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  1. This is lovely. Well done, sir. The build and finish is fantastic and it just looks at home in the revetment.
  2. Nice one! I've built one before and the engine looks as slanted as yours is, so either we both did the same things wrong or it's just how Italeri meant it to be. Anyway, I've been meaning to build another in the markings of a British example from Malaya/Borneo and yours build gives much needed inspiration. Well done.
  3. Fantastic work on your Phantom, Gary, very nicely finished. The Z-M kit sounds spectacular and, though it's beyond my means at the moment, seems like a must-have kit.
  4. Lovely finish on your Su-7. I've always thought this scheme looks mean on the Fitter, and you've definitely done it justice.
  5. Wow, looks like quite a journey, but the end result is lovely.
  6. Looks very sharp. I like how you weathered the underside.
  7. Nicely done. Having built the Italeri kit twice, I can understand your frustration but good to see you push on and produce a model to be proud of.
  8. B, if I'd known you were going to build this hasegawa kit earlier, I'd have offered you my fujimi kit. Anyway, look forward to your progress.
  9. Stunning build, Russ. Love it!
  10. Lovely Kahu! The colours, the finish, everything is just about perfect. Too bad about the accident at the end, though... hopefully you'll repair it someday.
  11. Nicely done. Very attractive scheme too.
  12. Nice! This is certainly a surprise. Thought you were building something else. By the way, I've passed your decals to Bud.
  13. Sounds like a promising kit. Looking forward to your next post.
  14. Wow! That's a lovely Invader. Well done.