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  1. ?? What are you talking about Tiger?? I have just finished F-15J from GWH/pitroad and the fit is perfect with only but only one exception: I was not able place the exhaust/engine assemble flush to the fuselage. It was sticking out around 1-2mm . Now, I am not even sure this is a design error because I forgot to dryfit test it before I have brought whole fuselage together so maybe I did smt wrong with intake, I do not know. So, I solved it buy brute power: I cut the exhaust/engine assemble into two. First I attached the compressor face side to the end of the intake then the exhaust part to the end of the fuselage. This solved the problem. Other than this, the fit is literally perfect. I used zero putty. I almost felt some parts were not even require gluing, they were "click"ing to each other so well. With the exhausts you do not glue them anyway. They snug fit
  2. Apparently not by GWH, but original designers of Kinetic Su-33
  3. Su-33 is confirmed not to be in development by haneto at aRC. Apparently the render I shared was from the guys who originally designed the Kinetic Su-33. Now they are upgrading and trying release under another company name.... However, haneto hinted GWH will develop other flankers.
  4. Apparently, GWH is coming with a huge plan for flankers: Su-35 render: PLUS Su-33 render!!!
  5. They have habit of releasing many variants of the planes they produce so I expect many flankers from them.. Chinese, Indian more Russian .... Greedy
  6. Mig-29SMT 9-19 1:48

    I know, now Isn't that great I am really excited about the flanker because GWH has the habit of releasing a lot of variants so I am expecting more flankers from them.
  7. I am over the moon, this is just great
  8. I've never preordered anything from lucky before so what will be the expected time period for the release? Weeks or months??
  9. Mig-29SMT 9-19 1:48

    The Mig-29 series from GWH is just jaw dropping. I've just received their newest Mig-29AS with the tiger decals and just wow!. It is very sleek F-15 series has been great too. I wonder what will come next, after Mig-29 and F-15 from them. Really looking forward to!
  10. Angolan Su-27 / Su-30, colors ?

    Did they used a yellow paint or is it still the primer on the top side?
  11. Meng Missiles & Bombs 1/48

  12. Meng Missiles & Bombs 1/48

    Any real pictures of these around?
  13. Is this release going to have decal options for the test aircrafts in primer color? I would love to have these options.
  14. I hope to see more of this type of high quality missile/ammunition sets from the companies but I think this was a one of from Kinetic/Skunkmodels since they already had the molds from the Su-33 kit
  15. In J-15 case, the vast amount of design work has been already done since we have Su-33 kit. It is a business philosophy. I got it. However, we have Mercedes and then Toyotas. I want Mercedes but I guess I cannot stop Toyota being Toyota