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  1. Panel variation creating adding filters

    Personally i'd use oils for that - a lot safer. However if you only want to use Acrylics look at the true-earth range, http://www.true-earth.com/en-uk/index.html
  2. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Ok - today's work on the Kit from Hell - first the PE managed to go missing, then started adding the rest of the cockpit, and fitting the covers. Again, shockingly bad fit Think i know the problem causing all of this - the right fuselage half is out of whack (bent slightly), and it's thrown everything else off all the way along the build. So out with the Milliput Peter
  3. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Thanks to Eduard's spares, back on the go with this. However the spare sprue isn't without it's problems - it's obviously from a different run of the kits, so has some issues A couple of really nasty gaps - so Shimming, filling and sanding required A bit more cleanup tomorrow. Peter
  4. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Finished last weekend, but took the final photo's today. Painted with Ammo Acrylics, weathered with Oils and Pigments Peter
  5. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today a couple of hours working with oils, and i'm calling it done. I'll take some proper photos next weekend. Peter
  6. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Paint steel, Track Wash Oil (brown / grey ), pigments for earth, then metallic pigments on the high points
  7. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today's work - painted the tracks, added a Track wash and some pigments, then glued the tracks in place, and applied a pin wash and the decals. Peter
  8. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

  9. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today - Filters. Using these and a lot of thinners First an overall brown filter, then lots of dot filtering - needs to dry now, Peter
  10. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Today's work - paint - first a coat of black primer, then the Ammo 4BO modulation set to build up some modulation. As it's all 'green' it needs breaking up a bit Peter
  11. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Dragon left a nice 3mm gap - probably due to a slight bend in the deck, so had to shim it. Quite a lot of this kit is pretty agricultural in fit
  12. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Construction finished - should start paint tomorrow They instructions failed to mention the sides of the hulls, and there's nearly a kit's worth of sprues left - Typical Dragon.... Peter
  13. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    While I'm waiting for Eduard to ship a spare sprue for my FW190-D9 (i've just had the shipping notice today, with the words that fill all parcels with dread - Parcel Force), I decided to start something different I remember now why I've gone off Dragon kits - the terrible instructions and the 'bag of bit's' approach to a kit. As an example the instructions refer to the idler wheel being F19 and F20 - but there are 3 separate F sprues, and parts 19 and 20 on all of them isn't an idler wheel...... Anyway the wheels are all made up And a start has been made on the Hull with the PE grilles, and quite a lot of sanding on the join between the upper and lower hull. Peter
  14. Wibble

  15. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Today, adding the engine bay and closing the fuselage. Being honest, i'm a bit disappointed, the fit has been somewhat 'speculative' for a lot of this and one of the fuselage halves has a slight 'bend'. However i've squeezed it together Peter