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  1. A couple of recent purchases.......... First as recommended by Ray S Cracking book with coloured sketches, plans and lines. Just the job for anyone looking to build early to late steam coasters Well pleased Second one is great for anyone looking to start scratch building Chapters 1 Research 2 Scale & Proportion 3 Tools & Facilities 4 Traditional Materials 5 Synthetic Materials 6 Adhesives & Joints 7 The Slipway 8 Hull Construction inc bread & butter 9 Hull Construction inc plank on frame 10 Clinkered hulls 11 Fibreglass hulls 12 Detailing the hull (Research) 13 Detailing the hull (Techniques) 14 Weather decks 15 Deck Planking 16 Ships' fittings 17 Casting & etching 18 Painting & airbrush 19 Digital dewberries 20 Rigging the model 21 A Wee Boat from scratch The book gives a good insight in to how to go about the various stages. Beautifully illustrated. Kev PS Thanks Martian & Keith for the help
  2. Your welcome Kev the expected
  3. Thanks for the tip o' heartless one....... Do you load images onto Postimage at a lower quality than the camera takes? Not looking for sympathy just a return ticket See you're offering Reconcilor support what's he done to upset you .... Kev
  4. Its been a while, I've been forced to take a break in Spain Figures are still WIP, thanks for all your suggestions. I've been working on the ladders from the main deck to the quarter deck Showing here how I clamp small items together Propped in position I made the ladders in the same way as I used on MGB658, 13 pieces per ladder Thanks for looking in (Hoping there is actually something to see as I've had enough of photobucket) Kev
  5. Nice one Paul Looking Lean & Mean !! Kev
  6. In some of the pics I have to remind myself that I'm looking at a model Kev
  7. Neat work.... Kev
  8. Some great painting/weathering going on here Kev
  9. Pure Magic! Kev
  10. I've enjoyed your build of the MIG and will take pleasure in following this build. 1/100, Looks to me like a finished size of 540mm, big enough to get some nice detail in there. Kev
  11. Hi Ray, Top horizontal(ish) is the Gaff Bottom is the Boom I suspect one of the problems you are having is getting enough heat on the joint. I use a Micro blow torch (gas powered) even on very small pieces. The 5mm diameter steering wheel on the puffer that I did recently was done with a torch. Plus mast, boom and gooseneck. It may seem aggressive but your only touching the flame to the joint for a second or two. I only use solder paint and I reckon its the best. It has self cleaning flux within it. Easy to make simple elegant joints with minimum clean up. Just got back from Spain, will check in the morning what make of torch I have Despite your trials you are getting there............... Kev Morning Checked and the one I use is from B & Q (others are available) One thing that may well be handy for some is that you can change from a live flame. By changing the end piece you can use the flame to heat a conventional solder tip HTH
  12. Doh! Just realised that's the same 'Stalingrad' figure I used on the MkV. Cracking sculpting, the body language is amazing. In my defence I have only just got back from 11 days in Spain Hic Looking forward to see which way you're going to take this. Kev
  13. Looking good Martian, the shading is bringing it to life. Interesting technique Kev
  14. Beautiful clean job on the gun platform. That deck is looking the biz, well worth the effort. Superstructure looks like its going to fall together (got my fingers crossed for you )
  15. Looking awesome Cracking job ! Little tip for you You can cut brass tube with a scalpel blade. Tube on cutting mat, blade 90' to tube on your mark. Roll back and forth keeping blade at 90'. Normal tube takes 3/4 rolls. If you intend sliding a smaller size inside you will need to clear the burr with a file HTH Kev