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  1. absolutely superb!
  2. look great!
  3. I used Alclad Dull Aluminum on mine and it looked spot on i thought. chris
  4. ok great - just ordered one - should make a nice change from the Mk22/24 I've just done where I sanded the front section so much I'm surprised there was any plastic left!
  5. That's a lovely build - not seen those blur props before but they make a huge difference don't they chris
  6. That's very nice indeed - an easy build you say? chris
  7. Some superb work going on here!! Would be nice if Airfix updated this kit
  8. thanks - yes that looks good and thankfully not vacform as I have no talent for that! yes ok good idea - thanks
  9. well I don't remember anyone out of our lot being vom monsters - I was way too excited to feel sick!
  10. ah - great minds hey! Yes I have this afternoon decanted the Appliance white and done the top so far and was just wondering if Humbrol 15 would be appropriate! I was thinking Dove Grey for the wings but light grey sounds a better bet as you suggest. As far as I can see the underside is grey around the mid section and towards the back??
  11. the closest I ever really got to the VC10 was when I was in the ATC sometime in 1982 and we had camp at Brize Norton. We were taken up in one for circuits and bumps with a trainee pilot and one at a time we were allowed on the flight deck! The kit I have got is part of a stash i was given a few years back by our wed designer who happened to be the much younger brother of the guy who used to do the intructions for Airfix and who had just retired. He gave me all the kits he had used for design these instructions!
  12. ok this is great - thankyou. I have just been up in the attic on an expedition and found the Airfix VC10 under a pile of stuff so will use that one and get the aftermarket you suggest.
  13. No problem - in fact you might be able to help me then with the colours for a British Airways (Red Tail) Super VC10! I have the 26decals on order but I don't think they give you the colour call outs. thanks
  14. Thanks Dave this is really helpful. The overall colour looks to be Barley Grey? chris
  15. Afternoon folks - am I right in thinking that if I want to build the RAF VC10 C.1K XV105 - 101 SQN 90TH ANNIVERSARY - my only option is the Airfix kit? The Roden kits are the Super VC10 if I have got it right? thanks chris