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  1. Progressed quite nicely, just cleaning up the cockpit before the canopy can go on, so hopefully will be able to get the decals on over the weekend. Which brings me two the 2nd part of this thread, didn't get round to starting the harrier, and now decided to leave that for the upcoming nato 70's GB. Of course that leaves me without little WIP, but not much choice in that department.
  2. Excellent, are they suited to brush painting as well? Found a seller with a very reasonable postage rate for a jar or two of it
  3. opps thought they were the same model, still the point stands for the camo. Thanks for the paint ref, never used mr hobby before, are they water based acrylics?
  4. have managed to knock two of the aerials off the tail, fortunately its still symetrical, haven't given up hope of fiding the bits in the carpet.
  5. Superwork, want to do this one myself if I can manage to mix the fs36307, Done really fine work of the camoflage and the canopy tint is very nicely done
  6. OD is proabably the king of the can of worms colours, pretty much any paint calling itself olive drab from any brand will do the job, pick which you prefer, I've just done welch p-40 myself, I used hum155
  7. Oh dear, clearly I didn't shake the paint enough when I was mixing the colours, the dark blue is way greener than I thought it was on friday, and the medium blue is way darker than I thought.....that akan set is looking more tempting, going to cost at least 7.60 to try again
  8. An update, been silent on the lanc, well I can confirm my issues with the camouflage continued, in the end the paint was so thick the panel lines were long gone, I decided to strip it, now its back on camo this time looks much better, and going to mask the leading edges this time
  9. these any good?
  10. Buy it anyway, I don't do PTO and I still managed it...;)
  11. interesting, never used a flat brush before, I shall check the tamiyas out,, should have figured they'd be ones to check out...
  12. Having been modelling for a while, and completed many many models with the ol hairy stick, I realaised I actually have no clue when it comes to hairy sticks and indeed only once have specifically brought new brushes, making do with a mix of the humbrol ones from the gift/starter sets, and the revell ones that come with their gift sets (which I consider the best brushes, using them for camouflage and varnishes). However I found myself buying less and less revell gift sets (and often building more and more at the same time), so generally mine are reaching the end of their lifespans long before I replace them through that route. I did try a brush pack from revell during the summer, though I've found them not as nice as the gift set brushes and indeed they haven't lasted as long. So any advice would be most welcome where I could try for new brushes.
  13. Not much of an update, the weather in the UK has been typical UK, been too cold to spray most days, managed to get some gloss white on both surfaces, now to sand the runs away, better crack on, I have a victor in the post
  14. Having just watched a doc on the mig29, which of the 1/72 kits should I go for if I want to build a in flight mig29 or do they all have the louveres/intake doors for on the ground config?