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  1. Definitely unusual camo, looking much better now. Looking forward to how you blend in with fading/weathering Ciao
  2. Thanks Tony, and welcome on board! The color schemes are quite tricky, especially the smoke rings one; I'll very likely have to resort to Tamiya paint for them, but I'll first give it a try with the appropriate Lifecolor green. I love Lifecolor, especially for brush painting, but they give a very smooth finish also when airbrushed Ciao
  3. Very smooth paint job, Cookie! I love it all: NMF, fading, walkways... Ciao
  4. Cheers Clive, thanks for joining Cheers Cookie, that made me laugh a lot, thank you! But it's a lot easier to put details into a 1/48 model ... I think Welcome on board! Chocks off then, basket Welcome on board to you too As for the scale, it is actually the opposite: I'm mainly a 1/48 guy, but since I did my F-4J in 1/72 a couple of years ago, I found it good fun .... and space saving, so the idea is to do jets in 1/72 and propellers in 1/48 (with exceptions, of course ) Plus, a 1/72 propeller fighter is normally very tiny (apart from some US WWII fighters, which look like they've been under steroids ... ) Ciao
  5. Thanks Kirk So apparently the subject had some interest. It seems long discontinued though, the quest is going to take some time ... Ciao
  6. Somehow I knew I'd have had your attention on this project ... Glad to have you on board, Rob Cheers Giorgio, thanks for joining! The book you mention would definitely be of use, also because then C205 I'm modelling is part of the first series, without wing cannons, and I seem to recall I read somewhere that the access panels for the wing machine guns are different from the ones moulded by Hasegawa. Thank you for joining Silver Fox I must warn you, I'm not the fastest builder ever ( quite the opposite, in fact) so, don't expect a quick build Hey Stix, welcome on board, great to have you here! Ciao
  7. They're both like that. In fact, if you follow my build you will see that Hasegawa basically used the same mould for the two models, with just a few different bits for the specific version; this will lead to filling panel lines and removing various bumps from the C202 fuselage and wings ... Thank you for your comment, greggles! Ciao
  8. Apologies Ced, I reckon I've been a bit cryptic What I mean is to go over, say, the green drybrushing with the same paint you used for that color - just because when you drybrush (at least with acrylics) the pigment tends to appear lighter than with a regular brush stroke, thus giving a sort of subtle faded effect. If you want to accentuate that, you need to mix it with a lighter color, though. I sometimes use this method after a Klear coat (there's more tone difference in this case), sometimes before. Again, I did that with acrylics (Lifecolor, specifically), so if you want to give it a try, I strongly recommend you test it on a scrap piece first Ciao
  9. Cheers F-32, thank you! We only have I think 8 of the model, so I don't believe anybody took the hassle of boxing an Italian decals version. But I haven't looked yet, so who knows... Ciao
  10. Cheers Mark, thank you, glad you liked it! Here's the link to my new project: I will also be doing in parallel the bust I started a month ago or so: Enjoy! Ciao
  11. Hi everybody; inspired by some very interesting multiple builds I recently saw here on BM (see for instance by @Cookenbacher, @Procopius and @rob85, to name a few), I decided to start my own. I'm going to build Macchi's C202 FOLGORE and C205 VELTRO (I don't think they need any introduction, but I'll probbaly mention something along the build) I acquired the two kits I'm going to use off BM, second hand; they were pristine, though, with only the C202 having the main parts (fuselage and wings) removed from the sprue. Here are the boxes: and the schemes I'm going for: Aftermarkets: SBS resin cockpit set and Eduard Brassin exhaust stacks for the C202 and again SBS resin cockpit and Quickboost exhausts for the C205 Here are some details of the cockpit sets: Not bad, uh? Instruction sheet: Same for the C205 and the paint set I'll be using: Last night I washed both kits and the resin parts in warm soapy water and let them dry overnight. More progress during the WE, I think. Ciao
  12. Just a quick update, to show that this is (slowly) progressing ... Not very noticeable, but I completed the eyes, by painting the inner edge of the eye lids with a mix of base skin tone, matt red and gloss white (all Lifecolor). Then I added more red to the mix, thinned a lot and "washed" the inner eye corners: All sealed with a drop of Tamiya Gloss Clear. More progress soon, hopefully Ciao
  13. Drybrushing on top of the camo colors with the same paint (test on a scrap part first), should blend things in and give the faded look you're after. I hope Ciao
  14. Progressing very fast, John! Thanks for the heads up on fitting the exhaust cans; did you feel that shaving their housing would have been much harder than shaving the cans themselves? Ciao
  15. Very imaginative! Any idea about the kit to be used to represent an Italian AV8+? Then I need to search for a sponsor for that build, and it's also going to take almost one year to be done .... Cheers Bernd, thank you! Ciao