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  1. Be-12 Tchaika 1:72 Modelsvit

    That is an excellent effort of a not too easy kit ! A similar rendition lives on my display shelf - it's one of my favourite builds. How did you go with fighting the landing gear ? My model ended up with a slight list to port, nothing I can't live with. A relatively unattractive and dirty beast……which attracts instant and admiring attention. Congrats on a well presented model !
  2. I've joined the Dad brigade.

    Many congratulations. Remember - gentlemen [and their partners] have daughters…….! Rog
  3. I'll see your kidney and raise you a lung, TT !! A "must have" for me too - All Hail Mikromir, purveyors of subjects of interest !! Seems like a few kits heading dahnunda !! Cheers, Rog
  4. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    Thanks for that tip, Steve. I'll give it a try - all suggestions/contributions most welcome. Cheers……..Rog
  5. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    Ahah !! I have this little beastie on the bench at present, got as far as installing the motor and rear frame. While taking your point about the "primitive" appearance of the machine, the British forces were forced to utilise modified civilian machines for DR work - have a look at the BSA M20 for example, another bike used for DR purposes - unlike the USA which had time for the building of specialised service machines, the Harley WLA/C for example, and even the short-lived Harley XA flat twin. I would be interested in how you prepared, especially, the seats, which come in a horrible vinyl-type plastic and, if left untreated, look that way and don't, in my experience, take acrylic paint. I have found that a wash with white glue [a tip I found here on BM, the fount of modelling knowledge and experience] will, when dry, accept acrylic paint quite ok, and has worked well on the Esci/Italeri Zundapp, Harley WLA and BMW solo and sidecar models I've built in the past. As with all of these kits, imho they are let down by the over scale control cables but this is somewhat inevitable given the size of the pins they are designed to fit. You've made a nice looking model there, and I hope mine comes up to that standard. Cheers………Rog
  6. Soviet heavy bomber Kalinin K-7 1/72

    Fabulous !!!!! Put me down for one !!
  7. Airfix DHC2 Beaver questions .

    Contact Red Roo Models in Glen Waverley, they sell the complete resin mods, decals and instructions for the ANARE Beaver. Good price, great service, I have used their conversion sets with confidence. Email - redroo[at]redroomodels.com Disclaimer - I have no connection with this company Rog
  8. B-34 Lexington

    Great, Ed. Can you hold me a 1/48 set, thanks. See you Sunday. Rog
  9. B-34 Lexington

    Ed, will there be any available at this weekends Melbourne Model Expo ?
  10. For an non-fictional overview of life in Germany in the latter years of WW2, I can thoroughly recommend "The End; Germany 1944-45" by Ian Kershaw [Penguin ISBN:978-0-1141-01421-0], an exceedingly well written and researched book covering the dreadful experiences of Germans, troops, populace and POWs in the final days of war. Apart from the devastation of the bombing, Kershaw steers clear of battle details and goes in to great detail, from extensive documents of the time, mainly German, of what life was like as the Reich flayed around trying to find a way to win. The chapter "Conclusion;Anatomy of Self-Destruction" provides an insight into Hitlers thinking that he could win, despite the obvious closing of the ring around Germany. It says something for the accuracy of the book that he received the German Federal Cross of Merit for services to history, among many other awards. After 3 readings, it doesn't become any less harrowing !
  11. Never took much notice of its accuracy, Steve, in the days when DuoGlides in England were rarer than rocking horse and there was nothing for comparison. The days when my "civilianised" WLA created much interest among fellow riders and even the police, the day when a real DuoGlide turned up at the Harley Club was greeted with much excitement. Nowadays Harleys are two a penny here in Oz and no doubt the same in England, and accuracy of kits should be a no brainer. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind finding one to build, for old times sake, so I'll continue my search, now that I know the kit maker. Thanks for your feedback and I'm enjoying your build of the Lo. Cheers……Rog
  12. In the high and far off days of my mis-spent yoof, must have been the late 50's, early 60's, I built a Harley Davidson DuoGlide, and I'm wondering if the kit is still around. Despite much internet searching, I haven't been able to track it down, so it's quite possibly been discontinued. I took no notice of the brand [well, you didn't in those days], But I recall it must have been around the 1/9 size, comparing it in my mind to similar size bike models on my display shelf. It comprised the traditional DuoGlide features, heavy chromed front forks with single headlight, chromed rear suspension covers and, from memory, a single seat, and it came with its own plinth. Red and chromed plastic sprues rings a far-off bell……. I wonder if the combined Britmodeller brains trust can help me in my search, if only to assure me that I'm not imagining it……. Thank you, folks, in eager anticipation Rog
  13. By coincidence, a bronze bust of AVM Frank McNamara VC was today unveiled at his birthplace, Rushworth, in Central Victoria, along with one of AM Sir George Jones DFC, also Rushworth-born and decorated for his combat skills during campaigns on the Western Front. AM Jones was appt Chief of Air Staff in 1942 and led the RAAF for 10 years. Full military honours were observed and an overflight by a P-8A Poseidon and a performance by the Roulettes took place. Going to enjoy this w.i.p, Ed ! Roger
  14. why the hell did i buy this?

    Revell 1/48 P61-A Black Widow…….then I read the reviews……...
  15. I might start throwing out my models

    I've been donating my excess to our local RSL for their games room where they are hung from the ceiling to much, well, some degree of, appreciation. Sadly, most members are unlikely to recognise many of the WW2 models, other than the usual suspects. They are, however, sufficiently open minded to accept models of Axis aircraft as well as Allied. An excuse to concentrate on Vietnam conflict models ! When my daughters ask me what to do with them when I cark it, I just point them to the wheelie bin……...