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  1. Well that's probably true of the first batch which were redirected from US Armoured divisions, however this one is both later, and attached to the Kiwi's so all bets are off. There will be bailing wire holding everything together, and more stowage than little yellow storage :-). The only photo's i've found of the 9th Armd Bde at this time shows the lower hulls with the same contrast (B&W Photos) as the light uppers
  2. No worries - proves you are watching :-) Only painted they as I had the paint out for the return rollers
  3. They ain't finished yet - Ammo Steel is way too bright but is ok as a starting base
  4. Today's work - first everyone's fave, wheel painting Then a Gloss coat, followed by the decals to reveal which sherman i'm building Followed by a satin coat Peter
  5. Paint day - on with Desert Pink (Mix of 2 parts Desert Yellow, 1 Part Pink and 1 Part White) and Dark Green Peter
  6. I'll be using the kit tracks as they are pretty good
  7. Today's tank tinkering - added the final tools, and built up the turret And finally made up the miracle of engineering that is a Tasca 50cal Peter
  8. Day off today so got some more done - completed a lot of the hull Peter
  9. A bit done today, but it's really too hot down in the shed for comfort. Got the lower hull assembled with a few small spots of Mr Surfacer 1000 on a couple of joints. Peter
  10. Started Today - a lovely Tasca / Asuka Sherman - early direct vision version After 4 hours work, I have working suspension Peter
  11. Finished yesterday took the final photo's this morning. Eduard's latest boxing of the F6F-3 Hellcat, built OOB. Painted with Mr Color laquers apart from the white which is Mr Hobby Aqueous. Weathered with Oils. This was a ground based Hellcat, in the Solomon Islands which let me have fun with the weathering. Really don't like weathering Blue Hope you like it - weathering was a blast. Peter
  12. Today's work - more oils and added the final bits Peter
  13. Today's work - added the resin wheels, and spent a couple of hours adding the fading with Oils (Buff / Medium Grey / Ochre and White ) That needs to dry fully now, before carrying on. Peter
  14. Ammo Pacific Dust Panel Line Wash
  15. Bit more done today - Started Weathering, Panel line washes, and exhaust staining and flat coat Peter