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  1. Revell Owners in Trouble

    Maybe to a private equity group... I should think Revell Germany can be a good investment - at least for the periot of time such buyers usually have in mind.
  2. 1/24 Morris Minor 1000 (Series V)...HELP!

    Sacriledge! ;-) The Mini wheels will not work as too small, the Beetle are also not really an option as they look quite different. The Moggie 1000 has hubcaps with an M motive - I doubt any other car used these: Standard wheel size for the Morris is 5,20-14 4PR / 145SR14 (according to my papers for my 1966 Traveller). The windscreen is just slightly curved in one way (I guess the same is true for the rear window of the Saloon) - so if you use not too brittle clear plastic it should be easy enough to just bend them in shape while the glue sets. Post pics please! René
  3. Are we talking about the Pennzoil logo or the tiny thing below? I do not think the tiny thing it is a sponsor logo as it is tiny and it appears only on the starbord side if you look at these port side pictures here: https://airandspace.si.edu/stories/editorial/archives-celebrating-super-helmet Like: Maybe this can help: ".. the National Air and Space Museum Archives does have photos in the National Air Races Negatives Collection (Acc. No. XXXX-0555)! ": https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/national-air-races-negative-collection-ca-1940s?object=siris_arc_229681 René
  4. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    It is not just Airfix... But at least Airfix delivers more details with their new and higher priced kits. Take a look at Revell: F-16 and Hunter kits were a lot cheaper when they first came out. I know from other areas that raw material and labour increased, not to speak about exchange rates., inflation,... The good news is - the regular asking price is something which I almost never have payed the last couple of years.
  5. Your first aircraft model ?

    Hmmm... wasn't there already such a thread somewhere here? I seem to recall that I have posted something very similar already - but I cannot find it using the search function. Though this does not mean alot - lately I checked for a thread regarding motorcycle driving, which seems to be gone too. So: My first kit dates back around 40 years I am affraid... I got it in primary school and no matter how hard you hit me I can not say for sure which it was. There was (and still is) a small newsagent shop which sold Matchbox and some Revell kits - and the very first Star Wars Kenner figures. I know my first one was Leia (they just had her and Luke to choose from, somehow I found Leia more interesting ). As said not quite sure which was my very first kit but I recall a red single seater prop from WWII and if I had to bet I would go for a Buffalo - still it is quite possible that I build other kits before this. I know for sure that I also had an A-20 and something that puzzles me: I am sure it was a Liberator but I doubt that Matchbox ever had anything Liberatorlike except the Privateer. So I wonder if it was Revell (???), Airfix or something else. However my father had to build this...
  6. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Got this last week (already but was not able to post earlier): And some tools: From top left to bottom right: A punch for 1:35 leaves, seam scrapers (saw such on Cybermodeller and thought I give them a try), a file, two scrapers, a chisel set (for pin vise) and two etch parts which are sized to be used in empty Tamiya paint glasses so these can be used to wash out the hairy sticks. Picked them up in China on a trip - initially I tries not to buy another kit for the stash, but again was not strong enough.
  7. I wish for a new tool 1:72 Concorde and TSR-2. In 1:48 TSR-2 and Buccaneer. In 1:32 a new Aston Martin DB5 would be nice. All quite unlikely I know.
  8. What have you purchased / been gifted

    That is why I have made me an Exel file years ago to keep track of my stash - adding bought and deleting sold items. It is sometimes really surprising to me what I seem to have somewhere...
  9. 1/35 Artillery Hovercraft

    Excellent build - funnyly I suddenly remembered this Bandai range last week and had a look of wahat is avaialble. The hoover tank in the Bandai configuration is already a nice Sci-Fi piece, but you put it some levels higher.
  10. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Acually I sold more than I bought... to raise funds for the Modelcollect B-2A. Bought it online on TaoBao and will pick it up on my next China trip from a friend there end of this week - saves shipping and taxes :-)
  11. Modelfan Awards at Nurnberg 2018

    Brilliant! Revell got an award for the reboxed Zevezda Imerial Star Destroyer???
  12. Saw it announced in Mike Wests newsletter - good to see it has the counter rotating prop, which looks much interesting to me. I bought some sets and decals from Lone Star before - the casting quality is much better than it looks on some of their website pictures and the decals are perfect in register. Further more Mikes service is top notch - will surely buy the set above in the future. René
  13. Hope to get my shelf of doom sorted this year which also resulted from several unfinished GBs - I will not try a new GB before I can be pretty sure to meet the timeline (this is what I promissed myself). So as we are talking about 2019 - yes please! There are quite a few in stash: Sabre Mk4 in NMF or Baltimore would be my top options.
  14. Airfix

    Rumor has it the molds of the 1.48 Buccaneer are damaged beyond repair. Not such a big issue, as the kit had rather poor detail in many areas and a frightening fit. I had two - the first was pretty much warped. So much I tried a daring solution, which resulted in a completely wrecked kit. The second one still waits for my guts to return. A new tool would be welcome - although this applies to a number of 1:48 kits from the 70s to 80s
  15. Modelfan Awards at Nurnberg 2018

    Well deserved Airfix. I wonder about this photo: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2018/Bilder_AT/Revell_81.htm Or here: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2018/Bilder_AE/Revell_29.htm Looks as if the AT-AT from Revell got a reward. I thought it is a repop - and not a very good kit if so. Or was it for the Star Destroyer?