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  1. Looking good there Sir! Simon I'm impressed that you've let the democratic process take its course and, despite an unfavourable result, are going to act on the wishes of the masses. I applaud you! Black Spitfire? That'll be interesting
  2. Thanks Giorgio - it looks as though the picture problem might have been a temporary glitch - OK now I think? Thanks Roger - the wing join is pretty good (see below). I don't know why it's usually a problem on most kits...easy assembly I guess Thanks Keith - I click the 'follow' button at the top of the post and choose 'Do not notify...' and then browse 'manually'. I used to get plenty of email and wanted to keep BM separate from work... perhaps I'll rethink! Good luck with the bubble top! Thanks Leon - maybe I'll think about using email... I've reached THAT point in the build. Let us sing together Eduard hymn number 123: 🎶 Why in the world is it in two pieces? Why, oh Lord, why? It's only a cowling but it causes such pain Why is it not simpler we cry. 🎶 Coo, rhymes too. Anyway, after staring at the H!?H3 H2?H4 parts and not being able to see any difference I cut them from the sprue and cleaned them up. Put them together. Guess what? Gap. Just give in Ced and glue the damned thing: Better men than I have tried and failed...I'm smug about the wing join though: and, ignoring the usual 'why don't the wingtip panel lines line up' (mine did on one) we have the lovely lines of a Spitfire: PE for the radiators and cooler next. Hmmm, I think I'll leave those for a bit...
  3. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    Good job Graham - as John said, others (including me) have had problems.
  4. You got the punch set! Lovely, you won't regret it... even if it doesn't get much use you can get it out and feel the quality (fnarr!) They also do a little tray to catch the pieces which, as I said in Steve's thread, would be perfect if it also acted as a storage for the punches. OK, I'll order one, you talked me into it.
  5. Lovely wheels Steve, as usual Your post has revived my punch lust... I have the small set and I too love it... but €70 for the big one... I almost thought about treating myself at the Avon show but resisted. To be honest I don't really use the set that often but it's essential when I do. To be honest I don't really need the bigger set as I don't do wheels. But they're sooooo nice... I notice that the masks were, ahem, a little scattered after punching... have you seen the tray for the punch sets? I've been pondering it for a while. As well as catching small parts (fnarr!) if the punches fit in it under the die it's probably a must have for the tidy minded...
  6. Thanks Giorgio I've just been back and edited that last post as some of the pictures weren't showing. Saw a pop-up this morning saying Flickr is now part of some group that's part of Verizon... I hope they're not going to mess about like Photobucket did... better save my albums just in case?
  7. Thanks Martian - what an accolade! Thanks very much Seat: Thanks Keith, Simon, Alex (especially for the photo) and John. Soooo, it looks as though, in the real thing, the whole seat was russet plastic BUT it was hung from the back frame. Eduard have obviously had problems replicating this in 1/72 so they've added some support that isn't there on the real thing. Future modellers can take their pick! Great stuff chaps, just what people will need if they're (foolishly) using this thread for reference Thanks massimo Easy really - not many of the pilots actually fit in the Spitfire! (Page 7!) Thanks Bill - that's very kind of you mate and I'll be happy to have you in the squadron (if you're not already) Thanks Johnny - very kind. If it helps, I 'follow' threads I'm interested in and when I login and my first port of call is my 'Content I follow' stream. Then I look at the notifications to see what members I follow have posted and follow those threads if they're my theme / scale. Click, scroll, repeat! (I watched 'Live, Die, Repeat' again last night - really enjoyed it. I'd forgotten what a great idea it was... clever.) Thanks Paulo - I'll try to keep it interesting! Last night I glued the fuselage halves together leaving out the front of the root parts (acquired best practice) and assembled the wings: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Checked the seam this morning: Not too bad. Then I dry fitted the wings. I'd forgotten Eduard's clever plan to thin the training edge and was, initially, appalled at the gap underneath at the back. Then I remembered that this 'rim' on the back of the wings: and that, if you push the fuselage into the gap from the back and squeeze the sides until the trailing edge is in the groove (yeah, man) you get this: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Nice. I'll fit the front of the root bits and glue it all later.
  8. BBMF Grounded!!

    Nothing on BBMF's webpage or social media. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious...
  9. What have you purchased 9

    My mind is boggling (unintentional pun)... do you... erm... perhaps it's to... Nope, no idea, but that seat ain't gonna move once it's finished!
  10. Very nice Steve - control wires too? You are 'getting the hang' of this modelling lark really quickly
  11. Plastic, sorry, plastic, thanks Simon. From what I've seen the seat was plastic (see, I do learn!) but the frame not. The picture you linked to shows the plastic bit very well but not the frame? I mean something like this edited photo?
  12. Sunderland Mk.III, Italeri 1/72

    Twas ever so Marcel, but you know how good the internals are, we know how good they are and you have the photos!
  13. Bad luck Jont - I hate it when that happens. Better to know sooner rather than later I guess and you've overcome it anyway John GBs have to have a number of members signed up before they can be scheduled but once they're going all you need to do is let the GB mods know you want to join in by posting in the GB's chat thread. Easy. HTH
  14. Spitphoon 1/72 Airfix.

    Agreed - terrible mouldings. I guess, like a lot of kits, they're expecting you to build it wheels down. Good luck sorting it out, I'm sure you'll beat it into submission!
  15. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Very nice work Martian, they're looking good