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  1. Hi, everyone! It's my next model. 1. Cleared the fuselage surface from the plastic surplace; 2. Deepened the panel lines; 3. Make more deep the Dzus fasteners and a littlebit of riveting; 4. Added a dashboard from Yahu; 5. Drilled holes on the hood; 6. I replaced the obviously short wing spacers with homemade toothpicks, painted them with a "wooden" varnish); 7. I sewed the entire model with a bead thread 0.12 mm; 8. Antenna cable - synthetic thread; 9. Strips and circles are inflated by stencils (the Printscale and ICM decals hopelessly deteriorated, barely able to translate lateral decals). 10. I added a brace to the crutch, replaced the steps on the landing gear rails, etc., on the metal. rods. 11. Engine pipes from ReXX. 12. Belts in the cockpit from the stocks of colored etch.
  2. The Russian nation is the direct heir of the Golden Horde. For 300 years the Golden Horde owned the present lands of Russia. This land was called "Tartaria". The Horde consisted of Tatar-Mongols. Among Russians there are many people with Turkic faces. That's why the famous German pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel called the Soviet Army "The Horde". The Horde could not be defeated, because the universal (European) conditions do not apply to it))). The Horde never gives up. I recommend reading, if you have not read, the book "1941 eyes of the Germans. Birch Crosses instead of Iron" by Robert Kershaw.
  3. Azerbaijan at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War had 3.4 million people. 600,000 of these were drafted into the soviet army. More than 300,000 from 600,000 young and healthy Azerbaijanis were killed in this war. But the current head of the Russian claims that Russian could win without other nationalities.(
  4. Oh, yes, I have a Tu-2 model from the Ukrainian ICM. But this is a very intricate model for the assembly. I still hold it until the moment when I feel the strength to take it.
  5. Akhmetkhan's mother was a Tatar; she is Turkic blood, like me. His father was national - Lakets. These people number only 160 000. They live in Dagestan, the Caucasus Mountains. Ahmethan Sultan was almost my countryman, so I'm proud of him.
  6. You are well done! I am proud that my model is like the American author of books on Soviet aviation. It's really amazing!
  7. I recommend that you watch the photos of real boards of La-7. Because the drawings are not very true. On some of them there is a hump and there is an incorrect prop spinner, to which the manufacturer was apparently based.
  8. Feel free to exhibit here and only then you will receive valuable recommendations from colleagues. The "britmodeller" may be the most kind model resource in the world. The gentlemen gathered here))). Good luck in the construction!
  9. "Eduard" has the wrong propeller spinner. Certainly it can be just cut, but it's easier to buy the right one. Also, "Eduard" has problems with the canopy bubble - it does not match in size. So I replaced it, too. I also made from toothbrush bristle the indicate pins of the released chassis on the wing. Also, the fuselage of "Eduard" has a wrong hump below the radiator. It also had to be worn off.
  10. Hi, everybody! This time I present you the model of an ordinary airplane. I used additional etched set from Eduard, propeller from Quickbust and vacuum formed canopy from Rob Taurus. I made the antennas macht from copper bar, replaced all shock absorber plastic rods on metal rods, added navigation lights, made new Pitot tube, rolled riveting and etc.
  11. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I decided to continue line of parents of modern guided missile. There are two models from different firms - new mold from "Brengun", and old model from "Hasegawa".
  12. I like StorŅh - it's a Luftwaffe "helicopter".
  13. By the way, these pilots were supposed to receive a parachute, in contrast to kamikaze. These are simply prototypes of the current modern guided missiles.
  14. No. It's https://www.scalemates.com/kits/131479-mac-distribution-72043-reichenberg-re-iv
  15. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Let me present you my next very small model.