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  1. Very nice, I'm looking forward to this. It seems to be due for release soon? Could I ask a question - is it not possible to mould one piece main wheels? Thanks Jeff
  2. Eastern Express 1/144 HP Herald?

    Ah, I knew someone had rehashed the Frog kit but wasn't sure if if was EE. Fingers crossed I'm not getting excited about another rough re-release of this kit. I'm running out of room too even with 1/144, so the range of aircraft shown on the side of the box certainly won't take up that much room. It's worth keeping an eye on this forum (below) for future news of EE releases. http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress
  3. Eastern Express 1/144 HP Herald?

    Viscount and Vanguard!?! Now that would be nice, we can only hope.
  4. Eastern Express 1/144 HP Herald?

    In 1/144 it will be little, the Short360 is going to test my eyes enough but for someone running out of shelf space its the right size! The recent offerings from EE are really good, panel line detail on the 360 is neat and tidy. I'm.looking forward to this and this the other models shown on the box side above. Jeff
  5. Eastern Express 1/144 HP Herald?

    Hi, Having just received my fleet of new Eastern Express (EE) Shorts 360s, I noticed on the side of the box "box art" for a new release - an HP Dart Herald. Presumably this will be in 1/144 as the other kits pictured are all to that scale. This is great news and I hope other airliner kits are forthcoming from this manufacturer. and Some won't like the scale, some won't like the subject and still others will have hang-ups from past experience with this company, but I applaud them for turning sites onto the commuter planes - theres more to aviation than WW2!!! Jeff
  6. Tamiya alternative for Boeing Gray?

    Hi, I've read that Tamiya grey primer from their spray can range is a pretty good match for Boeing grey. As for a mixing ratio, there is a well known modeller who recommends starting with a jar of white paint and then adding black until the correct colour is achieved. Hope these little bits are of help. The Revell/ Zvezda 777 is a lovely model, what colour scheme have you chosen? Jeff Just looking at your avatar, I think I know what colours you've chosen!
  7. Got mine today. First impressions are very pleasing. Very fine panel line detailing (almost as fine as Zvezda, maybe finer?), sharp trailing edges, good overall shapes, smooth plastic surfaces. I got the Iberia version shown above, as for the decals, I'm looking forward to what may be released aftermarket wise, if you get my drift. There are a couple of areas that may require a more detailed examination - some won't appreciate the way the engines are moulded but it only takes few minutes to eradicate the join line that may be visible in the intake after assembly. On the other hand, the nose undercarriage is an eleven part assembly!! There's a flight deck with good detail though no control columns. One thing I've noticed on numerous recent models is the "creeping" of the moulding gate on to the part, and this model suffers that irritation too ( wheel halves being obvious), but like most things it just requires a few more minutes clean up. If you have had a bad experience in the past with previous EE models, please forget about those and if the MD-87 rocks your world (or you just want a model of one) buy this, because on first impressions, this is a very nice, modern model of a very nice, rapidly disappearing aircraft. Construction will tell if it's as good as Revell and Zvezda, but from the box it certainly appears as if EE have really stepped up their game. Oh, forgot to mention a very nice set of instructions. Printed on quality semi-glossy paper, they feel nice to handle. Study the steps though, as the flight deck is assembled on the last page but installed on the previous page. Minor issues really, but some may make a mountain out of it and condemn it to the bin. Please don't, send me your unwanted MD-87!! Jeff
  8. Phishing emails HMRC

    You shouldn't even have had to send it to the real HMRC. When I looked at my email, I laughed because it was so obviously fake. No introduction or salutation, language used so basic and clearly not from an English speaker, no reference numbers, contact details. And don't you think that if the HMRC were going to contact you, it would be via a paper letter full of details about you? To be honest, those who fall for these type of scams that are so false are beyond help.
  9. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    Not a chip, just can't stand double standards. Perhaps you feel violence against men is justified and should be promoted through senseless sexist degrading adverts - I certainly don't.
  10. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    How is violence against men a "beauty"? Can you imagine the outcry if it was a man coming home and punching out his girlfriend? That's exactly the offensive rubbish that TV encourages nowadays.
  11. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    I don't have a TV as I refuse to pay money for the privilege of having TV to an organisation that covers up (ie condones) child abuse by many of its employees and as you have pointed out, TV adverts and TV content in general has sunk to such a dumbed down level I find it insulting. However, as I occasionally see adverts whilst in work, I find all adverts offensive that portray men as incompetent (terrible cooks, can't operate washing machines that sort of thing) or continually make fun of men. Jeff
  12. Britmodeller has changed!!!!! (again)

    Nice modern look, well done. Jeff
  13. You know, there must be a virus going round here only affecting computer mice - mine does the very same thing too and especially when I'm on Nick Webbs site (I've actually got an order with him at the moment but he's either very busy printing all our orders or he's missed mine as it's been a few weeks since I placed it, must give him a reminder). Jeff
  14. 1/144 TAAG Boeing 777-300er

    Beautiful!! One of my favourite wide bodied twins (actually, it's my favourite). I love the kit from Zvezda but have hesitated buying the TAAG decals from 26decals, but seeing your trip 7 has made my mind up. Thanks for sharing your build. Jeff
  15. Very nice indeed. As others have already mentioned, you've moved the rather basic Airfix kit on to a new higher level of accuracy. British Eagle and it's various guises seems to be all the rage at the moment - this lovely 1-11, Ian the Turbofans great Britannia (and yours too), Stringbag Chris is working on a British Eagle 1-11 and I'm putting the finishing touches to a Minicraft DC-6 to be finished as Eagle Airways. We really should flood this section with beautiful airliner models and do our best to encourage others to join us - so much nicer than just another Spitfire... Very nice build John, thank you so much for posting it. Jeff