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  1. Sabre F.4 color questions

    According to the Humbrol conversion chart given away with the Mar issue (86) of Airfix Modelworld, (bought this afternoon!) Humbrol 230, PRU Blue had its nearest equivalences as: Gungy Sango aqueous H56 GS Mr Hobby colour C72 Modelmaster 2061 Tamiya XF18 Vallejo 965 Xtracolour X8 Why don't you try a mixture of Sea Grey Medium and roundel blue? Isn't that how the colour was arrived at originally?
  2. Are you going to raise the cockpit floor/bomb bay roof to the correct level? It would appear to be the key to getting the furniture right and allow a correctly sized cookie to fit. https://imgur.com/a/jHz70
  3. 1/48 Manchester Propeller

    You and me both. I started my conversion well before the Paragon was issued, (I won't show you the lump of Milliput so far) I did intend to get one ( I maybe, just might, have the skill to make one engine, but certainly not a matching pair) but just couldn't find the £50 I needed without leaving me short of other kits I also wanted at the time. Worse than that, my library then deleted a book which had my choice subject- an HCU machine with wiggly demarcation on its belly at Winthorpe. Alas I cannot remember its title. It was one of those war-time reminisces, heavy with text and just a few images. This was waaaay before scanners. How I wish I had cut the page out!
  4. 1/48 Manchester Propeller

    I too need the answer to this one, my Tamiya conversion still needs to be finished after over 25 years on the pile of doom. According to the AP, Manchesters had De Havilland variable pitch Hydromatic D.I.S. 27 type 63's. Left Hand Tractor. Is there such a thing as a catalogue (ideally illustrated) for propellers? Would 1/48 Mosquito props be in the ballpark?
  5. Could I have a copy please?


    How come I've missed this before now?


  6. I thought that early aircraft didn't have Martin Baker Mk 5's but McDonnells own design. Stanley (?) seats.
  7. Horsham St Faith

    Have a word with the air museum there. I'm sure they can help. I remember photos of crashed Libs etc displayed last time I called.
  8. Halifax identity

    Other serial number & code tie-ins from document AIR27/1048/22, the 158 Sqn ORB for Nov 1942 are: DT559 D DT505 H W1217 S DT579 V DG223 & then W7784 Q W1091 W DT546 B W7668 N DT585 L W1221 M W7865 A W166 U W7751 F DT485 K
  9. Halifax identity

    I was intrigued enough to spend £3:50 on the TNA's web portal, Discovery. This is the relevant page entry: <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/fwlXT"><a href="//imgur.com/fwlXT"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script> https://imgur.com/a/fwlXT (one of these must work!)
  10. Halifax identity

    Halifax II DT544, coded NP-R. T/O 1657 Rufforth. Hit by flak and severely damaged. Subsequently, after nearly nine hours in the air, and low on fuel, the Halifax was abandoned and left to crash 0155 at Greens Farm, Greens Lane, High Wycombe, Berkshire. F/O Reynolds landed on the roof of the Royal Military Academy , Sandhurst, where he was promptly arrested by an alert guard, turned out by the Duty Officer. Crew: (Pilot, Nav, etc. in order) F/O KH Reynolds Sgt WJ Wilson Sgt F Worsnop Sgt J Harbottle Sgt E Smith Sgt GH Weatcroft Sgt DA Weatherill Thanks to Bill Chorley's "Bomber Command Losses 1942" page 272.
  11. Canberra B.16

    Just realised: the topmost photo has partial flap lowered on one side only (starboard). I have never seen this before, on any aircraft.
  12. Airfix 2019

    I know. BUT. Is it true? We were told the P1127 mould was lost but it survives. To be honest, I think it will be a shorter wait to get Trumpeter to pantograph down their 1/35 kit. (To 1/72 please, not 1/76th!)
  13. Airfix 2019

    I had a shufti though what I assume is Airfix's 2018 catalogue in WH Smiths today. Other than the aircraft, it includes about three tanks, some figures and some wargamer type buildings. That's it. Nothing naval, no slow re-pop of cars or any the other stuff that Airfix has in their vaults and that we haven't seen for decades. I feel slightly troubled that their range is now so limited. Would I rush to buy (say) the Skeleton or Show Jumping Princess-alike? No. Guideline SAM Missile? Yes. Piper Cherokee? Yes. We all have our favourites waiting for a re-release. I'm sure Airfix could clear maybe a 5000 production run quickly using of a lot of their existing moulds cheaply. If they don't, they risk a new TamyTrumpyGawa bringing out the same subject but to modern standards. Hopefully Airfix will continue sneak out such stuff without needing a great fanfare, if only to upset the collectors (of which I'm a reluctant one) Talking of which, Lindberg have released some two-in-a-box kits recently. F-100, A-4, F-4B etc. Would I want to buy these 3rd rate 1/72 examples? Not at £35 a pair! However, the 1/48 Flycatcher and Fury combination is one of them. Get it or regret it!
  14. 1/24th Harrier T2/4/4N

    https://imgur.com/a/V3RAY Does this help?
  15. Westland Whirlwind wing question.

    I'm going from memory here, but sometime in an early 70's (Almarks Modelworld?) an article updated the original (and Dreadful) Airfix Whirlwind. I took it that the lower wing was entirely flush, as was the upper wing, except for the raised ribbing, portrayed by lines of paint drawn on with a mapping pen, and not as raised panel with ribbing applied in addition. Is my memory at fault? As it happens, I'm having a loft clear-out and found my mapping pen this afternoon. Sometime soon I'm hoping to find my 1/32 vac-form Whirlwind.