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  1. Just got back from a Dead Kennedys gig at the 02 Academy in Birmingham. Ears now ringing a bit. Worth it though.
  2. Meng "Cute" Sheridan, AZ Spitfire TR.9, Ventura Seafire XV and a pair of Dragon German Armoured Railcars in 1/144 scale all from Coventry today.
  3. Found some Soviet stars in the decal stash. Don't think there were any in the kit to start with. Which might explain the £1.25 price tag....
  4. Snap. Somewhat worryingly, one of my mates 10 years my junior (he's in his early 40s ) has just asked on Facebook who this band are....
  5. MI16 is a 16v motor that was fitted to the 405. I had a 1.6 GTI and spun it twice on the queen's highway before a mate explained that I couldn't drive it like the 4 Mini's I owned prior to the 205.
  6. Which means on a 1/72 scale Spit, a difference in pitch of 0.3mm between cylinders on a Merlin and a Griffon. Or put another way. A Merlin exhaust bank would be 1.5mm shorter than a Griffon Would that be noticeable?
  7. Did a bit more rigging Thursday lunchtime and that's as far as it'll get before the deadline guys and gals. Spent Thursday night being poorly but decided to try and go to work on the Friday. Managed the first 5 miles of my 50 mile commute and turned back as I felt absolutely wretched. Think it was my first sick day in 5 years. I felt that bad I never even considered going in the Iancave. The result of this is that the DH-2 is sat on the desk at work in Peterborough and I'm typing this at home in North Leics. I'll post in the RFI section when it's completed - thanks for watching and good luck to all those who are still attempting to make the deadline. KR's IanJ
  8. I still attribute Liverpools's loss of form to the fact they started moisturising.....
  9. Had a bit of a search online (search criteria: griffon bore centres) and found a pdf of a RR document about the Griffon at a site called "Spitfireperformance.com" It quotes the bore centres of a Griffon to be 6.9 inches.
  10. Have been concentrating of my DH-2 build over on the DH GB but got a chance last night to add the PE portholes, hinge for the "Conning Tower" and paint up the bands in Citadel "Boltgun Metal" KR's IanJ
  11. Getting there.... KR's IanJ
  12. Propeller painted with Vallejo Dark Mahogany, followed by a coat of Future. In the absence of any brass paint I've had to use a rather grainy tin of Humbrol Gold enamel for the hub and tips, this was then followed with a coat of Burnt Umber oil paint for the grain effect - given the temperature in the UK at the moment I'm hoping this'll dry by the weekend. Plane now on desk being rigged.
  13. Have a read of BS6465 at some point - It sets out WC requirements for workplaces etc. Girls need more wc's as us blokes have the option of using urinals....
  14. "What do you think you're doing human? It's 30 degrees and you're welding a Fiesta when you should be in the shade like me...."
  15. Think it'll have to go to work for lunchtime modelling.