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  1. 1:48 Tornado F3, 11 Sqd, RAFLeeming

    ok so I took the plunge with my Italeri Tonka kit and actually the fit so far has been quite good! Detail not as good as the HoobyBoss one but ok. Doing this one in flight again and just checking to see which schemes to do This is two days worth of work... chris
  2. 1:48 Tornado F3, 11 Sqd, RAFLeeming

    thanks Eng and you are spot on about the HobbyBoss kit! I havent got the Revell one yet but it does sound good I have to say. Out of madness I started the Italeri one - will see how that turns out! chris
  3. 1:48 Tornado F3, 11 Sqd, RAFLeeming

    Many thanks - I used Gunze H334 for the Barley Greay and H315 for the undersides Chris
  4. Ok so over the last couple of weeks I have been finishing off projects that I started some time ago and this is one I started over 2 years ago! It is the HobbyBoss 1:48 Tornado F3 which I had given up on as the fit was poor and I got bored of it. Anyway I decided to have another go at it and this is the result. Its not bad but far from perfect but 'in flight' it looks pretty good in the special scheme. It was largely out of the box with resin seats and Xtradecal decals. Paints were Gunze and Tamiya with some Alclad. I love the Tornado F3 and am eagerly awaiting build reviews on the Revell kit which I am hoping is much better than the HobbyBoss one cheers chris
  5. many thanks - I Painted the whole think Matt black and then the camo was Tamiya XF 52 and XF60 chris
  6. Many thanks - I tidied it up first as I couldn't have taken the photos as it was that messy! This is more normal:
  7. Seafire Mk47 Airfix 1/48th

    thats a beautiful build - subtle but effective weathering chris
  8. Superb - well done! chris
  9. Eduard 1:48 F8 Vought Crusader - Marines

    Many thanks guys - appreciate your comments. You can't see it on the photos really but I used a mottling technique on this build. I painted it black as a base them mottled the gray and white over it - took a bit of time but I liked the effect at the end! cheers chris
  10. Eduard 1:48 F8 Vought Crusader - Marines

    Well spotted Martin - deliberate mistake to see who was awake
  11. Ok so this is my third and final upload this week! I've had three kits all at the same stage since May so am on a concerted effort to get them finished. Eduard 1:48 F8 Crusader, VMF235, 'Deaths Angels' , Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam 1968 Very enjoyable kit this one and the Furball decals were very nice indeed and by and large a good fit although the intake took some doing! This is one of Eduards limited edition kits so has the canopy masks and various Brassin parts to go with it. Paints are Tamiya and Gunze and Alclads for the exhaust. Highly recommended Chris
  12. Many thanks for your comments - I really enjoyed this build and except for a couple of areas it was by and large a good fit. I think where it differs from the Tamiya kit is that you have more options if you want for example to build a European version and of course it is a newer designed kit. That said I am going to build the Tamiya one at some point!
  13. many thanks for all your kind comments - gratefully appreciated! Its the first Lightning I have built I can say I like - all the others seemed a bit rubbish and have now been binned. I have another in the stash to do so now thinking about an interesting scheme for that one cheers chris
  14. no its genuine and there were only two of them....
  15. Academy 1:32 F16 Kunsan, 2005, Col Billy 'Wolf' Uhle I finished this a few months ago but only just got round to figuring out a replacement for Photo Bucket! It is an excellent kit and the level of detail is lovely. It is an out of the box build and I chose the smoked glass for the canopy which works well I think. Paints are Tamiya and Alclads for the exhaust etc.