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  1. Tamiya pair,Churchill and Centurion.

    Cheer's Stix,be interesting to see if the painting gives me the result I'm after.
  2. Frog Hawker Typhoon.

    Hi folk's last job of the day was to "tool up" the Tiffie,both the Typhoon and Tempest have no rear intake detail so I'llgo with decal's.
  3. Frog Hawker Tempest.

    Hi folk's couldn't leave it I had to see how the decal's would fare,sadly despite a week in the sun couldn't get the brown out of the backing film so trawled through the Tempest photos on the net to see if I could give her a real ID from spare's before a what if was the only route,I had an old Whirlwind sheet from Bilek and found a photo http://newchurchvillage.org/history/newchurch-ww2/squadron-photo-gallery/486-squadron/ third photo down on the left notice no codes and the rough painted outline on the F.
  4. Tamiya pair,Churchill and Centurion.

    Hi folk's sorry for lack of progress been on a Matchbox/Frog nostalgia kick and with no disrespect to these two fine companies I really need to handle a state of the art kit again,anyway I've added the barrel and hatches etc and decided on a scheme incorporating the front mudguard assembly which is now fitted,I'm going to prime her in black and build up the top coat's to see if I can get some depth to the finish.
  5. Valom MD.450 Ouragan 1/72

    Look's a beauty from here Martin,who's air force operated? that's a very anonymous sheme.
  6. Outstanding work Ian,great presentation with the Deck landing
  7. Mark's 1/48 Monogram Tiffy

    Coming together nicely Mark,love the pilot figure too.
  8. Frog Hawker Typhoon.

    Hello Jean,hope you've dried out! I tried to have a break from these Frog build's but found myself back to the Typhoon today,I can't get a decent look to the spinning prop so luckily managed to repair the kit's prop so I can use both,got the rocket's fitted giving it a paticularly "mean" look.
  9. The MTO GB II

    I'm stash raiding for this one(stash?=half dozen kit's) Airfix's Heinkel 111 H6 fortunately has a North african scheme,I have a Vista Fulmar too which would be anice addition to in Torch marking's.
  10. Another Masterclass Stix,weathering look's superb now look forward to thos figure's!
  11. Frog Hawker Tempest.

    Yes Dave not quite there yet
  12. Frog Hawker Typhoon.

    As vital as glue and paint Cliff,that and a pile ofcocktail stick's!
  13. Many thank's Adey, it's an OOB build and I tried to save as many of the original decal's as possible,I'll pop a photo of the other build's as completed. I've never made Sword and lance to date even though I'm only twenty minutes up the road I'll check the date for this year.
  14. 4 1/72 Harriers

    Great work Phil,love a multi build!
  15. Frog Hawker Tempest.

    Definitely a different league to what I'm used to Col still enjoyable though!