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  1. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    Thanks, Rob! I'm not sure that 3 degrees of dihedral is that noticeable anyway... We're still living by lamplight, but I've fixed up my anglepoise lamp so that at least I can do some modelling in the evenings. And: OK, so I need to tidy up some of the masking and add a bit of filler around the float struts, but otherwise, it's ready for primer. Those nacelles are horrible, by the way. I had a quick look for resin replacements but didn't spot anything. I sense some further fiddly filling and sanding will be needed to approximate the completely smooth cowlings on the real thing. I'll also have a go at scratching the ladders from the floats to the doors. Also looks like I'll be reattaching a fiddly pitot tube on the starboard side! And, sheesh, look at that step on the inner starboard wing leading edge. Talking of floats, I took some photos of the build process, but they are corrupt. I'm satisfied with the final result; they're straight but not quite level. I first glued the two cross-braces to the floats using a Lego jig to get them straight. The floats have keels, so getting them straight was not straightforward! This gave enough structural strength to hold the floats together while keeping some flexibility. The front strut/cross-brace part has some good locating holes on the fuselage, so that made it then easy to attach the floats (using the main struts to help), before the main struts were glued in. Phew... I'm dreading what the primer will reveal, btw.
  2. Thanks, Gordon. I also have a 8 Group theme for future exploration (AntB's Stirling thread here has me thinking about 7 Sqn) though I suspect I'll be a little burned out on the RAF heavies by the time I've finished 100 Group project, in which case I'll tackle some local USAAF units first.
  3. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    Not sure I could pull off the behatted look. The one on the bottom right looks like a muddy leprechaun. Modelling activity has ceased, as the circuit that includes some critical lights has a problem that our electrician can't pin down. Best guess at the moment is a fried mouse, so I'm going to spend my weekend pulling up floorboards to investigate further. What fun.
  4. Nice work (yours, not Mrs P's)!
  5. What would Theresa May do? Whatever, probably wisest to do the opposite. If it helps, my vote would go to the Tante Ju. Mmmm, corrugated surfaces, just right for sanding and filling.
  6. Looking forward to what you make of this, Christer. Mine is at the same stalled stage (decals on, fiddly bits have been sitting in a box for a year). I really must get the canopies on, at the very least.
  7. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    I'm one of those chaps that occasionally has moments of enlightenment that reveal truths that were entirely self-evident to most other people. (This must be very frustrating for them; I frequently experience this from "the other side" when it comes to numerical analysis.) So all hints are welcome, as I can be a right numpty. Unfortunately, Tony, the windshield is very definitely in. I have no ClearFix, Ced, but I'm pondering trimming some thin clear plastic to fit. The other tricky bit that I'm approaching rapidly is how to square up the floats. Perhaps one of those Lego jigs to hold them in place. However, I was awake at 3am, and I think I risk a silly, tired mistake if I do anything tonight.
  8. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    The contents are interesting, and going nowhere near any model that isn't headed straight for the bin... Nice idea, Alex, but back to the tape it is.
  9. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    Hmm. That's an idea. I've got some Vallejo liquid mask (I think) somewhere in a dusty recess. Worth a test!
  10. Absolutely; one of those occasions where I had to check the scale.
  11. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    It's getting there; one good things about Matchbox is that they kept things simple; each wing is just two pieces, no faffing about with separate control surfaces. I wouldn't mind filling & sanding so much if I were better at it. Most of the time I either feel I've made no difference, or I've made the situation worse.
  12. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    Finally got to this about 10pm yesterday. I was able to secure all but one of the windows easily; the Micro Krystal Klear effectively pulled them back into place, presumably through the power of surface tension. Then I remembered that I meant to mask them before they went in; they're an inconvenient shape and I don't really want to try trimming the masking tape on the model, as a sharp blade will go through the Krystal Klear. So most are going to be re-masked with too much, and I'll have to touch up around the windows by hand. That could be interesting in the confined space beneath the wing... Last thing last night was to attach the port wing. The wing struts go into a sort of curved lump that also supports the floats; these parts are interestingly shaped, have some gigantic ejector pin columns that have to be removed to get them to go anywhere near the fuselage, and even then don't fit at all well. Plans of the Twotter tell me that the float version has no dihedral on the wings (not that the other versions have much), so that makes attaching the wings a little easier. Here's the topside; filler will be needed at the wing roots and on the engine nacelles. The filler beneath needs some tidying; I thought I'd done a reasonable job with a damp fingertip, but it looks rather messier in the light of day. The central fuselage also needs some filler; I keep forgetting that.
  13. That would be brilliant, Ed, thanks. Brass wire is one of the basic materials I need to get, although I have a supply of brass pins that will probably suffice for small aerials. I tend to throw out any scrap materials that don't have immediately obvious use as my storage space is limited, but there's probably some PE that I can use somewhere.
  14. Ced, that looks splendid.