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  1. Not happy

    Having been bitten twice by circular saws I offer you my sincerest sympathies with your injuries. I hope that it is as it sounds and that you've escaped tendon and bone damage. All the very best for speedy recovery.
  2. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale-update

    Very bad for your physical well-being which is why it is no longer used for sleepy time in the hospital! Use EMA plastic weld, that'll melt just about anything plastic in our modelling world.
  3. Winter driving

    There are plenty out there that aspire to winning the Darwin Awards!
  4. Clubs

    If there was a club in Worcester I'd probably join but alas, no! Besides, it's kinda difficult to transport models on a motorcycle, I took a few to Cosford this year and all suffered from the journey there with only one being intact enough to display, it did not survive the return journey!. I enjoy the shows though, as Dave says, it gives you a chance to meet up every now and then and I haven't met anyone at a show yet that I didn't like or respect!
  5. Horizon 1/20 Tyrannosaurus Rex and Apatosaurus

    You are a superstar Troy, to think that my grandmother used to by this and others for me when I was so very young, I guess she never actually read one. What a blast from the past. I even had the red arrow gift!
  6. Fats Domino dies at 89

    One of my late Father's favourites and as a result, one of mine. He's walking to New Orleans!
  7. Points from the wife using my dynamic model skills ??

    Like most of us and as per Beardie, I'm the family go to guy for anything that breaks or needs built. Particularly the stepdaughters as they believe I can fix anything and everything, which I do!
  8. CMS Colombo Express - 1/700 by Revell

    The kit containers are fine but are full stacks, they look like large Lego bricks whereas the resin ones have the variety and appearance of randomness in their stacking. The reality is down to weight distribution and balance! There are also photoetch versions out there too!
  9. I have the England as the England and it's a great little kit, you've done a very nice build here, well done sir!
  10. Sir Bruce Forsyth: TV legend dies aged 89

    Definitely one life that was lived to the fullest! Rest in peace Sir Brucie!
  11. Britmodeller running slow?

    Aw crap! Don't bring one of those credit card reading devices, you tend to sell a lot of stuff I like to buy!
  12. Britmodeller running slow?

    Once my mojo has returned I will be upping my supplies of Colourcoats, I will still be sending you my pennies no matter where you advertise. I've met you, I like you and you're a decent bloke and that's all that matters to me and my wallet!
  13. Britmodeller running slow?

    I'm on several other sites too and haven't seen any BM bashing on them, I guess I've been lucky enough to choose the decent ones. On another note, Duncan and Jamie are right in what they say, it's not being fair in penalising vendors just because of where they advertise, business is business and advertising can be everything to small businesses like those of Jamie, Duncan, Mike etc..
  14. Very nice Dermot, these Hobbyboss Arleigh Burke models are the business and you've certainly done a nice job on this one. Recommendations for you in 1/700 Cyberhobby/Dragon Type 42 destroyer Trumpeter Slava Class Revell Bismarck
  15. 1/350 HMS Warspite 1942

    Very nicely done Sir, the subtle shading and weathering have really enhanced all your hard work!