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  1. Great film! Not sure about the re-make however. Shame they wheren't Hind-A's used in the film but actually Puma's probably the same one used in Rambo to be fair. loving the work thus far Ced! Those guys look very laid back in their seats huh? Kind Regards, Dazz
  2. Evening All, Done a bit more work on Kamidake (See below). I'm having a bit of problems with the Techmod decals not conforming to the dips and bumps. Even though I have caked the decals in MicroSet/Sol... Has anyone else had any problems with those decals? I have painted the bottom JN Grey on Azaka and am just waiting for that to set before I do anything else to that one. That's it for this update. Kind Regards, Dazz
  3. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    Would be fun to be part of the GB. Although it isn't my first "Gundam" themed item to enter a GB. I am struggling to find anything else from Gundam that has a shark mouth on it. I found a Gundam that *WAS* a shark (don't ask) but that is it. I'm sure there is more, but my mind is drawing a blank here. However I did think of this one... but no teeth so can not enter it. Shame, some people are just as afraid of clowns as they are sharks. Especially with it has 4 great big Gatlings on it's arms. Kind Regards, Dazz
  4. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    Oo I like the sounds of this, I have loads of stuff that have a "mouth" on it. If I can find one for a decent price, I'll enter with the RB-79K from Gundam 08th MS Team... a deathtrap in space - see below. Failing that I did always like the look of the Jordan Viper mouths... hhmm... Kind Regards, Dazz
  5. Howdy @LostCosmonauts, truth be told - no I didn't. At least not yet anyhow. I have painted her and decaled her. I need to find the wheels for it as they where packed away when I moved house. But she is close to completion. Not 100% on the top wing roundels from Hannants decal sheet however (see below). Not perfect by any means but it'll do for a piece that will probably end up damaged. Kind Regards, Dazz
  6. Oo a Hind! I built the old Revell Tigermeet version back when I was about 12-13... many moons ago. I will be interested to see how this version builds up as I have been meaning to build another and have had my eye on this one. I've just noticed and not seen it mentioned anywhere, but are you trying to build the Hind-F that is in the film or the Hind-E from the box CedB? I will be pulling up a beanbag for this one. Kind Regards, Dazz
  7. My kit was stopped by Customs.

    I'm going to assume you mean from Amazon.co.jp? I have used them alot over the last 20-ish years I have imported stuff from Japan. My record from ordering to delivery is still 38 hours via DHL, god knows how that happened! anyhow if it helps you any, I order my stuff from Hobby Link Japan. You can use the "Private Warehouse" facility where you can save orders up for 3 months then send them out in one go (reducing shipping charges). Usually I ship via DHL or FedEx (I detest ParcelFarce due to a missing parcel - shock horror!). Not sure if DHL still do it, but FedEx will pay the customs fee/VAT on your behalf and then bill you about 2 weeks later plus the handling charge. I got pretty tired of this on one particular occasion so I called up asking if they could keep my bank details on a record or something. Turns out you can! So now I get everything shipped to my parents house where my account is registered. According to the lady who set up my account, if you register for a fedEx account, you don't pay any handling fees at all and the last few orders have gone through cheaper than they usually did (about £20 vs £40-ish). Might be worth a lookie if you are serious about importing? I once orderd a parcel from Amazon.co.jp... it left Japan, then went to Singapore, India, France, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Birmingham, Brussels and then Heathrow. That box was more travelled than I am! I'm sure the tracking details are wrong on that one. Kind Regards, Darren
  8. Afternoon All, Been a while since I updated this thread eh? I have been working Azaka and Kamidake. Azaka has been painted with the top camo and Kamidake has been glossed ready for decals. In the meantime I started two Mustangs, one a P-51D and the other a F-51. Also have an Hurricane on the go as well (I will post pictures later). So last time you saw Azaka and Kamidake they where just coming together. I painted their engines (shown below) - I am very happy with the way these have come out. I'm very happy with the ways these came out, just a shame about the blooming photo... I shouldn've used my DSLR. Like I said earlier, I have painted the camo on Azaka. According to my research and resreach, the differences between the two greens used on it where not too noticeable. So I found a build online of a chap who built this model and followed/stole his suggestions (link here - build by Scott Van Aken) - that link will take you to a website called "Modellingmadness.com" if this isn't allowed I will remove. I followed the paint mixature, but with Tamiya paints instead and my results came out a little different to his... hope it will brighten up under gloss. I like the differences in the paint, but still not 100% sold on them at this time. And below is where I left Azaka to dry after his third glossing. You can see my Horsa which is also getting finished off. Hopefully I can make a start on the decals for that soon... while doing this I felt something crawling up my arm - turns out I made a friend! I named this little bugger Katy after a nasty piece of work I knew at school... this thing was trying to attack my phone as I shooing it into the pot. Scared the living daylights out of me when I saw it on my arm however. That is me done for this minor update. Kind Regards, Dazz
  9. Compressor Leak

