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  1. Thanks Johnny, I've never used Micro sol and set, although I know about them. It's just that I try to use decals as less as possible and rather paint on, when I can; not feasible in this case, obviously. I normally get along fine with the methods I use, but again thanks for the heads up Cheers Rob, thank you for your appreciation I'm not sure I'm at that tipping point yet, but probably close anyway ... Skiing is indeed lot of fun, especially after you've gone through the learning phase -it's never too late, you know? Ciao
  2. Cheers John, thank you Here's a little progress report. First off, I put back in place the intake probe that I snapped off when removing the masking: Then I completed the paint job on the ordnance: the rocket pod tips, brush painted with Italeri Matt Black thinned with Future and the Paveway tips, with a mix of Lifecolor Sand Yellow and Matt White, again by brush. The inner side of the tip ring (is that the name?) was painted with Lifecolor Dark Gull Grey Eventually, time for decals/stickers! Did I mention that I hate decals? Anyway, I started from the SNIPER Pod, just to see how they behaved: There's a bit of silvering, but I think I can sort that out. I used Tamiya Decal Softener for the two main ones (BTW: there ares still another 4 or 5 decals to be placed on this POD alone, can you imagine on all the rest?? ) While leaving these to dry (don't want to risk removing them while trying to lay down the remaining ones - don' ask!), I started with the main AC: Here I placed the decals using PVA glue thinned with water; basically, I brushed on a bit of this mix in the spot where the decal had to go, placed it and removed the excess with a cotton swab, and went over with the decal solution to complete the job. There's two separate instruction sheets for decals placement: one for the common stencils, the other for the specific airframe I'm modelling. I decided, for my own sanity, to proceed by view, that is: I'll stick on first all the decals and stencils indicated in the top view of both sheets, then I'll do the bottom, then port side and eventually starboard side. Maybe not exactly in that order, but you get the point. This is going to take a long time ... Comments welcome, as ever Ciao
  3. I agree with Simon, on all accounts I just had a Chimay (belgian brown beer, for the unbelievers), for friendship's sake, anyway. Ciao
  4. The second hole looks perfect, Simon In retrospective, I should have used your method for the fin probes when I did Sandy Bay-Bee. Next time, I guess Keep it up, looking forward to see the new airbrushing station working Ciao
  5. After all, it's so easy to make us happy You've actually provided some entertainment in the middle of a very busy Thursday, from my side - even better! Ciao
  6. I've just done that too, and the other way round too (from bottom to top). It's a lot of fun, you should actually be proud of it Maybe patent it? Ciao
  7. Oh yes, that's the right attitude Very interested in how you manage the casting process Ciao
  8. I know exactly what you mean, it's just a matter of selecting the correct distance Ciao
  9. Thank Goodness, he's back! I'm so glad the rivet thing worked out for you, I think it will be 100% worth it, in the end. Enjoy your skiing trip, I certainly did mine (although it was only two days ) Ciao BTW: do I spot a compass cutter in one of your pics?
  10. Thanks Ced, I'll look into that Ciao
  11. What it is? A quick glance to Modeller's Heaven? Or is it Christmas all over again? Great job on the seam, Cookie Ciao
  12. Ced, you are a brave man - and from this first attempt, I'd say you're going to brilliantly succeed! Casting is a thing that I keep thinking of, but haven't had the courage to give it a try, yet. I guess I'll have a look at the materials needed for that (I already had plenty of tips from BM mates, BTW) Ciao
  13. Stunning! And the last few pics are so realistic! Good job on the figure too! Ciao
  14. Thanks Simon! You'd be surprised to know how much technology is involved in those two "planks of wood" The views are indeed stunning, best place in Italy to go skiing IMO. My pleasure, Cookie As for the temperature, I could stand the -15 in the mountains much better than the -5 at home - different kind of ... air Plus I love skiing, so ... Glad you like them both, Woody Ciao
  15. Cookie, the sooner the better Once you try an ETS, you'll wonder how you got along without it till that moment... On a more serious note, the ETS isn't my sole way of sanding, but it's a rather consistent help in reducing that kind of chore... Ciao