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  1. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Any room for a skinny one to slide in at the back? Mojo has been absolutely pants for most of last year (have been building the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire for what seems like forever, so at least there's an explanation) and fancy a simple(ish) build so am planning on building the Roden Vickers VC10 K3 kit, which I may or may not embellish with the yet to be bought NH Detail etch. Never done a hemp scheme, despite having loads of Airfix Nimrods and Revell Victors in the stash, so that's favourite by a short head unless any of you can talk me into the more modern overall grey hues. Any hints or tips how to weather such a scheme at 1/144 would be more than welcome as I usually work in 1/48 (which is what I wish my Spitfire was - grrrr!).
  2. HRH's big chopper

    Wasn't there a joke doing the rounds in the Falklands era about Koo Stark beating the Argentians to it by shooting down Prince Andrew's chopper; never did quite understand that one, perhaps Ced could help me out with a crayon drawing or two to explain! Anyways on the most important colourmatch theme - which shade of ginger will you be using on the pilots?
  3. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Mummy Mummy! Why do I keep running round in circles?? Shut up son or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!
  4. Spitfire PRXIX PM660 stencils dilemna

    Antti, Jure and Greenshirt, thank you for the effort that you've all expended on my behalf, much appreciated fellas. Am feeling happier about adding some more stencils now, however maybe not from the Kits World sheet! Are there any books with prints of this airframe out there?
  5. Spitfire PRXIX PM660 stencils dilemna

    I am nearing completion of Airfix's 1/48 Spitfire PRXIX which I have painted in an overall PRU Blue scheme to represent PM660 whilst it was based at Celle/W├╝nsdorf, Germany with 2 Sqn in 1947/48ish (I do love the fact that some of it's missions still haven't be de-classified!). I have found numerous side view profiles and an actual photo of a port side view in the link below. None of these answers my questions though and I can't find any more info. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=dZOHCwAAQBAJ&pg=PR40&lpg=PR40&dq=pm660+spitfire&source=bl&ots=emXvs-fuLc&sig=cSNklK1IfEDCQ10z5_9kgoAblLs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjv0pGKtsnRAhVKIcAKHZ9kACcQ6AEIVDAM#v=onepage&q=pm660 spitfire&f=false I am using the Model Alliance PR Griffon Spitfire sheet that turned up as a bonus with an old eBay purchase, however it did not come with any placement instructions and that started my digging on that www thingummy for some more info. Now if I'd been sensible and had bought and used Xtradecal's X48-118 or Kits World's KW148091 sheet then I'd have been blindly ignorant to my query and would have added stencilling and walkway lines to my lovely blue beast! Ignorance would have been bliss. But I have stirred my own little hornets nest, I have poked the bear, so I must now find out for sure to save what's left of my tiny grasp on sanity!!! Does anybody have any confirmation that PM660 either had or did not have walkway lines and whether stencilling was minimal (which the only real picture I have seen indicates) or if it would get the whole lot of Kits World's goodies stuck all over it? One other question that arose from the actual photo is that under the cockpit there appears to be a dark patch with wording underneath plus wording under the pressurisation intake, neither of which I have seen on any decal sheets. Any ideas what these might have been? Thanks for your help and as a further thank you I will make this available for RFI once I have put the final touches to this. Ps I have picked up from the picture linked to, that this airframe had 4 spoke wheels and I have found just the one in my spares drawer (shed loads of 5 or 3 though, but just the one 4-spoke) so whilst waiting for a Brassin Red Cross parcel to wing it's way to me then any photos may have to be done with just the one hub being hurriedly installed and removed to the side that I'm photographing at the time!! First World problems eh!! Be good out there, Chris
  6. 1/48 Spitfire Conversions

    Sorry to hijack your thread Chris, but I hope you don't mind if I PM you too John with extremely similar requests having found this thread whilst trawling for ideas to make a Mk 21 from an XIX and an FR46 Seafire wing.
  7. Here you go PC mate, fill your boots... http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Babies_Heads or a more appetising explanation..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steak_and_kidney_pudding
  8. But there was always the "Baby's Head" to cheer you up!! No matter how hard Fray Bentos tried (but failed) over the years to persuade Mrs FC of the joys civvies could have had, the sheer beauty of a hot suet steak pudding when you were on your chinstrap was something to behold (not so much joy when it was hard routine and they were cold though)! Was I the only freak that preferred them to Boil in the Bag Rat packs?
  9. "Smoke on, Go!" - Airfix 1/48 Folland Gnat T.1

