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  1. D-Day Double build.

    Very nice work there Shelliecool! I built the Horsa last year and haven't finished it to date. The only advise I would give you is to cram as much weight into the nose and even then you will not have enough as it will be a tailsitter! See my picture below. That is after cramming as much weight under the cockpit floor, control column, in the seats (I removed alot of plastic there) as I could, and she is still unstable and will tailsit happily. In the end I just pretty much filled the entire cockpit with liquid gravity and painted it black. I don't think much will be seen in there once finished as I have the original 1970's-ish moulding. I was building this for a chap who flew these into Pegasus Bridge in 1944 (his name completely escapes me right now), unfortunately I dropped it a day before I was to present it to him so didn't have the time to fix it. However when I turned up on the day, I found out the chap had passed away two weeks before the meet. I was really gutted, but his son really appreciated the efforts however. I will finish it when it warms up a bit. Dont forget to cut down the fuselage if you are doing a Mk.1. Looking forward to watching these progress Kind Regards, Dazz
  2. So it's been just over two weeks and I haven't posted a single thing. I have been working on these two in the background just not had the energy to post anything. Gotta love the New Year enthusiasm huh?! So first picture. Both cockpits look like this, I know the green is the wrong "shade" but no one will see into the cockpit so I can live with it. This build is about enjoying building not getting bogged down in the details which I sometimes do. With both halfs closed. I have decided to name these Azaka - 阿座化 and Kamidake - 火美猛 no particular reason why, I just like the names and thought they'd fit until they are finished. Never realised how much would be visable behind the cockpit. Oh well if I build another one... As you can see I have cut the wing tips off Azaka so they can be shown in the stowed posistion. Never understood why the fold was so far down, surely that only saved a maximum of 5 foot per plane? I also got bored while waiting for the paint to dry on the cockpits for Kamidake and Azaka so I pulled out the Mustang (F-51) and the Hurrican Mk.I. I know the colours are wrong for the Hurricane, I had left over paint in the air brush and used it as a printer of sorts. It's all metallic now. You can also see my C-West RX-7 FD-3S, might finish that one day. Sorry it's not much of an update or many pictures. More to come. Kind Regards, Dazz
  3. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    2003 to be precise I actually own all 4 "series" from this show. It's your typical teenagers saving the planet from an external threat. Least it isn't Evangelion... Anyhow... I'll tag along with this build also. I'll also be stealing tips, as I want to buy/build the MS version one day. Kind Regards, Dazz
  4. To be perfectly honest smudge, I haven't even looked into the colours yet... lol According to the sheet, they are Humbrol codes 195 - Dark Green and 131 Mid-Green for the 261-Kokutai machine and Humbrol 195 - Dark Green all over for the CNAF machine. Not sure if those colours are correct, I will have to do some research into this. Kind Regards, Dazz
  5. Evening one and all, I'll be honest, I haven't finished an model of any description for probably over a year... I'm a serial kit-starter! I've got a few non-finished GB kits sitting on my shelf of doom but I just do not have the energy to finish them. I know it's bad but I am in a massive CBA mood with models right now. I think a large part of that was the fact my man cave was pretty much unusable during the spring/summer/autumn months. I have also moved house which has taken alot of my energy, but I have moved to a new house with my partner and we have a spare bedroom, so now I actually have room to make some models and she has space to do her crafty bits as well... it's a win win! Best of all we actually have a driveway now! No more parking in the street for me, or worrying if I will be able to get a parking spot when I got home from work. Now, my unfinished kits are in my man cave, however that is at my parents house so I can't really do much with them for the time being. So sitting here in the evenings I have pretty much been reading and getting ideas on stuff to build. That is where this post/thread comes in, I've decided to do a few simple builds to get my motivation up. I have decided to do the following kits because I want to get them built. I have got two kits of the Zero to do and only one of the Hawk. I have built the Hawk before (the 112 Sqn edition) so that shouldn't present me with any troubles. The two Zero's will not be painted in the scheme depicted on the box. I purchased a decal set a while ago with the intention of using the Chinese Nationalist Air Forces roundel for the Hawk. That was before I bought two Zero's. So they will be done in the below schemes... and... Please excuse the poor pictures, the lighting in here is pretty poor, I need to get some better bulbs in the spare room. The CNAF version is a quick simple colour on top and bottom, it also ties in nicely with the Hawk. The 261-Kokutai version is an interesting one that caught my eye a while ago, I don't think I had ever seen a camouflaged Zero before I saw that sheet. It looks simple and easy enough to do - famous last words I bet! These builds will not be the fastest in the world, I was meant to start these at the start of the holidays - however family trips/visits put a stop to that (yay!). If I get these three done within any decent time frame (about 5 years) then I have the following to add... I haven't started on these kits yet, I just wanted to get the thread up to give me a KUTA to start them. I haven't included the sprue shots as I am sure we all know what these kits look like now. More to follow soon I hope! Kind Regards, Dazz P.S.... I can not actually find the designation of "A6M2b" anywhere... I am assuming that it is the Type 21 "version" with the folded wing tips? I know it says "A6M2b-21" on the back of the box, but I am not too sure if I can trust that.
  6. Forum offline issues

