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  1. Watching with interest.
  2. Only just caught up with this. Great work and attention to detail.
  3. Good luck. Mine is almost ready for primer.
  4. I'm looking forward to building mine soon. Watching with interest.
  5. Always fancied one of these. Watching with interest.
  6. Looking good Eric.
  7. Not really sure on the mount bracing. I did a quick Google image search but can't see a clear image of one. Quite a few pictures of them up armoured to look more like a gun trucks. Definitely going to have to look into one of these kits for the guntruck version. I really wish someone would do a M-54 in plastic as it's never been done before. I have at least 2-3 guntrucks I want to build on the chassis. For the ammo boxes just Google "50 cal Vietnam." Plenty of pictures there.
  8. Definitely the longer barrel.
  9. Great looking tweet.
  10. Watching with interest.
  11. Not trying to move the goalposts but have we ever had an in the navy GB? All things navy. Floating, flying and land?
  12. Watching with interest.
  13. Go on. Put me down.
  14. Flory and ISM have a good selection of GB's. Flory they have specific GB's like A/C of AFV only plus the broad ones. Currently one I must be German. Everything from 109's to Leopards to BMW's. Their GB's are selected by the mod team and generally seem to work well. They try to add in GB's that would never be voted in on other sites vs the wave of more popular GB ideas. One they have starting soon is A/C only GB but it has to be mounted on a pole like its in the air. Off the beaten track I think. ISM are voted in I think like BM but they try to be as board as possible. BM is where I mostly enter GB's though as its the forum I loiter in and get on with most. Not taking anything away from the others it's just personal choice.
  15. I ordered a kit and 2 decal sheets off their website recently using PayPal. After a few days still no parcel. I phoned them and they said they would look into it. An hour later I had an email saying it had been dispatched through RM 1st class. Normally they advice people to wait 10 days but they agreed that it should have arrived by now. They had the kit in stock which they offered to replace but unfortunately the decals were out of stock. I checked their website and they had been removed which was fair enough. They replaced the kit which arrived a couple of days later and refunded me for the decals through PayPal. On a whole was very happy with the service and they responded to me via email very quickly or asap the next working day. Shame RM had to stuff things up. This is the 4th time maybe I have used them in the last couple of years. This time was the only time it went wrong but they did everything they could to rectify the situation. Will definitely use them again.