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  1. Hi folk's I'm hitting a brick wall with my larger scale aircraft build's right now so wanting to get back into some 1/72 easy builds I have 3 Hobbyboss Easy kits coming,one F6F-3 which has an Atlantic scheme which I want to build and 2 F6F-5's,what was the difference between the two? I have a pair of decal sheets that include French navy and FAA scheme from Italeri's kit which state both marks on the original box.
  2. Great stuff Mike,I,ll get a collection of kit's put together over the weekend got a half dozen going nowhere.
  3. Superb build and finish
  4. Well what a cracking build,love it!
  5. Fantastic job all round.
  6. Beautiful photography Jon,great stuff!
  7. KP did a lot of great work on this project guy's can be found here one point though,when the American's reached the western front in 1917 their units were trained for the conditions they would face by British and French troops,the allied commanders especially Haig expected them to fill the depleted rank's of allied unit's and come under British and French command.Pershing would have none of it and quite rightly insisted they fight as an American army group and for the most part they were positioned in their own sector of the western front when they fought there major actions in 1918 to the horror of French and British observers they were ordered into the kind of frontal assault's across open ground that had decimated the allied armies in the previous years their casualties were horrific and like the British on the Somme more troops were thrown in to the carnage and even in the days leading up to the Armistice some of their commanders were determined to waste brave men's lives trying to capture ground,even the Germans facing them could not believe what they were seeing.Sadly they ignored the lessons of the allied armies and for the most part also the new tactics that had broken the German army in front of the British in August 1918.
  8. Well it turned out beautifully Richard,great WIP too a go to place for any future jeep builders here on BM.
  9. Another excellent build Stix,love the weathering over the beautiful brush painting.great stuff!
  10. Very nice indeed excellent finish.
  11. What a great looking build especially being from scratch and with the history too a great post.
  12. Love it Jan,I built this kit last year and found it a joy to build still have the decals as I went for a different scheme but they do look superb on.
  13. Superb build and finish and great to see a different scheme too!
  14. Excellent little Siskin Greg,these Matchbox bi-planes still build well and look great too.