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  1. Always fancied this one, I was eleven when it came out but too big for the mancave these days so I've settled for the 1/144 version sitting right in front of me! So I'm in!
  2. Congratulations from me too Radleigh, guess what your photography skills are going to be used for now!
  3. Either that's a scale model kitchen or a cat crossed with a Great Dane!
  4. Well, sort of. "Sure it takes an Irishman to play the pipes!" Sheesh!
  5. Or Richard Burton! Shughie MacPhie, from Hugh, also can be known as Shuggie!
  6. Hey mods, isn't it about time we pinned this subject as we seem to go through the customs charges threads every couple of months! Cheerzen Kev
  7. It is correct, nine times out of ten you won't get snagged for these charges but when buying overseas it's best to expect them then it's a bonus when you get a freebie.
  8. I'm with you on this!
  9. Another cracking build Andrew, you have a talent! Nice touch with the b+w shots alongside Sheffield!
  10. Another one that's been sitting in the box of doom, at least you have launched yours and impressively done too!
  11. Simply stunning!
  12. I know just how tiny this model is so kudos to you for such a nice build!
  13. Echoing all of the above with good reason, beautiful work!
  14. After Prometheus it's definitely a bit of a let down. It's an enjoyable enough film but I think the whole story was pointless. I was hoping for more of a David/Shaw film but got a run of the mill sci-fi based on the Alien franchise.
  15. Had a little bit of a spending spree lately. The following in 1/700: Dragon HMS York and Sovremenny. Pit Road Udaloy. Hobbyboss USS Cole. Revell Bismarck. Plus some aftermarket goodies for some of the above. In 1/1200: Revell Queen Elizabeth 2. And in 1/144: Revell E2C Hawkeye. And in 1/1 Peugeot 207 for Mrs Jockster!