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  1. PK-109 Junkers Ju 188

    I think they used what ever suitable lighter shade they had at hand 😄.
  2. PK-109 Junkers Ju 188

    That splinter scheme looks so good! I think the stripes could be RLM 65 as the undersides, or RLM 76 as the fighter a/c undersides are. You takes your pick! V-P
  3. The inevitable Spitfire Mkix.

    Glad to see this getting built here too! V-P
  4. Revbox Canberra PR9

    This is a good start
  5. Here I go again, off to uncharted waters if I may say so. Haven't built a ship since... Can't even remember when, pre-teen so probably in the -70's? I was just about to begin when I remembered to take an opening shot of what I got. Wish me luck! V-P
  6. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Even a thought of that Viggen in a splinter scheme makes an old SAAB- enthusiasts' heart pounding faster. That was the meanest piece of a warplane that never got proper use... But I still recall the pics I saw as a kid of a Viggen in perfect sunshine over the Baltic Sea. Just do it!
  7. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Painting Panther roadwheels equals to what a vacuum cleaner does: s**** I had 11 Revell 1:72 Panthers built for wargaming. They were all finished - except the wheels and L&L tracks. Just couldn't force myself to painting 264 rubber rims. My Panzer coy was always "hull down" I hate Panther wheels. Definitely. Forever. V-P
  8. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Today I came home with a (Revellized) 1:700 Abdiel class minelayer kit. I'm going to build a ship? We'll se-a! V-P
  9. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Thanks for the info Ozzy - but no more 1:35 scale kits for me, I'm afraid. I found a review via Scalemates, now I want to get one such kit. Should be easy. V-P
  10. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Due to recent enamourment with a Matchbox 1:76 armour kit, can anyone tell me if their M7 Priest SPG would be as joyful build as the Jagdpanther was? V-P
  11. PK-80 1:76 Jagdpanther (rebox) *finished*

    First to finish! Pics in the Gallery, thanks for your interest! V-P
  12. Matchbox Gallery

    PK-80 Sd.Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther in 1:76. Abandoned due to lack of fuel by an s.Pz.Jg.Abt "Unbekannte" in Irgendwo, Germany, early days of May 1945. Almost OOB build and what a joy this was . Brush painted with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylic paints. Thanks to Arniec and Enzo Matrix for the show! Best regards, V-P
  13. PK-80 1:76 Jagdpanther (rebox) *finished*

    I got some job done on the Jp after the base was finished. I sanded away the empty tool racks, filled the slots for those american jerrycans supplied in the kit and added front mudguards made of thin aluminium. The wheels got painted and the suspension assembled. While I'm writing this, the thinned and sliced crew hatches are glued and setting, as is the barrel cleaning set tube that got relocated to the back of the engine hatch. So all it needs now is more paint and tracks! This will look a bit hybrid-like, with features of late and final production variants. I comfort myself with the thought that in 1945 Jerry scratched together what ever he could, with whatever parts... V-P Edit: one hour later the Jp looks like this. Maybe the primer red needs to be painted over, behind the wheels.
  14. PK-80 1:76 Jagdpanther (rebox) *finished*

    Just a few joyful moments with some paints resulted a finished baseplate: Me happy 😄. V-P
  15. PK-80 1:76 Jagdpanther (rebox) *finished*

    Painted most of the roadwheels, well, as the most hated thing I know in plastic modelling is still left to do: painting the rubber surfaces of a German big cat interleaved suspension roadwheels. I h8 it! Splashed some colour on the base too. Will add tarmac, concrete and brick colours when the black base has dried. As the Jp will be a late model I started removing the tool racks from the hull sides. No sanding before the black paint has dried, again. V-P