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  1. She's lookinf gorgeous, Crisp. Period. Mission accomplished, I'd say Ciao
  2. Aaaaargh!!! But no, I'm pretty sure I saw some wartime pics of parked C205 with deflected ailerons - but now I'm gonna have to go check again .... Ciao
  3. Been busy, I see Nice progress on the Cat ... and the chicken run Ciao
  4. Of course! The only probem being that my kowledge about flight is down to a point where I need to think twice to have the ailerons deflected according to the control stick position (all to the left, in this case) So I will follow your educated advice and deflect starboard aileron a few degrees less than port one (which is probably just as good, because it should have a better fit, that way ) Pot to kettle, over Thanks Massimo I don't remember that one, gonna have to look it up on youtube Ciao
  5. I went back to check the Harrier ref pics too, and that discussion came to mind right away - so, excluding Harriers , I think it's all clear now Ciao
  6. Unless you take the easy way out .... and paint them on using masks (which you proved to be perfectly at ease with, BTW ) Never mind, it's just a rant from a decal hater ... Ciao
  7. You look good as usual For the records: I have W10 on my home PC, but I'm strictly sticking to WIN7 on my office workstation Ciao
  8. Amen to that Nice kit bashing, Ced Ciao
  9. Huey Lewis and the News....

    Looks good from where I'm sitting, Bruce Ciao
  10. Definitely! This made me go back and check my previous builds. Of course for the C202 I painted starboard light blue, as per Hasegawa instructions; the only ref pic I have for the subject is a C202 one, showing a clear cover. The lighting doesn't allow to see the bulb, though. I did the same on a BF109 G6 (Academy), following the kit painting instructions. Then I checked my refs for my F-4C build, and this came up: I know in this case the cover is colored, but it looks definitely blue to me... Ciao
  11. When things like that happen to me ( they do), I tend to think that objects have a soul, and a will ... No point in looking harder, they'll just come back when they're done - normally, as soon as you click "confirm" on the definitive order confirmation to replace them ....
  12. So, what you are saying is that blue is correct, or totally incorrect either way? In this case, I have a very detailed reference pic showing a clear cover. So it's definitely a coloured bulb Thanks K Ciao
  13. I use them both, but always without their coating, which is normally too big for 1/48 and especially 1/72 scale. If I need a very thin wire, I use cell phone headset ones - still without coating, though. Those wires Massimo used here look spot on even in their coating. Ciao
  14. Thanks Stix! I don't know either, must be some sort of disease Ciao
  15. Correct: I did that on this very build for the C202, and also previously on a Me109. But since I'm never really happy with what I do, I thought this way they would look much more realistic... Ciao