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  1. I am fine, thanks; wrist making decent progress according to medics (it’s stopped hurting, which is good enough for me - but still encased until next Friday). I have remained busy, but preparing drawings of HMS Fearless to inform a future build, rather than doing anything that requires two hands. [Shut up, Ced]. Progress can be seen in the Maritime section, “Explicit Women” thread (less revealing than the title suggests, I’m afraid!). Normal (?!) service will be resumed soon. I think the Prince of Wales aural span should be adopted as a standard unit of measurement. We could call it the “Chucklug”. I second your thoughts re the Martian and the Mud-Moving Lawyer; both much missed (as is Trucky Debs).
  2. I feel I should warn you that Pontefract is not entirely unfamiliar with rain. [Though to be fair this week it’s likely to be clear and VERY cold]
  3. Less "sexy" than the previous ones, but absolutely crucial for the scratch-builder: [incidentally, spot the "deliberate" mistake.... you cannot use the same labels for port and starboard for view from for'd AND aft...] D'oh! More soon. No, you can't have copies; these are for my personal use only! Crisp
  4. Careful with that keyboard, Eugene! I read this in a hurry and for a split second I thought Airfix had released a CAD render of their upcoming Gannet... (1/48, natch) Then I woke up!
  5. I have - and also Ewen Southby-Tailyour’s “The Mighty Lion”. Both very useful.
  6. Port view now definitely complete; moving onto the starboard side.
  7. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    Delighted to see the Roc again; less delighted to see the gaps, since I have a Skua in the stash and assume it will have similar challenges...
  8. Got my attention, deffo! For unknown reasons (maybe as a boy I built a Stirling first of the 3 class8c “heavies”?), I’ve always had a large soft spot for the Stirling.
  9. ...and they have yet to attempt either of the twin pinnacles of Sir John Fairey’s art, Gannet or Barracuda. [But they have retooled the Swordfish, so maybe any old wounds are healed?]
  10. From Failure to Failure

    It’s an Avian Stash...
  11. Port view finished. Here's the final bit you hadn't seen: And here the whole ship: There is a mistake in both pics - the support frame for the kedge anchor has obscured the dock gate behind it (easily fixed, but I have only just noticed it). I have already taken a major step forward with the starboard view: a lot of this can simply be flipped round, so the next bit shouldn't take as long. Having said that, I have a busy couple of weeks coming up (and the wrist ought in theory to be starting to come back into action 2 weeks from today). More soon, anyway Crisp
  12. What is not visible in those two pics is the Mk.44 torpedo (a warshot, obviously, given the circumstances...) loaded on the starboard carrier. The bomb did not miss it by very much. Even if the warhead hadn’t been cooked off, the Mk.44 was powered by horrible stuff called OTTO fuel, and having that sloshing around would really have added to the fun. As Bill says, I plan to build this in 1/48 at some stage. I have acquired a MAD bird (from a kind BM’er who had a spare from a SH60 kit), and a Mk.44 - plus of course the wherewithal to confert the Airfix HMA8 back to an HAS2. The cab survived the experience and is in my logbook. Broadsword carried a visible dent in her flight deck for the rest of her days.
  13. Getting quite close to finishing this port side view now. I thought it might be useful to show her... 1. Waterline view in normal steaming configuration: 2. Waterline view in docked down configuration, dock gate open: There was a third configuration called "Pre-Action", where the ballast tanks aft were partially filled (to save time later), but she could still sail around without a free surface of water sloshing about inside the dock (which anyone who has ever studied ship stability will tell you is about the most dangerous set-up imaginable if the ship is rolling very much). I cannot find any details of it, and anyway I can't see the advantage in wanting to model in that state. It's somewhere between the two! [Incidentally, below is a quite well-known photo of FS in action in 1982, which is often erroneously captioned; this is NOT (as is often written) a shot of her LCUs setting off for the beach on 21 May. It was actually taken 2 days earlier than that; fairly late in the piece it was decided that having all the troops in FS & ID was a recipe for trouble, so we took a calculated risk and docked down in open ocean (which had never been done before) to cross-deck the Paras to Norland. Using the LCUs it didn't take long; doing it by jackstay (which was a serious suggestion if it had been out of limits for LCUs and/or flying) would have taken many hours. The giveaway that it is definitely not on D Day is the fact that the LCVPs are still firmly on their davits. The weather, as you can see, was very much on our side that day - as it was the following day when we transited in through the TEZ to San Carlos; fog & low cloud - perfect! Great photo, though - and it shows Fearless in her natural element, docked down, using her main armament; the landing craft]
  14. The only way I can decide what to put in and what to leave out of a scratch-built model is by understanding what was there on the real thing. I left the ship over 35 years ago, so I can assure you I ain't planning to do this from memory!
  15. Bit more - just stopping for the night: similar view to earlier on, but with the 2 LCVPs in position, plus a couple of things I had missed. Detail around Flyco & the flight deck crane: And now starting on the catwalks: Finally, the whole ship as of now: