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  1. Got as far as the underside of the sponsons; probably one more session should do it... Port: Starboard: No, they aren't a mirror image yet, cos I have been applying them in a different order (and anyway, the starboard sponson has the flood light underneath, whereas the port doesn't). Tantalisingly close to a serious milestone now! [And how nice to see Queen Elizabeth with water under her keel. Now that is a true FBS...] More soon Crisp
  2. Strictly, if it's French Navy that makes it a Mk.4 rather than a Mk.2
  3. That rotor head looks particularly fine (especially when you stop to think how small it must be in real life).
  4. Gordon Bennett... I hope you have a seriously big display... cabinet hangar! Great stuff.
  5. The rear joint is a bit of an oddity, Bill. I am starting to think that it mirrors the real thing, in that it needs to be able to flex a little as weight comes on the wheels. The front joint is the strong one that holds the stub-wing in place (&, more of a point, is the original joint which fits i to a hole in the fuselage); the rear one is my own addition, since the connections back there are added representations of electrical and hydraulic pipes. Anyway, the Gator experiment is the result of previous cyano failures as the joint flexes. We'll see. To be honest, I am not losing any sleep over this joint, and it will be far less of an issue once I hve stopped handling the model so mich.
  6. Stub wing Archer rivets complete, but hard to photo on an iPhone. As you can see, the sponson rivets are now almost done - the inner side of about three rows at the back end is all that remains. I have also just about completed the über-fiddly detailed sections of rivets and attachment points underneath the stub-wing, all connected with the weapons station. The real thing is much more complex than this, but there will shortly be a weapons station added here, which will obscure much of this, so I am not going to go overboard. (The unsightly glue is fresh Gator added to reinforce the rear joint, which has a habit of wobbling - it will disappear once dry, therefore). That will leave just the underside of the sponsons to do, which won't take long at all. I have also started designing my first (ever) attempt at home-baked transfers - things like the "RADOME - NO NOT PAINT" signs for the Doppler aerials, and markings for the ECU blanks. I've scanned a sheet of Hasegawa transfers, not because I want to copy them, but because they give me a very good idea of size. I think I know how to do this, but there's bound to be a bit of trial and error. I want to do the home transfers soon, because they are the last that need to be added - I can then seal the whole lot in place and start on the weapons stations and associated wiring... which is all that is separating me from the Forth Road Bridge and (of course) the rotor head. The build has slowed down a little because there is quite a lot of real life going on at the moment; equally, completing the rivets is in sight (should happen this week, I reckon), which will feel like a serious tick in the box. I am happy enough with how it's going, anyway. More soon Crisp
  7. Martian the Paranoid Android
  8. There is something most satisfying about wrestling a dodgy kit into good shape - and it's even better when someone else is doing the wrestling!
  9. All a bit close to wherecI spent my teenage years; Brant Broughton, to be precise.
  10. They were (and still are) officially called Observers. Unofficially, since 'observe' means look, they're called "Lookers" (among many other things, generally far ruder...)
  11. Lovely, lovely job(s). "Who else but 815"? Easy; 829 - clearly the superior front line Lynx squadron (I flew Lynx on 829 from 1989 - 1991, so I might be a bit biased...)
  12. That is indeed "hoofin'". They really did the bare minimum of conversion needed, didn't they? Sonobuoy receiver aerial boxes under the tail retained, as you say, and also the mounting brackets for the Jez himing aerials under the nose. All in all, a weird hybrid - but hesutifully modelled. Nice one, Centurion