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  1. Ta Dah! Source: Meteor, Brian Philpott, PSL, Wellingborough, 1986, pages 125 (part), 126 & 7 (part)
  2. If you fancy a different colour scheme, here's the one I plan on doing in 1/32: Note that these late models were built without the windows, i.e. don't just paint them over but missing entirely, with a smooth surface.
  3. I bought a 1/72 SR 53 years ago, sometime mid eighties when Airfix went bust. I was told at the time that the mould had been bought from Airfix by an outfit called Ursus (or something similar, I haven't seen it for decades, but it's up there somewhere) So, now it seems it was just a copy! No big deal, it wasn't one of Airfix's best was it? Missile fins like planks ISTR.
  4. I'm sure no one will mind scans of an article from 1972. I drooled over it back then (but couldn't afford it, early teens. Chop up a Halifax just for the radar dome! Two Lancs! ) and, to be honest, I still can't justify the expense. That said, if I see a Shack going cheap, I might just be tempted and I don't do 1/72.
  5. That's the awkward bit. Who has got a log-book? How do we get a shufti? Occasionally I've asked to view those where location and or squadron coincide with my interests, and usually the ones held by next of kin, not the airman (they never refuse) but some think that letting me take notes somehow devalues something that they think is on par with Tutankhamen's mask. As a teenager, I fondly assumed that the National Archives had all the engineering reports to all the squadrons, photos galore etc., (both sides of course) but something simple as serial/code tie-ins still defy.
  6. I bought a second hand book yesterday, in it fell out a page of what looks to me to be "Aircraft Illustrated" dated Sept 1977. Now, this beast looks like it could be a model project. Does anyone have more info, drawings etc.? Is it extant somewhere?
  7. I've just looked up the relevant pages on the ORB. See 'Discovery' the TNA website. AIR27/1021/8 and 9. I didn't pay for the pdf's, but it's plain to see between the boxes that they didn't note down any individual aircraft letters. Handwritten, they list lots of serial numbers but NO individual letters. I would have thought that if something was painted onto the airframe, it would have been used as an identifier. Why would someone go out of their way not to record something? Was it mandatory to use codes?
  8. Ideally it would give the code letter for Defiant N1765, YD-Something of 255 Sqn. Shot down a He 111 in May 41, but I'll buy it anyway. Lots of construction/walkround photos please!
  9. Fighter Squadrons of the RAF, J.D.R. Rawlings, Macdonald & Co., 1969, p.388: EJ525 K EJ714 W EJ744 K EJ783 N EJ893 W NV702 E NV758 N NV947 S SN145 D SN183 J All coded JJ. I guessing that the two "N"s mean a replacement machine. I've just had a swift shufti on TNA's "Discovery" web site. Some of AIR27/1591/28 can be viewed with a distorted image (unless you pay) I can see serials, but not allocated letters. I'm presuming you know this. Try going forward or back over the months, something might be logged. There is also a file for their combat reports, but, to quote Forrest Gump, "you just don't know what you're gonna get." Good Luck.
  10. I remember reading the reviews when Revell did a re-pop of their original 262 a few years back (still in the stash somewhere, unstarted) with optional parts for the big-gun & recce versions, which tempted me to buy it (again). Some commented then that the add-on camera fairings were suspect because they weren't regular teardrops, as most drawing showed them. I persisted at squinting at my Smith and Creeks (until I lost interest*) but came to the conclusion that Revell got it right after all. I don't want to kick off another "Fatal Flaw"** argument, especially as, like most of us, I have yet to touch plastic, mind you, I won't be bleating while waiting for some after-market resin doors either! If you can't trace around the originals and cut them out of plastic card, you shouldn't be on this forum. * The Trumpeter kit was announced. It is also waiting for the day I combine both kits together, and I cease to be a mere kit collector and commentator, get over my AMS and actually build something! ** No one should EVER use the FF term unless they explain how to fix it!
  11. You likee? I have a few more pages I didn't post up (Botophucket takes forever) Sent me an email to: and I'll send it over. There's enough info to make at least 1/72 drawings out it. Some pages are a little blurred (rushing when at the TNA) but readable if not really post-upable.  

    Got some other stuff about GSE/bomb-loading as well. In fact, I'll send you everything that I think you will find interesting. It can get boring just wading through Nottinghamshire ORB's (the reason I was there) and one's mind can wonder...

    1. Mancunian airman

      Mancunian airman

      Thanks Milan


      E-mail address in bound.


      Happy New Year to you and Jaqui



  12. Thanks Guys. I love this forum! It's less trouble to post a picture up of my query than tear the house apart looking for my Smith & Creeks. Offhand, I don't remember noting bulges in the plans, but thought maybe they tweaked the undercarriage geometry a la Spitfire. Possibly a weight/braking/tyre scrubbing thing? It won't put me off buying the kit.
  13. I assume their references are immaculate, but bulged main wheel door covers are new to me. I guess it wouldn't take long to sand them flat, but...
  14. Mk's II and III there.