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  1. A Bit of WNW speculation

    I like the sound of that! Isn't there at least one being built in Austria?? Christian, exiled to africa
  2. Britmodellers' X Files

    Or to recognise tentacular involvement???? Christian, exiled to africa and wondering if that is out of direct energy Martian weaponry range?
  3. Pet hates.

    Same here just below the horn of africa. Though we do have the added 'joy' of the traffic police controlling traffic flow at the traffic lights. So, not only do you have to watch out for motorbikes, pajagis, (think tuk-tuk) and other road users coming at you from all directions irrespective of what colour the lights are, there is also the the problem of trying to see if there is a person in white at the junction and if so what are they doing. The hand signal book does not exist here so a explicit drive on sign might also mean the same as waggling four fingers at mid thigh level. This gets even more fun at night especially after the battery in the wand dies... Alas no street lighting either... Traffic police here are as ineffective, with their main aim, (el Hefe has said so), to fine road users thus injecting funds back into the governments coffers. Especially if you are 'non-local'. Better stop now before I have a complete throwing the teddy-bear out of the cot session; been an exasperating few days... Christian, exiled to africa
  4. Farewell to the Lynx

    Farewell the mighty Lynx Christian, exiled to africa
  5. Jon and Woody, Well said gentlemen. Christian, exiled to africa
  6. Britmodellers' X Files

    Part of the maternal side of my family used to live in a large Edwardian town house in Pinner, (Paynes Lane). Inside was a rather elegant stairway that wound its way up the central hallway to a minuscule landing at the top which served two small rooms. As children we used to go there frequently to visit family and have the run of most of the house and expansive garden to play in. But we never played on the last stairway, nor the top most landing as it always felt cold and uncomfortable. Little was thought of this until many years later when I used to odd job there to earn money during holidays, when on a blazing hot Summer's day I was refinishing the kitchen located at the top of the house. I had opened the window to let the breeze in to warm up where I was working! The kitchen warmed up a little, the living room became tepid, the landing stayed, as usual, cold. Walking through the doorways you could notice the temperature drop and it was strange to stand sideways in the doorway and feel two different temperatures on either side of your body. A couple of steps down the stairway and the temperature was sweltering! At the end of the day I mentioned this as I could not understand the mechanics behind this. Both great aunts where present; one was chief chemist for Glaxo Barnard Castle and the other for Glaxo Woodford Green and my great uncle, who worked in Radar development. They looked at each other and said that they knew about it and mentioned that those who lodged in those rooms did not stay too long. They also asked if I had seen a grey shape looking down from the top landing, (didn't), which had been seen by most of the family and some of the lodgers. It turned out that a young lady had thrown herself off the top landing many years before, just after the house had been completed. When my family showed interest in buying the house they were warned by the previous occupants about the 'ghost' and had in turn been warned by the previous owners. After the passing of the last resident family member the house was sold in 1990-1 and I have no idea of what happened after. Christian, exiled to africa.
  7. Worst model quality?

    So true, so true. But a little unfair to a new and developing technology that is remotely detecting structures over 4, 000 years old, though descriptively accurate Christian, previous owner of an Andy Pack DH 10.....
  8. T-2C/E BUCKEYE - 1/72 Revell ex Matchbox PK42

    Sweet little build. This is one of the very few Matchbox's that I never built. Must remedy that . Definitely go with a (mucky) white Or, tho, I've heard, pink or yellow could be useful as undercoats and nothing too mucky there to boot! Christian, exiled to africa
  9. Hunting Hitler

    That's easy, they became Aves, (birds)! Christian, Britmodeller's tame(ish) Palaeontologist
  10. A figure from scratch (1:32)

    Ok, I'm in! and at the ready. Christian, exiled to africa
  11. Wot! Nothing yet? Christian, exiled to africa
  12. Worst model quality?

    Oh, Andy Pack, shudder, I had forgotten about them. How many vacs did thy release? The only one I had was the DH 10 and that was enough. I have built vacforms and sometimes enjoy the experience. Not this one. Crude blobby extrusions that ruined a perfectly good sheet of plasticard. Christian, exiled to africa
  13. Worst model quality?

    One to add. The Pavla Henschel 129 A. Limited-run, OK. In the box I had the wings and tailplanes were differing thicknesses, the fuselage halves differing lengths and the cannon troughs, either side of the cockpit at differing heights and lengths along the fuselage sides. IIRC the canopy was a vacform that came out of the box yellowed and refused to adhere with any known adhesive and the decals had already cracked up on the sheet. No, this was not brought some time after release, but picked off the Colingdale Hannant's, (original), as soon as Gary had moved out of the way after placing them on the shelf. It was eventually finished after much hacking, filing and filling, but succumbed to the 'sensitive' ministrations of the ex-from-hell MK.II. Christian, exiled to africa with an odd hankering for that &%$@# model...
  14. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Anything! I don't mind I'll buy it. (I'm easily pleased!). Christian, exiled to africa