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  1. Car issue,

    As Bentwaters said it's not that long ago since engines needed rebuilding at way less than 100k, guess manufacturing tolerances are a lot tighter these days as my Fabia vRS is currently at 173k and I'm told should be good for 250k with some TLC - I'm doing 33k p/a so hoping for a couple more years out of it yet. So 100k really is "Just run in" on a lot of modern cars. As an aside, all my Minis needed engine rebuilds around the 75k mark apart from the the last one, a 1992 model which I assume, compared with the earlier models I owned, had been built to more modern tolerances even if it was a 40 year+ design, which reached 127k with regular servicing but, unfortunately, the bodywork dissolved around it...
  2. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Landrover 101" FC with a lovely sounding V8 and a canvas tilt in Loughborough today. I can only assume that this would have a decent heater in it...
  3. Fletcher Class Destroyer 1:700 (Ex PK-63)

    Some progress, Basic ship built up and brush painted in "Measure 21" camouflage - Courtesy of Vallejo "Luftwaffe Uniform" for the Navy Blue 5-N vertical surfaces and Vallejo "Dark Bluegrey" for the decks. Hopefully not long to final fit-out... KR's IanJ
  4. What have you purchased 9

    If only it were so simple, dog once cost us an overnight stay at the vets by eating a slug, this time Molly the collie has managed to remove a large area of fur from her back leg by simply licking it for an hour while unsupervised, leaving a sizable red raw bald patch which if left unchecked could get infected. We're now trying to determine why the hair came out so easily...
  5. What have you purchased 9

    £470 vet's bill. Good job the insurance will pay the majority of it back.
  6. What have you purchased 9

    Hopefully counteracted by the kippers repeating...
  7. Bureaucracy gone mad.

    You'll have more time to spend on a scratchbuilt Farley Fruitbat following your research trip last year...
  8. What music are you playing? Pt III

    IMHO the greatest Christmas song of all time...
  9. BAC Lightning.

    Semi answered my own question - XR773 carried "F" on her tail when in 74 Sqn so the one in the foreground is correct but if the serial on the furthestmost one is XR713 (Can't make it out to be 100% certain) then a quick Google doesn't give any indication of it being a 74 Sqn aircraft - Only 111 Sqn. Curiouser and curiouser... IanJ
  10. BAC Lightning.

    Anyone explain why both Lightnings in the artwork have the letter "F" on the tail? - I'd have thought they'd have different tail codes. PS - I know nothing about such subjects but am both curious and eager to learn.
  11. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Presumably they are Spitfires in different time periods? In which case I believe they are painted whatever the underside colour of the time was... That's how I do mine anyway. (Lights blue touch paper and stands back )
  12. Hi, Would I be OK with the recent 1:72 BoB Airfield Gift Set (A50015) given that the included Spitfire, with all of 27 parts, appears to be a pre 80's one that's been repopped ? - As are the fuel tankers and figures? Yours hopefully IanJ
  13. 1/24 hawker Hurricane wheels

    Link Discussing Aftermarket Options...
  14. PK-605 HP Heyford

    If we're being honest an Airfix Eindecker wouldn't increase the size of any pile of doom by much...
  15. Remembrance Day

    Ditto Aldi in Loughborough, very well organised and a bell used to signify the end of the two minutes.