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  1. Well done getting over the line. Splendid rendition of a great little plane.
  2. Mmmmmm.............. Beer. Homer is the king. Great job
  3. I love seeing these lesser built Italian types, and your Breda looks fantastic. Bravo !!
  4. Great work on this !! I am a bit of a fan of the Reggiane fighters, and built this kit a couple of years back. Good to see some lesser fighter types nicely modelled.
  5. What a little ripper! I have one of these in the stash, with hopes to get it half as convincing as your effort. Well done.
  6. Happy Birthday Rob. Its a great little kit. I have one on the go at the moment (unfortunately too much started before the GB), and completed this one a little while ago. Yet another Airfix Hurricane (RYAF) The trailing edges of the wings are on the thick side, and would benefit from some thinning before being glued together. You may need to fill and smooth the join so it looks like one piece. Fabric behind the gun access panels may or may not be correct. I still cant find a conclusive argument or evidence. Replacement of the incorrect wheels is a great move. Enjoy a great little kit.
  7. I too just found this. If it is put forward for a third try, I am in for sure. If not, I will soldier on building all the well known WW2 Aeronautica subjects, and maybe fit them into other group builds.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I went with the easy build Hobby Boss kit because reviews on the Revell offering didn't seem very favourable. At least the Revell kit comes with machine guns, inner gear doors and a pitot tube (which I forgot to add to my build oops!). It (Revell) has raised panel lines a worse canopy and prop, not at the HB standard. I do believe Kora make early and late model wing correction sets to suit the Revell kit (more expensive than the kit though). If I can find a Special Hobby kit, I will build one of them. Hahaha ! Ooops. It was only after I posted the pics up that I realised I had left the seam on both sides of the cowling, the leading edge of the entire wing, and a small knobby bit just forward of the tail wheel. Just a few things on the list to fix next time. Wayne.
  9. Macchi C200 easy build kit from HobbyBoss. 362 Squadriglia, 22 Gruppo Russia 1941 This kit has pretty good shape, but skips many important details. I attempted to add the missing parts, and in the process picked up some ideas on how to build another one more efficiently, and with better detail. All out of box except the cockpit from a Hasagawa C202, with tape belts. Starboard wing cut and shortened to replicate asymmetrical design. Drop of canopy glue for rear navigation light. Styrene scratch built inner landing gear doors and (wire) retraction arms (none in kit). Styrene scratched top centre cowling piece (not in kit). Tyres flattened and bulged by heating. Machine guns (a bit too thick) made from steel wire (none in kit). Exhaust manifold (in behind cowling) made from bent stretched sprue. Air intake at bottom of cowling made from cut up Hasegawa C202 part and shaped sprue (not in kit). Wheel wells ground out to better represent the actual aircraft, a bit of detail added. Painted with Tamiya acrylic. Thanks for looking.
  10. This looks very nice and understated. I particularly like the subtle fuselage mottle and blending of the greens into the grey. Lovely.
  11. Been a while, but I have done all I am going to do on the Hobbyboss C200 Saetta. I decided in the end to go with the box supplied decals as the Sky Models decal set would have required a slight change to the paint scheme. Decals went on fine, though the colours seem a little too bright. Parts NOT supplied by Hobbyboss include : Guns made from wire (a bit too big for the gun troughs). Inner undercarriage doors made from sheet styrene, with the retraction arms made from breadth wire. Top centre cowl panel (styrene). Stretched and bent sprue to attempt to resemble exhaust manifold inside engine cowl flaps. Tyres were heated then squashed to get weighted look. Canopy glue to make tail navigation light. A couple of finished pics. The rest will be in RFI. Thanks for looking.
  12. When you say cockpit doesn't fit at all, do you mean the fuselage halves won't stretch around the cockpit floor and back? I trimmed a lot off the cockpit floor (to narrow it), and the sides, sot the fuselage haves would join and so the canopy would fit the width. Don't use filler to plug upper fuselage gaps, or the canopy will seem too thin. Will get me some G-10 and 6/AS kits someday.
  13. This is a link to the thread that convinced me to have a shot at a nose job. AZ Bf 109 G-14 (72nd Aircraft) - InvisionFree - zIFBoards I have copied this process for this build, but have tried a slight variation on one of the two i have on the go at the moment. I will see if I have a pic of the different approach. Note that the leading edge is fattened as the lower wing has to fit flush with the lower front cowl. A happy effect of this is it seems to improve the angle of incidence.
  14. This is an AZ 109G-6 built to represent W.Nr. 760381 Built at the MWG plant and originally allocated to the Luftwaffe, ( as part of the contract stipulating two for the Luftwaffe, for every one for the Hungarian Air Force) it somehow ended up with the MKHL. W-021 of 101/3 vadaszszazad was as piloted by Lt Laszlo Daniel, at Veszprem, Hungary in August 1944. The AZ kit is a nice build, but requires a bit of attention regarding test fitting before glue. This was not helped by me choosing to fatten the nose up a little using something similar to the method posted by Barry Numerick (sp?), though not quite to the same standard. I have two more AZ 109's on the go, both fattened at the nose, but I'm not sure the work is worth it. Might build the next one straight from the box. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze Aqueous. HAD decals were nice to use, though i managed to get a few silvering spots in panel lines. Gloss coat with decals. The matt coat was too matt though, and as a result the colour has lost a little contrast. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome.
  15. Macchi C202 series III (Macchi built) of 84º Squadriglia,10º Gruppo, 4º Stormo. This was the personal aircraft of the unit commander Capt. Franco Lucchinii in October 1942. The aft engine cover was a replacement as was the starboard wing which was taken from a later production (Macchi built) machine. The kit was an easy build that I made more difficult by attempting to "improve" it. Decals are on the thick side. Scratch buit flaps in the radiator (fore and aft), butterfly in the supercharger intake, venturi in front of radiator, and clear navigation lens put into wing tips. Fuselage band and tail cross painted instead of using decals, along with wing tips and spinner. Tamiya flat white with very tiny amount of yellow and buff added to make off white to match nose decal. Pictures taken in less than ideal conditions on phone. Work in progress under Macchi Mayhem.