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  1. Fletcher Class Destroyer 1:700 (Ex PK-63)

    Dragon sprues recovered - Lots of goodies. Only 4 turrets though, although at this scale I'm hoping it'll be difficult to spot the odd one out. Next - The Oerlikon tub amidships - As this is a kit that is around the 40 Y.O mark some of the detail is a bit heavy - Like the tub still extant on the starboard side. The port one has been replaced with a piece of aluminium from the seal of a catering can of coffee - Nice and easy to cut and form. More as it happens. IanJ
  2. Ignore

    I'll have to bow to a superior intellect then - Because I'm ant.
  3. Ignore

    I'll that joke. If it is one that is.
  4. Ignore

    I wear similar headgear to the voices in my head.
  5. Matchbox II GB Chat

    I remember catalogues being available in my yoof - think they covered both the diecast and plastic kits in one publication. IanJ
  6. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Heading towards Peterborough on the A47 from Wansford this morning was an old Citroen. Vehicle Registration would help those who didn't know what it was. It read "1974DS"
  7. Fletcher Class Destroyer 1:700 (Ex PK-63)

    Bit more done - Showing the Matchbox turrets at the moment, still haven't made it down the garden to the Iancave. Now debating as to whether I want the additional complication of painting Measure 12 Camouflage (Splotches of grey which will need hand painting) for the "Fletcher" or just do Measure 22 (Various shades of Blue/grey but much simpler than 12) for the "Chevalier." KR's IanJ
  8. Phantom F4K

    Canopy issue can be helped by not painting the frames on the transparencies.
  9. Phantom F4K

    Beat me to it - Was wondering to do the same one although I'd planned on the RAF version as I've got an Eggplane derived 892Sq one already. IMHO the eggplane had a better shaped nose than the Matchbox one...
  10. Fletcher Class Destroyer 1:700 (Ex PK-63)

    Made a start... The sprues - She'll measure approximately 16cm once built. The hull comprises the two halves, a deck and a waterline plate. The deck has ended up slightly below the edge of the hull. my mistake. A few gaps to fill and more than a few sinkmarks on the superstructure. Some more superstructure assembled - Nothing glued down to the main deck yet. Now need to get down to the Iancave to recover my naval spares box - Think I have better moulded gun turrets, torpedo tubes and Bofors /Oerlikon guns in there courtesy of Dragon's policy of filling their "Belleau Wood" kit with loads of extra sprues that only provide a few parts for the carrier. KR's IanJ
  11. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Not strictly cars but two Cessna's minus wings on a trailer being towed by a Porsche Cayenne on the A47 near Wansford.
  12. Ignore

    The Thread's Alive! (Has to be said in a Brian Blessed style obviously)
  13. H builds the Auto Union type D

    Got this one on the shelf of doom. Can't remember why it's there either. Perhaps I had an attack of AMS when I found a couple of articles in Classic and Sports car complete with quite a few photos of a freshly restored one. Might quietly complete mine too in the background, it's over 25% so it's not eligible. IanJ
  14. Hawker Typhoon IB - 1:72 Airfix

    Following on from Paul A H's comments about following the instructions, take it from me that Paul makes a good point there. I didn't and nearly ended up in all sorts of trouble. I'd built the whole wing up, upper and lower surfaces, undercarriage & gun bays, the lot. Then noticed the instructions. I'd not added the radiator to the front of the wing nor, fortuitously, glued the two fuselage halves together. Radiator was then glued into one half of the fuselage and fuselage assembled. The wing assembly then slotted home. Wouldn't have if I'd already installed the joystick. Much easier to read the instructions
  15. Completed! All in a little vignette as well - Apologies for quality of photos, as well as the fact it's a bit dusty already. Kind Regards IanJ