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  1. hmm, I dont see it. It says future release for Su-35. Which model are you talking about?
  2. Have we seen any plastic yet. Their facebook says Su-35, Su-34, Etandard and Su-22 all coming in a month...
  3. Looks fantastic. Where can I buy one other than ebay???
  4. 1/48 u2 can be interesting... so no J-20 huh? That is a bummer.
  5. This is what I have done this year: I am a huge fan of Kinetic Su-33. It is a brilliant model. It is our of box apart from wingtip pylons, decals and PE cockpit which were required to turn it into a J-15. The pylons are from dream model J-15. I enjoyed it a lot. J-11 is kind of inspired from an old Su-27 picture I've seen with 36 FAB-100. These are FAB-250 though. I think this has been the most expensive model I've ever built with all the aftermarket stuff.. Exhausts, pylons, bombs, nose, cockpit, masks etc.. F-15E demo is kind of a what if since it has the cannon and the wrong seats for the original one but still it was a huge fan with all those 22 rockeyes. All of them are missing some parts but I would say they are 98% complete D
  6. I wonder whether they will be single piece.. Competition from kinetic for at least for air-air part is hard to beat. Very welcomed development in any case.
  7. Su-35. J-20. Mig 1.44 Or wait, all three.
  8. $86+shipping. New models I am buying recently are all around this range. I guess this is new normal now. Well at least I cut a lot from after market so I guess it is almost even..
  9. oo god... now we are overlaying box art on the pictures ! CRAZY. Chill people.
  10. Lol, that might have been indeed the case.. We have now double digits number of J-20s around with LRIP is going on. There is a windfall of pictures which got me excited. I really hope Trumpeter/Hobbyboss (or some other company) come up with a current cutting edge model of this plane. From some angles it is a real looker.
  11. Trumpeter/Hobbyboss is so lazy... They should have come up with a J-20 at Kinetic su-33 quality right now:
  12. I have been waiting for this release for like 6 years. This was advertised in their catalog back 2010 circa with all the flanker family, no joke... I think it going to happen finally.
  13. Mama... that is exciting I have couple models (Kinetic Su-33 and GWH/Pit-road F-15J) on the bench I have to wrap up quickly to open some space for this one. 2016 was a good year for modelers.
  14. That is true! Pylons are important. Especially for Russian A2G munition, most of the plane models do not have them at all so one will definitely need them.