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  1. BBMF Grounded!!

    Wrong oil?
  2. Spot of the day!

    Faintly remembered reading an email from the MSA last week about rule updates. As of 01.01.18 there'll be a Cat 4b to cover 1985-90 cars. And reading the MSA missive it would appear you could use an '88 car in Cat 4a as long as it meets the appropriate holomogation. Reads as follows - "49.1.5. Historic Category 4b Rally Cars: Cars homologated in Groups A, N and B between 1 January 1986 and 31 December 1990 excluding any cars that were regulated out by the FIA in period from rallies for safety reasons. Cars in Category 4b must comply with their Homologation Forms and Appendix J of the 1990 FIA Yellow Book and must have been issued with a valid FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP), be in compliance with this document and the current FIA Appendix K at all times. Reason: (My Italics)To align with FIA Appendix K in allowing cars not necessarily built or registered within the historic period to be eligible providing they are presented in a specification correct to the period." Think this is more for stages though but would assume HRCR could confirm same for road events.
  3. Spot of the day!

    This..... Now to be honest I'm not sure if it's a genuine 250GTO on the A47 near Wansford but it did sound absolutely glorious when it overtook me.
  4. And here's the fuselage closed up. Didn't manage a perfect seam on top so have used some thick Humbrol primer in lieu of Mr Surfacer. And a bit more progress - Started drilling the wings out for rigging using a newly acquired 0.3mm drill - Don't have a holder that'll close down tight enough so have had to resort to splitting a cocktail stick to make a handle suitable for drilling purposes - Drill held in place by CA. Not pretty but it works. KR's IanJ
  5. Down in West Sussex

    There's Bognor Models in, err, Bognor... And Pompey isn't that far away either with a couple more.
  6. Eduard Fokker E.II

    Nice. I recently built and rigged their DH-2 as my first major attempt at a WW1 aircraft and as a result would heartily recommend anything but the DH-2 as a first time project They are really nice kits though and I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience. One piece of advice I can give you is to drill the holes for the rigging before assembly, it's a bit stressful once the plane is assembled, I can vouch for that. KR's IanJ
  7. The more the merrier is the way I see it. I look forward to seeing yours built. KRs IanJ
  8. Hi All, As threatened / promised in the chat section of this GB I'm in with a WW1 themed aircraft - The Fokker E.11 "Eindecker" Box Shot Not many parts to the kit but they are beautifully moulded IMHO. First off - start the cockpit - Glued together then primed. Half an hour into the second lunchtime working on it I was here... Airfix had listed out a couple of colours for the wooden interior but I went with what was in my travelling toolbox which is Humbrol 93 (Desert Yellow) with a Citadel Agrax Earthshade wash over the top. The seat was painted in Vallejo Hull red in lieu of a leathery colour and a tape lapstrap added. Fuselage has been closed up now but no photo yet as I was interrupted by a colleague who somewhat inconsiderately wanted to talk about work. KR's IanJ
  9. I'm a disgrace...

    You have my sympathies, on a day trip to Birmingham last month I tripped over Parabellum and came out of there empty handed too. IanJ
  10. Alvis Saracen Mk3

    Construction and painting completed Just decals, varnish and a light dusting to do now. KR's IanJ
  11. Spot of the day!

    Red Audi Quattro on back of car transporter before I'd got out of my home village - Don't think it was Gene Hunt in the cab though.
  12. Kommandowagen now complete except decals KR's IanJ
  13. What's your car used to go buying models

    Daily driver and kit collecting car - Fabia vRS - Poor little thing has to do 500 miles a week on the commute which she's done without too much fuss for the 92000 miles that I've owned her. Then there's this.... My rally prepped Skoda Estelle 130. Currently languishing in a garage awaiting a rebuild following an engine bay fire in 2009. I'd be working on it now but I have this to finish first. My stepson's Fiesta Pop Plus. If we'd researched things better, or in fact, at all, we'd have walked away and brought a Mini as unlike Escorts there's a lot of panels that are NLA from Ford or anywhere else for that matter. I'm doing a lot of 1:1 scale scratchbuilding in the drivers side footwell/sill/inner wing at the moment. IanJ
  14. Hi Paul, Thanks for the link. Even if I don't use it, it might suit my Dad who's working on a 009 layout at the moment. Pretty sure it's the controller (A Hales Blue Prince - as basic as they come and possibly 50 years old too) as my last experience with a Kato chassis (Admittedly that was 35 years ago) compared with the British outline stuff of the time was nothing but favourable. Could be that the controller gives 6v where a modern one will give 1v. Perhaps a resistor in the circuit may tame it a little. IanJ