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  1. That's right lovely, that is. Who says you need a modern wunderkit to make an excellent model?
  2. You had far fewer fit problems with the engine nacelles than I did!
  3. Yes, but it's really not that much larger. The IL-38 is 40 metres long with a 37 metre wingspan. The P-3 is 35 metres long with a 30 metre wingspan.
  4. I wonder what kind of range it had, given that the passengers are sitting where the fuel tanks used to be?
  5. My Il-18, for comparison purposes:
  6. If you lost the transparency, it's easy enough to replace with a bit of shrink wrap from your next new kit. Carefully cut it off the box (instead of ripping it off in a flurry of impatience), trim a piece so it's just larger than the landing light cutout, and fasten it in place with gloss clear around the perimeter. The tail wheel spring leg can be built out of a beer tin suitably butchered.
  7. Having done the IL-18 variant of this kit, I know exactly what you've accomplished. That's an excellent result!
  8. Some of them are still the best of their respective subjects, and while others may have more detailed/accurate alternatives available, are still very good and certainly much cheaper.
  9. Airshow Models is sadly defunct, so the Icaros Design kit is the only chance.
  10. Perhaps the FRSIN JT-4s might be a better bet? They're not Conways, but they may look better.
  11. I have those same engines and plan to do the same conversion. It's nice to see what it looks like when completed. I think that the pylons might be a bit too long when compared to photos though. Compared to this, they look like they're too close to the ground.
  12. Instructions? What are those? Everyone knows that real modellers never read the instructions!
  13. According to Aviation Megastore, Aero Modell also does Cherokee 140s and 180s to put beside the Musketeers.
  14. On the bright side, welcome to the "Conquerors of Amodel kits" club! Membership is free, to allow you to pay for the medications you'll need to deal with all the side-effects of building them You've now experienced the worst that a Amodel kit can throw at you. Everything else in the world is easy by comparison.