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  1. Many thanks guys for the answers. Believe it or not, this is the first time I think I've read where the length difference was situated and is tying in nicely with the ongoing work in progress thread by Viking. Thanks. Jeff
  2. Pointless is a general knowledge quiz show, knowing each and every aircraft that flew/ fought during a certain conflict is specialist knowledge.
  3. OK, I'll change the DC-7 for a Minicarft DC-6 the Doyusha F-27 for Welsh Models vacform Second and possibly third 737 are from Airfix (maybe Eastern Express) the grey primed model at the right is either Authentic Airliners A300 or Braz A300 (but unless you've corrected the nose, it doesn't look like it). Sorry for the thread drift, I love seeing other people's in progress models! Jeff
  4. Nice idea with the tubing, I'll give it a shot on my next build. I reckon from left to right: 707 (Minicraft?) Trident 3 (F-rsin) DC-7 (Roden?) Britannia (Roden) BAC 1-11 (Authentic Airliners) DC-9 (Fly? AA?) F-27 (Doyusha) 727 (Airfix with flight deck transparency from Daco) 737 (Minicraft) 737 (Skyline) 737 (?) A319 (Revell) 737-800 (Revell but it's grey plastic...could be 737-400 from Skyline) L1011 TriStar (Eastern Express) 777 (Minicraft) Quite a nice line up.
  5. ^ me too.
  6. Nice scheme. I've often considered getting this sheet so seeing it on yours will make my mind up. One of the areas I've not been able to satisfactorily deal with are the exhausts, I want to create a "duct" look into the depths of the engine nacelle but am not really sure what to make it with. Maybe as it's on the underside it's not worth worrying about but it is one of those areas where improvement could be considered. Anyone any ideas? And where do cuts need to be made to covert it to the 700 series? Jeff
  7. Thanks John. I've got quite a few of these little kits. It only takes a some basic skills to improve, as you're demonstrating. Any thoughts on colours? Jeff
  8. So now they'll have to put up with people thinking it's Delta. Some bits I like such as the black strip round the windshield and well, that's about it really. It does have a kind of "retro" look to it of sorts as does the route map in the PDF document linked above. It'll probably grow on me. Decals are available already on eBay from rugburna (or 'er'?). Jeff
  9. I'll have a few please, Ray.
  10. Thanks Dave, I'm certainly still interested in reading about "these guys". I love receiving envelopes from Eastern Europe due to the huge number of stamps on them, though I think 29 is a record!! Your experience and that of speedbird has given me confidence to order from them. Thanks. Hopefully not drifting off on a tangent, I'm still working out how to pay Aerodeka. Some very nice sheets there... Jeff
  11. I'll definitely get the JAL scheme, and having searched the Finnair schemes, I imagine I'll probably buy that one too! Any idea/ guesses what MM will offer as their P&W release? Delta? Martinair? LTU? Jeff
  12. 6?!??! Lucky you. I'll probably get as many as that eventually but where to display them that's my problem.
  13. Mmmh, just one? Granted it is quite a price but the alternative is twice the price and I'd rather not bother with that one. V1 decals, DrawDecals and 26decals have some MD-11 sheets available, so let's keep fingers crossed more will follow.
  14. A look in the box.
  15. I got mine last week and love it too. KLM markings from the box will do me very nicely. 26decals have just released Alitalia markings. I'd love if this was the start of more markings for this kit and a hint that Ray may be re-boxing the kit with his decals.