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    Mainly try and stick to 1/144th( usually failing miserably)
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  1. TSR2 meets Red Beard

    Great work, really like the colour scheme
  2. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Was a plan to put 6 under the wings of a VC10........hmmmm
  3. Calling this finished, but waiting for nose probe to arrive, then it's finished! Pitroad kit with Retrokit skybolts and chaff dispensers
  4. Excellent work
  5. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Masking off and a few decals on too. Couldn't resisit putting the skybolts on temproarily
  6. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Not sure, tempted to go for a fibreglass/hemp colour to add a bit of variety. Black would look good too, not sure!
  7. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Update, white and camo on, just unmasked and needs some tidying. Decals next then bit of weathering.
  8. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Don't forget the retrokit resin cockpit set!
  9. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Cheers, was trying to decide whether to use them as feet... Base still needs sanding and varnish. Next step, another prime then on with the approved RAF anti flash Halfords appliance white!
  10. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Basic airframe assembled and primes, still needs canopies attached(no pic as it's just....white!) Base started, walnut, pose will be nearly vertical. Metal 'screws' on the base a actual TSR2 titanium fasteners
  11. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    That was a proposal apparently. Though it's thought that it wouldn't have worked, t does look good!
  12. 1/144th TSR2 with Skybolt

    Bit of progress, wings on, intakes fitted. This kit really does fall together, but you have to make sure everything is in place and follow the instructions. Pics show options ( using retrokit parts) for underwing chaff pods or dorsal chaff. Think i'll be going with the underwing as the dorsal option could clash with the skybolts. Skybolts are fixed with bluetac, first impression......Gerry Anderson!! Could be straight out of Thunderbirds!
  13. Decided to make a 'what-if-ish' TSR2. Pit Road TSR2 kit, Retrokit Skybolt with overwing pylons and Retrokit chaff dispensers. The latter two packs, I made the patterns for and were cast by (and available from) retrokit. I also have the cockpit set, but as the canopies will be closed, decided to save those for another project. Fuselage together, wings together and pylons fitted to upper wings, Skybolts together. Not sure on colour scheme yet, but thinking white undersides with grey/green upper surfaces, red/white/blue roundels and white Skybolts. Markings will probably be 9 squadron. More to follow
  14. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Cavok Air An12 at 19000ft ( thank you flightradar24!) Very,very noisy, clear sunny day showed up lovely in it's dark blue/orange scheme
  15. 1/144 EE Lightning F6

    Cheers for the comments