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  1. A Trio of Hellcats

    Finished the main camo on the Mk I. I think I masked over the Slate Grey before it had cured properly, because when I removed the tape, there was a sticky residue left behind. I leave it to dry properly for a few days and then I'll see if I can wipe it off with a damp cloth or possibly micro mesh it out. Still, at least I got the colours the right way around unlike my Sea Hurricane... Sean
  2. A Trio of Hellcats

    The Mk I has had a coat of Slate grey and the Mk II has had another coat of blue. I added some Gunship Grey to the blue and to my eyes it looks like a pretty good match to Gloss Sea Blue. The stripes need a bit of touching up. Sean
  3. A Trio of Hellcats

    The Mk I now has some paint on it. Sean
  4. What have you purchased 9

    One of these arrived this morning I might do an Italeri/Revell build off and lose my sanity in the process... Sean
  5. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    2 Eurofighters which almost necessitated a change of underwear on my part they were that low over the house. Sean
  6. A Trio of Hellcats

    The Mk II is now blue. I used Revell Aqua 54 as a base colour, but added a fair amount of black, 2 different greys and some olive green to get a closer colour match. It's possibly a little dark but it's much closer to the Xtracrylix I used on a Corsair a couple of years ago. Sean
  7. A Trio of Hellcats

    Two of the Hellcats have progressed further. Canopies and wings have been fitted, seams filled and primer applied. A few joints need some tweaks but apart from that everything is going nicely. Mk I Mk II Sean
  8. What have you purchased 9

    One of these: Sean
  9. What have you purchased 9

    Another Tamiya Mosquito and accessories. The kit and seats came from a member of Britmodeller. The rest, along with some Brassin wheels for the Hellcats, came from Hannants. Sean
  10. A Trio of Hellcats

    All 3 are now at the same stage. I had real trouble with the underside insert on the Mk I and it will require some filler. Next up will be sorting the canopies then onto primer. Sean
  11. Lovely work as usual Tony. I can highly recommend the book Soldier I which was written by one of the survivors about his time in the SAS and the battle of Mirbat. Sean
  12. A Trio of Hellcats

    The Mk II fuselage has now been closed up. This one had a slightly better fit than the F6F-3 although the cowling was worse. The Mk I will be done tomorrow. Sean
  13. What have you purchased 9

    This stuff arrived this morning We might see Mozzy make a mozzy in the near future Sean
  14. A Trio of Hellcats

    I'm keeping the British ones at opposite ends of the box and the American one is kept on the other end of the table. Tomorrow I'll build up the Mk I and then I'll keep that with the 3 so fingers crossed I can keep up with them... Another Hellcat landed this morning and I was very tempted to add that to these three, but common sense prevailed. The fuselage of the American is now together. Everything fitted beautifully apart from the damn insert for the oil cooler I think it is, which was a pain. Sean
  15. Hot on the heels of the Hurricanes, I decided that the next build would be a Hellcat. Me being me though, I couldn't decide which one. Then I thought, why not do all of them! The F6F-3 has progressed the furthest and the fuselage will be closed up tonight. The other 2 have had the basic interior green applied. All of them have had the cowlings and wings built up so far. Sean