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  1. 1/72 Revell Bf 109 G-10

    If my memory and ole eyes serve me right, this pic shows my Revell dash ten build after the fix. I cut the lg tunnel further inboard a few mm and made a new top from styrene sheet. Didn't take a long time nor needed a lot of skills, hey if I could do that Good luck with your build too! V-P
  2. 1/72 Revell Bf 109 G-10

    Actually they say it's a 1996 new-tool. I like it anyway. Not an over-engineered and flimsy one, imo. V-P
  3. Eduard's Bf110E (Profipack)

    That makes a trio of these kits in this GB! Nice start! V-P
  4. 1/25 49 Mercury Wagon

    Sleeper... That´s not a FoMoCo flathead . Beautiful model, thinks V-P
  5. Eduard Bf 110 E 1/72nd

    And I'm off. First thing I did was to remove the unnecessary parts to clear my view on what to build, and what not. Here are most of what goes to spares box. I did find even more of them later. These parts, on the other, I will use: And maybe some of these goodies too: Build pics? No, not yet. I started assembling simple plastic subassemblies - although the landing gear can't be described as simple - whatever I looked to be reasonable to smack together before painting anything. And indeed, like the Airfix 110 and Revell Ju 88 kits, I prefer to assemble the landing gear in situ, piece by piece and then build the nacelles around them. Works well, highly recommended! And the kit is just beautiful. Best regards, V-P
  6. Bf 110 loadout from Sicily to Malta

    Graham, you´re right of course and those barrage balloon tanks nearly doubled the range. The convoy support role just isn´t what I wish to model. Best regards, V-P
  7. Matchbox II GB Chat

  8. Matchbox II GB Chat

    A great idea. Let me just suggest we´d skip one year, as there´s no point in making the classic Matchbox-Airfix-Frog- trio compete against each other for a GB slot? This was a 2017 GB, Airfix Golden Years will be a 2018 GB and I´m really hoping for a Frog GB in 2019. Though Matchbox kits are and were superb compared to those lesser companies , maybe we should aim for 2020. I´m in anyway! Best regards, V-P
  9. P 38 Lightning STGB II for 2019 ?@9 on Dec 6th

    I can see a Lockheed/P-38 MEGA GB on it´s way á la De Havilland/Mosquito we had last year. Now, do I need to sign in on both . Better to be safe than sorry - I´m in. V-P Well that wasn´t so difficult
  10. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 20 on Feb 14th

    I can see a Lockheed/P-38 MEGA GB on it´s way á la De Havilland/Mosquito we had last year. Now, do I need to sign in on both . Better to be safe than sorry - I´m in. V-P
  11. Bf 110 loadout from Sicily to Malta

    Thanks Jerry - how could I forget Neil´s page . V-P
  12. Bf 110 loadout from Sicily to Malta

    Thanks Jure and Steve! I'll browse through those pics, but will most likely do the regular 2x500 kg with 2x300 l loadout. I dislike those 900 litre balloon tanks... Unless used in a Ju 88 recce plane! The 50kg bombs I'll save for later use. Just got my workbench/desk cleared from a previous build, so maybe tomorrow I start the one-TEN! Best regards, V-P
  13. *done* PK-61 1:700 HMS Ariadne (rebox)

    Pics and greetings in the Gallery! V-P
  14. Matchbox Gallery

    1:700 Abdiel- class minelayer HMS Ariadne Never mind the colours - I had a lot of fun and joy building this little kit! Thanks again to Arniec and Enzo Matrix for running the show for us. Man, this GB was worth every little penny spent. I built a tank, a plane and a ship . Best regards, V-P
  15. Eduard Bf 110 E 1/72nd

    Time to get focused on the -ten, then. Building the Eduard Bf 110 E- kit, one of the first decisions needed is whether to build a short or long fuselage one? Unlike Airfix, that has the separate tail sections to add in a later phase, Eduard gives you two complete one piece fuselage halves. And mighty fine looking plastic parts they are, too. I built an Airfix kit with Eduard decals in the Bf 110 STGB a few years back. Now it´s time to do vice versa. Here´s the (c) Airfix website illustration for the paint scheme and decals I´ve chosen: A nice scheme with a North African front RLM 78/79 camouflage, no splinters, no mottling , some white theater colours and red Staffel colours. Though I´m a bit puzzled about the rudders and lower cowlings being yellow. The red plane code "K" and spinner head are correct for 8. Staffel. BUT, the more colours, the better! Though I hate painting white... . Best regards, V-P