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  1. Thanks Steve The different color washes should hopefully give the right look to the model - no panel lines at all looks too toy like, to my eye, but this kind of camouflage doesn't go along with a generic black wash Cheers Keith, glad you like it Ciao
  2. There, all at a sudden, we have a Spitfire! I had a few problems with Flickr myself this morning: trying to upload some pics, all I had was blank files. Then after a few minutes, it all went back to normal Ciao
  3. Cheers Mr Happy, thanks for joining and for your comment! Ciao
  4. Cheers Massimo, thanks Yes, one more pin wash round and I should be done with panel lines Actually I haven't masked them, Leon; I used my standard procedure, partially described above for the tail wheel. After priming, I airbrushed the rim color on (in this case Grigio Mimetico, that is Lifecolor Dark Gull Grey). Then for the tire, I normally use a wet brush to put some water along the rim edge, and then with another brush dipped in the tire color, I barely touch the wet area and let the paint flow. The rest is standard brush painting. Ciao
  5. Always nice to see some paint job going on, Steve (and some hi-tech tool showing off, too ) Coincidentally, I've just completed painting the wheels in my C202 build - in a totally different way, I don't use masks Ciao
  6. Hi everybody, massive update this time. Been working on U/C legs and wheels, I think I can call them completed now. Here's tail wheel, painted and weathered The painting sequence is nothing fancy: airbrushing primer, then Lifecolor Dark Gull Grey. Then my usual mix for tires: flat black, dark gull grey and flat brown, by brush. Then some drybrush on the tread using a mix of light gull grey and sand yellow, more drybrush with light gull grey on the strut, a black tempera wash and a final flat clear coat. Main wheel legs, again all painted and weathered and main wheels (similar procedure as used for the tail wheel, plus some sponge technique for the tire sides with Light Gull Grey) The spinner/propeller received a bit of black tempera wash too, and a final flat clear coat Same for the radiator flap Here I brushed on a good amount of black tempera wash; then using a stiff brush, I applied light strokes in the air flow direction; after that, a moist cotton bud to remove any excess. While the airbrush was loaded with flat clear (I used Lifecolor Matt Clear for these parts) I also sprayed the canopy, then unmasked it It's now safely stored away, waiting for the opening levers (which I need to scratch build) and some weathering Time to start with the main airframe weathering! First step was to use the black tempera wash for the movable surfaces lines and for the various vents, holes etc The front cowling gap was also accentuated with the black wash Then I mixed some blue, yellow and Burnt Siena tempera for the upper side panel lines; I didn't want a too stark of a contrast, and this way you get a sort of brownish wash I think I'll need another round with that, and also to reinforce a bit the black wash in some selected spots - going very feather handed here, I don't want to overdo (even though, with tempera it's pretty easy to recover any mess, you just need water and a cotton bud ) Any comments welcome, as usual Ciao
  7. Now this is progressing quite fast (despite being already page 7 ) Great job Ciao
  8. Looking forward to the rigging, John, but she's already looking terrific! Ciao
  9. Frets? What are frets? I only know frets on my guitar ... Thanks anyway Ciao
  10. Spitphoon 1/72 Airfix.

    Definitely not a great fit for those U/C doors ... I wouldn't know if it's better totally scratchbuilding them or trying to fill in and rescribe the existing ones ... Looking forward to what you come up with Cheers to you and Lady Rose
  11. Agreed 100% Ciao
  12. Not that cold (7 Cenigrades) but very windy, at least that day. But I understand, my wife isn't a mountain fan, too - she likes the 30-40 Centigrades temperature range Ciao
  13. Thanks Massimo This project has been a great, enjoyable ride under many aspects, showing the essence of what Britmodeller is. Ciao