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  1. Do we officially hate clear windows?

    I was a firm supporter of "holes in fuselages" for my airliners. But considering most manufacturers actually do produce "holes in fuselages" and care not at all for correct placement, correct number, correct size I really can't be bothered with even trying to keep them now. Flight deck windshields are an area where I will try to maintain the clear glass look, but yet again most manufacturers give approximate shapes that don't fit too well so I'm increasingly moving towards decals for them. I'm using Authentic Airliners, 8a and PAS photoreal decals for my models. Over the past few days I've looked at new airliner models that quite honestly leave me totally baffled as to what their makers were thinking. I've noted some issues here and elsewhere and have begun to get the feeling that they think with the "niche" airliner modellers anything will do and don't worry too much with accuracy. I still have my finger hovering over the "buy now" button for the Combat Kits 1/72 BAe 146, but I can't stop looking at the clear piece that's meant to be the flight deck. Honestly, did any one even bother to look at the shape of the actual windows? What's been moulded is a joke. Jeff
  2. - Yeah but have you seen how thick they are? More like wing walls!!! I was tempted by the €412 book (for all of about a nano second) then I saw the €40 "comme neuf". It's been paid for using paypal so I think I bought it; there followed a pop up advert with something like "commande termine" and €16 reduction. It took me a few seconds of school boy French to realise that it was an offer off my next purchase...I think. And worst of all, Hannants have sold out of the Amodel kits!!!!! Just when I had convinced myself it wasn't all doom and gloom and they would look fine on my shelf. Nothing cheap on ebay except that seller who used my photos. Jeff
  3. Thank you Carlos. Interesting to see the "mistercrap" ( ) wingsweep is quite accurate. I think I've just bought the French language edition of the Caravelle book!!!!! huge thanks for the link!! Jeff
  4. To continue to flog a dead horse... When compared to the MisterCraft (perhaps Airfix clone?) Fuselage contours. Nose contours Lower wing shapes Upper wings Tail fins, Amodel taller Done. Now bored with this, go out and build Amodels Caravelle for fleets and build the Authentic Airliners Caravelle if you only ever want one. Jeff
  5. Updated photos: Notice how both halves are lined up on the lower heavier reference line on the cutting mat, but the Doyusha model almost touched the 2cm above line but the EE kit sits quite a way below the 2cm above line. With the nose tips lined up Still with the nose tips lined up Nose tips lined up It doesn't look it, but wing roots lined up. I'm inclined to agree with Allan (Albeback52), put aside a separate dedicated F-27 shelf, build till your hearts content!!! I don't like being the "it's all wrong!! Bin it!!" brigade, but it's perhaps more frustrating that something simple like research (5 minutes on internet searches and a few minutes flicking through a Janes Aircraft of The world type book) wasn't strictly adhered to. It is a nice model, actually. The plastic and detail isn't up to the same level of finesse as the EE DC-9/ MD-87/ B-717, but it's acceptable given the small size. I may relent, and get a few more. Jeff
  6. Boeing 737-130 Lufthansa. Airfix kit modified.

    Very impressive work. The engines do give a very different look to the aircraft. Jeff
  7. Boeing 737-130 Lufthansa. Airfix kit modified.

    Make sure it's UK N gauge. This is 1/148 scale but the rest of the world uses 1/160 scale (iirc). Just like the larger UK OO scale (1/76) and European/ RoW HO (1/87). Sorry, I'll grab my anorak...
  8. Thanks Dave. Actually quite a nice scheme and interesting to see the window decals. The one I have included wheel and flight deck window masks Carlos, I'll have a look at mine later. The window area on the kit is a larger rectangular clear piece that is fitted to the fuselage. The windows are lightly engraved on that. I haven't checked to see how they line up yet. Lucky you having John Weggs Caravelle book, I'm envious!!
  9. Hi Graeme, I've had the EE kit for a couple of weeks and I thought I'd compare the "newer more accurate" kit with older more basic Doyusha kit. When I opened the Doyusha box something felt odd - it just looked bigger. My immediate thought was to to assume that it was overscale. Comparing both fuselage halves straight away was very interesting. I checked numerous sites and books for dimensions, performed a few simple calculations and confirmed the EE kit is underscale. Checking most basic parts shows that it appears to be smaller all round. I'll do a few photos comparing them later. What with this kit and the new Amodel Caravelle increasingly looking like an updated Airfix Caravelle, I'm a bit frustrated and disappointed. Jeff
  10. Hapag-Lloyd Express 737-400 - Big Yellow Taxi

    Oh yeah, no yellow in Lufthansa...what are they thinking?
  11. West Jet B.737-800

    Moving along nicely. The Braz engines are good but on my sets I've always had to remove the front section rear lip so that both pieces have flush joining edges. Even so, I've had to use filler to finish them off. I like the look of the WiFi blister. How many come in each pack? Jeff
  12. Camair-Co 737-700 - Revell conversion

    Wow!!! I didn't realise the Daco winglets were that size!! What is it with manufacturers being so slap dash about airliner models? Elsewhere (actually the 'rumourmunger' section) I've just posted something about the new Eastern Express "1/144" Fokker 27 being underscale. What with that disappointment, your picture above, the hash Revell made with the 737 (though it can be coaxed into being reasonably presentable) and more, you could almost get the feeling that the "yeah, that kinda looks about right" attitude exists at kit manufacturers. Imagine if the umpteenth reiteration of the Bf109 or Spitfire had a rivet in the wrong place!!! Imagine the uproar!!! Oh, think Eduard a few years ago... Jeff (a little bit annoyed)
  13. For those who are interested - I did a quick comparison with the Doyusha model tonight. Doing a few simple calculations the EE fuselage scales out at 1/147. Doyusha kit in white, EE effort in grey. F27 fuselage length = 23.56m 1/144 = 16.36cm Doyusha = 16.3cm EE = 16cm After that I couldn't be bothered to check other dimensions. Compared to the Doyusha kit its noticeably smaller. Jeff
  14. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    That's a good idea filling the door outlines - most times the decals don't line up with any engraved detail on the kit. How have you found the Citadel filler? I'm still trying to find an easily usable filler that doesn't shrink too much when dry. I'm increasingly turning to superglue as a decent filler. Progressing nicely with this one. Jeff
  15. Hapag-Lloyd Express 737-400 - Big Yellow Taxi

    Nice progress Dave. Looking at photos of D-AHLL, it does appear to be a lighter shade of yellow, not as strong or dark as Revell Lufthansa yellow. What do the instructions recommend? Jeff