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  1. Jerry, Purely conjecture, but could 'Basta' be a term related to +18 lbs boost in the Merlin 45M? Or even back to the 1942 increase from +12 to +16 lbs boost on the non-cropped Merlin 40-series? Brent
  2. +25 lbs boost on 100/150 grade was cleared for the Merlin 66 in March 1944 (http://www.spitfireperformance.com/25lbs_approval.jpg) and entered service with the Preddenack Wing's No.'s 1 and 165 Squadrons in May (http://www.spitfireperformance.com/no1_25lbs.jpg). They continued to use it through at least September. The Griffon 65 was tested at +25 lbs boost but was cleared for +21 lbs boost. By the end of February 1945, 2nd TAF's Spitfire IX and XVI wings were all using +25 lbs boost and the mk XIV squadrons at +21 lbs. ADGB's Mustang III/IV squadrons converted in late February/early March 1945, although No.'s 129, 306, 315 and 316 utilized +25 lbs boost from early July until at least mid-September. As for the enigmatic 'Basta' modification, I have seen it mentioned with reference to MTO Spitfires but there is absolutely is no evidence that 100/150 grade fuel made it the MTO for either the RAF or USAAF. If the ASR Spitfires were LF IX/XVIs, then it is possible, though unlikely, that they received +25 lbs boost. All the details (including Mosquito use of +25 lbs boost) are covered here: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/150-grade-fuel.html Also, note that USAAF VIIIth Fighter Command converted entirely to 100/150 grade in late June 1944, although the V-1650s in USAAF service were limited to +21 to +22 lbs (72" to 75" Hg) boost. HTH, Brent
  3. The F4U-1 report you quoted is for Normal power while the Seafire IIC speeds are at Combat/WEP power. Normal power for the Corsair is approximately 700 HP less than water-injection Combat power, 1550 HP vs. 2250 HP, hence the 311 mph@SL vice 360+ @SL. U.K. and U.S. performance tests were reduced to standard atmospheric conditions so that the test results are directly comparable. Brent
  4. Definitely the Corsair, especially the F4U-4. The F4U-1A/D with the R-2800-8W was good for 360+ mph at sea level and the F4U-4 hit 377 mph at sea level. The Seafire LF IIc/III with the Merlin 55m was way back at around 315-320 mph at sea level on +18 lbs boost/3000 rpm. It's sea level climb rate was excellent at almost 4,700 fpm, but it dropped off fairly quickly. At interceptor weight, the F4U-4 broke 4,800 fpm at sea level to around 10,000 ft and didn't drop below 4.000 fpm until almost 20,000 ft. Of course, the F4U-4 didn't see combat until May-June of 1945 so the F4U-1A/D mk II/IV is more representative starting around September 1943 for the water-injected -8w performance numbers. Brent Erickson
  5. Russ It's almost certainly HB846, which was on service with 316 Sqn. Brent
  6. 40 inch Type C for ADGB/Fighter Command Mustang III/IV, post-1 January 1945 and Type C1 for 2nd TAF on the Continent. HTH, Brent Erickson
  7. Hi Stein, Thanks so much, it's greatly appreciated! Brent
  8. Hi all, I'm desperately trying to piece together a list of individual code letters to serial numbers for 19/65 Sqn Mustang IV's. I've managed to pull together about half the codes for 65's Peterhead Mustang IV's but only a few for no. 19. In particular, I'm looking for KH664, KH674 and KH698, all of which I believe to be in "loop" camouflage. I've listed what I have for the two squadrons below, pulled from ORBs, combat reports and photos. Any help would be *greatly* appreciated! Thanks so much! Brent Erickson 19 KH655 D-5-NT QV-P KH664 D-5-NT QV-K KH674 K-1-NT ? KH698 K-1-NT QV-Q KH739 K-1-NT ? KH742 K-1-NT ? KH756 K-5-NT ? KH761 K-5-NT ? KH778 K-5-NT ? KH818 K-5-NT QV-F KH847 K-5-NT ? KH867 K-5-NT ? KM118 K-10-NT QV-X KM137 K-10-NT ? KM155 K-10-NT ? KM193 K-10-NT QV-J KM272 K-10-NT QV-V 65 KH642 D-5-NT YT-M KH643 D-5-NT YT-S KH644 D-5-NT YT-D KH646 D-5-NT ? KH657 D-5-NT YT-H KH658 D-5-NT ? KH678 K-1-NT ? KH684 K-1-NT YT-C KH685 K-1-NT YT-F KH686 K-1-NT ? KH695 K-1-NT YT-E KH708 K-1-NT ? KH715 K-1-NT ? KH724 K-1-NT ? KH734 K-1-NT ? KH744 K-1-NT YT-B KH758 K-5-NT YT-X KH777 K-5-NT ? KH788 K-5-NT YT-Q KH829 K-5-NT ? KM225 K-10-NT YT-A KM314 K-10-NT YT-L