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  1. Spooks at the double

    And underway, cockpit and intakes done
  2. Revell Owners in Trouble

    Reissue based on the new mkii tool from 2016, has a different slew of issues to the old mkV
  3. Spooks at the double

    Wasn’t going to post a WIP but now I’m doing not just one but two, couldn’t resist
  4. PBS’ Starfighter

    Forgot the pic orange is done anyway
  5. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    I’m doing the triple one ac from ‘86 on the xtradecal sheet
  6. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Not started mine yet aside from priming then sprues but now I have a 2nd copy to be done as an RAF fg1, any differences needed to made
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Oops another airfix phantom and mjw models last raf xtradecal sheet not yet started the first
  8. PBS’ Starfighter

    Now just to clean up that canopy and paint the orange bits on the tip tanks
  9. What have you purchased / been gifted

    A set of modelling tweezers, having lost my old ones (normal household ones that I took to uni) though might as well upgrade to something proper
  10. hoping they do the ram details decals like the A model. I think I can see me ordering one of these soon. And xtradecal raf decals.
  11. PBS’ Starfighter

    My speed has fallen now I’m a student again, taken me a over a week to start the new airfix phantom.....had two assignments due this week, touch ups are done but having canopy problems, finding it hard to fill the canopy gap without the filler being visible inside......
  12. Airix Red Arrows Gnat Colour Query

    HUnbrol 174 is meant to be BSc537 signal red which is the trainer red used for example on the jet provost. Post office red/cherry red which as I said humbrol 19 is meant to be is BSc538 . There’s a problem though a as red arrows red is humbrol 238 but also BSc537
  13. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Nope, I’m down in Kent, normally go over at much higher altitude, that one last week was on Flightradar at 21k ft, think ones just gone over now though that one didn’t appear on the tracker
  14. Airix Red Arrows Gnat Colour Query

    I believe humbrol 19 is actually meant to be post office/cherry red, so using it is actually quite apt, quite a few of humbrols colours are actually meant or wore meant to be in the British standard range
  15. Haha, was Morereferring to those folks who like to use all bangs and whistles on the interiors and us 9 different colours to paint instrument panels rather than my paint by numbers job, happy enough with my standards, though always room to improve anyway i must start mine, now had a week and all I’ve done is primed the sprues