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    Mainly try and stick to 1/144th( usually failing miserably)
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  1. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Was a nice sunny evening. Being only half a mile from the hills, they stood out nicely, grey against the green/brown of the hills. Would be nice to get some jets doing the same, don't even get C130s anymore
  2. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    At 1940 flew West along the Ochils near Stirling. Nice surprise for a Friday evening! Maybe heading to Prestwick?
  3. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    2 Chinooks heading NW over Stirling. A rare treat these days!
  4. Best 1/144 Fighter Kits?

    There is the F104G from Revell, with a conversion for an F104C from Retrokit. Platz A4 or F8 are superb, if you can find them Eduard MiG15 is a lovely kit too. Don't forget the gashapon premade/painted kits you can get. Japanese produced and cover F8, F105,F5, MiG21,F4,A6 Have a look on evilbay and search for F-toys or Area88
  5. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    4 (noisy) jets leaving contrails over Stirling, heading SE. Tried to get binoculars onto them but no joy. Typhoons maybe?
  6. Lovely work, my favourite Canberra scheme. Hoping to make this in 1/144
  7. Platz 1/144 FW-190D

    Lovely work, airbrushed finish is awesome! Platz kits are excellent, their Hellcats and Thunderbolts are great.
  8. Just bought a roll of 'Frogtape delicate surface low tack' tape 36mm x 41metres for £5.99. Seems very similar to Tamiya style kabuki tape. Anyone tried this or have I found a cheaper source of masking?
  9. Mark I 1/144 Gloster Gladiator

    Lovely work. Will have to have a go at making a new prop for this kit, possibly interior too?
  10. Looks very promising! 1/144th, British aaaand Meteor 14!! Whats not to like? Will be keeping an eye out for these
  11. Halfords Camouflage spary paints

    Also, they don't seem to be kept with the other sprays. At least they're not in the Stirling branch
  12. Halfords Camouflage spary paints

    They spray very well and have been available for a few years now. Not much press about them but I have used the Khaki and Green. Khaki is a good base for WW2 German Dunkelgelb Green is a good base for anything, well, erm green! Dry nice and matt
  13. It will be a 1/48 Meteor F8! Where's my prize?!!!!
  14. 615 sqn, CO's aircraft?
  15. When minions met 2000AD

    Hmmm....how about ......Reservoir bananas?