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  1. There are definitely pics of whitewashed Gr.1s in my reference library, I'll try to dig through them tomorrow for you. The white wash was painted around the serials, so usually there'd be a green box around the serial, but it was not masked off, so very rough. Matt
  2. That is absolutely beautiful. The black basing looks fantastic with the camo
  3. About 4 months start to finish. I think it went from November to March Matt
  4. I bought the masks directly from Maketar, I think they were $14.99 plus shipping Matt
  5. Thank you very much for your comments. The paint is almost exclusively Tamiya, with Alclad for the metal bits. Then a mix of AK Interactive and oils for weathering Matt
  6. Revell

    I think it's an Fe.2b on the tail decals, not the Dh.2. Looks like it's the big brother with two cockpits Matt
  7. Meng

    Maybe someone will give us the massive Gun Carrier Mk.Is, or the Medium C tanks. Come on Meng/Takom.
  8. Either PE or fabric seat belts. If you use the dust filter, don't worry about the AM radiators. The Barracuda wheels are beautiful, and a necessity. One thing to avoid is the brass gun barrels. You will never see them, and you can easily drill out the ends of the Airfix barrels. Don't waste money on those.
  9. Hello there Britmodeller. This is my first model posted on here. I finished up the big Airfix Typhoon, and wanted to see what you all think about it. The only things I added to it were the Airscale Instrument decals, Barracuda Wheels, and Maketar masks for all of the markings. I've always wanted to build a shark mouth Typhoon, and the opportunity finally presented itself with this marvelous kit. Hard to say something that hasn't been said about it, it's a beautiful piece of plastic once you get past all of the seam clean-up on the parts. I'm sure some people may have seen this over on LSP or Aeroscale, but wanted to post it here for you guys as well. Let me know what you think about it please so I can improve. All comments and critiques are welcome. The weathering was all accomplished with a mix of airbrush, oil paint filtering, and AK Interactive weathering products. Matt
  10. My vote goes for either the Whitley or the Firebrand. Both would be great to see come together. Wonderful progress on the Beaufort. Would love to see one in 1/48.
  11. The new Eduard kit has been constantly compared to the Hasegawa kit, but isn't that kit a bit short and with some strange cross-sections? So comparing one inaccurate kit to another one doesn't seem like you'll get any sort of smart answer. At least that's my thoughts on it. I've read the Zvezda kit is the most accurate one, so that would probably be the one to compare the new kit too.
  12. Weird that it's much more expensive in the US. At $80US (£50~), it's a pretty good price considering it's a 1/32 Meteor, and it's just a few more dollars than the new Hasegawa Shinden. And far cheaper than any current Trumpeter kits.
  13. The Meteor was designed as a simpler kit. Since the interior is black, they didn't go as all out on it. And they wanted to let their aftermarket people get their share, hence the lack of engines.
  14. Side note, didn't the German government create some sort of medal about the sinking of the Lusitania? I remember seeing it mentioned in a book.
  15. Great to hear. They're pricy, but if they're that nice of kits, they're probably worth it