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  1. Ah modelling hubris strikes , two years ago I built the gr3 as a fresh faced noob, and had zero problems with the canopy fit, this time I had problems as messed up the cockpit tub, so the tub, and seat were too high, also meaning the fuselage is slightly wider than it should be, had to do some hacking so the canopy can go on, and went a bit overboard with lowering the seat, not a major issue. Just a little bit of filler paint and it should be ready for the gloss coat.
  2. Not that I'm aware off, revell have issued it in 1/144 and 1/48, and hwilst they have issued a new tool 1/72 recently it does not have the markings
  3. Got back on this, almost finished the main painting, aside from one side of the rear stake/underfin thingie which can wait till I can be more careful and patient
  4. Thanks for all the kind words folks
  5. officail photos and a group shot, now discovered these all need a repaint, I've erronesoly used dark compass grey for the nose cone
  6. Hasegawa 1/72 F-16B Plus 8th TFW, built OOB, painted with xtracrylix gunship and compass grey, lifecolour mediem grey, finished with Winsor and Newton Matt#
  7. 2 coats of tan on the upper, is more efficient to just paint the general areas that are tan, but having done a pair of camo'ed phantoms, found easier doing it like this,
  8. And the 'B' is done aside from the final touches like the red/green lights, dunno what Ill be doing next, I'm not sure if I've got enough ghost grey left for another one, thinking of ordering the caracell sheet and do a lizard one using the hasegawa C. fudged up the decals on the tanks which is annoying but can't be fixed now
  9. Finally able to put some paint on it after getting it primed on monday, 3 coats of FS16622, probably needs a 4th, should have used white primer
  10. Nice if hasegawa included the weapon stripes as decals, had to use painted tape, and as I don't have the right shade of redbrown had to use blue and make them all training rounds edit: seems was pointless painting two pairs of cbus up, not shaped to fit on the MER so can only mount one pair meanwhile I thought I'd share another pair of diecasts falcons
  11. My locals had the opposite problem aside from odd delay for orders horny are fine, he's not heard zit from revell since 2014.....
  12. Not done any modelling since the weekend, started (finally) redecorating the modelling room, and whilst the bench is still in place for the moement, I packed everything away and could not be bothered to unpack and repack, today attention swapped to the outside of the house which will continue tommorow so got some stuff out and cracked on with the falcon. Pylons in place now, and the exhaust repainted gunmetal now I finally sourced a pot via amazons add on program (my LHS is still waiting after 3 weeks for his humbrol order) . Stores are in progress, going with the standard stuff in the box this time.
  13. My post was satire, anyone who follows my builds knows I've a fetish for the red boxes and boring subjects.....
  14. Cheers, looks like my oppuntiunity seems to have faded, though if it does reappear thanks to your advice found the ones that were painted in the coventional bomber command schene, so I would pick on of those to depict
  15. I have an Airfix lancaster in the stash, and may be in a position to acquire parts to do a Grandslam version, I have already amongt my 4 corgi diecast lancasters a grandslam version, and obviusly would like to build something slightly different if possible, I know nothing about the different a/c that carried GS and indead what is out there in therms of decals This is the example I have