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  1. Just roaming the web researching my next project and came across this website that I hadn't encountered before. Looked pretty useful to me!
  2. Thank you my friend. How stupid of me! I have two sets of this next door in my stash and never thought to look at Eduards instructions! here is my ugly baby
  3. I'm doing the Revell /Zvezda 1/72 Mi-24V in the grey/grey/green scheme. Thanks to Revells usual unassistance when it comes to colours, can any of the experts advise reasonable main stream colours for this, rather than me just guessing. I'm not fanatical, so a ball park idea would do. I typically use Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics. many thanks.
  4. Nice kit with a bit of work. Mine is sat stalled on the shelf, one wing folded (Airways), must give it a kick off again.
  5. Fab work! giving the engines a few weeks hoping the price will fall a little on offer somewhere!
  6. Just used a bit this morning, well thinned down, colour is nice, but pretty gritty. Don't think I shall be using them further. They are also quite expensive compared to what you can get Mig / Ammo washes for, and as the Sgt. would say, much more than mixing up your own from oils. Talking of which, our local Hobbycraft had a good lot of Rowney artists oils on clearance yesterday, 32 a tube, so snaffled a further few colours.
  7. Yea, have a couple of mig washes hence the realisation that the other is constituted as tar lol.
  8. Ok, so right away I know to steer clear, but just happened to need one and there just happened to be some in the shop. Had it a couple of months, unopened (yes, thats how much I needed it), and its practically solid, well totally seperated pigment and enamel. Can stir it back together but its like tar. Wrote to my dear friends at Hornby, who are investigating, and in the meantime here's a replacement. guess what, its the same. It does not come anywhere near close to being a wash, or have I got it all wrong, am I supposed to thin it before use. All other brands of wash I've had are from the bottle, thinner than water, not needing a knife to spread! Is this just how it is, or am I best cutting mylosses, buying 'proper' washes or even making my own?
  9. Crackin!!!
  10. wish mine had finished looking like this!
  11. Immaculate finish, love the gloss on the wings.
  12. I'm worried about starting the 1/32 version, no chance in 1/72!
  13. The only kit I've seen that shows you where to trowel the filler... are you trying to convince me? lol
  14. The wall, tell us about the wall please! Fantastic.