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  1. You know me ..... Like to get value out of a kit On one of the pics of the shack there appears to be a hatch through to the privy! Perhaps so the CO could keep on top of the situation lol As they say in Gods county “ Proper Mizzly Today " Kev
  2. I wish I could be cack handed as good as you...... Good to see a plan coming together Kev
  3. Mixed bag to prove that we're moving forward.... Work commenced on fitting out Wardroom Making up Tx, Rx, Radar etc. modules Back, bottom of cockpit added. Area behind cut out, opening to left is stairway to below decks. As usual difficult to capture with a camera the Mk1 eyeball is far more adaptable. May well cut more in the future. Definitely an area to be lit by LEDs. and through the side Trying to show the planking here is just looking messy. I'm thinking I may do just a plain cut out but extend aperture further aft giving a full view of the Gentlemen s Privvy. Nearer the bow section when I cut through for the forward mess deck I'm going to have a larger area to play with and may be able to do individual planks with cloth between. Thanks for looking in Kev
  4. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    You have a better class of shop and probably young lady than we have. Sooo helpful! Such a cunning plan you concocted between you.... Kev
  5. Clyde Puffer

    Be sure and show your paintings on here, I for one love to see them. Re your Caldercraft Puffer, great model but not cheap. How about Deansmarines 1/72 1/10 the cost? Very basic but a good base for detailing and a reasonable size. http://deansmarine.co.uk/shop/product_info.php/cPath/10_11/products_id/182 Thanks for the explanation, clear now you've explained it. Let Google be your friend ...... There is a huge amount of information available on various sights plus numerous books. Frankly when you're on a boat modelling site, proposing to scratch build a vessel and you have to ask I think you need to do a fair bit of research.. Kev
  6. Clyde Puffer

    Thanks Guys for all your kind comments, I'm amazed at the reaction to this little fellow... Kev
  7. Good to see progress. I've been wondering about how to get a belly in the sails. Not tried it but I was wondering about using a ballon and spraying with some form of medium to add stiffness.... Kev
  8. Cracking artistic micro engineering.... Love it! Kev
  9. It certainly is BIG Going to have to watch the hernia in the later stages Well I guess I'll have to cut away the bulkhead.... Kev
  10. Clyde Puffer

    Work in progress page 15 last two pics you'll see it buried in the mud Especially for @Bandsaw Steve This pic was taken with the clear acrylic in place Plans are progressing, the Vosper is toooo big to take to club nights and ........ Thanks again guys your support provides the fuel Kev
  11. Going to be difficult to go back now.... This cut out is iwo wardroom looking through to radio room Fitted blank, two by 0.5mm card to give correct thickness to side planks I'm hoping to show the diagonal planking used on these boats. The outer skin are laid at 45', the inner skin at 60'. These are separated by oiled calico. Work started on radio shack. I'm making this as a separate module for ease of building. Started making the various boxes/radio/radar. and a peak through..... always going to be difficult to show the view through I'm calling it progress Thanks for looking in Kev
  12. Clyde Puffer

    Thanks for the support Rob, Ray & Bob Pure speculation, would it have something to do with the height of the early vertical boilers and volume available at the stern? Calling this finished ..... Final pics on RIP http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028118-clyde-puffer/ Cheers Kev
  13. Clyde Puffer

    Well it's finally finished and installed in its display frame/storage box. I hope you've enjoyed the voyage as much as I have This shows it being used freestanding, equally it could be hung on the wall I have since added the clear acrylic making it dust proof but this makes it difficult to photograph .... A big thank you to all who have supported me on the trip. A special thanks to Bob @ShipbuilderMN http://www.miniatureships.blogspot.co.uk/ who was the inspiration behind this voyage. Now I have proved the concept it is my intention to go on and build a series of boats around this scale. This hopefully will include Sailing inshore fishing boats, Coastal traders both steam and sail but that's all in the future Kev
  14. Clyde Puffer

    Thanks for the kind comments guys, much appreciated. I'm OK Keith, bit fuzzy yesterday. Minor op to repair jaw caused by the ineptitude of my dentist Base used was clear acrylic sheet which helps to give extra depth. Acrylic structure gel used to give ' water ' texture ' , dries clear Acrylic modelling paste used to form bow wave/wake. Colour used Humbrol Matt 170, built up in washes Hope this helps.... Kev