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  1. Hi Richard Glad you had a good break.... I could see a 'Puffer' alongside in Poole. definitely wouldn't look out of place I grew up in Ferndown 10' NNE of Poole, Happy Days Kev
  2. I reckon your more than capable and will probably do it in a quarter of the time. I have a B hull from Christian at which I intend doing as a minesweeper in the Med armed with a 40mm bofors in the bow. As you say beautiful looking hull and served in pretty much all theatres. Great job on the radar tower, I amazed you managed to build it free standing, a testament to the accuracy of your work? I can think of any references to the 'taut wire measuring kit' but I'll have a root around. Know what your saying about stanchions, I have yet to have a play but have been thinking of alloy tube, drilled in a jig...... Enjoy your build I know I will Kev PS I suspect your 15mm pipe is 'Speedfit'
  3. Doing a grand job Paul, as you say the PE railings/ladders are lifting the standard. Being in possession a set of your PE railings I can honestly say they are value for money Kev
  4. Good progress Matey.... Possible suggestion, next time before removing deck panel mark the position of the superstructure/ hatches etc.. Love it!! Kev
  5. Impressive ! Kev
  6. Setting the standard !! Kev
  7. Looking good Matey Kev
  8. I have built hulls 20/36" long using photocopied lines and found them to be out....... So don't beat your self up. Love how you're going about this. Scratch building at its best, muddling along until you find what works for you. Watching and learning Kev
  9. Great progress.......... Kev
  10. Great scratch building as always Kev
  11. I'm in shock can I have a nice cold beer...................... Seriously well just a little Good to see this challenging project underway again. Looking forward to some more Martian magic !! Kev
  12. I can feel your pain.............. Slow and steady does it. Grand job to date Kev
  13. Murdo, no offence taken. It was the manner in which Swindell set out to correct me. Looking again at the pics I posted I can see where some confusion may have arisen. I have put the compass binnacle in the wrong way round. The iron correcting ball should be red to port Pic that hopefully will clear up the confusion, Forward is to the top of the page. I can't put the bits on top as everything is still on tails for holding/painting etc. So in answer to your question the compass binnacle was in front of the helmsman. There is nuthin' rougher than a puffer Love it Clipper and thanks for dropping in the word binnacle I'd been racking my brains for it . Tis an age thing Kev
  14. Dear Mr Swindell whilst you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to talk down to me!! An emphatic yes! You are talking total rubbish as your orientation is wrong. Aside from anything else I left the Merchant Navy as Chief Officer. I think I might remember which way to use a compass. You and Murdo have based your assumptions on the gearing for the transmission of movement being in front of the wheel. I have pics and plans taken from builders drawings depicting the wheel in front. The helmsman stood to one side. Logical when you stop and think, as right in front of the wheelhouse on the centreline is the smoke stack. I am more than happy to take advise and criticism where it is justified / researched until that time I suggest you refrain from jumping in with both feet One last point I am building a prototypical puffer for FUN! Kev
  15. Nice clear tutorial Keith Kev