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  1. ……..and I wish Revell {Esci] would release more of the 1/9 wartime bikes like the Zundapp, WLA and BMW solo & sidecar - what about the BSA M23, Triumph and AJS bikes operated by the british army, an XA Harley, an army Scout, a Swedish Nimbus……..not much interest, I suppose, but I'll keep wishin' 'n' hoping'……. Nice hill climber, Krow !!
  2. Thank you, Ken. All very helpful and duly bookmarked for future reference. Think I remember an article on the "amended" VVA in SAM…..? Cheers, Rog
  3. How did I miss this ?? Oh well, it was a couple of years ago, I suppose ! This beast is currently sharing the workbench with the resin 144 Anigrand KM Ekranoplan [now that's big !! 650mm +/-] and I concur with Ken's observation that every part requires a thorough clean to fit. The 2 ejection seats have no less than 22 parts each, some damn near invisible to the naked eye, well, mine anyway, but I must admit it is an enjoyable and challenging build. Should build up into an impressive model although I doubt it will approach this example. Thanks for the tips on nose weight, Ken, [at least there's plenty of room ! ] and the heads-up on the state of the decals. The KM is proceeding well and many thanks for your advice regarding the engines. No doubt your note regarding the decals apply equally to those of the KM ?
  4. I tried Stynylrez for the first time today [thanks for the trial, Norm] on my Tanmodel RF-84F Thunderflash, with a degree of trepidation as the model has very feint panel lines. Have to say I am most impressed, it sprayed through my el-cheapo SCA a/b at 30psi brilliantly and the result is extremely satisfying. The finish is smooth and panel line definition has been maintained, a better finish than the Tamiya spray can primers that I normally use, which often give a roughish finish. A thorough clean with AV Airbrush cleaner, followed by a quick flush with ipa and the a/b was good to spray white on a different model in the same spraying session. Think I'm a convert ! Hope to find some for me at this weekends Melbourne Model Expo.
  5. A pair of wedgies [wedge-tailed eagles] soaring on a thermal and chiding a bloke/lady ? on a hang-glider for its inability to keep up with them. A wing-span that blocks the sun !! Magic !! Spotted one on the ground t'other day, feasting on road-kill, big as a turkey.
  6. That's bloody delightful, Bruce, and right up there with your usual high standard. Agree, a departure from the comfort zone puts a new enjoyment into modelling, viz….my 1/9 Esci motorbikes……... Catch up soon, next meeting perhaps…….??? Rog
  7. Enjoying a typical Nigey build of great skill and a goodly dose of humour. Nigel, I just so happen to have a couple of the blue and white flags, left over from my Ekranoplan, they're 144 scale, measuring 30mm x 10mm, and if you can contain yourself in patience during their journey from Oz, they're yours. PM me if you want them. Cheers, Rog
  8. …….and if you MUST mix paint in the a/b cup, may I suggest you add the appropriate thinners BEFORE the paint. Ask me how I know……...
  9. G'day, John, from sunny Bendigo, land of roos 'n' rabbits. You'll stumble across a few Aussies on the site, together with stacks of useful information from modellers of all genres. Cheers, Rog
  10. Hello, Martin, I tried to send you a copy of the one Mike sent to me but the email bounced back unanswered, but headed as coming in from you. You may have computer gremlins to deal with………. Good luck, Rog
  11. Got my copy, loud 'n' clear, thanks, Mike. Some interesting and useful content !! Crack on with it, Martian, so I can start cribbing when I get back from my trip. Have no doubt you will bless the kit with your usual degree of wackiness !!
  12. Oh, great !! I've been notified that my Flapjack kit is sitting at the PO awaiting my collection, so I can follow and shamelessly plagiarise your progress, Martin. Won't be starting it for a week or so as I have a flying [!] visit to the yewkay next week so, by the time I've returned and got it started , you should be far enough advanced for me to avoid your pitfalls……... I can't promise a w.i.p. as my camera and computer have major communications issues. Michael, I'll gratefully take you up on your offer of a copy of the book - pm inbound. Cheers, Rog
  13. Thank you, gentlemen. It seems I'm doing it right then, but I like the idea of the "pickup" pencil, something to look out for when I want to get my nails done……...
  14. I'd welcome advice about using self-adhesive photo etch. I've got the Eduard Cockpit set for my Xantong DB-3/Il-4 but I'm finding the etch not as adhesive as I anticipated it would be, or had been assured it was. Despite advice to keep fingers away from the sticky surface, I'm finding this just about impossible on account of the size of the parts, nevertheless limiting handling to an absolute minimum and using fine tweezers or craft knife where ever possible. I wonder if applying them to a matt-painted surface gives them sufficient "grip" or should I perhaps attach them to a gloss surface. As it is, I'm assisting their adherence with the traditional CA as a backstop. Any advice and guidance will be much appreciated. Cheers……Rog PS …….it's a challenging kit !!
  15. ……….or even Seaman Steynes, or Roger the Cabin Boy………..