    Thank you for the advice lads, the PTFE tape worked a treat. I mentioned this to my Old Man yesterday and his words where "You should've used PTFE tape, didn't you know?!"... No Dad... I fix computers for a living not leaking pipes. Anyhow, thank you once again lads Kind Regards, Dazz
  10. Bandai 1/60 mkii Gundam

    Wow a PG Mk.II! Never seen one of these built up so will be watching with interest. The Mk.II is one of my favs as it was the precursor to the TR- Hazel line. Is this one going to be piloted by Emma Sheen? Or Kamil? You know Brundledonk, the Mk.II does take a hell of a beating in Zeta. It even has a fight against one of its sister suits in one of the first episodes. So you could make it with some of it's armor missing. Looking forward to seeing more Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. Very nicely done Thorn! I have quite a few of these Sea King kits myself (and Zero's) sitting in my man cave myself. I will be keeping an eye on the progress of this one. Looking forward to more! Kind Regards, Dazz
  12. Compressor Leak

    Afternoon All, Strange one for you guys. I have been using an AS-18 compressor, up until now it has worked flawlessly. However the other day my girlfriend was using it for her cakes. Despite me telling her not to, she had the compressor on the kitchen side. So it was running and getting closer to the edge of the kitchen side until it fell off. It hit the tiled floor while it had 20psi in the hose, scared the absolute hell out of me when it hit the floor! So after the fun conversations after that I looked at the damage. Apart from the hose and the regulator, everything looked okay. The casing on the regulator had actually shattered. So thinking it was worth a shot at £15 - I ordered a new regulator. Regulator turned up and I managed to fit it. Apart from not being able to get it to sit straight it all fitted really well. So I turned it on to test it and it was leaking air from the 1/8" connector side. It seems like it's on the nut/regulator side and not with the hose/nut end. Was I meant to put a fluid or sealant on the nut before I fitted it to close the holes/gaps? I am going to put some water over it to see if I can see the leak coming out to confirm it is that side. Is there a correct way I should have installed this regulator? It is useable, however it does leak out at rate so I may have to bite the bullet and get my girlfriend to buy me a new one >:) lol Thank you all for your help. Kind Regards, Dazz
  13. 1/72 Zvezda SU-33 Yellow 13 scheme

    That's pretty cool Flyboy! There was an official kit of Yellow 13 released, but it sold out really quickly. I've actually got Mobius 1 sitting on my desk with Galm 1 and 2, Garuada 1 and also Espada 2. I did start making all of the squadrons from Ace Combat Zero, but lost interest. My favourite has to be Zero - "Yo buddy, still alive?"... Worst is Horizon without a doubt, should've never left Strangereal. Where the decals home printed? Kind Regards, Dazz
  14. D-Day Double build.

    Hi Shellie, Just caught up the build. I am loving the work on the Stirling, might have to purchase one myself at a later date. I found my Horsa and took a picture of it to share to give you som inspiration (hopefully). The decals are from an Hannant's set, but I am very unsure about the size of the roundels on it. Anyhow enjoy! This is one of the few occasions where she is sitting on her wheels properly! Kind Regards, Dazz
  15. D-Day Double build.

    Very nice work there Shelliecool! I built the Horsa last year and haven't finished it to date. The only advise I would give you is to cram as much weight into the nose and even then you will not have enough as it will be a tailsitter! See my picture below. That is after cramming as much weight under the cockpit floor, control column, in the seats (I removed alot of plastic there) as I could, and she is still unstable and will tailsit happily. In the end I just pretty much filled the entire cockpit with liquid gravity and painted it black. I don't think much will be seen in there once finished as I have the original 1970's-ish moulding. I was building this for a chap who flew these into Pegasus Bridge in 1944 (his name completely escapes me right now), unfortunately I dropped it a day before I was to present it to him so didn't have the time to fix it. However when I turned up on the day, I found out the chap had passed away two weeks before the meet. I was really gutted, but his son really appreciated the efforts however. I will finish it when it warms up a bit. Dont forget to cut down the fuselage if you are doing a Mk.1. Looking forward to watching these progress Kind Regards, Dazz