    Well, I had already cemented the jetpipe to the back-plate but a bit of wiggling with Stan soon popped them apart. Thanks Col. The only problem now is that I did stick a pencil up its bum after the main construction was completed and I managed to snap the back plate off. Another bridge to cross later eh! Here's a couple of shots showing that we're not far off of putting some primer on. The sharp-eyed might spot a fair amount of Perfect Plastic Putty has been used as the rear fuselage to rear wing join was an absolute pig. I'm pretty sure that was down to the ham-fistedness of constructing the intake ducts earlier, and is something I will be vary wary of when I build the next one. There was also a smidge needed on the belly, esp next to the slightly off-centre fairing where quite a step formed. I just need to smooth out the gloop formed by adding the aerials with liquid cement and trim the smoke generator pipes and I can crack open and give a good long shake of the primer. What do you think would undercoat the Xtracrylx Red Arrows Red best, Halford's white or grey? Anyways it's time for bed, this going back to work lark after a couple of weeks off has been a real shock to the system. TTFN Chris
  10. "Smoke on, Go!" - Airfix 1/48 Folland Gnat T.1

    Thanks for your support fellas, I will wear it always! Made a bit of progress with the intakes and the cockpit. My mojo-retaining plan is to build this OOB so I am aiming to use the moulded on seatbelts from the kit. I do know that the back seat had different arrangements to suit the Reds using it as a single-seater but details like that don't worry me for this build. Anyways, let's have a look at where we're at with the office. I picked up some tips from Roy Sutherlands blog on Seat Painting, http://barracudacals.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/how-to-paint-resin-seat-with-molded-in.html In particular I liked the future wash idea so have used it for the first time on this build. OK I haven't matted everything down yet but I'm quite chuffed with the overall effects that it gives. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't spot the ejector pin marks on the cockpit sidewalls earlier so as to correct them, however in the flesh they look nothing like as prominent as they do in the photos. The intakes fitted together reasonably but I think the thickness of a couple of coats of paint may make a slight difference to the "naked" fit. I've used Xtacryllics Red Arrows Red on the intakes but again in a "too late was the cry" moment I have since discovered that the Gnats used a darker shade of red to the Hawks that I now believe that this shade is concocted for. Again, I will not let this upset me, however I know it will hit nerves with some of you and I apologise for that. As the photos are larger than the real thing, you get to see mould lines and seams etc that are not visible to my Mk.1 Eyeball (one of the advantages of modelling in the dark!) so I will give the intake lip a bit more of a clean up now I've seen it! I have to say I really like the way the kit's breakdown of parts allows something as prominent as say the intake splitter plate to be fashioned so realistically in my opinion. The only snag I've really hit so far is with the fit of the intakes/main gear wells/fuselage as although they dry-fitted perfectly, aligning 100% with the model's centreline, on the real go the rear of the intakes has come up a fraction of a mil too wide and had needed some attention from the sanding sticks to allow the fuselage halves to join without a gap. I'm pretty sure this is my ham-fistedness as I didn't pick this up in anyone elses' builds on here and will keep it in mind for when I build my next one (for there are 2 more in the stash!). That's enough for now. Next steps are that I'm going to matt down the office with W&N Galleria, install the jet pipes and join the fuselage halves. Have a good one out there and TTFN 'til next time. Chris
  11. Well come the Airliners GB later in the year they'd better be! Too many good 'uns to have a clear favourite. Superb models Mike, keep on churning them out as we love them!
  12. "Smoke on, Go!" - Airfix 1/48 Folland Gnat T.1

    Ah so there is an advantage to having failing eyesight and arthritic fingers then (surely the only true reasons to be a 1/48 modeller)! Wish you all the best for the little 'un. Chris
  13. 2016 Revell releases

