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  1. 1/72 Revell Flower Corvette

    Can't have enough Corvettes ..... Tend to agree with Rob but if you want pics Ex HMCS Sackville so no guarantees HTH Kev
  2. 1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Nailed it from a practical point of view Rob. What size chain did you use? Kev
  3. Westland Sea King HU5

    POP !! Kev
  4. A wooden interlude

    A Solid base to build away from ..... Kev
  5. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Superb ! Nice touch with the railway/wagons Kev
  6. Westland Sea King HU5

    Simply stunning ............... Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh Kev
  7. Your usual high standard being maintained Kev
  8. Vallejo Bronze for my money .... Certainly the material older props were made from Kev
  9. 1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    No buddy, I meant by loosing bits. Interior colour I would go as you said for Off White and timber bits to break it up a bit Kev
  10. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    Well Mo & Jo have not been getting along lately, really since the sad news about Julian..... I've been doing 15/20 mins and losing interest. I've slowly been building up to painting the two hulls. Halfords Acrylic Primer Jigged hulls/ marked water line. Lower antifouling coat applied - Vallejo Masked lower having left it to dry for 48 hours in a warm place. Painted upper hull. Left 10 mins a masking tape removed Masking tape was Tamiya 'de stickied ' stuck on cutting mat to slice down to 2/3mm thick You just know where this is going don't you ......... Four strips of tape removed, three strips of paint removed down to primer etc etc you get the picture Mo & Jo have left the build slamming the door behind them Kev
  11. 1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Neat idea I would think the most likely would be metal rings max diameter 100mm x max 15mm thick. These would be held in place by an eye bolt driven into the wood. Second option would be cleats much like John made on Jan 3rd on his elco build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029868-172-usn-80-elco-pt-boat-with-some-mods/&page=3 Coming along but you must stop making life harder for yourself Is it the centre section? If so if you have no joy with Airfix as Rob said you could laminate/whittle a replacement Kev
  12. Revell PT 109 New tool

    I respectfully disagree ... One would imagine that Revell would only release the early kits to respected modellers. So unless he is known for softening and or blocking out details, or perhaps uses a1" hairy stick this is a disappointment like the previous Corvette. The fact that you thought " it was a rebox of the original kit " says it all. The original was released I believe in the 60s There are a lot on here who knock Airfix, I wish they would teach Revell a thing or two about todays standards Just my opinion .... Kev
  13. Revell PT 109 New tool

    It is indeed Kev
  14. Revell PT 109 New tool

    Not much interest in this then Mr Revell .....
  15. MAS Italian Torpedo Boat

    Thanks Nick, A bit simpler than your creation though ... Kev