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  1. Tamiya 1/24 Porsche 911 GT1

    You have made a great job of both kits, well done. Atb, Steve.
  2. Zero Paint Diamond Finish 2 Pack GLOSS Clearcoat System

    On the curing time concern, the 2K will take longer to cure in a jar so will remain usable for longer. I believe the curing times quoted are for the product in its applied state. Also, the mist coat is critical when applying over decals. The light misting seals the decals once cured (5 mins) and protects them from the dissolving effects of the 2K clear in a 'wet' coat. Some decals are more sensitive than others so best to make sure the mist coat step is never missed, I know from experience. Atb, Steve.
  3. Lovely build. It was a bad move for me to click on your post! You see, every time I see a really good build in a great scheme, I just have to get another Lightning and build my own example. Looks like I'm headed for the LMS again !! Seriously though, even though you had some issues (they don't show) ..... (well, apart from the cable ducts Which I wasn't aware of either) this is a great looking Lightning and a superb rendition of the sqn colour scheme. Atb, Steve.
  4. Love it. The checker plate bed floor is really effective. Atb, Steve.
  5. Uncertain T

    Nice build of a quirky little rod. Nice that someone has made the effort to produce a resin copy. The dio is something I think I recognise, a superb piece from Scale Production? Great work, well done. Atb, Steve.
  6. 1962 F1 BRM in 1/24

    Lovely job on the BRM, well done. They can be fairly challenging kits but on the whole, quite accurate and a pleasing result for your efforts. Any plans to do some more of these types? I have built a few now and love them !! Atb, Steve.
  7. BAE Lightning

    I think your pylons have drooped a bit ? Other than that it looks lovely (when the masking is removed lol) ATB, Steve.
  8. Car Models at SMW

    Mad Steve, I really am loathe to rain on the Britmodeller vehicle section parade but the IPMS car SIG's are quite active on the facebook pages that have been set up. Try searching on there, loads of pics last time I looked in. Steve.
  9. Italeri, FIAT 806 ... 1/12th

    Andi, so good to see this completed and glad that you took the trouble to present the finished model on here. I think it's several things, obviously a beautiful piece of model art, a lesson in the art of realistic weathering and, not least, a terrific example of how to execute an idea, or back story in this case. I always find your models inspiring but you have really surpassed yourself with the FIAT, just awesome. I look forward to seeing it up close and in person soon !! All the best, Steve.
  10. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    I'll be following along with interest. Looking good so far, never could resist a Lightning. Atb, Steve.
  11. Steve, you have done a wonderful job of that old white metal kit. Some of the SEF kits are really knocking on in years now. Frankly, I am surprised so many of the moulds are still usable. I know a lot of the current catalogue is not available (shown by the £0.00 on the price list) I have built a few of the race car kits and find the change in media quite refreshing. Good to hear your build did not give you any trouble, judging by the result. Nice colour combination as well, good stuff. Atb, Steve.
  12. Shuttleworth Fly Navy II

    Lovely pics, thanks for posting. It was a very enjoyable day and how respectful of the rain to hold off until 5 mins before the end. I don't think the Lysander pilot wanted to land! We thought he was keeping her in the air for a bath, lol. Atb, Steve.
  13. 1/48th Meteor F8 decals sheets now available!!

    The schemes look great. I need to do a 74 sqn Meatbox so I'll get that sheet at least. This will be my 10th 1/48 Meteor (differing types btw!) Yes, room is tight in the display cabinet.... Atb, Steve.
  14. Everbuild brown Gator Glue -unknown yet excellent

    Thanks for the info Roy. I have seen this on the shelves at Tesco but after reading the label, could not really see the product having a modelling application, just goes to show how wrong you can be. I already like the sound of the tackiness out of the bottle. As you say, having patience is helpful, that's why I keep several projects on the bench at one time Atb, Steve.
  15. Hawker Seahawk FGA.Mk.6, Trumpeter 1/48

    Lovely build. Paintwork is very nice. I think you had clearance issues with the flaps because the angle is too great?