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  1. Most of the decals are done. Looking nice so far.There are only three decals that need some attention. The roof decals is much too big and needs a smaller size and also the front wing decal "Pentosin" is too big.And at the back i need a new number 8 for the zakspeed c1/8 instead of 1/4. Thats all. regards Christian
  2. @sharknose: I use a Neo for Iwata double-action gun for the small stuff. For the clear coat i got a HVLP gun with a bigger needle.Not the high-end gun,but works fine for me. First coat clear coat was applied today. It cant be seen on the pic,but believe me its there. So i can start tomorrow with the decals. regards Christian
  3. Thanks! The stripes are done. Only two or three spots needs some attention. Than i will spray the first layer of clear coat before i apply the decals. regards Christian
  4. Thanks a lot! Sounds very good. It looks better and better with every color more. Orange works also fine. Next will be the green stripes and than a shot of clear coat. Only got one tiny mistake which i can repair very easy. regards Christian
  5. Stripes part one are made. I used the Tamiya masking tape 5mm white which works perfect for all the curves. Now it can dry over night before i tackle the orange stripes. regards Christian
  6. New year and some more progress on the Zakspeed group C ar. The body main color is done now.I used Tamiya white fine primer as the base color.Works fine. The stripes color was bought from Zero Paint.Now i only have to mask all the stripes. Looks like a lot of work to me. The cut out door get a sub frame with lots of holes in it. The rear wing was a 1+1/4 Porsche 956 wing.The side plates are made from plastic sheet. Thats all,have to mask that stripes now. regards Christian
  7. The C1/8 grows. The chassis is nearly done.Only some small adjustments. The inside was build with plastic sheet.The 956 Chassis fits good,only a few changes are made. Rear of the car with diffusor and frame. Shot from "down under".Its not like the real one,but its ok. Chassis and body could be click together easily. Thanks for watching!
  8. Looks good and very clean. But the rims should be painted gold and the inside black. Only my thoughts. regards Christian
  9. Next step are the come together of body and chassis. The front wheels did not fit into the small wheel arches.So i had to scratch a bit.I sanded the wheel on the top and on the bottom a bit. Was better but still a right height of a SUV. So i used a styrene sheet under both side and now it looks way better.You can see the brown putty i used for it. First time for me to open the door.Works well,but again a problem was detected. When the door is open it can lay onto the fender just like the real car ca. Seams like Tamiya did some strange angles at the body. So i simply cut another edge from the door and now it can be glued to the fender when its done. Its not correct,but it works.That is what counts. On the inside i used some pins and sockets to hold altogether in the right spot.works fine,only need some fine sanding. Christian
  10. The Zakspeed is done.Most of the body. I looked at my original pictures for a while and at the end i am nit 100% sure that this version was running these days? There are so much different version and evolution at the race car i want to build and not enough reference pictures. So i decided to build it in my own way. Now i try to find a matching zero paint color for the green,orange and blue on the car. regards Christian
  11. Front air intake is 95% done. Still needs some small changes,but the mainly shape is done. regards Christian
  12. Next progress on the Zakspeed. The front hood needed some clinical surgery. The lights are done.only the inlays needs some sanding. The front air intake was made of ureol and lot of putty. time to sanding again. regards Christian
  13. BMW M3 E30 DTM 1/12 Scratchbuild/Conversion

    Gallery pics are uploaded now. Thanks !
  14. Hello, here are the pics from my latest "do it yourself" model. The BMW M3 E30 DTM version driven by Johnny Cecotto. The paint i used was Tamiya TS spray and Zero Paint 2k Clearcoat. Decals comes from my buddy Michael from scalegrafixx.de Enjoy! Thanks for watching regards Christian
  15. Which version do you want to build Nick? Some changes to the body of the Zakspeed C1/8 are made now. The air intakes are closed and the rear of the car is changed. Detail shot from the rear end. The intakes at the sides are also closed and the front wheel house has changed. regards Christian