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  1. That is very impressive Leo! I have about 6 kits of the Red Arrows. Only reason I haven't started them is because I am scared of the red paint, which I'm glad to see hasn't hampered yourself. Looking forward to seeing more Kind Regards, Dazz
  2. ace combat fans XFA-27 coming soon

    That's interesting as usually it's Hasegawa or TomyTec that do the Ace Combat models... Will keep an eye out for this one. Kind Regards, Dazz
  3. Did you ever see the battletech cartoon? Think it was set during the 2nd Clan Invasion. Great cgi... For the time. I've got to be honest, I never liked this design or 00 for that matter. It was too much like Wing for my liking. But I'll be interested to see what you make of it Tolga Kind Regards, Dazz
  4. HG Zaku High Mobility The Origin kit

    OO this sounds good, really good! I'm rewatching Gundam Wing, can't believe it's nearly 20 years old! I've got to ask, how does the Tiger compare to the Zaku? I'm just wondering as I've noticed the tank is 1/100 and the Zaku is 1/144. Kind Regards, Dazz
  5. F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    Ouch that's not good Rade, I may have a few spares if you're interested? Just message me. Really looking good btw Kind Regards, Dazz
  6. More 1/144 Eagles

    Hey azureglo, Not much I am afraid, really really haven't had the time. I have managed to get the birds together. This is as far as I have gotten, I need to do some smoothing out and filling in. Shouldn't take me long, but thats usually my final last words. Most of time has been taken up by this little 1:1 project... That is my modelling shed, it has been emptied and dismanteld and moved back by 2-ish Meters... not an easy job I can tell you! The shed is in the final stages of being put back together now then I can start putting "my crap" back in there as my parents have dubbed it. Oh the shed is at my parents until I get my own place with a garden btw. I'm still waiting on the Shelf Oddities bits, only taken 2 weeks by post thus far... I think they are lost. Hoping to have an update "soon". Kind Regards, Dazz
  7. TIE/sk x1 "Striker"

    That looks really good Will! Love seeing you building your scenery, I might even try it one day... Maybe... Like everyone else has mentioned, I like the two Space-Rays, clever touch that. I also preferred the Base before you ripped the paint off, but I also understand why it was done. Not sold on the Tie Strikers design, dunno why. Is there a cockpit in the back? Looks likes a canopy is there? looking forward to the others Kind Regards, Dazz
  8. F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    That's looking fantastic Rade! Sorry I didn't warn you about the ejector marks in the intakes. I had completely forgotten about them. Revell instructions do leave a lot to be desired sometimes. I should continue with mine soon. Kind Regards, Dazz
  9. 1/100 │ MS-06K Zaku Cannon

    Ouch.... I'm not that bad am I? lol It does kinda look Zaku I-ey but I know where to look for the differences in the suits. The main ones that *usually* give it away is that there is no horizontal strip on the mono-eye and the chest piece is, well full and angular compared to a curvey Zaku I (put an MS-05 and MS-06 side by side and you will see what I mean). Was looking at the new HG release for the Zaku Cannon... very tempted Love the camo Tolga, must have been a real pain to have masked up? I do like the "bunny ears", however only one line of suits should have them, the TR line of Gundams, altho the TR-5 is a Gaplant... hhmm... Tolga, can you stop building MG kits please? I am eyeing up so many of them and it's pulling me away from the HG/RG's lol Kind Regards, Dazz
  10. 1/100 ZGMF-X12A Gundam Testament

    Oo I like it, it's got a Blitz/Gold Frame/Gouf Ignited feel about it. I keep on seeing this kit on a well known auction site. Is this a new kit or something? Looking very good however Rock, what was the fleck you used for the metallics? Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. mechanicore

    I've seen this advertised, apparently it's going to cost around $180 to ship alone... What's it made out?! The blood and tears of a unicorn?! The best thing about this however is the Deep Striker... I would love to own that... Not getting one then Tim? Kind Regards, Dazz
  12. Hobby Boss 1/72 F-5E

    I was thinking the same thing! At first I thought the Javelin was 1/48 but noticed the canopy size. It was a massive bugger or was the F-5 really tiny?! I'll be watching this with interest LostCosmonaut, I got one of these kits in my stash so will be interested how it comes out. Kind Regards, Dazz
  13. Looking very good there! Your son has painted the pilot better than I ever could! That's why I never include them... Not because I'm lazy... Honest! I'll be keeping an eye on this build, looking forward to what your son can build. Hopefully it won't be the last?! Silly thing, but it seems a little impersonal referring to your son as "your son", Wafu. I do apologise if it sounds rude, I haven't seen any names mentioned, that's why I've not used one. It was around his age that I first saw the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight over my house on their way to the Southend Air Show (way back when). I remember talking to the Firefighter (chap called Andy - RIP Mate) who lived down my street about them and he told me they where the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane. He told me all about the Hurricane and that's when I had found one of my favourite aircraft. That's one of the earliest memories I have. I hope you spark an keen interest in your Son Wafu, much like Andy did with me. Kind Regards, Dazz
  14. 1/100 │ MS-06K Zaku Cannon

    Wait until you get to the MSV suits, theres loads of weird and wonderful suits, then you have the Ver. Ka ones which ups the ante a bit too. Will be watching this one with interest Tolga. Kind Regards, Dazz
  15. 1/100 ZGMF-X12A Gundam Testament

    Aahh, I did always wonder how they got away with it, but that kinda does make sense. I also saw this model advertised on SamuelDecal this morning... think it's trying to tell me something! Looking good, apparently this Gundam was derived from the Dreadnought Gundam... I dont see how... but it does look good. I always prefered the Justice or Cgue DEEP Arms (don't ask why). I do have a soft spot for the SEED designs. Kind Regards, Dazz