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  1. Yes, I compared it to the Aifix kit with the NeOmega conversion set and it does look bigger. Also did compare both Hobbyboss and Airfix Mk.100 as well. The Hobbyboss Hawk looks nice on it's own, but I must say that it does look a bit out of scale sitting next to my AFV Club RF-5E in the display case.
  2. Very nice Seafire. Where is the base from?
  3. Great looking Foxbat. I love it!
  4. From what I gather, the RMAF weren't too enthusiastic about them either but had the Hawks forced upon them after pulling out of a deal to buy Tornadoes.
  5. Thanks Antoine. The kit measures out to about 1/44 scale, but shape is mostly good when compared to the plans available online.
  6. Thanks for the kind words, everyone.
  7. Those photos wouldn't look out of place in any walkaround. Absolutely fantastic finish and great photography. I love it!
  8. That's a splendid looking model. Excellent work all round. Must admit this is the first time I've heard of this aircraft, but it's a beautiful aeroplane.
  9. Hi all, This is my second kit of the year, an almost OOB Hobbyboss 1/48 Hawk 200 finished as a Royal Malaysian Air Force Mk 208 of No. 6 Squadron. I replaced the tip of the refueling probe with a spare tip from a Hasegawa A-4 and took the Mk.82s from a Hobbycraft A-4. The mission tally is a home-brewed decal which marks the sorties this aircraft flew against insurgents in North Borneo a few years ago. I wish I had better weathering skills as this is one of the most heavily weathered RMAF jets around and I don't think I've done quite enough weathering on the model. Gunze paints were used throughout. DSCN5472 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5471 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5462 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5460 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr DSCN5467 by Aidy Abdullah, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed the pics!
  10. I have both books and if it's details you're looking for, the Valiant Wings book is the one you should get. It's loaded with pictures and drawings of almost every part of the airframe.
  11. Got mine and I must say it's a pretty nice kit. From what I've read, the kit is a tad over scale. The wingspan could probably be altered, but I can't think of how to make the fuselage more accurate. Still, it's a pretty nice kit and I'll quite likely build it as it is. By the way, the Malaysian markings are also a little inaccurate. I have it on good authority someone will be releasing decals for Malaysian Hawks in a few months.
  12. Oh, my. This is bad, very bad. Having just sold all my F-16 kits, you made me want to order another. Stunning model, great finish on your part. I can see why you fell in love with this scheme. Now you're making me love it as well.
  13. This is lovely. Well done, sir. The build and finish is fantastic and it just looks at home in the revetment.