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  1. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Yup, my life is now IGCE and IB History... Christian, exiled to africa
  2. Airfix 2018

    Including me.... Christian, exiled to africa
  3. **Spanish Civil War GB II 33 and STILL growing!

    Interesting..... and highly tempting... Christian, exiled to africa
  4. Fantastic! Just what I needed this morning, a dose of proper modelling. She is looking good and thanks for the tool-infomercial; one has been added to the wish list. Interesting news about MPM, Azur and Special Hobby. Lets hope that SH take over the moulds as there are many interesting airframes within. On-On Christian, exiled to africa
  5. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Sounds great! Cracking on then... Christian, the no longer perplexed of africa
  6. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Me too! Gotta know now.. Can't be Swastikas, or hinomaru, or naked ladies with, or without refueling receptacles in naught places, (), too early for those of Vis fame. So what can it be? Christian, perplexed exile in africa
  7. Bad Couriers!

    Guinea Pigs on Britmodeller, who'd a thought! Brightened up my day no end, and its been a this week so far... Funny how the black and white beasties frequently have bags more 'character'. Christian, exiled to the socialist workers paradise South of Kenya... (can you spot the oxymoron)
  8. Hi Ed, looking good! Christian, exiled to africa
  9. De Havilland registration letters, interwar.

    Very happy to assist in the bleaching of decals! We get just over twelve hours of intense sun, day in, day out all year round and have lots of windows for the attaching of said decals. Plus, it would give me some reason to be here... Apart from looking after the lovely Yvonne. Christian, exiled to africa
  10. Hi Ed, and duly ordered, so I'm going to settle in, if that is OK, for the long haul. Your builds are always entertaining and elucidating in equal measures! On-On, Christian, exiled to africa P.S. Did I vote for this one at some dim and distant time, (Ediacaran?) in the past? Or am I blameless this time.
  11. Show us your modelling space

    Hi Andrew, More pictures please! Christian, exiled to africa
  12. Show us your modelling space

    Still! Waver not, you know it makes sense, especially for keeping super glue and mixed two-part epoxy putties fresh between use. And there might even be room for a couple of refreshing beverages to revive you in breaks between plastic/resin/metal firkelling. Christian, exiled to africa
  13. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Hi, I have been watching your saga with interest, (3 X in the stash!) and like your application of modelling skills. Flaps - UP, unless servicing, otherwise guess who was buying the drinks that night. Ailerons - If control locks were fitted then neutral, otherwise as the overall-suited machine operator, (A.K.A. pilot), left them. After looking at lots of pictures, (must get out more...), neutral, or slight deflection appears most frequently. HTH! Christian, exile to africa
  14. What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Warlord's Marlborough Battalion box, on a whim... Christian, exiled to africa
  15. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    Rather superb that! Must fight the urge to tickle the stash monsters tummy to see if she can regurgitate one of these... Christian, exiled to africa