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  1. This is looking stunning. Sorry to hear about the missus - I've just been through Gall Bladder surgery myself, though thankfully without any of the complications your wife has had to put up with.
  2. Welcome to the Canberra GB

    You and me both - I've got a Model Alliance decal sheet for Indian Cranberries thats impatiently drumming its fingers waiting for a B(I).8
  3. Luckily Tamiya recently released a series of JGSDF Camo. XF-72 to XF-74 from memory. Brown, Green and Olive Drab. Black is black, cockpit & rotor blades are NATO black.
  4. Airfix 1/72nd Canberra`s

    Anyone know what the decal options are in the kits? All the images of the box-top I can find on-line are too small to make out the profiles. Good price too - given the zillions of colour schemes available, a Cranberry mini fleet wouldn't be too pricey either
  5. Dragon PzKpFw.III Ausf J

    Very nice - will look good once the weathering is on.
  6. Well, since this months SAMI is now out, featuring this model, I'm now happy to post pics of it, after its stunning (to me anyway) 3rd place in 1/48 Aircraft at the Coventry show I made a bit of a hash of the paintjob by airbrushing it freehand, so the black is a little overdone. I also broke off the whip arial in two stages at Coventry Apologies for the quality of the pics - due to its large size, awkward shape, and dark paintjob, its a right beggar to take pics off
  7. Gandalf the Grey

    Well, I was thinking of giving it the title Of Herbs and Stewed Badger
  8. Gandalf the Grey

    OK, been doing a bit more on this. The face & hair are pretty much done apart from the lips and some touch-ups. Put the first coat on his clothes, but spotted in these pics a couple of areas that need a but more cleaning up For the robes, I am using White Ensign enamels, partly because they are brilliant paints for both airbrushing and brush painting, but also because I have a selection of US Navy WW2 greys and blues which are ideal for Gandalf I'm thinking of airbrushing the highlights for his robe, whaddya think? All comments, criticism and advice welcome.
  9. Sdkfz 7/1 in Normandy

    I've got a diorama I'm thinking of starting involving a knocked out Sdkfz 7/1 Flakvierling knocked out in Normandy, of the 1st or 2nd SS Panzer, using the classic Tamiya kit. The instructions state that it should be Panzer Grey overall, but surely by 1944 it would be yellow/brown/green? If anyone has any pics of these in France I would be grateful.
  10. Flakpanzer I

    Not surprised! They probly tipped over every time the gun was fired
  11. Probably by some slave-labourer starved to the edge of death, in between bombing raids, in partially ruined factories, using supplies made by slave-labourers starved to the edge of death, in between bombing raids, in partially ruined factories. And then you're going to cover it in weathering. I really wouldn't worry too much about scale effect
  12. My alternate JSDF collection

    Not really. I've got one or two profiles that others have done. Don't let that stop you from doing one though
  13. Even at £4.50 I think I would still go for the Revell kit. Anyway, its all done now. Not my best model, but I did only have a week to do it, and I was concentrating on my Panzer II at the same time http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29264
  14. My alternate JSDF collection

    Updated with 2nd Typhoon J, an air defence variant of 302 Hikotai. Built for the 1 Week Group Build on the What If forum