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  1. I can see what you mean about cutting a fine line concerning the roof height. Even 3 mm rise would equate to roughly 10.5 inches. But should the booms and tail plane face backwards, (your last pic.) Simon.
  2. That oil wash has brought out all those details Gremlin. The bolt heads and fixing straps especially so. She is coming along super. Simon.
  3. I did not realise that the Rapide had a sun roof LOL. Still Ced you`ve cooked the books (What gas mark, LOL ) The masking looks very neat mate. Simon.
  4. Lovely work going on there Tony. The idea of making your own embossed foil/s is really neat. And yes the curry was nice, could of been a bit hotter but it was the wife`s limit of heat tolerance. Simon.
  5. A long weekend Giemme and a long update. Lots done, and starting to button up. She looks ace mate. Simon.
  6. Not so much purchased but given to me by my mate (and boss) Andy. Now I may be able to replace those rivets missing along the spline of that Rhino I am building/destroying. Simon.
  7. Yes Giemme, I am going to mask the contact areas then spray. Looking at the reference pics, the demarcation line is along the join between the lower wing and fuselage. Once I have painted behind the vari- ramps I shall then attach the rest of the intakes. If I was using hairy sticks to paint her it would not be to bad. Simon.
  8. Thanks Giemme, have done that corner now. Anyhow, back to today. Finished off the tidying up and now have masked the office ready for primer. And an angry bird look from the front. Hopefully I can lay some primer down tomorrow morning, as busy in the afternoon, life eh. I am now off for a curry (home made) All comments welcome. Simon, (the hungry one)
  9. Self closing tweezers, 2 pairs. 4 pints of milk, banana`s and cherry tomatoes. Simon.
  10. Well, things have not turned out to bad. After checking against the other door I found that the locating tab was to far from the edge of the door. No problem, out with the trusty scalpel and a snip here and there plus another bit of plastic. A careful file, and this is what I ended up with. Sorry PB again. Not to bad I suppose, just a corner needs nipping out. Also been at the aileron gaps, and they need just a little bit work, poss Tuesday. All comments welcome. Simon.
  11. Warning!!!!!!! Simon.
  12. Figure painting an be hard at times, especially if it is representing someone you know. I have got to say that your figure looks like you`re wearing one of those virtual reality headsets. Still, better than I can do. Nearly ready to button up. Simon.
  13. Some little pics. A 10`s Big birds Simon.
  14. Well you seem to be all right for reference material there Kev. I can remember the torsion bar suspension at the rear and how much fun that was. Simon.
  15. Nice kit Kev, I remember building this in about 1980ish . I think I will tag along for nostalgia`s sake , as well as I have a Yardley MacLaren with the same DFV engine to build with mine. Simon.