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  1. Ah, you beat me to it! That is a fine looking scheme, Gorby; nicely executed.
  2. That's one excellent model. Looks great; I'd love to see some close-ups of the engine, if possible.
  3. Very interested to see how this turns out, Torbjorn. That's some micro-engineering work going on there; looking good.
  4. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    These always remind me of a puffer fish. Crossed with an old bedstead. Wonderfully idiosyncratic. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it, Martian!
  5. Looking forward to seeing this progress, too, PC. Although you keep making me look at the Mk X fuselage in the cabinet of doom, which stares back accusingly...
  6. Aeronavale Dornier 24

    Thanks, P!
  7. That's a terrific mini-model in its own right, very neat work.
  8. Yes, the errors are entirely overlookable and really don't affect the outcome.
  9. Splendid work, especially those control wires and attachments.
  10. Aeronavale Dornier 24

    Thanks, Tony, that's very kind of you. I am pleased with it. It's certainly the best "big" (>2 engine) aircraft that I've made, helped significantly by being the first one that I've airbrushed. It's absolutely the best tri-motor that I've ever made (yes, it's also the worst tri-motor that I've done). It encourages me to crack on with the other heavies in my collection, though I think they'll wait until 2018.
  11. I like it, Sam. You might try some different oil paints to mix up the shades slightly, but you have to pick the right ones! For a 1/72 Spit, that's looking very nice indeed.
  12. Aeronavale Dornier 24

    Thanks, chaps. Photos were delayed as the morning light caused me to apply some more light coats of matte varnish (and knock off the tail turret and an elevator actuator), so daylight photos might not happen until next weekend, now.
  13. Italeri DO-24

    Both would look excellent, John.