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  1. MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.

    Just like to say thanks for making the rest of us look total pants! Inspirational work!!
  2. MiniArt Models – A Visit

    Have to say that having had correspondence with Miniart and in particular Alina over spare parts issues, the customer service is second to none.
  3. Masking, Nose Cone delineation lines.

    looks good, will investigate. thanks
  4. Looking for a bit of guidance and tips on how best to mark of a nose cone requiring a different colour paint, particularly as in my Tornado, when the paint change doesn't follow panel lines! I tried using a rubber washer which when I finally managed to get it properly in place was OK, but didn't give the hard edge wanted. Tried to cut a circular hole in a piece of plasticard which was better, but again didn't get a hard enough edge as the nose isn't properly circular. Next was masking off the soft edge a bit to tidy up, but even with curve tape was far from satisfactory as ended up with a couple of kinks to the line edge. Pointers / hint gratefully received!
  5. TYPHOON FGR.4 - Revell 1/48

    Super, love the flash of green on the grey, looks impressive!
  6. BOAC CUNARD Super VC10

    very nice, hope the rescribing nightmare with mine will soon be over!
  7. Any Comeback?

    Thanks all. I know the X20a is strong stuff, at least where decals ore concerned, but always found it does a better/quicker job the microsol, and it's so much harder to spill than the microsol lol sure I use more cleaning my mat than for decals. Had hoped the clear coats would have protected to paint, but having had a good look again, think it's definitely the paint that has gone. Those decals sacrificed to the sander, repainted and the no walk lines will have to be masked and painted, probably the better option in any case!!
  8. Any Comeback?

    Cheers, already tried the coat of clear, unfortunately without success - back to the paint shop!
  9. Any Comeback?

    Tamiya's decals on their Vb kit. Spot of bother what oh! Have started decalling my Vb, and as i usually do, used a spot of X20a as the setter. Being clumsy, think this time I've over done it and ended up with 'scorch marks'. Just wondering if anyone knows possible come backs from here other than repainting? Its AK paint, couple of coats of the 'new' floor care clear stuff, decal and X20a. As can be seen only in places, the whole wing decals were treated the same? Any ideas appreciated.
  10. The Spitfire Site

    Just roaming the web researching my next project and came across this website that I hadn't encountered before. Looked pretty useful to me! http://spitfiresite.com/
  11. Czech Hind Colours

    Thank you my friend. How stupid of me! I have two sets of this next door in my stash and never thought to look at Eduards instructions! here is my ugly baby
  12. Czech Hind Colours

    I'm doing the Revell /Zvezda 1/72 Mi-24V in the grey/grey/green scheme. Thanks to Revells usual unassistance when it comes to colours, can any of the experts advise reasonable main stream colours for this, rather than me just guessing. I'm not fanatical, so a ball park idea would do. I typically use Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics. many thanks.
  13. Fairey Gannet AEW.3 1:72 Sword

    Nice kit with a bit of work. Mine is sat stalled on the shelf, one wing folded (Airways), must give it a kick off again.
  14. 1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Fab work! giving the engines a few weeks hoping the price will fall a little on offer somewhere!
  15. Humbrol Washes - User Experience.

    Just used a bit this morning, well thinned down, colour is nice, but pretty gritty. Don't think I shall be using them further. They are also quite expensive compared to what you can get Mig / Ammo washes for, and as the Sgt. would say, much more than mixing up your own from oils. Talking of which, our local Hobbycraft had a good lot of Rowney artists oils on clearance yesterday, 32 a tube, so snaffled a further few colours.