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  1. Great, Giorgio! What can I add to all the good comments you have already got? The quality of your models is not a surprise. If my count is correct in the photo n. 15 there is the signature of an artist: the control bar is slightly deflectet to the left, according with the movable parts position. Happy new modeling year. Eugenio
  2. You are welcome, Giorgio. It's a pleasure to be of any help in this magnificent build and thanks to you for having quoted me. But more than this, as many other, I'm very grateful to you for the nice work you are showing us and for taking time to post it. Bye Euge
  3. Sorry, Giorgio, for having been away for so long - some health and job problems, but it is all sorted now. First of all, my congratulation for the progress on the 205. As regards the ailerons, I'd pin them on the wing, without glueing them. So you'll have the parts in place for painting and at the end you'll assemble the painted parts together. I'll stay tuned, of course. Best regards Eugenio
  4. Giorgio, I run out my Thesaurus to comment your build. I'm experimenting a miniaturized transponder to put on every kit part . The finish you got simply makes justice to the camouflage. Bye Eugenio
  5. Viscount V.630 conversion.

    Hi Admiral. I tried to investigate the problem of the extended wing on the 700 series Viscounts. If you look to this picture (right klick - open in new tab), you can see that the leading edge (or its ideal prolongement) hits the fuselage approx at the axis of a window and the trailing edge prolongement on the axis of the further fifth window (being the third absent). In this other one (right klick - open in new tab) the prolongements of the leading and trailing edges intersect the fuselage in a way that the 5 windows are widely contained. So my guess is that the 2,5 feet per side are added at the root. The book you reported (that I have) also states that the nacelles were slimmer, the main weehl legs were centered on the nacelle and also some modification was made to the cockpit windows. So, not an easy task, but it could be done. You can also enter in touch with the vickersviscount.net website and get some interesting news. Good luck. Best regards Eugenio
  6. Ummm! Most bookmakers say there is a new kit approaching your workbench. Welcome back, Giorgio. Bye Euge
  7. Sure you can't skip decals for the red alignment arrows near the leading edge of the tailplanes. Don't want to annoy anyone, but your work looks better and better. Have a nice vacation. (We'll miss you) Bye Euge
  8. Yes, Giorgio, it is exactly as you have described. Unfortunately I have no schematics, but from the pics you have shown is quite clear, so you have only to copy, reduce by 1/48 and past on your model. Just a walk for you. Eugenio
  9. Wait a minute, Giorgio. The gear doors are 3 each side. One is hinged to the wing, the other two are those (a single piece of Hasegawa plastic) in your pics. Those two are: the shorter fixed to the upper part of the leg, the larger to the wheel fork (uhm, wheel fork? perhaps they are different called in english). Eugenio edit: Of course, we are speaking about the only doors along the gear leg. Nothing to do with the other one in the center fuselage.
  10. Giorgio, that's the difference between a scale model and a work of art. As regards the landing gear, I'd separate the two parts of the doors that move with the gear leg. Bye Eugenio
  11. Giorgio, great painting! If Caravaggio had had an airbrush in his hands, he wouldn't have been be so clever. Next task tricky? No, very very tricky. So, send your family to Oriocenter with your credit card, switch off your phone and start up your compressor. And good luck2. Eugenio
  12. Hi, Giorgio. Cloudy and rainy weekend there in Bergamo, wasn't it? So no bbq or pool swimming. Just modeling. Nice to see some colours on the 202. Great effect already at this stage. Brillant and brave solution for the antenna cable attachment. Bye Eugenio
  13. Pay attention, Giorgio, the gap on the port side runs even on the air duct fairing. Nice choice of tempera wash. I always use them. When I have to let it run in small gaps or angles, I wet the parts with a mix of water and dish soap (just a drop). This acts as surfactant and allows the paint to run “automatically” wherever you need. Bye Euge
  14. Giorgio, nice to see the wing in place. Now you have to take care of that 13 mm (real) gap right aft the engine cowling. Be easy with the other panel lines: Macchis were quite good built. Bye Euge
  15. It seems that your british and american followers are away for holyday today. So let me be the first to comment this w.e. report. Amazing bits there to dress up the wheel bay, but among the other, the supercharger air duct has a stellar finish. Bye Euge