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  1. Mrs Jockster came running upstairs thinking I'd lost an arm! I'll leave my language to your imagination. I reckon it was a poltergeist as there's no discernable reason for it to fall. The shelf is back up and you could sit on it and it would take your weight without issue. The stuff that was on the shelf weighed next to nothing. My fingers are covered in splinters from scratching my head so much!
  2. Stunning Bob, but 42 hours? That in itself is stunning. Always a joy to look at your models.
  3. Oh dear, is this yours?
  4. Health and safety conscious me, I've been using a scalpel to scrape the primers from the depth charges for safety reasons!
  5. What about when the mancave itself decides to do it's own modifications. I have been fixing shelves and things to walls for about 3 decades now, like most men I know what I'm doing when it comes to making sure of a good solid fixing into plaster, brick, wood, concrete etc., Using the appropriate anchors and screws. Never had anything ever go wrong and my shelves can take a lot of weight without issue. An hour ago I took a break from my 1/144 HMCS Snowberry to make a cup of tea, giving my eyes a rest because I've been cleaning up a lot of parts for assembly and painting. I've been organising said parts into an A4 size paint palette ideal for this job. During the time I've been away, one of the shelves above my bench has fallen from the wall, it has hit the corner of the palette and launched a full spread of depth charges across the room accompanied by the rails, K guns, Lewis guns, Bofors, 4 incher, hedgehog, radar, boats, in fact just about everything except the galley sink. What's more annoying is that there is no evidence of having hit, let alone sunk, a single U-BOAT! Sincerely yours, Jockster. Currently on his hands and knees trying to find everything!
  6. Lochgoilhead is indeed a beautiful place, the fishing not so good though. I rather wanted to live by the old castle, sadly I don't have the money!
  7. Nice link Clipper, but there is a plain sheet available somewhere which is just scale planking, iirc it came in 1/700 and either 1/400 or 1/350 scale lasered plank width pattern. Ideal for doing the bits not covered by the dedicated deck sets such as the balconies along the sides of QM2.
  8. Possibly people aren't noticing when autocorrect kicks in, I've been caught out many times by computamabobs thinking they know better than me about what I want to write!
  9. Oh yes, very nice model indeed!
  10. Lovely model, and she is huge, so is the box she came in! Very enjoyable pictures.
  11. You may already know this but if you have the bow thruster doors open then have the stabiliser fins retracted and vice versa.
  12. Searched through my eBay purchase history but no joy. If I find it I'll let you know.
  13. Sorry Gosito but Tim (Comfortablynumb) has not been here since 2015. Such a shame as many of us are big fans of his work!
  14. That's certainly true Markie, I cannot remember where I got my planked sheet from but I do remember that I had trouble tracking some down.
  15. The Roman baths is well worth a visit then, expensive until you see what you are getting for your money. It was around the 24quid each mark and my wife and I nearly legged it, glad we didn't!