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  1. Thanks Rich for trying to help me, but making of the whole gutter in one piece is hardly possible, because the short outer part of the gutter is a bit lower towards the outside than the rest. One possibility would be to glue both airbrushed gutters end to end at the MLP deck and then to overpaint the connecting edge once more with the brush by hand. Maybe I could also use the special glue for photo etch parts, Gator's Grip-Thin Blend for gluing instead of CA, whose application is easier. About using of a foil or tape I have also already thought, perhaps simple masking tape (0.05 mm) on the rear half of the gutter could be suitable as a little support, which one can not see from the front.
  2. Hello everyone, although these tricky gutters also do not necessarily lead me to cheers, it does not use anything, and therefore the work must go on. And now to the Gutter 1, which is supported by eight supports with a flange and by one support without flange at the beginning of the Side 2. Source: apollosaturn.com (John Duncan) In contrast to the side end (Bay 18) the gutter, flattened outwards above the Bay 1, is connected to the other gutter part directly at the outlet of the downspout in front of the front girder, which is why there is no support there. Therefore, both gutter parts must be glued directly dull one to another at this point, which should not become quite easy as the edges will probably provide little sufficient area due to the very thin aluminum plate (0.1 mm). Here one can see both gutter parts lying on a narrow core strip, so far so good. At first, the bottom of the gutter was glued at the back end. Subsequently, the glueing of the supports took place according to the tried and tested clamping technique, almost as before. Since the distances between the girders in the front part of the side is slightly less than in the rear part, the steel ruler did not fit between them in the following Bays, which is why I had to redispose. But with narrow cutter knives as a stop, the problem was solved quickly, it went on fast, and up to the 7th support everything looked well. But during constant handling with this unwieldy structure I must have somehow nudged to the third support, whereby its lower flange was suddenly kinked off. After the support had been repaired, he could be glued again and closed the gap. Finally, the last support between the Bay 2/3 followed, whereby this gutter part was completely supported. But now the more difficult part of the exercise was next to do, namely, the dull gluing of both gutter parts, which has given me some headache. For this I firstly came up with this stable magnet fixing of the gutter over a somewhat wider core strip, which was unfortunately thought too short. In this arrangement, the top edge of the front gutter part would run outwardly obliquely, what should not be, but rather it must be exactly the other way round. In contrast, the upper edge of the gutter is a continuous line, while the lower edge slightly rises towards the outside. Therefore I have glued the external support without flange, which I first wanted to lay down from above (here only temporary done), what I but then differently have done, because one this tiny part can hardly hold still in the tweezers, let alone put exactly straight to the point. That is why I stapled the support on a conversely glued tape strip and then carefully lowered the gutter end, dabbed with tiny CA, which also worked well. And now again to the dull gluing of the two gutter parts flat above two half-round profiles (1.5 mm) for better guidance. In order to achieve a possible flush connection of the two roundings, I then have glued a small supporting profile (0.5x1.5 mm rectangular profile + half-round profile), and inserted it into the longer gutter part together with a Teflon strip as CA protection. Afterwards, I dabbed the gutter end on the rounding with CA and layed the part over the support profile and lightly pressed, in the hope that both parts would somehow glue together. Unfortunately, this hope has not been fulfilled, because after removing the supporting profile from the gutter suddenly two parts were laying in front of me again. So I was rather frustrated and I have to think about a different solution, which is why good ideas are required. So please feel free, but rather come up with it.
  3. Big As MAZ

    I feel with you, Rich, and can fully understand you.
  4. Big As MAZ

    Hi Rich, again and again I'm thrilled by your fantastic picture show about this Russian beast. It's a kind of magic like a drug ...
  5. Big As MAZ

    Congrats Rich, I'm a fan of your Water cooling Fans ... Fresh air always does well. Come on with the next ones ...
  6. 1/72 Saturn V

    Hello J├Ârgen, very interesting project, my Airfix 1/144 Saturn V is still in the cupboard and waiting for Apollo 11.
  7. Thanks Rich for your nice compliment, yep, on the one hand beautiful details, but on the other hand very fragile stuff.
  8. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Rich for the hint, it's a cool stuff.
  9. Hello everyone, as already announced, the short Gutter 3 at the end of Side 2 came next with only two supports as one can see in this image. Source: Library of Congress Since I had already shaped the gutter some time ago, now only the gutter soils with CA had to be glued in, which again happened on Teflon foil, and relatively quickly was done. Afterwards, the support (with flange) was clamped in the known and proven manner between the steel rulers, and above it the gutter was glued as usual. The assembly was then turned upside down and the rear support (without flange) glued. And so the Gutter 3 was already finished, and fits well to the Gutter 2. Now still missing the front Gutter 1, which is running from the Bay 9 up to the Bay 1 at the beginning of Side 2.
  10. Big As MAZ

    Hi Rich, have you a link to the seller of this stuff? BTW, why you did not use the Nuts and Bolts by Meng Models, then you would not have to drill?
  11. Big As MAZ

    Hey Rich, the 0.06 mm drill you have to show me, I think you mean 0,06'' for drilling the holes, right?
  12. Big As MAZ

    Hi Rich, only the comparison of sizes is difficult again. How big or small are the bolts?
  13. Hello together, the goal is reached: 10.000!!! And also the Shuttle stack has reached the 10.000 milestone and fits from the scale to the Saturn V.
  14. Thanks Mark for your nice words. Hello everybody, after the successful glueing of the first support today I have glued the remaining five Supports at the Gutter 2. In order to get with the steel rulers into the interstices between the supports, however, I had to clamp them vertically, otherwise it was the same procedure as before. For clamping the tiny supports between the rulers one needs, however, patience and a quiet hand, since the supports can quickly tip over. Then CA was applied again and the gutter with the core strip lowered to the second support and glued thereby. And so it went on until the fifth and penultimate support on this gutter. Then came the last support, which lines up precisely with the gutter end at the beginning of the Bay 11, as one can see in this image. Source: apollosaturn.com (John Duncan) And after this support was glued, the Gutter 2 was finally finished. Next, the short Gutter 3 follows at the end of the Side 2, which has only two supports, and thereafter finally the Gutter 1 at the front of the side with its nine supports.