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  1. Know this isn't just an aviation GB, but for those inclined found a great series on youtube, 18 episodes though I know one of them has been taken down due to copyright, watched a few of them.
  2. Superglue tube lid got gunked up so got into the habbit of biting it off, you can see how this ends, eventually I forgot it was already off and got a nice surprise
  3. I though raf blue grey was the same wartime colour that hum96 is?
  4. Know the feeling, least my experience Hasegawa instructions and the decal sheets tend to be clear and in agreement unlike the italeri ones I applied last couple of weeks....
  5. Sound advice though I found GIMP far better bit of software
  6. G-ZBJF
  7. Ace, Im missing one from the airfix kit, now to just scan the other and reverse it.....
  8. Have succesfully done a little home printing on some white decal paper, can the experts say if I 'd be able to succesuflly do the fin flash shown in the pic, 3 colour white, blue and red with a white border?
  9. nah thats just an old screwdriver thats past its best for screwdrving..... anyway even more progress funny how much one can do even with limited time if ones sticks to just one subject at a time. Very real chance it will be ready for decals tonight....
  10. well time is at a premium this wwwk but I've managed to be quite efficient.
  11. one of these and 3 morrisons curries
  12. nah that sort of thing is of no relavace to me, what is now an issue is theres no gunpod in the kit, and even if I source one how Ill fit it and a stand.....
  13. Noted and airfix hawk now to buy the xtradecals
  14. Even moel ikely now I had a 2nd attempt with some metal tubing Also decided to fix the fit of the front canopy by raising it up, this is going to be fiddly
  15. Indeed, though I have you know there aint no enamel paint in this modellers paint box