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  1. Curtiss Racer #3

    Lovely work the Greggles.w , The jig and floats etc look great. Will follow the rest of this build. Simon.
  2. As I am no longer a PE virgin, I attack the dolly with it`s parts, all 2 of them. First bit cut a lightly curved (Well Bent anyhow.) With the other one too. Let those set now, and just a pair of braces to add plus the wheels. Still not sure on those seats though. All comments welcome. Simon.
  3. Thank you sir, I will try my best. There is a lot of stuff I have to learn about though. Simon.
  4. Giemme, have you tried using any release agents. Giving the "Buck" a good polish and seal . It may work, but I am no expert what so ever. Still looking good sir. Simon.
  5. The kit comes with decals options for either the "Normal or PE" IP. Once I get some painting done I will use the PE one. If it goes tits up I still have the standard kit decal to fall back on. Simon.
  6. Dornier Do 18-D

    Great surgery there Tony. A very clean cut and mirrored nicely the other side too. Always handy that is. Simon.
  7. Hi folks, time for an update. That air-scoop, well I fixed it place along the remaining one and left to set, The 4 amigos. While those are drying , I looked at the turrets, and found these beauty's. Also on the waist doors as well. Seats next. Apparently The MK 1`s had bucket seats for the seat parachutes (thanks to LDS Modeler@Alan) and I got these. The poser is what do I do? I will muse over that one for now. IP, yep, I am no longer a PE Virgin. I cut my first piece today, and also shaved the detail off the kit IP. And dry fitted it. All looks good. Well off to sort those EJP`s out. All comments welcome. Simon.
  8. It is Giemme, thanks for backing my idea up. Cheers Greg in OK, there is not a lot to be seen once buttoned up I am afraid, only the front office and waist gunners area, and even that is minimal. Cheers Johnny, we sometimes have to think out of the box at times when vexed with a problem. I just hopes it works . Off to the bench now to sort some more . Simon.
  9. Looking good John. Lets hope for no problems, an easy build as such. Keep up the good work. Simon.
  10. Thanks TonyTiger and Snappercity for the tips. Right, sanded the window in and out. One more stage to go. A piece of foil cut into a square and glued over the front to represent a canvas patch used in a quick what with moment. Engines: while cleaning up the other 2 I notice a problem. One of the air-scoops was short. By about 2 mm. Oh bugger. Plan is fix the piece I have onto the engine cowling. Allowing for the missing length. Then cut and shape some plastic struct to fit, then blend from there, Anyhow not tonight. All this leaves now is the rest of the internals and turrets to check. All comments welcome Simon.
  11. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    Oh dear. Simon.
  12. Good luck Giemme, I wait with anticipation Simon.
  13. Been at the hospital all day

    Our heartiest congratulations sir. Simon and Rose.
  14. OK folks, final up date for the night. Engine, I took another pic. Also added the cross beams to the bomb bay roof. Right, that missing port hole? Well I looked all over and it`s gone to the Carpet Monster. I don`t have the skill to make another one so... I decided to cover it over so that it looks like a running repair. This was because of an incident involving a goat, a puffin call Percy and a bowl of chili. Well thats my story and keeping to it. Onward, disc of plastic. Glued into place . The other side. A bit of filler. And the other side. Once dried and sanded, I will glue a square of paper over the hole on the outside, so it hopefully will look like patch. I am off to bed soon. All comments welcome. Simon.
  15. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Magnificent build Peter, no over words can describe her. Simon.