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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Sean
  2. This is Kinetic's F-16 in Norwegian markings from Vingtor. I tried to build this kit about 4 years ago and you can see how well that went here: But after seeing the occasional picture of the real thing made me want to try again, because I really really like this colour scheme. So here is the build thread for the new one: And now the pictures. Comments and criticism welcome. Sean
  3. Ferdig. I'll sort out some pics for an RFI later . Sean
  4. Well, the finishing touches have taken rather longer to complete than anticipated. The landing gear didn't like fitting together very much so it was a case of add a couple of pieces each night using CA glue to keep it all together and then wait until the next day for it all to set. Plus the instructions were about as clear as mud which didn't help matters . Still, the next update should be one of a completed F-16 Sean
  5. A Kinetic 1/48 F-16B so that I can make this Sean
  6. Decals on. . Landing gear is going on tonight and then that's it really. Sean
  7. For an interesting comparison, I dug out the original kit to see the damage. From a distance they don't look too different on the top apart from the dried on Jammy Dog tape on the original (note to self: do not leave that tape on a model for any length of time, it WILL ruin the model ). A closer look reveals an enormous amount of silver overspray all over the upper fuselage and fudged reinforcing plates. The underside joins on the nose are just horrendous on the old one, nothing more to be said. Both together: Old: New: 'Nuff said really. Sean
  8. Mmmmm, shiny! Decals tomorrow. Sean
  9. Flaperon thingies painted and fitted. Exhaust painted, just need to do the NMF area on the donut then I can glue that in place. Also fitted the wing tip launchers and you can also see where I duffed up the painting of one of the stabilisers.. Sean
  10. Seat in the process of being painted. And an overall shot of how it's shaping up. Sean
  11. Masking off. I'm chuffed to bits with how that turned out, it's soooo much better than the first attempt. Just a few touch ups and painting the canopy seal then I'll turn my attention to the bits that hang off. Sean
  12. Blue on. Still needs another coat of blue yet. I'm pretty much back to where I was with the first build now. Sean
  13. Reinforcements on. White on. Some masking off and red on. Need a few more coats of red. Sean
  14. Success! Pictures now visible.