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  1. 7 "Earth sized" exoplanets orbiting one star have been discovered only 39 light years away. Now all we need is a ship to get us there...
  2. IIRC it's a clone of the 1/144 Airfix kit, and that 1/72 is definitely a typo.
  3. So it's a frosty morning. Have you tried a coat of clear gloss over the windscreen?
  4. That one was the first time I tried using paints which were correct for the colour scheme. It was taking a bit too long to dry so I thought I'd speed things up using my hair dryer... After that, I learned about using putty on large gaping gaps and how poking holes into damp putty doesn't really replicate rivets very well.
  5. Winterpeg! I spent 4 uncomfortable years being an Air Force brat there between 1968 and 1972. Then after that I escaped to the Left Coast where I've managed to remain ever since Welcome to Britmodeller; enjoy your stay.
  6. What a waste of a perfectly good tail rotor. I presume that the consequences of getting a parking instruction wrong were explained to the chock-head in question? Likely at high volume and accompanied by many colourful adjectives, the kind which are generally frowned upon in polite company?
  7. That's a lovely paint job, but shouldn't the forward part of the missile fairing be smoothed into the hull?
  8. At the very least, you can replace the landing gear legs with the SAC metal legs which are shaped more nearly correctly.
  9. I had actually thought you were going to do that, which was why I recommended you cover them with epoxy.
  10. Oh dear. I prescribe hugs to you both, to be administered as soon as practicable, for as long as possible.
  11. That should work. If you're worried about the windows falling in, you can put a layer of epoxy over the inside to make them stronger.
  12. Spartan had late model mossies with the 2 stage Merlins, so until there's a kit or a readily available conversion I don't think there's much of a market for it
  13. Like every other useful Model Master colour it's been discontinued.
  14. Look closely at the aircraft after that first spray pass; they did strip it. The problem with the urinal mint blue is that it disappears into the sky at a distance, something the marketers don't like very much.
  15. The article doesn't even attempt to mention the uncomfortable reality that Helium 3 isn't actually useful for fusion, so going to the moon to mine it is an even bigger waste of money.