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  1. Many thanks!! I appreciate the explanation!
  2. Yasou Demetrius! Eferestou bero Belee! Kostas
  3. Thanks again Jun!
  4. Thanks Jun!
  5. I have read that Hitler made overtures of peace to Britain both during and after the Battle of Britain. Not sure what to believe of the Hess mission. Hess believed he had the backing of Hitler yet German leadership at the time considered his actions to be pure lunacy.
  6. Between 1930-1950 air travel in Korea is largely undocumented. A few references cite the use of a Beech Staggerwing by a Japanese company; others cite use of a Stinson tri-motor. I do have a color photo of a Stinson 108 in civilian colors. A good friend of mine, in 1995, told me that he had a photo of a Mitsubishi "Nell" in civilian use c. 1945, which he liberated from a File in a Japanese air base in 1945 but sadly cannot locate. I do understand that Japanese airlines had several regular routes to Korea utilizing civilian Ki-57's and Ki-54 as well as some Lodestars. Can anyone comment on air travel of any kind in Korea during these years? Many thanks!
  7. Can anyone speak to the types and/or quantities of Italian aircraft captured by the Royal Hellenic Army, 1940-41? A few references cite multiple aircraft but only one type is clearly shown by photo evidence--a SM-79. Thank you in advance for any references or suggestions.
  8. Can anyone tell me where one can find a 1/48 Aeroclub Avro Tutor for sale? Thank you very much.
  9. Would anyone happen to know if the Greek Potez 633's flew in a color scheme other than green/sand? I recently located a postage stamp depicting a Greek Potez 633 in a blue-grey/dark green scheme and wondered if it was fiction. Thank you very much.
  10. Beautiful presentation! Thank you for sharing this.
  11. Thank you Sirs!
  12. Sorry tried to post a pic and this is not an easy task! I attached a link and thanks again
  13. Dear Sirs: does anyone know if the Potez 633s delivered to Greece in 1940 were delivered in a scheme of overall green / silver undersidea? Was it used in regular service and for how long? At some point the Potez 633's appear to have been painted dark green and earth camouflage. Again many many thanks! See below link and scroll down to the Potez 633 for photo.
  14. Greetings, I have been asked to build a 1/48 Gladiator for a gent and was wondering if anyone here has a strong opinion as to which manufacturer produced the more accurate kit. I understand the Merit kit has issues with the cowl and landing struts; other than those issues is it comparable in detail and accuracy to Roden's? I like the Roden kits displayed here except the landing struts appear overscale, or too long at least. Thank you for your comments and opinions.