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  1. Hello there DIO....not me...however i think they have announced wich versions are going to be released...I am working in other versions than OA-4M...sorry....Please check Hobby Boss 2016-17 catalogue!!
  2. Hahahaha Great!!! You'll be pleased i think!! I did the box art image of the A-4E...and i am working in other variants too!! I really hope to be a good series of models!!! A-4's are indeed great looking machines!!!
  3. very very beautifull machine!!!!! I hope the model to be equaly good!!! Very ecxiting release!!!!
  4. Fantastic work of a very capable aircraft....and a very beautifull aircraft!!!!! I wish all the best!!! Nice work!!!!!!!!
  5. great work!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  6. i need a lot of pills....and an enema to copy with this magic effort!!! A masterpiece!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!
  7. what a beautifull model!!!! What a beautifull aicraft Xalifax was......Ecxellent work dear Woody 37....!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  8. excellent work!!! Well drawn image!! Keep up the great work!!!
  9. Thank you for the comments!! I used an F-14D Tomcat picture as the lead information and data...I cannot figures out your point but i suppose maybe the picture was a bit distored....!! Thanks anyway!! If i locate that particular photo, i will post it here!!
  10. and this how it eventually became as it was used in the kit!!
  11. This is a painting intented for box art purpose for Hobby Boss models! However, Hobby Boss changed the markings and ommited the distant aircraft when was finally used!! I wanted to show the original work here though! Best wishes to all for the new year!!! Health to all....!!!!!
  12. I painted this box art of this kit and i use photos of the real machine as a lead!! Now....why Hobby Boss did not include the fairings around the exhaust pipes....i do not know!! I suppose the kit designer can answer that!!! Thanks for the comments....all the best for the new year!!!
  13. Hey,,,,this is trully a very good work!!! Ecxellent Noelbarnes!!!!!
  14. He was very very good at all subjects!!!!!!!!
  15. One of his works at Gava collection....