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  1. Gunpowder mate, after the kicking life has been giving you two over these past few years hearing this news is awesome. Congratulations to you both!
  2. Airfix without doubt. I wouldn't like to see Revell, Tamiya, Trumpeter, AMK or Hobbyboss disappear either but I would be truly gutted if Airfix went to the wall!
  3. Seaking!
  4. I had, for a minute, thought they had put you on SATINS and had wondered what kind of IPMS regime you were a member of! 'From now on you vill only be paintink your models vith ze crayons Herr Bentvaters!'
  5. Wierd, just been listening to Johny be Good giving one of my stepdaughters a taste of good old rock n roll. What a legacy he leaves behind. Do not rest in peace Chuck! In the best way possible!
  6. Thirty odd years ago a Scottish Television presenter ended up in A and E with a particular type of vibrating personal massage device stuck up his bottom. The nurses were unsure whether or not to remove it or just change the batteries!
  7. Is the air complete and original? I don't want to find a listing next week saying that it's the rest of the air. If I buy the air can you wrap it in bubble wrap to prevent any damage in transit!
  8. My beef with this is that wives and partners remember what you are interested in, terrific memories, and they like to surprise their loved ones by finding and buying those hard to find items. How would they know that bits are missing unless it's in the description. Every woman I have ever known has one of those memories and I just don't like the idea of that being rewarded by being conned by clever wording. They don't deserve that!
  9. I see it as holding people to ransom. Especially removing the front and rear wings to sell separately! His listing for CCBB car has not mentioned them as being sold on another listing , but he has mentioned that the side wings operate, there is a level of dishonesty here, but maybe I just have a strange moral code.
  10. I must have been looking at the same time! It's the same with all the other stuff he's selling! DeAgostini sure enough!
  11. I've looked at his other items and sure enough there is the tray, and the car and the girl and the front and rear wings all sold separately! I can feel my blood boiling despite the fact that I'm not interested in any of it. Why am I getting so worked up about this? Well that's it! He's not getting a Christmas card from me. (Stamp, envelope and greetings sold separately!)
  12. You know, I was actually joking about it, so is the tray and car for sale too. Blimey, I just hit the link, £65 for an EMPTY box? Did someone actually buy it? Aaaaand the clear plastic window has been 'tastefully' replaced!
  13. Soon to be followed by a listing for the tray, then the box, then the little catalogue that was in the box and only then will you be allowed to buy the car itself, albeit scratched, chipped, chewed and broken but that will be OK because it will be listed as 'pre loved'!
  14. I know what football is, ànd that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge!
  15. Ha! Creative editing I see! Actually, she's probably the only football team owner I've heard of!