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  1. I rephrase my suggestion: 2017 the -70's 2018 the -60's 2019 the -50's 2020 the -90´s 2021 2000-2009 (the -00´s ???) 2022 the -10´s That´ll give the industry more time to produce stuff for the latest era, and helios the multivalve won´t have to wait that long for the -90´s Poor Enzo... the moment he finds out we´ve scheduled a group build for the next five years V-P
  2. Or... 2017 the -70's 2018 the -60's 2019 the -50's 2020 time for 2010-19?
  3. I´d rather call them the intermediate type - they were larger than ones used in G-2 and earlier models. V-P
  4. Eduard

    I´m NOT tempted to switch to this huge scale, but it WILL be interesting to see this go head to head with the new Zvezda G-6 kit . Thanks for the review! V-P
  5. There´ll never be boxart good enough to justify saving even a portion of those dreadful flimsy end- opening blue boxes by Revell. I hate them. I hate them. Just my and thanks for giving me another opportunity to express my feelings about them . Best regards, V-P
  6. Banners! Banners, not Badges! I believe they are used more for promoting a current or future GB rather than commemorating a completed one. The signature size limits hit hard any idea of badge-banner collecting. Some MTO GB banners can be spotted at pages 5 and 6 at the dedicated Future GB thread. Glad you liked the GB 😀 Best regards, V-P
  7. What is a badge? I haven´t ran into any badges at Britmodeller but am curious to know if such exist. Regards, V-P
  8. Very true to prototype, will be constantly delayed and cost more than expected . V-P
  9. Me me me! V-P
  10. It's time to finally say something as I'm one of the hosts! I'm deep in the middle of building some F-16:s in their STGB, but want to take part in this mega gb too. So, today I ordered a Tamiya 1:72 Mosquito kit at my local hobby shop. It should arrive by next weekend which suits me fine as I'm leaving to Lapland to do some skiing for a few days. First Mossie for me, ever 😃
  11. A fine looking trio. I'm glad you're feeling better 😊. Best regards, V-P
  12. Only written update to save your eyes. I decided to build the Dutch Orange Lion demobird and tested my old Humbrol orange by brushing it (I´m not too fuzzy about correct shade here) on the tail fin. Next step: bring out brake fluid to remove it, and get some rattle can orange! Plan B: I do have two sets of Revell C-fins and one intake that hasn´t got the mouth piece attached: should I get Astra Decals for an Aviano Block 40 instead, and Attack Squadron bulged MLG doors ... Or should I wait with them until the next GB opportunity? Decisions, decisions... I think I´ll stick to my original plan and save the USAFE birds for later (and probably get them lovely Tamiya kits). Otherwise thing are going nicely. V-P
  13. by next year, I should be recovered from trying to build a sextet of European F-16:s - so this GB could be a perfect opportunity to build some USAFE versions from Aviano! Please, count me in too 😀. V-P
  14. Why not just continue the build by making a new thread at the WIP, add there a link to this thread, and vice versa, add here a linky to the new one 😀. This one-o-nine is looking good, by the way! V-P
  15. Thanks Enzo, the annual KUTA is exactly what some stalled builds need - a kick etc. My shelf of doom is empty atm, but let's see what ends up there during this year