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  1. What an absolutely stunning diorama !! First saw one of these on the Upper Murray back in the eighties, crop-dusting a customers paddock - fell instantly in love !! I like obscure aircraft......... Didn't know, until now, that the Airtruk had been kitted.......must go hunting for it .........Click !!........Buy !!.......
  2. The Tamiya Storch is a lovely kit - I've built 2 to date and there's another couple in the stash. Great looking trio !! Rog
  3. Well, Im calling my 2017 too

    Built to your usual impeccable standard, Bruce and it was great to get up close and personal with the Airacobra - bloody lovely, and you needed no coercion to bring it to the meeting……….Much !! Love the Flanker !!! Have a great Christmas and I hope it isn't spent scraping people off the roads…... Rog
  4. 1/72 Airfix Cessna 0-1D Bird Dog

    Have a look at post #7……...
  5. Bad luck with the masks - they're real s.o.b.s, aren't they. After two previous experiences with them, I have ditched them for subsequent models and reverted to good old reliable Tamiya tape, despite their convenience. Removal is also a challenge - I found them to come off in broken bits and leave a sticky deposit which is a cow to remove without possible [in my case probable ! ] damage to the paintwork. Really enjoying this build, and I'm prompted to get hold of the kit of this enigmatic aircraft which I seem to remember flying out of Luton….or perhaps Southend…Coventry …….ah, the passage of time……! Rog
  6. Revell 1\72 Dc-4 Iceland Airways

    Ooooh, nice !! I'm just about to start this kit and a mate has found me a set of Ansett-ANA Cargomaster decals from Hawkeye Models which should give it a bit of local colour. Hope it comes out as well as yours, Peter. Cheers, Rog
  7. 1/6th Vincent Black Shadow

    As would I !! Rog
  8. Italeri 1/9 Triumph 3HW (Esci)

    You've made a nice looking model - nice to have a 1:1 example to go by. Impressed with the patina of the seat, it's come up real well. I've found that a wash of white glue over that horrible vinyl enables the paint to bite, and there are other methods suggested on a thread of the same kit a month or so back. Italeri have just re-boxed this kit - hope they do likewise with the Harley, Zundapp & BMW, solo and sidecar versions, then I can build the models properly……. Cheers…….Rog
  9. 1/72 - Kalinin K-12 by MikroMir - released

    Colin, the K-7 is available in resin from Anigrand, although unfortunately in 144 - I've just finished building it and it comes with a K-12 as one of 3 additional experimental Russian aircraft of the same period - the 30's. Mind you, even in 144, the wingspan of the K-7 is 380mm, so in 1/72……well, do the sums ! By comparison, the K-12 in 144 has a wingspan of just 150mm Good to see the K-12 in 1/72……..click !!……..buy !!……... Cheers, Rog
  10. Be-12 Tchaika 1:72 Modelsvit

    That is an excellent effort of a not too easy kit ! A similar rendition lives on my display shelf - it's one of my favourite builds. How did you go with fighting the landing gear ? My model ended up with a slight list to port, nothing I can't live with. A relatively unattractive and dirty beast……which attracts instant and admiring attention. Congrats on a well presented model !
  11. I've joined the Dad brigade.

    Many congratulations. Remember - gentlemen [and their partners] have daughters…….! Rog
  12. I'll see your kidney and raise you a lung, TT !! A "must have" for me too - All Hail Mikromir, purveyors of subjects of interest !! Seems like a few kits heading dahnunda !! Cheers, Rog
  13. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    Thanks for that tip, Steve. I'll give it a try - all suggestions/contributions most welcome. Cheers……..Rog
  14. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    Ahah !! I have this little beastie on the bench at present, got as far as installing the motor and rear frame. While taking your point about the "primitive" appearance of the machine, the British forces were forced to utilise modified civilian machines for DR work - have a look at the BSA M20 for example, another bike used for DR purposes - unlike the USA which had time for the building of specialised service machines, the Harley WLA/C for example, and even the short-lived Harley XA flat twin. I would be interested in how you prepared, especially, the seats, which come in a horrible vinyl-type plastic and, if left untreated, look that way and don't, in my experience, take acrylic paint. I have found that a wash with white glue [a tip I found here on BM, the fount of modelling knowledge and experience] will, when dry, accept acrylic paint quite ok, and has worked well on the Esci/Italeri Zundapp, Harley WLA and BMW solo and sidecar models I've built in the past. As with all of these kits, imho they are let down by the over scale control cables but this is somewhat inevitable given the size of the pins they are designed to fit. You've made a nice looking model there, and I hope mine comes up to that standard. Cheers………Rog
  15. Soviet heavy bomber Kalinin K-7 1/72

    Fabulous !!!!! Put me down for one !!