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  1. This is the reboxed MPM kit so I've been told. Its pretty bad actually. Many parts simply do NOT fit. However the Matchbox kit was not available so I attempted this one. Not my brightest idea. Here is #11 for the year. Painted in MM enamels. All markings are from the kit.
  2. These are by no means 1/35 scale. The added 50 cal is in 1/72 scale, and fit perfectly. No telling what scale they truly are, but I wish they would release a slew more of their tanks and bombers.
  3. A one day build. Lots of fun. Great quality, superb fit. I hope they continue with this line. Again, I know nothing about building armor. I just enjoy this type of kit...both armor and aircraft. Painted with MM enamels all markings are from the kit. I did add the 50 cal m/g as none is provided in the kit. I hope you like it. This is build #10 for the year.
  4. I just built this about a month ago. My decals were so out of register that they could not be used, so I made a Japanese version and had to use 'cals from the spares books. Nice work tho...looks very nice.
  5. Let me preface this by saying I know little or nothing about armor of any kind. This kit (and one other) was suggested to me by a close friend. Not meant to demean armor builders at all. Please do not be offended. That being said, this was a two day build. I like egg planes and character models. This falls into that category. This is model #9 for the year. Painted in MM enamels.
  6. An all resin kit gifted to me by a great modeler. Started 4 days ago and abandoned for two days, it was finished today in about 9 hours. Rigging is Ethicon stainless, decals are from the spares books. Wheels and "V" struts (ex "N" struts) are from the spares bin. This is #8 for the year. Painted in MM Aluminum lacquer.
  7. I always heard that in order to build a "Merlin" kit, you had to be a wizard...LOL
  8. Jean... to the best of my knowledge, Ethicon is no longer available. It was used for heart surgery many years ago (so I was told) I believe there is a similar product available through a company called "Small Parts". HOWEVER I have never used their site nor do I have any connection with them.
  9. This is the ancient Pegasus kit i've had in my stash for about 23 years. Its painted in MM paint. All decals are from the kit. Its rigged with .005 Ethicon stainless steel surgical wire. This is Model #7 for the year. The floats were a scratch-built gift from a friend. I hope you like it.
  10. Greetings... this is my second Hanriot floatplane. This time its the ancient Pegasus that I think I've had in the stash for about 23 years. Its painted in MM enamel and their Aluminum lacquer. All markings are from the kit and its rigged with Ethicon .005 surgical stainless steel wire. This is model #7 for the year. I hope you like it.
  11. Ethicon stainless is in fact old school surgical wire. I got some from a heart surgeon when they quit using it back in 2003. Glad you liked the model. I may have another one (Hanriot) similar to it (Pegasus) soon.
  12. Meatbox...I would whole heartedly suggest that you overcoat all the kit decals with liquid decal film at least twice. Then just cut them out close the the lines, and go from there. I hope you do not encounter any difficulties.
  13. I have had this kit for so long, I cannot remember who gave it to me. For that I apologize...just in case you see this. It was a difficult build as parts were missing, and no real "instructions" were included. I searched the net for photos, and found one I would mimic. Built OOB (bag) and painted with MM enamels. Rigged with .005 Ethicon stainless steel wire. The wing roundels are replacements from a MicroScale sheet. The originals exploded in water. The rudder and side decals are from the kit. A three day build and #6 for the year.
  14. The color of the fin flash was addressed on in the instruction sheet. According to Airfix, the fin flash in photos of the real plane had a lighter than normal blue. Hence the color you see.
  15. Thanks everyone. It was a labor of love. I'm very pleased that you all like it.