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  1. Stunning piece of work! Kev
  2. Nice one.......... Good to see someone taking the plunge Kev
  3. Looking forward to this one Paul, I have one of the new releases in the stash Slightly over scale for you though Kev
  4. Always worth stopping by this wonderful build......... Kev
  5. I've withdrawn my application to join the crew .............. @ 6'4 (1930mm to you foreign johnies!) with bad Knees, I don't believe this is quite the holiday camp I was lead to believe ... and you keep adding allsorts of crap equipment to clutter the interior all be it in a tasteful way Kev
  6. I have a confession to make .......... All I knew about the Conqueror was gathered standing next to one in Bovington (Mk1) for about a minute. I'm now getting to know this grand old lady intimately ..... Magic work Kev
  7. I was going to suggest a cut away(s) on one side to reveal the interior. Having gone back to look at the lay out I've changed my mind. With the amount and size of windows, I reckon with some small led lights concealed (as light fittings ) all will be revealed. Kev
  8. If this is the result of my suggestion I'm standing proud This is the old young middling Martian we know and love ..... Nice one Kev
  9. Good to see you're not loosing sight of the mission statement.... You'll never get home otherwise Kev
  10. Love it Steve, still laughing now................ I am here for the journey, it's great watching you with each sub-assembly Kev
  11. Ah! But we know they are there ...... That looks to be a right bu**er Kev
  12. She certainly looks the part..... Kev
  13. I design & fit kitchens / bathrooms for a living...................... I'd give you a job Great work Kev