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  1. I like your update but don´t like what happened to that MG! V-P
  2. I've been browsing the interweb trying to find pics of EPAF, Italian or Portuguese (that's 6) MLU:s with a captive Sidewinder and an ACMI pod at wingtips. Yes, that Pappy's beautiful Top Gun Viper at Tony Oliver's build thread got my juices flowing Can anyone help me? A plane at a Tigermeet, perhaps? V-P
  3. Thanks PBS, there´s now one set on their way to V-P homebase! A few pics: The Panda Solo Türk C- kit rear mated to B-kit front. I´m trying to do an Italian B ADF- variant, thus the homemade IFF bird slicers. Fortunately, lousy pic of lousy craftmanship I wanted to reduce the number of pieces running loose, and assembled five tails. They are left to right B, NL/ NO and then ITA/DK. Let´s add this POC kit on the list of Organ Doners for this build. Not for the airplane kit... ...but because of a pair of maybe basic, but dimensionally very accurate Mavericks Waiting for the sixth kit Best regards, V-P
  4. It was inevitable, wasn't it? With my fifth build gaining momentum, I noticed Big H having a resupply of Revell C kits while also stocking the Daco strengthening plates and Modelmaker Portuguese AM decals. My PayPal balance was wiped out... Still I'm glad if I finish even one of them 😊. Best regards and happy modeling! V-P P.S. I suppose this means I now will have enough pylons and weapons to arm a pair of Tamiya Block 50:s w/o full equipment?!?
  5. Thanks, PBS, they could help with insignia and stenciling, though I´m not that fond of any special schemes. Regards, V-P
  6. Last night, while waiting for the putty to set after I had attached four intakes in four lower fuselages, I ventured out on new adventures and scratchbuilt an IFF antenna for an ADF variant. I started with a Revell "blank" panel (which I had five), added a rectangular baseplate and then four antenna blades on that. Light grey kit plastic, white plastic sheet and my pocket camera settings don´t allow a decent photo of it. Anyway, that (and some cockpit pieces) means the fifth kit is also on the assembly line. The Italians had just one dual seater ADF variant in use - MM 7268 - and that´s what she´ll be portrayed as. There are decals for that in the Italeri A/B kit. By the way... anybody know of a source for Portuguese decals in 72nd scale... Regards, V-P EDIT: If I can´t do quality, I can do quantity. It has a quality of its own...
  7. Actually the third sprue, with the bits on the right, is for the MLU kits. V-P
  8. I first thought you had finally gone mixed up with all these group builds, and made a blitz single type Sufa build. Now where's the build thread ? She's really a looker V-P
  9. General Stumpfs´ migratory bird shiphunters spending a summer at the Arctic, winter at the Mediterranean Banak, Norway, July 1942 Ju 88 A-4 w/MG-FF 4D+FN 5./KG 30 Ju 88 A-4 LT 1T+DT 9./KG 26 Slightly modified Revell 1:72 Ju 88 A-4 kits, various Italeri, Hasegawa and Zvezda parts Eduard canopy masks for one A-4 and one C-6 kit used so the other nose is painted freehand, unmasked Humbrol and Revell enamels applied with very old brushes Big thanks to fellow Britmodellers Bil and Stew Dapple for providing me with those various parts and some decals too Original Ju 88 STGB buildthread here and the finishing KUTA IX buildthread here. Actually I´m not very happy with my results. Revell supplies a decent-ish kit that needs some skills and patience in fitting some of the components, and I possess neither There are subtle differences in the camouflage and theater markings of these planes, most due to difference in the altitude they attack the shipping. They didn´t need a night camouflage in the midsummer, above the Polar Circle... there´s 24 hours of sunshine Regards, V-P
  10. I have finished the Junkerses (?!?) a while ago but never thought about posting them in the Gallery too . Maybe it´s time to fix this . V-P
  11. Just to prove everyone that Britmodeller really is an every modellers´ site that has no minimum level for skills, I post three pics of my builds . I painted all the upper fuselage recesses black to add some depth to them. The panel line detail here is the best part of these kits and may have misled many a inbox reviewer that has praised them. Parts that will remain visible through the intake were also painted black, and the lower fuselage recesses too. I may have the ventral fins in incorrect angle? I did attach the nose gear doors after taking this pic. They needed some trimming to fit in closed position. The intake exteriors will need some filling and sanding, so far they are the weakest point of these kits. But why are there six cockpit bays for four kits ? Btw I mixed the grey and black parts in the last two I assembled, that helped a lot in seeing what I was doing. Regards, V-P
  12. PBS, that sounds a lot like my plan too. I try to do two Zvezda Flankers, a 33 and a 27, one in this STGB and one in From Russia With Love GB. So far got only one kit, though... V-P
  13. The grey one Sorry for that and to be honest, I haven't decided the actual plane yet. None of those special scheme ones, that's quite sure. So far all the options are still available. Assembly line is indeed running and constant progress has been made, but nothing to really take pictures of. V-P
  14. 50th anniversary of Israeli vs. Everybody Around Them Six Day War this year. Pity that the Mirage GB doesn't fit the date.