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  1. Paul that's a stunning Gladiator and as a Geordie I'm always delighted to see a 607 aircraft modelled and so well too! Great job on her.I wonder being from Gosforth if Rowan Atkinson had input on some of the Character's names the Percy's being a well known Northumbrian Family name although I'm alarmed by the fact that Captain Blackadder frightened Sarah Wallace with papier- mache willie's as that's my Gt Grandmother's maiden name!
  2. Oh and off topic slightly, long before Hollywood felt at ease with the Vietnam war there's an excellent film from Australia called The odd angry shot about the Australian SAS in the conflict look's dated now but well worth a look! Don't get me started on ANZACS which was a superb telling of their part in the Great war which was and is excellent!
  3. I have to agree with Tony the scene where he shakes the hand's of surviving crew which would be at least cut in half in a modern film is superb and is still very moving,and the last scene in the Dam buster's with Richard Todd and Micheal Redgrave making sense of the losses the previous night can't be beaten.
  4. Thank's Glyn,I'm not really a super detail type but in this scale I like it to look busy through the glazing
  5. Yes sad news about one of my musical heroes,Stormy Monday live at the Fillmore with the Allman Brother's band musical heaven and all time favourite Brightest smile in town from Playing up a storm!
  6. Hi folk's taking FalkEins method I have detailed most of the IP,the few that were too small for my eyesight will be detailed with a dot here and there with a cocktail stick and white paint!
  7. Hi folk's,I brush painted some pre-shading along the panel lines and cover's etc and re-sprayed the undersides and fuselage sides with my mix of blue gray,last job of the day was a first coat on the wheel well's and leg's as wall as the door's.
  8. Thank's Mike,if you see the E4 back in stock in future give me a shout I'll have one.
  9. Outstanding work Martin,really tells a story which is always the mark of a great dio.
  10. What a superb build!Might I suggest a few photo's in the vehicle section for those that stay clear of all thing's military.
  11. Cracking job,paint and weathering superb.
  12. Smashing trio,always liked the Bulgarian scheme I have it in the collection!
  13. I'm in a bit of a 1/32 groove Mike and wouldn't mind a crack at the Weekend E-4 or E-1.
  14. That look's superb,great story leading to it's coming together too
  15. Look's great,a pretty rare beast here too,great job!