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  1. Following this one for sure. Great choice of colours and the Seaboard and Western site is fantastic. Recently I bought the newly released Balair/ Iceland Airways DC-4 version for half price - £27 as opposd to the normal retail price of £54. The shop where I bought it from is a general homeware shop but has a very good model section stocked with Airfix, Revell, Zvezda, Tamiya, Italeri and Ebbro car kits, not dusty old stuff that's been left on the shelf for years but all the modern releases along with good variety of kits. Now, I'm not particularly interested in Douglas propliners (except the DC-3) as they generally leave me cold. Had Revell chosen to produce a Constellation to the same scale and quality as this, I'd buy dozens but the Douglas stuff...Anyway, I deliberated for a while but couldn't really encourage myself to add it to the stash, even when I saw the price (it wasn't in their sale so somebody messed up on the pricing!!). I downloaded the instructions from Revells site as I stood there arguing with myself and immediately fell in love with the Iceland Airways scheme. Decision made. Since getting it home, I've looked in the box just once. As for the interior detailing, I have contemplated building this separately as a kind of diorama with passengers and flight crew and building just the 'shell' of the model. Like yours, when/ if I ever get round to building it, it will be a slow build. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress. Jeff
  2. Excellent. I can see how the pilots enjoyed flying it, it really does have that fast sleek look about it. Jeff
  3. Hi Zebra, With your permission here are some photos of the Amigo resin engine set. These are available from a seller on eBay (47ru713).
  4. Thanks for pointing them out!! Honestly, I'm (or I was) currently looking for Tu-114 Aeroflot/ Japan Airlines markings...I think I may have just found a source. And as mentioned, they accept PayPal and so we're covered by the money back protection. I feel an order coming on. Jeff
  5. Nice work. In spite of its age, I think the general consensus is the kit is "decently" accurate. I sanded and rescribed the fuselage and wings just before Christmas with the intention of starting it after the holidays. So far it hasn't appeared from the box but following your build may be impetus I need. Jeff
  6. Great, I'll be following this one as I've got a couple stored somewhere. It's a nice kit. The first boxing I bought was the original "blue bird" Aeroflot colours. When I get the time (and space) I'd love to have a go at it. Edit: I've just checked the Neomega aftermarket parts because by sheer coincidence, I received a set of Amigo resin engine details yesterday, which is similar to the Neomega set. If you'd like I could post a picture but it's your thread and I don't want to hijack it unnecessarily. Jeff
  7. Wasn't there a thread on this forum where a member reported on a brief given by Airfix at a club night (possibly) during which it was stated they had absolutely no intentions/ plans/ thoughts/ desires to produce any more airliners? From their constant stream of heavily WW2 influenced releases, I'm inclined to agree. Jeff
  8. Absolutely beautiful model. Great finish and very neat masking. Well done, now crack on with the other airliners in your stash. Jeff
  9. Great review. Certainly looks to be a very well made kit, one I'm even thinking about getting. The detail looks very neat and sharp. The first ICM kit I bought was the Tu-144 and I was amazed at the extremely fine detailing on that one.
  10. That's right!!. I recall masking my Dreamliner to paint the United colours. The left side waving demarcation was so easy as I did it in a couple of attempts but the right side...3 hours later and half a mile of Tamiya tape gone, I finally got both sides to look similar (ish). There really is no substitute for trial and error and a bit of patience. Jeff
  11. Good question, well asked! I've got a QANTAS 737 ddcal sheet I'd love to use, but the colour demarcation is putting me off. I've tried fine masking tape and drawing lightly on the fuselage but I just can't seem to get the lines right. If I can crack that a QF A380 will be next. Thanks for the answer, sadly not the miracle answer I hoped for!! Jeff
  12. Oh stop being so hard on yourself, you've produced a great model and presented it very neatly too. I've got one on my pile to do and hope mine turns out as nicely as yours. Jeff
  13. Very nice. I like your modification of the tail rotor to the ATR version. Simple to do but a feature of the Canadian aircraft. When fitted it does massively reduce maintenance and produces a deeper sound. Most of the RN heaps are being refitted with them.
  14. Thanks Scott, I remember thinking the conversion drawing wasn't correct when it was discussed over on another forum. My LOT E195 was progressing well until I applied the right side cheatline - it seems to be a few millimetres too long as the upper cross stroke of the T is almost touching the windscreen. Just providing a heads up for anyone about to use this sheet. Beyond this, both the Boa sheet and the kit decal sheet performed brilliantly. Jeff
  15. Or perhaps coaming....spell checker? Ah, edited to note we're all picking up on his spelling issues!!