereavement Edward - my thoughts are with you. Good news about Grant - as you know you have to do all you can in these circumstances even though it may appear to have been unnecessary; imagine how you'd have felt if you hadn't and it all went wrong. They the things we do for our children are expensive. Most parents spend a small fortune on toys that get left in boxes after a few minutes play. And then there's all the clothes and shoes. Bless 'em. I second all the comments on sleep - they'll get you into an early morning routine and then sleep in. Luckily, I think, I've just managed a couple of 9am lie-ins! We shall see if it lasts... Great progress on the Wimpy. It looks as though the closed doors are represented though - there are LOTS! Probably why there's no open option - and you know what I think about PE AM; madness! Thanks goodness for punctuation!
  6. Thanks Bill - the doors will receive my usual surgery! Thanks Cookie - you're right, Airfix do great wheels up parts and I have some spares provided by kind BMers. Sadly the shape of the wells varies too. Ho hum Thanks Tony. What the...?!! I was intrigued by the 'CurVet Rat Training Simulator' and tempted until I saw the price... $1400! I reckon you could get a lot of real rats for that (Far East suppliers, with free postage) Thanks Giorgio and Keith Mols loves a squirrel toy we bought her some time ago. Stinks after lots of 'mouthing'. Squeaks too. It's trained her well though; while out with a dog walker she chased a squirrel and caught it just before it reached a nearby tree. Disappointed that it didn't squeak she dropped it pretty quickly. And a Labrador walking with her ate it. Gross. I've glued the tailplanes on today using tube glue (thanks Bill) requiring only a little support from BlueTak. Not worth a photo. Filler soon. Oh joy.
  7. Iceberg and After

    Marvellous, just marvellous
  8. Pacific Pair - 1/72 Corsairs

    Lovely work Cookie, especially those special markings. Great job
  9. Dornier Do 18-D

    Great work on the nose shaping Tony and oh my, those rings and harness - great work, again! Thanks for the link to the affordable PE bender too - luckily I hadn't invested in an expensive one
  10. Thanks Simon - plenty of dog hair in this house! Hey Bill - you got the pink ones too! Good aren't they? I hope the snow doesn't stop your weekend jobs. No, wait, that'll give you more modelling time Dry 'fitted' the u/c earlier: Another kit that isn't designed for wheels up. Rats.