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  1. Asian Air Arms SIG

    Interesting website! Haven't had the time to browse through all sections, but looks like a good site for those interested in the smaller air arms in this region. I hope I can contribute in some way to your effort. By the way, I am one of the modelers behind the brand decal la. We produce decals for Royal Malaysian Air Force subjects.
  2. A-4F Eduard 1/48

    Nice work so far, Matteo. Good choice of markings too!
  3. Ok, I checked again and I admit I miscalculated. Sorry. 113.8 cm full size would scale down to 23.7 cm in 1/48. The kit is 24.6 cm (a full 0.9 cm longer) and would scale out at 1/46.
  4. In span and length, the HobbyBoss kit scales out to about 1/44 scale. When placed beside an Airfix Hawk, it does look noticeably bigger. I'll post some pictures later.
  5. Unfortunately, this looks like where I'll stop. I've cracked the windscreen and it doesn't look fixable. From what I gather, HobbyBoss isn't big on the idea of parts replacement but I'll try asking the local distributor anyhow.
  6. Hi again, I'm back with a few day's worth of progress to share. Got the fuselage halves together without much drama. Fit was typical HobbyBoss which is generally good. The intakes, however, was a bit of a bother. DSCN5521 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5520 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Gaps all around, then. Not too bad, nothing some putty and sandpaper couldn't solve, but not what I'd expect from this manufacturer. Also, I can't quite put my finger on it and can't be bothered with red lines and overlays but the intake profile looks a bit off to me. DSCN5527 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Next was removing details which were etiher optional or erroneous on the kit. The AoA vane above the refueling probe piping isn't present on this side of the nose so it had to go. DSCN5524 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr There were two static vanes moulded here, Hasegawa did the same as well. If you're fitting the straight probe like I'm doing for this build, remove the front vane. If you're using the bent probe, remove the rear vane. DSCN5525 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr And here it's done! DSCN5528 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr I'm pleased to say the fit of the speedbrakes and other inserts are very good. Very little trimming or putty needed here. Most seams have been dealt with, and I've brushed on a couple coats of Mr Surfacer to check for remaining imperfections and will polish everything off with 800 and 1000 grit sandpaper when it sets later. Here she is at the moment: DSCN5526 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Could probably have it ready for paint very soon.
  7. 1/48 Academy MIG 29 ub

    Nice choice, Brian. Finally get to see something more modern from you. I might have a spare Eduard exhaust set with me. I'll let you know if I find it.
  8. Those colours on the skyhawk is the best combination ever! Kiwi, Singaporean, Indonesian, Malaysian... you just can't beat green-green-tan on a skyhawk. Nice work on both, bro. Maybe I'll get to see them in person soon.
  9. Beautiful! Stunning work on the camo, Calum. Looks perfect.
  10. MIG-25PD - Iraq - Kittyhawk 1/48

    A real beauty there, Jurek. Excellent work!
  11. Brilliant build, Tony. I love it. Any issues with the kit?
  12. Looks very nice, Noel. Well done!
  13. Last night I was able to paint the cockpit. I had earlier started a Hasegawa A-4M, so I took the opportunity to paint both kit cockpits together so we can have a side-by-side comparison. Hasegawa left, HobbyBoss right. DSCN5508 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr By the way, HobbyBoss' instructions would have you fix the control stick backwards, so be sure to rotate it to it's correct orientation before gluing. If you can see in the picture above, I've butchered part C30 - the 'shelf' behind the bulkhead. I installed the part thinking it would help give a more solid guide for attachment, but it turned out to be a touch too big and interfered with the fit of the fuselage halves. My advice, if you plan on having a closed canopy, skip this part altogether. DSCN5507 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr I decided to give Eduard's belts a try to dress up the kit seat. I'm pretty sure I got it wrong, but looks good enough for me. DSCN5512 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr So then, with a lick of paint and the cropped kit decal for the instrument panel, the cockpit is done. DSCN5514 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5519 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Not too far off from putting the fuselage halves together now.
  14. Staying with the wings, this hole and the raised triangular panel need to go too. I believe the part HobbyBoss designed to go there is an antenna from the RNZAF's Kahu update. DSCN5504 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Funnily enough, only one side was given whereas there was a pair of these antennas on the Kahu.
  15. I wasn't able to do any painting yesterday, so I took a hard look at the wings. DSCN5497 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Those slats just really won't do, so I took my razor saw to the wings and within a few minutes, had the moulded in slats removed from both wing halves. DSCN5498 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Plastic sheet cut to shape were cemented onto the cuts made to form the leading edge of the wings after the wing halves were glued together. DSCN5501 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5503 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5505 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr I had originally meant to re-use the kit slats later, but I realised too late that I had cut the slats too short. Luckily, I have a spare set of Hasegawa slat which I will use instead. These joins were also filled with Vallejo putty and will be rescribed later as the A-4E did not have lift spoilers over the trailing edge flaps. I decided not to cut the flaps out, though. DSCN5511 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr