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  1. That looks very different from the two distinct greys I've seen on builds, will just go with the single grey then
  2. Good idea, though I might just fill them with clearfix now as I'm not sure how I can spray the seams later without leaving a ridge around the window masking, I'm pretty near to Old Road West myself, not the town it used to be even when I was a kid not so long ago. Thanks for the tips on spraying as well
  3. Thanks guys so 707 Grey & RAL7004, as it happens revell 371 is similar to 707 grey from my googlings, looks like Ill use both. Though I do recall something being wrong with one of those pots I have so may have to buy a 2nd
  4. arrived and the gamble paid off, just what I wanted for the F-15 STGB
  5. Well I've now come to the realisation that this will not be salvaged, now going to try and have an experiment to try and see just why I stuffed the paint job up, whether it was technique problem or the cold weather at fault. Only slight problem is how Im going to do the windows, not sure my usual easy cheat of painting them black will work as they sit so flush to the fuselage
  6. certainly not, acquired some white and finished the intakes and now its a complete vulcan
  7. Probably am taking this too seriously tbh though looking at the instructions it's seems there are two different shades of grey on the wings which complicates things
  8. not heard anything, probably just a stock issue, rember when I last went to my not so local one, the was about 4 pots of humbrol in the vast rack assigned to it
  9. Probably has something to do with the fact the CAD images are for a 1C as the first releases is the 1C
  10. Probably been done to death but I am complete outsider when it comes to civies, I've picked up the revell A350 to do as test mule to figure out why my last attempt at spraying white was a failure, its possible it could go well and in that case I like to have a nice finish build, so where can I find a grey to use on it, I know xtracolour do it, but I'm an acrylic painter, though rattle cans remain an option.
  11. Gone round the bend, as 1/72 military builder I've gone and got myself A 1/144 revell airbus 350
  12. Gone round the bend, as 1/72 military builder I've gone and got myself A 1/144 revell airbus 350
  13. Just got to dry before I can gloss it for decals, figured what caused the earlier scratches, and its the pot I use to support it as more have appeared, will leave them as its just not worth the hassle now to remask it again when it could happen again anyway
  14. Hang on, how it's a series 8, when the he111 is a 6/7.
  15. Well today started on a negative, had a tidy up which included finally admitting I'm not going to salvage the valiant I built over Christmas, so it was binned. But then cracked on with the Vulcan