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  1. Bit late to this Cookie but now watching the great progress
  2. Nice work Cookie - those noses are looking good
  3. Nice one Jonners, very smart
  4. Nice start on an unusual and interesting kit Will - I'll follow along if I may
  5. Nice job Simon - good luck with the undercarriage
  6. Nice work Tony That first photo looks as though you've stuck the support in the side of your index finger - the 'tak looks just like a close up of your hand, thumb nail and all. Scary.
  7. Great frames Nigel and score 1 for the Dbl-E!
  8. One bit of luck. You remember I lost the magnetic ring for the macro lens from the back of my iPhone? I took the phone out of my shirt pocket in the pub last night and it was stuck to my thumb! Now glued back on the 'phone.
  9. Sorry Egbert and Giorgio! Regular readers will know I only get called Cedric when I'm in trouble! Thanks guys - now I have an ear worm... Nothing much to report. Recovery from last night's festivities and then some more figure fiddling: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr I've chopped so many bits off I think I could open a liposuction clinic. I could call it 'Imminent Dis-assed-her'.
  10. Don't forget the peanuts - you'll need the salt.
  11. Very nice Steve. There's lots of science (and opinion!) in this hobby but the main thing is to enjoy building the kits! If there's anything you're not happy with then ask for help... or do a search. I think the decals look fine but there's a whole can of worms to be opened on that subject. Lots of people (including me) have the Microscale Sol and Set products - they're pretty easy to use and might help. Good stuff. Looking forward to the next build.
  12. Thanks PC I had some time whilst listening to 'The News Quiz' so I attacked the pilot's bottom and the bottom of the seat: and now the pilot AND the canopy fits: I also started bashing the new paint mule together: Nasty, but it'll do its job.
  13. Thanks Stew The pilot surgery has been a bit delayed today (see below) but they WILL fit! Hi John - keeping it clean is always difficult (fnaar!) The pilot figures appeared this morning along with the masking tape. I had a quick panic when I counted the figures and arms: Untitled by Ced Bufton, on Flickr but then realised that the two right-hand figures have a right arm 'at rest'. Phew. I've chosen the left hand one, removed the control column and tried the fit: Too tall. Sorry Brian, but your bottom is going to get more attention than you would probably be comfortable with... I'll also lower the seat a bit so that's come out: Over the pub tonight with the usual crowd so it may be a slow start tomorrow.
  14. Rob it was exactly that sort of thing, just silver rather than pink. The ones we were given were about 10cm square and smell of chocolate (I've eaten the eggs!)
  15. Last bits (hopefully) for the Rapide. PJ Productions modern pilots: one of which will become our very own BMer* Brian (brianj1UK) who piloted our flight at Duxford, and some Aizu micron tape to, hopefully, mask the stripes: The S-6B is to fill the Hannants order and will probably get saved for the Floatplane GB later in the year. * Have you noticed that auto-correct changes 'BMer' to 'beer'. Clever things, computers.