    Not sure if this is anything to worry about or not? But I have noticed that since logging on after Christmas, the connection isn't secure and is going out of port 80. Not sure if this has always been the case? I've been connecting via my phone for the last month as I only just set up my PC on Boxing Day after getting broadband on the 22nd (got to love house moves eh?!) so can not remember if this has always been the case? Kind Regards, Dazz
  7. Britmodellers' X Files

    Aye they do, in the house I used to live in as kid, there was 3 paranormal "cold spots". Basically places that where freezing for no logical reason - one was infront of a coal fire! That particular one would freak the dogs out, and me and my sister. My mum once caught me having a conversation with it and with the dog sitting at my side looking at it. I was no more than 5 so don't really remember it. There was also "something" there that freaked the living stuff out of me, still does 30 years later. Maybe I should see a shrink? Lol The other day travelling south on the A130, I saw an asteroid in the sky. The weird thing was that it was heading to London and it's trail was blue. I've seen enough meteors/asteroids/comets to know that was odd. I thought it was a North Korean ICBM for a fraction of a second. I've got lots of stories of weird stuff... My mother has always said that my sister and I have "second sight". It's stronger in my sister than me, but also I don't believe it. But I have seen quite a few things that have made me question my sanity. :/ Kind Regards, Dazz
  8. Looking very nice Shood! I wasn't keen on the grey to start with, but now you've gotten this far it has grown on me and does look good. Good job! I've been stalled on an C-West RX-7 for 3 years now just because I can't figure out what colour to do the interior. But I like the Gulf orange idea so might do a variation on it. Thank you for the idea/inspiration. looking forward to seeing these built. Kind Regards, Dazz
  9. That is very impressive Leo! I have about 6 kits of the Red Arrows. Only reason I haven't started them is because I am scared of the red paint, which I'm glad to see hasn't hampered yourself. Looking forward to seeing more Kind Regards, Dazz
  10. ace combat fans XFA-27 coming soon

    That's interesting as usually it's Hasegawa or TomyTec that do the Ace Combat models... Will keep an eye out for this one. Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. Did you ever see the battletech cartoon? Think it was set during the 2nd Clan Invasion. Great cgi... For the time. I've got to be honest, I never liked this design or 00 for that matter. It was too much like Wing for my liking. But I'll be interested to see what you make of it Tolga Kind Regards, Dazz
  12. HG Zaku High Mobility The Origin kit

    OO this sounds good, really good! I'm rewatching Gundam Wing, can't believe it's nearly 20 years old! I've got to ask, how does the Tiger compare to the Zaku? I'm just wondering as I've noticed the tank is 1/100 and the Zaku is 1/144. Kind Regards, Dazz
  13. F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    Ouch that's not good Rade, I may have a few spares if you're interested? Just message me. Really looking good btw Kind Regards, Dazz
  14. More 1/144 Eagles

    Hey azureglo, Not much I am afraid, really really haven't had the time. I have managed to get the birds together. This is as far as I have gotten, I need to do some smoothing out and filling in. Shouldn't take me long, but thats usually my final last words. Most of time has been taken up by this little 1:1 project... That is my modelling shed, it has been emptied and dismanteld and moved back by 2-ish Meters... not an easy job I can tell you! The shed is in the final stages of being put back together now then I can start putting "my crap" back in there as my parents have dubbed it. Oh the shed is at my parents until I get my own place with a garden btw. I'm still waiting on the Shelf Oddities bits, only taken 2 weeks by post thus far... I think they are lost. Hoping to have an update "soon". Kind Regards, Dazz
  15. TIE/sk x1 "Striker"

    That looks really good Will! Love seeing you building your scenery, I might even try it one day... Maybe... Like everyone else has mentioned, I like the two Space-Rays, clever touch that. I also preferred the Base before you ripped the paint off, but I also understand why it was done. Not sold on the Tie Strikers design, dunno why. Is there a cockpit in the back? Looks likes a canopy is there? looking forward to the others Kind Regards, Dazz