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  1. Nice going Adrian - fingers crossed for a quick finish!
  2. I'm a 'record and fast forward' fan too... or even catchup downloads to the Sky box - no ads as I guess they don't know how to charge prime/non-prime time? That said there are some good ones on at the moment - I like the hotels.com 'Captain Obvious' one; "super swanky proper like" - silly. Some ads are useful though. I've just had my water bill and it's horrendous! Then I saw an ad by a company that can provide whole villages with water for just £10 a month! Time to switch suppliers I think...
  3. Very nice interior work Alex - good job
  4. Very nice Lowbrow - I like the subtle weathering, good job
  5. What? Eh? That's not in the diary! I'm in Lichfield for a family do on Saturday night so maybe I can pop in on the way back... if I can convince my sister that a model show is a good idea!
  6. If we're asking for things it would be great if there was an 'export thread' facility that output a whole thread to pdf as one file with the member details pane and signature removed but containing the pictures. I've searched the web a couple of times to see if such a thing exists but can't find anything. Do the software chaps allow customisations like that? I've sadly lost a thread during the upgrade and I'd like some local backup... and I'm sure members would club together to help fund it?
  7. Nice one two Steve, they're looking good. Most people have problems with those Sharkmouth decals... welcome to the club! The transfers have all settled really well though - good job Sir!
  8. Thanks Bill Someone told me all the measuring and CSI stuff they do at the scene was to make sure they had the 'evidence' in the event of a claim from one of the people involved in the 'incident'. Apparently they don't call them 'accidents' anymore as there's usually someone to blame. Pah! I agree with you - the cost of the hold up far exceeds any claim and they should do what they do on the continent and just shove the vehicles off the road and get it clear ASAP. So there. And what about all the cones and things? My youngest's boyfriend manages works for Balfour Beaty (I think) and apparently there aren't that many people who actually do the work - the big contractors have to wait for them to 'fit them in', hence all the delays. Madness. Hmmm, I seem to be adopting this grumpy old man stuff with ease! Must be the heat...
  9. Thanks Bill - nope, not guilty; she was on the M4 and didn't stop - first rule, don't stop the Motorway she says... quite right I suppose, pity your driver didn't 'know the rules' I am hoping to be around more, if not necessarily more often! I'm still catching myself looking at the clock in the morning to see if it's time to stop having fun and start work... it'll wear off soon! Thanks Keith and Giorgio - you're right, testing is last on the list and often performed by Alpha/Beta testers who are also keen on the shiny toys, including their top-end computers. I'm told that it's impossible to emulate every environment in an anarchic PC world where people can install what they like. True I suppose, but there are still silly errors and missing, obvious features (like changing user ID; ask me how I know!). A colleague of old was very keen on testing and loved trying to find the holes in systems. Nowt so queer as folk... Another day of tying up loose ends but tomorrow I plan to re-start the Halifax...
  10. There's a dramatisation on the TV (C4) here at the moment, saving up on our Sky box for later viewing. Looks as though you can watch on Amazon video according to this? I enjoyed reading the book some time ago - interesting idea for a plot.
  11. Have a good break Tony and good luck with the pull... either one... or both if you're lucky Sorry, getting too relaxed, ahem... fnaar fnaar!
  12. Seconding lunarhighway, only I use a Micro-mesh polishing kit.
  13. Thanks Rob - I aspire to your Dad's doing nothing. So far I've been occupied, but not busy and certainly not stressed - perfect(ish). I'm even starting to get some decent sleep (despite the heat) and hope I'll get close to seven hours a night soon(ish). I'm no Margaret Thatcher (who, for those who don't know, did well on four hours apparently). Thanks Chris - I despair of my old industry, you think we'd have got everything right by now. Grace Hopper must be turning in her grave. You can't blame the computers (they can only count up to 1 after all) it's the designers and programmers IMHO. I spent many years as a 'large system designer' talking to users real people to see what they needed and then making sure the development teams* delivered what was required, even though it might be hard and not use the latest software toy. Happy people, less happy techies but hey, some great systems (IMO!) I'm not a fan of 'Cloud'... data centres are great if they're full of good people, good systems and with good connections, but we had one client who moved ALL their IT to 'Cloud' and the supplier went bust the day before their go live. Oops. * Just occurred to me; why are they 'development teams' and not 'production teams' or something that implies they might FINISH something. Hi Benedikt - 'Bucket List' comes from the film of the same name where two guys write a list of the things they want to do before they die, and then do them. Great film, recommended. Bring the tissues (to dry your manly tears, just to be clear).
  14. Gorgeous BB, just gorgeous - one to be proud of me thinks
  15. Great comments here and a good read. I agree that any prejudice is minor or ill informed. I would only add that perhaps the Brits are (very) good at design and innovation but not so good at manufacturing? There are notable exceptions and I'm sure many that don't get mentioned. My next door neighbour works for Cross, just up the road from us. Cross is the leading manufacturer of specialist sealing rings and retaining rings for virtually all of the world's passenger car and truck turbocharger OEMs, having been a supplier to the industry since its early days. Never heard of them? Not surprised - we don't get good news in this country!