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  1. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    RAF voyager heading same sort of way flights to a certain region of the world head.....
  2. Revell Victor K2

    Revel kits arrived, may dig the airfix out just to have a fondle and perhaps see if I can rustle up the odd improvement to the cockpit.
  3. RAF Airfix B25,

    So far I have, very nicely engineered interior and not much detail painting needed meaning it can be painted in situe
  4. Academy P-38J-10

    Main painting done, now just to repaint the white before I mask for the black, and also repaint the nose, not meant to be yellow
  5. B-25 STGB Chat

    Cheers, I’ll assume it is, though the decals are dated post d-day with the stripes so could be different, also gives me the option of omitting the stripes. And I can just make which screen and and cowling needed
  6. B-25 STGB Chat

    98sqn VO-A
  7. Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Hmm given trumpys rep (and prices) this is not a pleasing thing, now paying £70+ for a 1/72 tin triangle that looks more like a tin circle...........
  8. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Hemp Andy Light Aircraft Grey paint, mini print b-25 decals and a AML spitfire VB conversion set from the big H
  9. B-25 STGB Chat

    Having some problems finding photos of the particular b-25 I have chosen due to is serial no of fw189, can guess what google results that yields, trying to find which of the cowling choices and windscreens required, and also if its US OD/NG paint or RAF Dk Grn/MSG
  10. RAF Airfix B25,

    Here we go
  11. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB Chat

    Utterly ashamed there’s no Vulcans so far. What are you guys doing?
  12. Revell Victor K2

    I beat airfix Vulcans intakes, just a step or two up for the victor, or could even nick parts from the airfix and replace them later using airfix spares....
  13. Italeri b52

    Been a few days, but despite me being very careful 1 patch of paint need ended up on one of the panels, and whilst it wasn’t as bad as the first time, it broke again. Fortunately I kept calm and decided to go with the old trick of just painting them gloss black after filling the hole and it’s now ready (or will be, currently glossing it a section at a time and only done the upper)
  14. Spooks at the double

    And the RAF one is finished
  15. Airfix Harriers Galore

    The kit outriggers are only for gear down and whilst I have spare up riggers they are shaped slightly different