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  1. Dornier Do 18-D

    Tony, you are doing an absolutely magic job in bashing the Matchbox kit into shape. Fine work on those props sir. And the rest of the build too. On the subject of "seeing aids" , I purchased an "Opti-Visor a few years ago to help my fading eyes. One of the best buys I have got for the hobby, I even got one for my good lady (She builds kits as well) I would post a pic but the internet is playing up at the moment (so slow uploading or downloading, it`s a pain). Hope that they can get it sorted out this week. Still, at least I can still post I suppose. Carry on the the great work mate. Simon.
  2. Nice save on the tail sitter Johnny. Hey Alice , what a great act, forget about the theatrics on stage, some great songs, with meaning. She is looking like another fine build mate. Well done sir. Simon.
  3. All looks good G. Proof in the pre-shading will show up once the base coats are put on. You can always pin wash the panel lines if needed. We await for more sir. Keep up the good work. Simon.
  4. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    All the above Peter, richly deserved sir. Simon.
  5. Don`t worry about Telford Johnny, I am not going either, too much expense at the moment. Shame, one year I will go. The cat is looking should I say "Purrfect" . Looking forward to the finish and seeing her in the gallery. Simon.
  6. Short Jokes II The Sequel

  7. Looking very sweet under its coat of primer G. No wonder you are happy with her. Simon.
  8. Well a day later than I thought but an update. Leaving the wing problem alone for now and concentrating on getting the fuselage bits ready for priming/ painting. These are the tools of choice. And here are the bits to be masked !!!! Started with the front turret, front first. Then back. The 2 port holes will be done with masking fluid, easier. Started the rear turret before back spasm kicked in, so left it for now and wait until comfortable again. All comments welcome. Simon.
  9. Looking good mate. And, yes, when the bogies strike it`s time to relax away from the bench. Simon.
  10. You are getting there G. steadily as it goes. Nice work on the radiator flap sir, looks great. Looking forward to more. Simon.
  11. Nice to see her again Tom, she sure is big and beautiful. Simon.
  12. Thanks again for the good messages, yes I am back again. It feels good, after sitting there looking across the room at it. Although during that time it gave me chance to think on the up coming problems. Anyhow back to the build, and wing tip lights. Marked and drilled the holes for said lights. Those now need priming next. The inboard Port engine exhaust was the next problem I came across. This fits into the wing at the leading edge, with a separate outlet fixed to the top of the nacelle. They give you this as the exhaust. To fit into this hole that you have to make. It`s as ugly as sin so I think I will have to redo this part another way. I will probably plug the hole with some sprue/runner plus filler then re drill a pilot hole and remake the exhaust pipe. While handling the wing the aileron came off. The moulded pin had broke, not surprising as it is very tiny. So will glue it it in place before I prime the whole wing late. Oh the joys of this hobby. An up date maybe tomorrow. All comments welcome. Simon.
  13. Stew, I have just caught this build and very impressive indeed. Money well spent I would say, with a lot of detail inside. But the pit fall with these kits as you said is that a lot of hard work is never really seen once the kit is built. Still, I will follow along if I may. Simon.
  14. Hi folks, thanks for the kind messages. A bit more done early this evening. Those wing light covers, well progress there. With a bit of filing/carving I got the in board one to fit reasonably well. And the other side. Still a little proud, but a little more sanding /carving got the job done. Both now have a snug fit, I also number them just in case. Now for a cuppa and a smoke then maybe a little bit more? All comments welcome. Simon.