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  1. Agree with the above sentiments Richard,THE best build I,ve seen of this kit I've seen and there's been a few cracker's on BM.
  2. Cracking job on the big old beast Johnny,turned out a superb 109 there!
  3. Many thanks Craig,Mig 21 for this GB thread on last page as I have not done anything since laying down the marker at the start,and a very pink Land Rover in my wip armour thread amongst others.
  4. Hi folk's built for the Nato v Warsaw pact GB and finished today,Tamiya's old kit scrubs up well despite it's age in fact for build and quality is hard to beat by newer tooling's of armour apologies to any ex squaddies for any mistakes kit OOB with home made tarp from kitchen towel,many thank's for looking in.
  5. Evening folk's finished and in the gallery,thanks for popping in on the build and now onto the Mig!
  6. Hi folk's hot on the heels of Wimbledon's t-72 is the Chieftan,Tamiya's kit is big and despite it's age still build's beautifully.
  7. Evening folk's nice little tenner in the Birthday card from my Mother in law so thought I would see what was in my LMS in the armour section,and the SAS Land Rover was in stock for the first time in a good while and cost just over nine quid with the discount so this will be my next build in this thread.Now I had no idea the damn thing was molded in Pink so once I got over the shock and donned the sun glasses I was again impressed with the beautiful molding's on another very old Kit,here's what the box contains. And steps one and two.
  8. Gonna enjoy this Dave,been watching the documentary on BBC 2 over the last couple of week's,just finished the jeep yesterday too she's in RFI.
  9. Beautiful project Andy,look's superb,very different.
  10. Superb build and finish and a very original way of posting the build too,love it!
  11. Hi folk's finished and more pics in RFI.Thanks for tagging along,hmm what can I do next?
  12. Hi folk's,I started watching Rogue Heroes on BBC 2 last week and couldn't resist Tamiya's old but still good Jeep.The SAS "requisitioned" some shortly after they arrived in Egypt (up till then they had relied on the LRDG for their transport) and modified them for their long missions behind enemy lines,cheers for looking.
  13. No probs Mark,a tour of the loft may be in order,just rotated the exhibit's!
  14. Great start,love any Tamiya armour!
  15. Ha! nice trick using a real aircraft Dave,now where's the model? Seriously that is a museum quality build and finish,stunning.