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  1. I'm very curious to see what you're pulling with this "quiche method" Ciao
  2. Dornier Do 18-D

    That sounds... weird Anyway, I hope you don't have to suffer this any time soon, though it doesn't seem to affect your modelling skills The reshaping looks ace, and so does the micro-welding job Finer tips you say, right? Here's something I need to consider Ciao
  3. True! Plus this is my first "proper" airbrush in a while, so double excitement Glad you like the build, Cookie Ciao
  4. No pilot nor diorama here, sorry But I'm going to scratch my figure painting itch soon-ish - you'll see... As for your last question: I really have no clue about these two specific airplanes (couldn't find much info about them), but in general it think it was possible that C202 and C205 could be seen together. It is true that the C202 I represented is from a very early series (Serie III, May 1941 to April 1942), but so is the C205 (Serie I, deployed starting from February up to June 1943), so quite a short time-frame separates the two. As for my new airbrush (it's a Paasche Talon, I haven't posted anything about it yet because I couldn't test it so far), I got the correct pipe fitting to connect it to my air compressor only this morning, so should be able to test it in the next few days Cheers Tony, thank you! Much appreciated Ciao
  5. Dornier Do 18-D

    Thanks a lot for that Great job with the milliput shaping, BTW But ... 10 centimeters of snow and you're out of power supply? Really? Ciao
  6. Thanks Bill, much appreciated You mean modelling session, right? Anyway, it's raining here now, so no more trouble. Besides, it was only a few centimeters, albeit quite early in the season (actually, last year we had no snow at all, even in the mountains) Cheers Simon, thanks As usual with my build, I feel like I'm slowing down when I get to the final stages I still have to put decals on, do some weathering, complete the main wheel struts and bay doors, glue in the small bits and bobs .... Will I be able to complete this before Christmas? Ciao
  7. Thanks Leon, glad you like it! So we had some snow; last night but then this morning it was already over, just a few centimeters Modelling-wise, I haven't started with decals yet; here's what I did, instead. Base coat for the exhaust stacks, brushing on Model Master Metallizer Titanium (the stacks are taped to the wooden block) These were left to cure, waiting for more painting. Then I fixed the aileron overspray Actually, I did put some decals on, these: The blades were then glued to the spinner plate, and the spinner cover followed right away. Here's a dry fit of the airscrew in place Then I glued in the tailplanes, using CA gel and LEGO blocks to keep them level Then I tackled the main wheels assembly; I drilled out some holes in the scissor link Just like I did on the C202, I removed the wheel mounting pegs, as I want to be able to fit the wheels in after the struts have been assembled and painted. You can see I went a bit heavy-handed with the drill , so I had to do some repairs and set them aside curing Wheel rims filled in with some stretched sprue and glued with Tamiya Green Cap then some Dremel action Tamiya Green Cap to smooth things out, then set aside curing before I can drill a suitable hole in them. The plan is to use brass rod segments to reproduce the wheel axles That's it for the day, comments welcome Ciao
  8. I use a similar procedure for RFI pics My phone camera has a "pro" mode that allows me to set the white balance; 'cloudy' usually works good for me when taking in-progress photos at the workbench Regardless, what your pics show is a heck of a great job! Ciao
  9. Currently under some snow myself, albeit not that much (but should be like that tomorrow). Excellent job on the 'pit And it looks like you are progressing fast on this Going to complete it before Christmas? Ciao
  10. The floor weathering looks very appropriate As regards taking pictures with a phone camera, I like your idea of turning your lamp towards the roof; if I may add one thing (and not wanting to teach you how to suck eggs), I find that not zooming in avoids the grainy effect - at least with my phone; which is also pretty good at taking macro pics, so I tend to let it do the job for me Ciao
  11. Dornier Do 18-D

    I guess I'm going to repeat myself too: brilliant micro-engineering, Tony What have you been using to anneal the brass pipe, if I may ask? Ciao
  12. Spitphoon 1/72 Airfix.

    Glad to see these running again My bestest to Lady Rose Ciao
  13. Pacific Pair - 1/72 Corsairs

    Both Corsairs looking absolutely great, I love the paint job and weathering They definitely look a bigger scale, BTW. Ciao