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  1. C-160 Transall Revell 1:220

    Thank you guys! My brothers told me that will be good to take a picture with something to compare how small is this kit
  2. Thank you Alex. I have read during this build very interesting strories about this impressive aircraft and crews which are flying with this "heavy lift" plane.
  3. now I understand ...thank you for funny and accurate comment. Yes this 262 on stereoids will be too heavy for two early jet engines. But it is nice change to build a plane which was only a secret project.
  4. Thanks, as I mentioned in the topic this plane was only project and never flew, so all colours and camouflage is just my fantasy as there was nothing accurate as it did not exist.
  5. Hello, This is a plane which was only on technical drawings at the end of the WWII. Revell has changed this documentation into model. It is very good kit with nice and sharp panel lines. Great fit and easy to build. Colours and scheme are just my imagination how this "German secret" might looks if it will go into action. Airbrushed with Revell aqua.
  6. Thank you guys! I am glad that you like it.
  7. C-160 Transall Revell 1:220

    Thank you, yes it is ex-Heller in Revell boxing.
  8. Hello, This small plane was a gift from my daughters. It is nice little and easy kit (former Heller) but you need to sand off pre moulded French roundels and too high raised panel lines. Decals were drawn regarding pictures on the internet by my colleague who is graphics designer. It might have bit toy look (regarding to size) but it was nice relax project Martin
  9. 1/144th Harrier T10

    Nicely finished Harrier with nice details and weathering.
  10. Thanks John. This IL-76 was a present from my brother so I tried my best to build it closer to Aeroflot original. But for sure if I will have taste and time for another Il-76 it will be Zvezda;)
  11. Thank you Dave, Trumpeter kit is not disaster Fit is OK. Summary of weak points: - I found canopy framing too thick so I have sanded it down and masked with my own mask. (I think now the decal is also available) - Engine pylons are too short (they do not touch pylons on the wings) so it needs piece of plastic card and filler - I have sanded engines intakes to bigger ones (regarding pictures) as in the kit looks too small+ I have added on each engine "yellow dots" from my daughter toys as this is very tiny (almost not visible in the kit) and on the real planes are quite big-very visible on the pictures of the real planes.. - DO NOT cut back section as shown in instruction- to put 3 parts instead cut area is waste of time (it has horrible fit)- just scribe the cargo doors on the kit-much easier and nicer in my opinion. Hope it is clear from my english :)..if not send me please PM and I will add some pictures what were problematic sections, but overall is nice kit and in your hands will be beauty..I am sure.
  12. Thank you, yet that cuting of the end and replacing with 3 parts of cargo doors was in my opinion waste of time. Nextime I will leave it like is provided in the kit (as the shape is the same) I will just scribe the cargo door on it.
  13. Thank you gentlemans. I am glad that you like it