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  1. Rotary what dispenser? Sonobuoys, presumably. I suspect they might not have been quite so anal in the 60s, but in my era of Navy-ating there were strict rules about what you were allowed to dangle below aeroplanes (“cleared loads” etc - though admittedly that refers to stuf in carho nets underslung). It makes perfect sense that they’d take an existing pod shape that they knew worked, didn’t give turbulence probs etc (the rotary dispenser), and adapt it. I’d go for that shape, Bill @71chally, I totally agree about that spinner on XG882; just looks wierd! I’ve never really known why the spinner shape changed for the Mk.3; I’ve always assumed it must be something to do with view over the higher nose, especially for landings, but that’s a complete guess. There must ge some genuine reason; not even Faireys changed stuff just because they felt like it!
  2. Navy-ating Bucc's fizzzing along

    Great photo! S1, 801NAS, HMS Victorious - early-60s RN personified. Yum. For the same reasons as Bill, I very much doubt that the outer wings were “wet”
  3. I did wonder; it looks like you just happen to have a Lightning in your garage (the way one does)!
  4. Yeovilton was, as ever, fab! See Bill's gannet thread for some of the photos. And initial tests with the home-made camouflage masks appear promising; this is one of the lower wings, and I am painting a shadow compensating scheme so these are Dark Slate Grey and Dark Sea Grey, rather than their Extra cousins which will cover most of the aircraft. Both taken from Vallejo's Model Air FAA Colors 1939-45 set. More soon Crisp
  5. I'd absolutely love a 1/48 Fordson. For the 820 Sea King I am going to use a bog standard Pusser's deck tractor, 1980s vintage. For a future 819 SAR build I have a Houchin! Anyway, here's our diddy tractor again, only this time primed. More soon Crisp
  6. ‘Bomb Aimer”, Edward - “Bombardiers” are US(A)AF (or Army of course). If you’re going to pass as a Brit.... I’ve seen the Airfix Wimpey in the flesh (at Telford), and it looks amazing. Good job I don’t do 1/72, really!
  7. WNW Dolphin

    Doplhin very exciting - but I so wish WNW would release a 1 & 1/2 Strutter; built in large numbers, used by lots of people, lots of significant firsts (especially Naval aviation-wise)... Mustn’t complain, though!
  8. Stick a rotor head and some undercarriage on this and you have a sort of steampunk Whirlwind, thus advancing young Igor’s career by 35 years at a stroke. Lovely job, Ian
  9. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Only just caught up, but you continue to delight and amaze, Tomo. That radiator is a work of art!
  10. Seafire III 1/72

    That’s looking superb. I am in the middle of a series of 1/48 Griffon Seafires (46 done, 47 in progress, plans/parts sorted for 45, XV, XVII & Seafang kits in stash). Perhaps I should extend my series further back after seeing this...!
  11. Having no children myself, alas (my wife & I didn’t meet until too late: we got married in our 40s), I can offer only theoretical support. But I understand it does get better. I might adopt the word “dangle”. On the colour of front turret, the interior green of the... well... interior of the turret doesn’t help; what we’re seeing as DE/DG on the frames sometimes looks like IG on the inside frames. I think you’re not going to be catastrophically wrong either way. I’ll lay you money that Airfix’s Wimpey will have a spar that runs through the fuselage. It’s been their default setting for a lot of recent models, and it works well; strong, unambiguous, sorts any di-/an-hedral angles. Exorcised? Holy crap. Says more about your Dad than you, I think. Coming along nicely, Edward
  12. Bill, I know you are building an ASW rather than AEW, but just in case these are of any use to you, here is some Gannet-ry from yesterday: Sorry about Dave Morris in mid-dit in picture 3. The Reserve collection is somewhat crammed in (not help by the fact that they are helping out the RN Museum by looking after two MTBs in the same hangar at present), so getting uncluttered access to some of the aircraft is tricky. Not a complaint; they are in storage, not on display - and it's a privilege to be able to get up close and personal with them. Hope they are of assistance, anyway. [That wing-fold! Ay caramba!]
  13. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Massimo, I have the 1/48 version of that Fujimi set, and they will be good for an RN deck crew. At that scale any differences are hard to spot, and in my experience RN flight deck crews were very quick to nick obtain adopt USN gear if they ever got the chance (e.g. on a US visit - US servicemen tended to be extremely generous with handing out their kit, from which I can only assume that it wasn't hard for them to get replacements). Aircrewman posing in the doorway? Surely not...! @MarkdipXV711
  14. Construction of the Light Flight Deck Tractor is now pretty much complete; I will add the wheels (and the fire extinguisher - that's the hole in the dashboard) only after I have done the main paint job. 20p piece added for scale; dinky, huh? As you can see, one small pice of filling to be sorted out (a combo of a tricky join and a couple of tiny resin bubbles) - but for the most part this goes together beautifully. More soon Crisp
  15. Nothing gets past you lot! Yes, it's Firefly MK1, Evelyn Tentions - moved out to make space for the post-restoration Martlet, I think. They move stuff in and out all the time; in Cobham yesterday I saw quite a few airframes that I recall seeing / photographing in the main museum quite recently - Hunter T8M, Wessex HAS3 "Humphrey", both Fireflies, Sea King HAS 5... But I spent most of my time hanging my nose over a Vixen FAW1 (XJ481), 2 Wasps (XT778 & XS527, plus the Saro P531 Prototype), Supermarine 510 (VV106), Hawker P1052 (VX272), Albacore (N4389) & a shiny black Harrier T4. Yum yum. If you have never done it, I highly recommend keeping an eye open for when they next open, and booking to go take a look.