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  1. Details here: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/workbench-edition-50 (thnx Hyperscale!)
  2. Was this Cerulean Blue one of R-R's house colours? It pops up from time to time if you google search for: Beagle G-ASWJ Spit G-ALGT DH 125 G-BARR Austers G-AIJT and G-AIPH (both were at Merlin Flying Club, Hucknall, plus a Meteor, whose reg escapes me ATM.
  3. I'd buy a reprint Adrian B! I bought the original at full price when it first appeared. Though I usually wait for a remaindered or second hand copy, I couldn't risk this book disappearing from the shelves. This book is still one I keep easily accessible just for the joy of flicking through it occasionally. Cheering me up since 1993 (I ran downstairs to check!)
  4. I've often wondered about this. Record of Events and Summary of Events vary in their supposed role. One should list raids in detail (crew, bomb load, target etc) while the other should include more general reportage. Accidents however, had their own reporting procedures and sometimes I think the compiler felt that he was supping with the Devil by just recording a brief note on accidents, if even that. I have seen ORB's with just the scantiest detail for such as collisions between bombers, for instance, with a corresponding high mortality, but include copious notes about clouds and weather. These people know that a Court of Enquiry will sit in judgment at a later date and fear rocking the boat by listing even the barest facts. This, I think, is why poor gen is often included. Vague recording like: "Crashed ten miles N of Nottingham" or similar, is often the only reference recorded, when, a day later, much more could have been added for posterity, co-ords, nearest farm or road etc. What I'd like to see is the C of E notes (if they still exist) I used to imagine that ORBs would be full of photos, code/serial tie-ups and notes about camouflage etc. Not a chance!
  5. [/URL Source: Classic Aircraft No.2 Bf 109, Cross and Scarborough, PSL, 1972
  6. That lathe looks interesting. What make is it please? What can it do?
  7. I've just put WZ706 into Google and hit the "images" button. I can confirm the dayglo is on both the top and bottom wing surfaces. You do have to look further for an upper wing image though, It's suprisingly high when parked. Yes, you can copy and paste images from Botophucket.
  8. I want a one-thirtytooth A5A Vigilante. The sexy skinny one, not the humpy backed version, though I'd back-convert a RA 5-C kit if I had to. Only 57 A5A's were built, and 42 of those became humpies. Ok, there was some squadron 'color' but all gull gray over white, and no export schemes, for a craft that served briefly and never quite worked. But I still want one!* *Vac-form acceptable!
  9. One of the differences between S2's and 4's, or maybe just a mod between production blocks, involved the folding wingtips. ISTR that with the wings folded, the tips could be positioned so that it was difficult to enter the cockpit, because they overhung the canopy. I think the mod deleted the fold, but the tips didn't touch when the wings were up.
  10. Will it be available in Smiths? On the magazine rack like the P-40 is?
  11. Exactly! How did free brand awareness morph into something to "protect" and milk. And who loves a lawyer anyway?
  12. Jesus Wept! Do we now need to put a "TM" next to the designation!
  13. Could it be an outside air temp sensor and not an air scoop? Might fit in better with a bombing role. I gather that Langford Lodge made Droop-snoot kits for the forward echelons to assemble as/when needed, so maybe some outfit had a spare F-5 but not a spare P-38 to work on.
  14. I am aware that Gerald Scarborough did not remove the fuselage slice in his book. That's why I mentioned it, it is not immediately obvious until you realise it, whereupon it stands out. I know about the obvious changes and variants too, just that I haven't come across anyone attempting this conversion since the book was published. Nice drawings too, all in my ready-to-start pile, but I can't understand why this conversion is not more popular.
  15. I have a damaged carcass in the loft and rather fancy reducing the fuselage height be 3 scale inches and adding an Allison cowling to it, as per the Gerald Scarborough book. Now I thought that this conversion would have been done by others and be on the tinterweb somewhere, but I've had no look searching for it. Has anyone had a go at it? I can then use the Merlin for a Spitfire IX/16. Just wondering.