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  1. 1/72 Hasgeawa JASDF F-15J Tac Meet 2013

    Nice work on the pit, good to see a JASDF entry, though not the most colourful option,
  2. Modern Fleet Air Arm Grey

  3. Mirage GB chat

    Good tip for the future, kit was the heller IV, too late to save it as its in 6 or 7 parts now as I tried to dismantle it to do just that, seems half the joins were popping in and out, the other half were well and truly stuck. Plenty of time so may grap a 2nd copy.
  4. MiG-29 STGB chat

    WHats the Icm kit like? Looking for a cheap 9-13 to salvage the decals and bits from the zvezda?
  5. Revellers 1/72 Bae Harrier Gr7 / Gr9

    Simple answer is you can't as the harrier uses british specific stores. Best bet is to build it as the 4th sqn dispanmen decal option which only carried tanks. If your heart is set on building a operational one, then buy the airfix gr7/9 and steal its weapons and then build the airfix as a dispandment option from either kit or conversely build the revell as disbandement, and build the airfix as one of the two operational versions.
  6. Revell Hawk T1

    Built this before a few months ago, what ever plastic revell used, its so much better than italeris, much easier build.
  7. Falkland skyhawk underside colour

    got into an endless mess over this trying to find a suitable paint to use, so many places sending me to one colour only to find colour photos that look nothing like said recommendation. All very confused. Lots of places point towards towards a pale shade of blue like a humbrol 65 or paler, yet seen photos which are clearly a very deep blue nothing like that. In no rush as its a future build.
  8. Airfix Fairey Firefly

    Genuinely surprised by this kit, yest the cockpit was laugable and the pilots aren't members of the human species but goes tethor very nicely and should look excellent even under my paintwork
  9. Revell Hawk T1

    My completion rate has fallen off, so nice simple build to help with that, got plenty of options from xtradecal, think it will be one of the grey ones with the gunpod and winders fitted
  10. Airfix Fairey Firefly

    Heres the model to save the thread I avoided such old kits, but with gaps to fill should start doing it more
  11. What have you purchased 9

    Gunship grey and gloss white paint, plus a revell hawk.
  12. Airfix B-17

    Didn't post over last weekend, got the thing togethor and primed , not really worked on it during the week, just put a coat of drab and grey on, forgive the shot of my wrecked indoor trousers
  13. PBS Eagles

    Canopy on the E and as predicted the gunship grey has run dry. Can at least sort the exhausts out, would be nice to use resin ones, but not at the price, can live with them, insides painted white which is an overlooked featured for the E
  14. P47 and P51 78th Nose Cheque home printing

    masking/square cutting on a 1/72 model.....thats going to work.
  15. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    what im almost certain was a saab grippen just went past. edit: certain now, ones scheduled for biggen this weekend