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  1. As the others said, great work on the wings Johnny! Ciao
  2. +1 for this. Please? Ciao
  3. Ditto to all of that, Keith! Ciao
  4. Cheers Basket, thank you Sorry for the lack of update everybody, but my double aircraft build is taking all my modelling time ... Be back to this as soon as possible (damn', Russel keep staring at me from the workbench ) Ciao
  5. Thanks Matteo Little problems, still annoying Ciao
  6. Primer is on, everybody! OK, let's go through things in the correct order. windshield masking completed, using some blue tack blobs (apologies, some of the pictures were taken in a hurry, so are quite blurry) I then airbrushed Tamiya Flat Black for the internal framing color masked off the wingtip lights And there she goes, primed by airbrush with the usual mix of Vallejo Grey Primer and Future As I expected, the primer coat showed some touch ups to do; port wing leading edge Bottom fuselage to wings joint port wing root trailing edge The elevators, however, came out pretty good: So after the remedial works, I'll have to airbrush another light primer coat, then I should be ready for painting Comments welcome, as ever Ciao
  7. This kit is fighting you all the way through, ain't it G? But you're doing a great job in bashing it into submission; my GR9a was a "new tool" kind of kit, and at least the intake area was much better engineered. Ciao
  8. Thanks Cookie! I found out about IPA and Lifecolor in this very thread, because @davmarx mentioned it Please note it's not pure IPA, though: it's a commercial product made with water and roughly 15% IP in it. Thanks also for the heads up on metallic pains, but I'm afraid if you read all along that thread, these are not a real alternative. On page 2 there's a shot of that thunderbolt after a few years, and the BMF finish went completely bonkers Cheers Stix, thank you. I'm pretty happy with the metal effect too, even if very little will be seen - only some very light chipping (I promise, Gene ) Thanks Johnny - Model Master or Testor (same stuff) Metallizer is what you want to find, the "buff" version Ciao
  9. Agreed 100%, excellent result! Ciao
  10. Then my carpet monster would be very wealthy ... Thanks Gene Ciao
  11. That seems the kind of stuff that would last forever, if the cap is properly fastened ... Cheers Leon, thank you That soft spongy stuff is very useful for the task, I often use it for masking Ciao
  12. Thank K! Sorry to hear about your nav light, it is rather annoying when it happens, ain't it? That's exactly the method I've used. Works a threat, and I wish to thank once more @Cookenbacher for pointing it out. I'm running out of stock with mines and can't find them anymore in Italy - and they don't dispatch from UK because potentially hazardous blah blah. So I'm using them very sparingly. Cute girl! You should teach her Italian Thanks Simon Yes, always a matter of trying to leave off as much as possible to avoid clumsiness side effects ... Ciao
  13. Good to see this coming together, G! I think I already said that, but when I built my GR9a I found that also the PAVLA coaming had the wrong shape, and I had to use milliput to add some length and shape it properly Ciao
  14. Thanks G! I've basically experimented two different painting sequences on my paint mule: one wing airbrushed with the base green first (Verde Mimetico 2) and the yellow patches afterwards, one wing the other way round, sort of spraying the green "around" the yellow. The first sequence is the right one, it looks much better; since I have used only Lifecolor paints, the trick was to get a good control when spraying the small patches, and I think I got it: thinning only with Alcool Puro Bianco (it's a mix of water and IPA, with IPA at around 15%, easily available in craft stores here in Italy), working at slightly less the 1 bar pressure and removing the needle cap from the airbrush. For larger surfaces, I think my method of thinning Lifecolor paints with Future and a bit of Windex still gives better results. As I said, I need a bit more experimenting, but I'm getting there PS: almost forgot - this camo scheme needs also a third color, to complete the splotched eggs, which is Bruno Mimetico (sort of brown-reddish color). I don't intend to use the corresponding Lifecolor paint for that, but I'll be using a mix of Tamiya colors intead. No need to experiment with airbrushing them, though, since I can easily get a good control without too much hassle Ciao