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  1. Gentlemen, thank you very much for such kind comments. You inspire me to new work!
  2. Indeed, the plane was weak. But it was a scout plane, he was enough).
  3. Good day, gentlemen! This is my next model. The kit is typical "shortrun". Added metal masts, handrails, side steps, hooks, navigation lights, several interior details. Re-cut the paneling, riveted, grind all edges as usually.
  4. Thanks for interesting). It was at 1930th years, certainly after the civil war. And what about story - Pius XI Worried by the persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union, Pius XI mandated Berlin nuncio Eugenio Pacelli to work secretly on diplomatic arrangements between the Vatican and the Soviet Union. Pacelli negotiated food shipments for Russia, and met with Soviet representatives including Foreign Minister Georgi Chicherin, who rejected any kind of religious education, the ordination of priests and bishops, but offered agreements without the points vital to the Vatican. Despite Vatican pessimism and a lack of visible progress, Pacelli continued the secret negotiations, until Pius XI ordered them to be discontinued in 1927, because they generated no results and were dangerous to the Church, if made public. The "harsh persecution short of total annihilation of the clergy, monks, and nuns and other people associated with the Church," continued well into the 1930s. In addition to executing and exiling many clerics, monks and laymen, the confiscating of Church implements "for victims of famine" and the closing of churches were common. Yet according to an official report based on the Census of 1936, some 55 percent of Soviet citizens identified themselves openly as religious, while others possibly concealed their belief. Pius XI described the lack of reaction to the persecution of Christians in such countries as the Soviet Union, Mexico, Germany and Spain as a "conspiracy of silence". In, 1937 the Pope issued the encyclical Divini Redemptoris, which was a condemnation of Communism and the Soviet regime." He did name a French Jesuit to go to the USSR and consecrate in secret Roman Catholic bishops. It was a failure, as most of them ended up in gulags or were otherwise killed by the communist regime. The Soviet state apparatus decided to "reply" to the Pope thus).
  5. Hi, everybody! Let me present you my next, but first model in 1/32 scale.
  6. Of course, sir. Rarely on which model this does not have to be done. There is a scriber for this. First you need to deepen the seams, then clean the remnants of plastic with sandpaper.
  7. Hi, everyone! It's my next model. Made from "Hobby Boss" easy assembly. But I made cabinet from "0", riveting, Pitot tube, use etched details from "Kuivalainen" set. Main chassis from "Reskit".
  8. Hi, everybody! This is my next model, made from typical "shortrun" set "Azur". Made riveting, scribe deeper the panel lines add navigation lights and sight from spare etched detail. All markings made by stencils. Turrels on wing from "Miniworld" Ukraine firm, turrels on fuselage made by myself.
  9. It's cool , when the model, exhibited three and a half years ago, is discussed with might and main.
  10. Dear Mateusz, I'm sorry to answer so late. (You should have written me a personal message, so I immediately saw it). This marine colors Luftwaffe - RLM 72 and 73, any manufacturer can't normally gives this paints. Myself prevented them from tamya's paints according to the following approx. pattern: 1. RLM 72 XF-26 (Deep Green) and add XF-65 (Field Gray) 2. RLM 73 XF24: 2 + XF27: 3 + some white But I highly recommend trying to put them together in your own way. The principle is as follows: RLM72 and 73 are marine variants of colors RLM70 and 71. Consequently, you can take RLM70 and 71 and experiment with them, adding in them dark blue colors. RLM 70 AS-24; XF27 RLM 71 AS-23; XF61 or XF62:1 + XF49:1 or XF26:1 + XF52:2 W.B.R. Fuad Pashayev
  11. These are just colored droplets of cyanoacrylate glue, but only one note: cyanoacrylate glue should be in the form of a gel.
  12. Hi, everyone! It's my next model. Kit is typical "shortrun".
  13. I used the colors recommended by the manufacturer of the model - Gunze Sangyo H54. Also I recommended you to use this site for in order to find the color you need from any color brand.
  14. First I use a matte varnish from Tamiya. Then I use a set of oil pigments from Miguel Jimenez. Then I use a set of watercolor pencils from Faber Castell. I also make chips with a pencil, but from another company - Prismacolor.
  15. Thank you, sir. It's 1/72 scale and Tamiya's kit. And this is link to all of my models.