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  1. Revell Star Wars TIE fighter colours

    The original TIE colour was Pactra Stormy Sea Grey and this is almost an exact match to Tamiya spray "Haze Grey". I once found a topic on this somewhere else in the web with both colours compared directly to each other. From my info all TIE types in all three original movies were painted the same Pactra Stormy Sea Grey colour. I think the Super Star destroyer as well. The differnece on the screen resulted from the change of blue screen in Ep IV to green screen in Ep V and VI. So the dilemma is: Do you want to paint it as the prop looked or as it looked like on the screen :-)
  2. MPC Space: 1999 Hawk Mk.IX (new tool) 1:72

    Indeed a new tool: https://www.facebook.com/Round2Models/ and here: http://www.collectormodel.com/ Quote: "It has been no hidden fact that we have been considering other scales to use for our line of Space:1999 model kits. Kits in a new smaller scale will allow us to shoot for the same accuracy we always pursue, but let’s us bring kits to market at a lower price point. It allows our tooling consideration to go further. Instead of one big kit every couple of years, we can bring out a series of kits in the same scale just like we do with our line of 1:1000 Star Trek kits. So if 1/48 is too big to keep up the pace, what scale would be acceptable for these ships. This question was recently posed to a Space:1999 facebook group to get the answer straight form the consumer. The overwhelming favorite was 1/72 scale. At this scale an Eagle comes out to about 14 ½” long. Landing at 2 ½” longer than the old MPC kit, that should give us a enough room to work and get plenty of detail. But, why do another Eagle right away when the last Space:1999 ship we created was an Eagle. So, we decided to take a step in this scale with a Hawk instead! By no fault of its own, our new 1/72 Hawk kit will land at about the same size as the old MPC/Airfix kit. But don’t worry. We are ignoring that old inaccurate kit and starting from scratch. Our new model will be as close as we can manage in injected styrene to match the original filming miniature. So here for the first time, we are showing the progress on the kit thus far. We are shooting on a May release. So look for it at Wonderfest 2018." And links to some of the pictures of the link above: So a 1:72 Eagle range seems very likely for the future, when I read between the lines.
  3. MPC seem to release another new toll Space 1999 kit. This time in a smaller scale than their 1:48 Eagle. Here: https://www.cybermodeler.com/special/kits/kit_space_scale.shtml
  4. Nicely done - but I am happy the designs evolved from these Flash Gordonish concepts to the Star wars look. Going to watch Ep VIII tonigh René
  5. OMG - epic fail - they missed an engine pod.
  6. Ups - this was posted in August already - I just spotted it and thogh what great news :-) Their Sikorsky is on the way to me. Would most certainly invest in the Sycamore as well :-)
  7. Cool - Old 66 decals make this a nice addition to the Airfix Saturn V rocket. And it even has an open side door. Something Hasegawaw was not capable off in 1:48 scale ;-) Rene
  8. Moebius 1/144 XD1 Discovery: RELEASED!

    On the shop shevles in the Far East? China? Rene
  9. Heller 1\100 HMS Victory

    Accorcing to the restorers the shade was quite different: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11908365/Restored-HMS-Victory-raises-eyebrows-with-new-pink-shade.html A bit hard for me to change my image of the victory from the yellow to the "terracotta" colour. :-) Nice build so far. Rene
  10. Revell 2018

    Where is the 1:48 Beaufighter they announced before? Seems it is not a complete list. I understand that Revell tries to attract junger people but I do not understand why these simple to build kits are designed so they often repel the enthusiast. When I went to primary school in the seventies I freequently spend my pocket money on a Revell or (more often) a Matchbox kit. They were cheap, colourful and yet proper kits which had to be build with glue. Maybe it were the fumes but I think it made me more proud with what I build than something that just needs to be stuck together like a Kinder Surprise "kit". As Revell owns the Matchbox tools they could treat beginners and enthusiasts. And of course their strange Star Wars box scales is something I wish they would reconsider. I had an entire fleet if they managed to move from this ancient habit to scale the plastic content to the box. Or even worse to give completely wrong scales. Their Darth Vader TIE fighter is very close in size and detail to the Fine Molds kit. Promiss. I have both. But their TIE Interceptor and TIE Fighter are both in different scales. Very nice kits for kids actually. In a proper scale they would be my preferred choice over the Japanese offerings. What I do not quite understand are the very high prices for the larger Star Wars kits - the Republich Star Destroyer and the big AT-AT have become quite expensive in this rerelease. I would really like to know how good they sell. Rant off. In general they need to be applauded that they care about the youngsters. And I really hope they are right and I am wrong.
  11. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    What If GB X would be What If IV?
  12. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    Depending on what exactly they have in mind it may make sense to keep the pod and eagle sprues mixed. That is if they go in the details and change the greebles on the Eagle according to the studio models on which the pod type was used. IIRC there were 3 44" Studio models which had differences. If for example the lab pod was not used on each studio model it may make sense to apply some changes to the Eagle parts too. Still - personally I would have put the pod on separate sprues and would include alternate Eagle parts there as well - but I do not produce kits so what do I know ;-)
  13. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Just added to the thrill. Will also come back later
  14. Need advice on emphasizing panel lines

    The weathering medium from MrHobby is oil based. It was formulated to work on MrHobby acrylic colours (beware: just 90% sure...). I would try the white spirit trick of Jason - sounds promissing.
  15. Wow. Cannot say more. Rene