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  1. Cookie, when you finish yours I'll start mine Great job and cool pics, John Ciao
  2. Jean, thanks for pointing out that the tyres painting works with water only for acrylics, I almost only use them and tend to forget that there are other kinds of paint on the market ... Ciao
  3. Great and intertaining progress report, Tony Tyres painting: I picked up a very nice tip here on BM. Use a moist brush along the rim edge, then paint your tyre color letting it flow using the little water you have there as a spreading medium. Color must be thinned to ease things. HTH Ciao
  4. Great job Cookie, the FrankenSpits are looking great Ciao
  5. Patiently waiting for those pics , meanwhile best of luck for your applications. Ciao
  6. I'm totally with Ced; I did some vacforming myself (so I had a few samples of the same part to butcher ) and a sharp blade is the way to go, followed by careful sanding. Ciao
  7. More fascinating moulding attempts, Ced I still have no heart to try that ... Ciao
  8. Make it +3! Cookie, have you been using the brush technique for the metallizer? Ciao
  9. I have the 1/48 version of that. Ciao
  10. Come on, there must be a way to save it! Ciao
  11. Ced, remember the blue tack for the dry fit Nice job so far, I bet you'll be done by the weekend! Ciao
  12. Agreed, they really look cool Ciao
  13. Front seat for me too! Ciao
  14. I liked your post because of your attitude, I actually feel sorry for the canopy disaster. Hope to see the new canopy coming in soon. Ciao
  15. Thanks Cookie, but I haven't done much so far, it's mostly the resin Ciao