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  1. The early 109's including the E models had the lift off cowl. The F,G and K had the gull wing style. Love how you power through these builds Steve, and am really looking forward to seeing how this comes together. Good idea avoiding reviews ( I am guilty of reading too many). I think it is too easy to get sucked in by the rivet counters, thus passing up what may be a great kit to build. It will look like a 109E. Nice start.
  2. I echo the comments of all posted above. The pics really display how good this build is. Love the early canopy and may have to look into one, as I like the Airfix kit, but want E-1 and E-3 options. Cant wait for the next one.
  3. The Hasegawa kit, though marketed as a G-2, has a few non G-2 features. The G-2 tail wheel was retractable so the G-6 tail had to be opened up. The kit tail wheel is of the covered fixed type with a fatter tyre. No good !!!! I got a suitable candidate from a F-4B kit that had two tail wheels. The kit also has the main wheel wells (found on the G-3 onwards) with the indent for the slightly larger wheels. I have filled them with putty and the results are sure to be poor, but they can now be called G-2 wells. Some detail "created" for tail wheel cavity. Instrument panel got painted buttons. Fuselage glued. Some hatches have received a little putty. More to research and do. Upper gun cowl (F-4 type) doesn't fit without chopping bits off what i assume is the gun mount for G-6 version.
  4. Looking forward to another big 109.
  5. Nice work. Romanian 109's are very colourful.
  6. Quadtastic so far V-P ! I fully agree on the MG bulge struggles.
  7. Added a few scratch built bits to the cockpit. Belts are from Trumpeters 109G-2 trop kit, and are listed in the instructions as not used. The accuracy is questionable, but will do. The rudder pedal straps and a couple of levers were made from styrene. Should be enough with closed canopy. The pilot is sad because he will not be on board. He will overlook proceedings from here. Control panel decal was used after painting attempt went poorly. Decal took about 4 doses of Micro Sol, and required cutting with blade between dials to get some bedding. Covered with floor polish. Keen to start buttoning up.
  8. Nice job ! I built the same 109 in 1/72 as my first airbrush attempt, upon returning to the hobby. Not as convincing as yours though. The Mr Hobby paints are excellent and your results will improve dramatically. I recommend thinning the acrylic paint (quite a bit) with isopropyl, and spraying at a low pressure, with lots of passes, and patience. Clear coats will help remove decal silvering. Lots of tips and advice available on here, from far better builders than I. Enjoy !!
  9. I am interested in getting on board with something Italian. Mc200 or Re2000 or 2002.
  10. Decals arrived in the post today. This is the planned scheme. My intention was to have the pilot on board and the gear up. I am not so sure about the legs up plan now, as the undercarriage will require a bit of work to get it flush and I don't want to have a blurred prop. So at this stage it will be pilot inside a closed canopy, keeping the lines a bit cleaner, and requiring less work in the cockpit. I gave Hans a lick of paint after sanding his pointy nose and chin to a more rounded shape. I overdid it a little. Pics show up detail/imperfections that don't appear too bad to the naked eye (much less when under a canopy, I hope). More paint and some wash (attempt at) to be added to cockpit yet. Pilot obscures a lot, so will not add extra detail. Will close it all up to see if any obvious omissions need adding.
  11. Great looking Kurfurst. Can't wait to see the results when " you learn a couple of new tricks." Good stuff !
  12. I have the memoirs of Schuck and Scholz along with a few other books relating to the Eismeer front operations. I wonder if the book of Ritterkreuzträger, Oblt Döbrich will ever be released in English. Something you may need to fix
  13. Glad to hear that. I have a few 1/32 109 kits, including Revell G-6 and G-10, and Trumpeter G-2. I chose this one as my first 1/32 build as i figured (hoped) it would be the least troublesome. cheers Wayne
  14. Such an imposing aircraft, wonderfully modelled and displayed. Great work! How did you attach it to the pole ?
  15. Thank you all for the kind words. These are good kits that cover so many versions and schemes of the 109. I have done a few now and wondered if the nose fattening was worth the effort. It is, if done with good tools and patience. I am slowly getting both.