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  1. This is #4 in the series of 6 "Toon Tank" kits that MENG offers. I know nothing about armor, but I really enjoy building these little guys. They are a nice break from my normal routine. I hope to be building their new German Medium tank and the Russian T-34 ASAP.
  2. Revell He-219 (1973 issue)

    Mike: the biggest problem was getting enough weight in the nose. The fit of the wings was atrocious. I did find one photo of an all black 219 and thanks to aftermarket decals was able to come up with the correct side codes. Putting any time into building or detailing the "engines" is a total waste of time. Nothing can be seen. Best of luck when you decide to build yours.
  3. Revell He-219 (1973 issue)

    JWM...because of family health issues, I am running at 50% of my normal output.
  4. This was a gift from a neighbor that had cleaned out his attic and found the kit. The only part I didn't use was the "DF" loop. I scratched one from .013 Ethicon Stainless. The decals are all aftermarket. This is model #23 for the year. The Monogram (Hitchcock) Color Guide book was used as reference.
  5. I've been looking since I first read about the release this morning. No luck finding one at any of my online sources. Maybe I should give it a few weeks. I'd like to get the "movie star" edition that already has the correct German markings rather than cobbling together something inaccurate.
  6. Airfix 1/72 Fouga Magister

    Special thanks to Luis and my old friend Ray from "Oz"...your comments mean the world to me.
  7. I'm not much for jets, but this caught my eye and I decided to try it. The kit is from 1975. The kit offers two decal options...Irish and Belgian. I hope you like model #22 for this year..
  8. Meng Models KV2 Russian tank

    Simon382... there are four tanks models in this series (so far). A Sherman, A Panzer, the KV and the King Tiger. Meng also has several egg-esque planes and one ship model. Its the USS Lexington, which is also on this site. Plenty to keep you busy.
  9. Meng Models KV2 Russian tank

    Kris... so far there are four Meng World War "Toon" tanks available. They are addictive ...LOL I hope you get to build all four. (Sherman, Panzer, King Tiger and KV-2)
  10. Well, I'm back with yet another fun 24hr build. I really enjoy building these little kits. Planes, ships and tanks...all fun. These are snap together kits, but I treat them like any other model and glue them together. I try to find actual photos of the subject, so some semblance of authenticity can be maintained. This is there MENG KV2 WW2 Russian tank. None of the research photos I found of real KV2s showed any of them with national markings, Cyrillic writing or serial #s on them anywhere. That being said. Here is model #21 for the year. I hope you like it.
  11. I've contacted what I believe is the admin to see if they can change the name, but so far I've heard NOTHING from them. On the plus side I'd like to thanks everyone for their positive remarks. Thanks to one and all. Also the notification "thingy" isn't working at all. Les
  12. Lets try this again
  13. Color help please

    Thanks very much for all your help. Its appreciated immensely.
  14. Color help please

    The CV2 scheme is the one I'm trying to emulate. I am an aviation modeler, so if possible FSN#s would be very helpful. TIA.
  15. Color help please

    Stupid me...the most important part I forgot. Sorry...is a US ship. The Lexington.