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  1. Me me me! V-P
  2. It's time to finally say something as I'm one of the hosts! I'm deep in the middle of building some F-16:s in their STGB, but want to take part in this mega gb too. So, today I ordered a Tamiya 1:72 Mosquito kit at my local hobby shop. It should arrive by next weekend which suits me fine as I'm leaving to Lapland to do some skiing for a few days. First Mossie for me, ever 😃
  3. A fine looking trio. I'm glad you're feeling better 😊. Best regards, V-P
  4. Only written update to save your eyes. I decided to build the Dutch Orange Lion demobird and tested my old Humbrol orange by brushing it (I´m not too fuzzy about correct shade here) on the tail fin. Next step: bring out brake fluid to remove it, and get some rattle can orange! Plan B: I do have two sets of Revell C-fins and one intake that hasn´t got the mouth piece attached: should I get Astra Decals for an Aviano Block 40 instead, and Attack Squadron bulged MLG doors ... Or should I wait with them until the next GB opportunity? Decisions, decisions... I think I´ll stick to my original plan and save the USAFE birds for later (and probably get them lovely Tamiya kits). Otherwise thing are going nicely. V-P
  5. by next year, I should be recovered from trying to build a sextet of European F-16:s - so this GB could be a perfect opportunity to build some USAFE versions from Aviano! Please, count me in too 😀. V-P
  6. Why not just continue the build by making a new thread at the WIP, add there a link to this thread, and vice versa, add here a linky to the new one 😀. This one-o-nine is looking good, by the way! V-P
  7. Thanks Enzo, the annual KUTA is exactly what some stalled builds need - a kick etc. My shelf of doom is empty atm, but let's see what ends up there during this year
  8. Have fun! I found even the old Frog kit to be more tempting build than this... But I´ve seen beautiful models produced from this! Ask if any of the fellow BM:ers would have the Zvezda A-4 lower cowlings left over from an A-5 build, that´d be an easy way to update the Airfix kit to correct subtype. Oh, and the boxart is truly great. I´ve seen a vignette with this kit and Airfix Tribal class destroyer built to resemble it. Regards, V-P
  9. I´m not one of the mods but I think I can answer on their behalf that it´s common practice to do like you suggested above. And when you add a link to your build thread in the RFI post (why not?), that may also attract non-group builders to come and take a look at what´s happening down here. V-P
  10. For those of us that have the F-16 and Bf 109 STGB II:s, and the Matchbox "normal" GB as highlights of the year . Regards, V-P
  11. Build them all, you know you want to (ha, gotcha!)
  12. That was quick, if it´s already done
  13. Take it easy Ozzy 😁 there's plenty of other stuff to build! But if you find a good kit and some time... You're welcome to join! V-P
  14. I have similar experience. Two weeks of radio silence and then suddenly a small brown parcel in the mailbox, free of charge. V-P