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  1. Enzo, could you please add this to the placeholder list for 2018 GB vote, as we have our 2nd chance to go? V-P
  2. Thank you - but let's all give credit to SimonT for the idea! V-P
  3. I hope you're not restrictive about DC-2 that I can't tell is that much different than a dash3? V-P http://www.hanssinjukka.fi
  4. Beaufort - yes. Yak-9 - likewise. Early Ju 88 - why not? V-P
  5. Thanks for your interest, Glynn! If we're bound for another round of voting later this year, I'm proposing an update to the rules per Craig a few posts up - a buddy build option for two Britmodellers joining for this one. Sounds very good, thanks guys! V-P
  6. Welcome, Max! We've only just begun so it's not too late to join in. V-P
  7. Thanks, Ozzy, tonight I had better things to do than building kits - I saw the Red Arrows for the first time live! Well there were various other performers too, but you just can't beat them.
  8. Jure, not in any way difficult. I was just wondering what the exhaust system would look, and how it would affect the aerodynamics in a slim and tightly confined shape of a Spit or a 109 cowling. V-P
  9. You're most welcome! Somehow... I can't help loving your subject 👍
  10. nobody mentioned (?) the difficulty in collecting the exhaust gases in a non-radial engine, like a Merlin in a Spitfire or a DB 60x in a Bf 109, and then ducting them to that lumpy turbocharger... Compared to having a series of short exhaust stubs exiting the airframe? The concept for turbocharging just wasn´t feasible in my opinion. V-P P.S. The greatest car ever? The Saab 900 turbo 16 Aero, of course
  11. And I´m done... not! I just put some decorative stuff close to my workbench to provide some inspiration. That Heller G-6 gunboat on the right is my first attempt at Britmodeller and its Group Builds Here are the props and spinners. Here´s the quartet as it stands now. My next Bf 109:s will be G-2:s... I hate adding those MG bulges, whatever make the kit is, they are a to get nice. regards, V-P
  12. Shell ejection chutes for the cowl MG:s?
  13. I really can't imagine there could be a Britmodeller Group Build without you Rich! Welcome aboard! V-P
  14. Well done pabbi 👍. Reminds me of classic Heller boxart back in my childhood. V-P
  15. doesn't someone do complete white metal landing gears for larger scale planes? At least in the 1:32 scale? Then one would only need unpainted tire bottom surfaces touching conducting base plates... Moving the model half an inch off those tiny plates could serve as an on-off switch too? Am I thinking too much ?