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  1. Hi all, I am researching the Ejercito de Aire’s response to the war in Sidi Ifni and was wondering if anyone can suggest a general history of the Spanish Air Force (or a good website)? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi all, i have read a number of generalized histories of the Sea Vixon and couldn’t find any record of combat. I do know that the Sea Vixen of HMS Centaur flew patrols off the coast of Indonesia in 1964, and further there is a report that Sea Vixens enforced sanctions against Rhodesia. Other than those engagements, (and routine intercepts of Soviet Bears) did the Sea Vixen engage any adversaries during its long career? Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
  3. Hello All, I have been researching the color schemes of SM.79’s in the Spanish Air Force and note that they were used as late as 1951. Does anyone know which color schemes were adopted during the immediate postwar years? I have seen a light tan/mottled green scheme but question the authenticity—it may be from a cinematic production. Thank you very much.
  4. Question about immediate postwar Jordan

    Dear All, I am considering a diorama and was wondering, what types of aircraft would one encounter in the Trans Jordan and Jordan in the immediate years following WW2? I know that the Jordanians received Vampires in 1950 but cannot find a photo or description of their air stations c1945-1950. Were their French aircraft in the region? Perhaps except-RAF Tiger Moths and Protors? What about visiting transports from Italy, Greece and Egypt? Thank you in advance for your information and suggestions.
  5. PF659 Dehavilland Mosquito PR.34 question - photo attached

    Thank you gentlemen!
  6. http://avions-de-la-guerre-d-algerie.over-blog.com/article-134-de-havilland-mosquito-francais-118367942.html About halfway down this link is a side view of postwar PF659 identified as a PR.34 of the RAF. Would anyone care to comment on the unit, location and color scheme? It may be overall aluminum but I am not sure. Thank you very much.
  7. Tamiya 1/48th Mosquito as a PR.34

    Hi Peter. This is my favorite Mosquito on Britmodeller. I was wondering if you could re-publish the photos? Thank you.
  8. Greetings—does anyone have a photo or drawing of the field-modified P-40B flown by Erik Shilling of the AVG in 1941-42? It was especially modified to carry a camera for recon work. I cannot discern whether the camera was located at the base of the fuselage or the port side of the mid-fuselage. Thank you in advance.
  9. I have a question concerning Su-24 nonstandard camouflage, such as that depicted below. Does anyone know if nonstandard tactical camouflage schemes were used on the Su-24's in any of the Soviet conflicts in Afghanistan or elsewhere prior to 1991? Also did the Russian Air Force use any nonstandard schemes on the Su-24 in the Checken conflict, conflict in Georgia or in Syria? Thank you very much for any response. http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww4/b/657/1/3
  10. 1/48 SU-24M Fencer

    Pericles have you had the opportunity to finish the Su-24? Your build is a great inspiration to me. Please post pics if you have any updates. Thank you! Yasas
  11. Hub so you want to sell yours?
  12. Double rocket on Oxford: conversion question with pic

    Thank you gentlemen for your thoughtful replies! I have taken note and will update you on the project.
  13. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e68/GTwiner/45-eb00209842_zpsaa91cfb9.jpg Greetings all, I am attempting to add a double rocket configuration to a 1/48 Special Hobby Oxford--can anyone suggest a set of double rockets to convert the trainer to an armed anti-insurgency plane as depicted above? I cannot find an aftermarket duel rocket set but perhaps there are parts from a donor kit (Beaufighter? Mosquito? Firefly?) that someone might recommend? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  14. Thank you to all who answered and I deeply appreciate your thoughtful replies. My solution is to take a Boston nose and modify with new framework, possibly grafting a He-111 nose cone that appears to fit. Or I will go with the solid- Soviet torpedo units used both. Many thanks!
  15. I might add that my kit is the AMT 1/48 Havoc.