    Well I'm well chuffed the Typhoon's being re-released. The prices these have been fetching on EvilBay recently have been staggering. Getting one or four of these might even be good aversion therapy for the psychological damage I have recently sustained completing (or should it be competing with???) Italeri's Typhoon, despite it being dressed up in a lovely Revell box with lovely Revell Instructions and lovely Revell transfers....... you get the picture!!!.
  14. Hello all, Having fought and fought and fought with the Italeri 1/48 single seat Eurofighter Typhoon for at least two months, we're tied at a fall apiece in a best of three falls or submissions contest. It needs its stickers, I need my sanity back! In a bid to enjoy modelling again (I'm sure that I heard a grubby rumour that this is the reason we put ourselves through this isn't it?) I wanted a simple, very British build and what a time to have a Made in Britain GB pull up at the stop - such luck! I looked through the stash and it's roughly split 50/50 between "British" RAF/FAA types (from between the wars onwards), that would fit the bill for this GB and US/European RAF/FAA types and Jerry targets that wouldn't. Oh and there's a fair few buses too, the Revell Routemaster, the Airfix Old Bill and loads of Kiel Kraft and Tower Models OO scale kits. However the Revell Routemaster was just too daunting for the current mojo levels and the Airfix one just too old to be a viceless build and the others, well they were just too small (no other reason!). Still Red was becoming a recurring theme whilst gazing over the stash and thanks to their recent Winter Sale I have two lovely new Airfix Red Arrow Gnats that stood me in at less than nine quid each (and they've put the picture of the plane upside down on the box!!!). The intention is to do XS107 in her 1977 markings (Silver Jubilee year, again how much more British do you want!). I have the Xtracrylics Red Arrows Red paint too already in the paint drawer so let's go! I will start at the beginning, and the beginning is predictably a box top and sprues shot - wahoo! Now I have had another frustrating afternoon at the shop repairing my IT set up before re-opening for 2016; Grrr a few days back the Power Unit on my main PC gave a little puff of smoke, but in a sick last-gasp joke the surge it caused must have corrupted my operating system boot files as I am unable to boot the hard disk on any of my other PCs despite all the files being visible - Grrr! I know if I overwrite with some new boot files I will probably do something stupid like reformat the disk so will have to copy the old hard drive before I start that. But that's for another day! I therefore came home a touch on the non-plussed side with the world. Ah the joys of self-employment - I am the Sales, the Production, the Catering and it seems also the IT Department too! Anyways back to modelling. As I said the Typhoon was now at transfers stage, so had been taken off the workbench and downstairs to the kitchen for a right royal stickering! Therefore I sat down at my now empty bench and having taken the obligatory photos I started to cut, saw, sand and primer as much of this kit as I could. I was having so much fun I didn't realise that 3 hours had passed in a flash and that Mrs FC was glowering at me for not coming out of the man-cave for tea. Anyways the reason I was having so much fun was that I was just blown away by the quality of this beautiful little kit. I loved the way the intake trunking fitted to the fuselage and still left a distinct splitter plate (I will try to get a close up of this once construction is a little further down the line). I loved the detail in the cockpit; I think many resin aftermarket companies really would struggle to better in resin what Airfix have produced in styrene. My only additions if I wasn't going OOB with this build would be a seat belt set and P/E IPs. The choice of plain seats for the "Nosegunner" to inhabit (thanks Debs) or a reasonable stab at moulded-in belts for the no nosegunner option sealed the OOB deal for me as I think the depicted belts are the best I've seen on a mainstream OOB kit. Again once constructed and painted I will back this up with a close up or two. I wasn't even phased by the short shot headbox on one of the MB 4GT/1s (the diddly little bang-seats that Martin Baker made especially for the oh so tiny Gnat if I'm correctly advised), as cutting the required shape from some Evergreen sheet was a painless experience. Here's where we have got to so far with everything masked off where necessary to keep paint off of mating surfaces and a shot of Halfords grey primer on everything in sight. Do you know what, I think I fancy another hour of this. I think I have been Gnat bitten. Well me luvlies, it's been great chatting but TTFN and thanks for sticking with me on this. Chris
  15. GB Chat

    Hello, do you have room for one more? Started the Airfix 1/48th Gnat this afternoon as I needed a viceless (or as close as good enough for government work) build to restore a bit of modelling mojo after having fought the Italeri single seat Eurofighter Typhoon to a stalemate over the last two months. I thought I'd bought the far better later Revell issue but it turns out that Revell had also previously issued the Italeri PoS (and I wondered at the time why my tiny rubbish bid had won on eBay!). Still the stickers on it can wait, let's start enjoying modelling again! I plan to do the Gnat in the 1977 Red Arrows scheme (and it will be completely OOB). What could be more British than that?