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  1. Superb choice of scheme Mike and a fabulous result! Chris
  2. Wow that's superb! chris
  3. Thank you and yes you are probably right. I am just finishing the Italeri 1:32 F104g and have various schemes I could use to do another European one - it's just I love the Japanese Starfighters!! chris
  4. Afternoon folks - I have on its way an old Hasegawa 1:32 F104J and I am assuming the decals won't be of much use! I've had a quick look around and can't see who does aftermarket decals for Japanese Starfighters in 1:32 Can anyone point in the right direction? thanks Chris
  5. very nice indeed - I've got this kit but been putting off building it! chris
  6. yeah it was Craig aka Modelling Minion that found that pic for me!
  7. Many thanks for the kind comments - much appreciated! I have another Hasegawa Super Kai on order from a Japanese seller so more to come! I also need to do an Hellenic, Iranian and Luftwaffe version (although I have done one of these in 1:32) chris
  8. cheers - this is the photo of the original and as I believe this was a temporary scheme for a weapons meet.
  9. Ok so I'm a big fan of the Phantom and decided a few months ago to do a joint build of Israeli and Japanese F4's. I used the Hasegawa kits for both builds with aftermarket decals from Isra Decal and DXM (stencils). I used the original decals for the JASDF Phantom in the main and considering they were printed in 1986 they came out well. Eduard cockpit aftermarket was also used and Ised Mr Color, Tamiya and Alclad paints for both. I got a lot of help form members on here during the build so thanks for that. The Israeli F4 has a temporary 'load out' as I am awaiting some of the Hasegawa sets. Overall I enjoyed the builds and even more so that the kits costs me £16 and £24 respectively which is great value considering I just paid £60 for the Hasegawa re-hash of the FGR1!!
  10. wow thanks for the kind comments chaps - much appreciated! I am also happy to confirm this Lightning is hanging above me in my home office and only I clean in there!! chris
  11. ok this is great - many thanks chaps
  12. Afternoon folks I an building the Italeri 1:48 Wessex HU5 as 771 Sqd Culdrose 1987 in the blue/grey and red. I am a little confussed as to what colour the upper and lower surfaces of the rotors should be (including the tail rotors) and if they should have the yellow and red stripes? Also what colour should the rotor head be? Any help appreciated thanks chris
  13. Enjoying this build and wishing I hadn't sold my kit!
  14. That is superb - well done. Chris
  15. Ok this is all really helpful - thanks guys chris