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  1. The famous "Roman nose"? Surely that's more C-130A than P.108?
  2. That's an excellent build of a difficult kit, Fuad. The fit and finish are to your usual high standard, and I wish I could say that the model is beautiful, but it appears to have been beaten severely about the nose with an ugly stick. Oh, well. That's not your fault.
  3. Everybody knows that you can't use a rear-view for makeup or hair arranging; it's much too small. You need the vanity mirrors set into the sun visors for that sort of thing.
  4. Yes, that's the look of stunned realisation that it's actually possible to drive courteously, ask for directions and obey traffic laws
  5. I think that they're displays. Definitely an aftermarket fit And no, I don't want to bash my head into one.
  6. Oh, my. I hadn't known about that one! I though that the only available Seventy-twoth Sycamore was the Czechmaster resin kit, or the not-quite-to-scale Glencoe monster I failed at building a few (cough) years back. I think that I might need to get one, and put the BEA decals I have in the stash on it.
  7. In later years, as seats got narrower, it was possible to put in 2 + 2 seating, so the ESCI kit was correct for those aircraft. Interior layouts are highly variable, so it's best to pick an aircraft you know, and model it.
  8. You'd have to chop them off and replace them with scratch-build gear legs.
  9. The Minicraft Cherokee 140 looks like the one you're looking for.
  10. That would be because it was the engineering test article to see how a Lightning would behave at low airspeeds, so there's no surprise that it looks much like a Lightning.
  11. Cut your masking tape into thin strips. It bends better and you can follow the edges of the canopy much more easily. Outline the canopy, and then go back and fill in with small pieces of tape.
  12. I think it's the engine nacelles. I know that the -800's nacelles were bulged, but those have a neck on them like they're peanut shells. The bulge is much more subtle in 1/1 scale. Your finishing looks excellent, and it's a pity there wasn't a better model underneath it.
  13. My take on this topic: 1. Spitfire MK IX Eduard 2. Mosquito Tamiya 3. Hellcat Eduard 4. P-38 Lightning Hasegawa or Academy 5. Ju-87 Stuka Hasegawa or Airfix 6. Bf-109G Eduard 7. Fw-190 Tamiya 8. Typhoon Hasegawa 9. Me-262 Tamiya or Hobby Boss 10. P-47 Thunderbolt Tamiya
  14. The new Zvezda kit is not going to be a MAX, but I'll bet that there will be conversion kits offered before not terribly long.
  15. That's pretty! I've always liked the DC-8 better than the 707. It's much more muscular and purposeful than the Boeing