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  1. Chris Craft 1:8 Scale Fittings

    I believe this is made for R/C if you get no responses on here try on the forum here http://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/ Kev
  2. 1/72 Engineers Laager diorama

    Great work...... Kev
  3. Big As MAZ

    Run out of words......... Kev
  4. Wow ! Where did that come from ? All those bits you've been playing with and they finally come together........ Impressive Sir Tentacled One Kev
  5. Clyde Puffer

    Nibbled of Mars !! I was going to say your Dear Lady had good taste but............... Nice pics sorry you had to donate to the blood bank Kev
  6. Z-39, Dragon, 1:350

    Amazing detail beautifully portrayed .... Kev
  7. Impressive ..... Good to see you back in the Maritime section Kev
  8. Big As MAZ

    OK so you've made the keys and the padlock............. Let's see them work I've got it in my head that this is 1/24 scale is that right? Whatever........... beautiful work Kev
  9. Clyde Puffer

    Get behind me Satan You know the score, I already need several extensions to my life to complete what I'd like to do..... Another excellent site, thank you for that. Kev
  10. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Certainly looking the biz!! I have faith it will all come together Kev
  11. Clyde Puffer

    Your welcome Beardie Some great tales there.... I have to keep telling myself I don't need to build a series of these various craft. Kev
  12. Light Ship South Goodwin

    Looking the biz To lay your fur.... paint, superglue or PVA wood glue. Run the thread through your fingers so you don't get big blobs Kev
  13. Z-39, Dragon, 1:350

    Truly amazing Kev
  14. Loath to say it but this is also looking gooood !! All that hot air does seem to stimulate you ..... Just leave the rose bushes alone Kev
  15. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    So you move onto micro engineering......... Whatever looking good Kev