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  1. SMUG MUG absorbs FLICKR

    I received an email this morning that Flickr and Smug Mug have merged and my account will be absorbed by Smug Mug !!! Is this the start of another slippery road?? Kev
  2. You started with a cracking job of building / portraying the ship. Set it in a realistic setting and brought it all to life with the figures. Well worth all the extra effort simply superb!! Kev
  3. As the Welsh would have it Tidy ! Kev
  4. A continuing work of art Kev
  5. Big As Maz, Junked!

    Well it's been quite a ride .................................................. even if everything kept dropping off Shame you wasn't a bit more ordered in your approach You could have done an A _ Z of scratch building One tiny mistake I'm guess you've got several thousand dollars worth of tyres left on her. The locals would have had them off the first night Aside from that I wonder how much you'd get for her at the local recycling site Nice one Richard Kev
  6. Big As MAZ - DONE

    If you'll pardon me saying What a pile of rusty junk! and I mean that in the nicest way. Its been an educational joy to watch this develop Thank you for sharing with us Kev
  7. I guess your talking about the white box but wot is it? Jargon fine for ex green men but us mortals are trying to follow I think you're doing good ... Kev
  8. Bluebird k7, 1967

    Just knew this was not going to be out of the box ........... Nice ! Kev
  9. Wow I am surprised ! I saw the hull quickly yesterday and wondered about A/C (Having been pointed in the direction by @stevehnz ). My next thought was who would make one of those, can't be. I now know who ...... Nice one buddy. I'm away from my reference material at the moment but I seem to recall a lot of ' Cs ' took part in St Nazaire, could this be one of them. I think one was assigned to Special Ops taking agents to and from France. Either way a great one for the records, I've never seen an A or C built Glad were keeping you at sea Rob. Kev PS Good spot Steve
  10. Interesting pics and insight into the British Army way back when ..... I guess you'd be redundant now everyone just gets issued with an Iphone. all orders would be on Twitter (bit like a certain big wig over the water) Lean mean killing machine ......................... Don't stand in his way he's looking for his B & H Very thoughtful of the MOD to label you like Paddington Bear in case you get lost Kev PS I can just picture the officers pinning orders to the inflatable beams LOL
  11. See you can teach an old dog new tricks The triangular ends are I think call sea boxes ( prevent the ingress of sea water into the accommodation ) The centre piece is a locker easily corrected - stick a lid on it See your initial pics. The superstructure is looking cracking as it comes together. Love what your doing to this Kev
  12. Big As MAZ - DONE

    Great work Rich and thanks to Manfred I can see it on my laptop I can confirm Internet Explorer no pics Google Chrome and Firefox Pics .... Happy Days Kev
  13. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    I guess I'd better have a plate of humble pie with my tea...... I believe that's Langley Models Puffer in the mist. I don't recall seeing the build??? Love to see some pics when the mist has burned off.. Kev
  14. If you cut him in half he'd have 432 going right through like a stick of rock. Kev
  15. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    You make my life worth living Martian Good point .... and when would be the last time you modelled a figure less than 10mm high??? and don't say it's an improvement on crabs On earth we have a phrase about people who like stirring a pot full of faeces I'm going back to my darkened room Kev