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  1. Not a chip, just can't stand double standards. Perhaps you feel violence against men is justified and should be promoted through senseless sexist degrading adverts - I certainly don't.
  2. How is violence against men a "beauty"? Can you imagine the outcry if it was a man coming home and punching out his girlfriend? That's exactly the offensive rubbish that TV encourages nowadays.
  3. I don't have a TV as I refuse to pay money for the privilege of having TV to an organisation that covers up (ie condones) child abuse by many of its employees and as you have pointed out, TV adverts and TV content in general has sunk to such a dumbed down level I find it insulting. However, as I occasionally see adverts whilst in work, I find all adverts offensive that portray men as incompetent (terrible cooks, can't operate washing machines that sort of thing) or continually make fun of men. Jeff
  4. New Theme

    Nice modern look, well done. Jeff
  5. You know, there must be a virus going round here only affecting computer mice - mine does the very same thing too and especially when I'm on Nick Webbs site (I've actually got an order with him at the moment but he's either very busy printing all our orders or he's missed mine as it's been a few weeks since I placed it, must give him a reminder). Jeff
  6. Beautiful!! One of my favourite wide bodied twins (actually, it's my favourite). I love the kit from Zvezda but have hesitated buying the TAAG decals from 26decals, but seeing your trip 7 has made my mind up. Thanks for sharing your build. Jeff
  7. Very nice indeed. As others have already mentioned, you've moved the rather basic Airfix kit on to a new higher level of accuracy. British Eagle and it's various guises seems to be all the rage at the moment - this lovely 1-11, Ian the Turbofans great Britannia (and yours too), Stringbag Chris is working on a British Eagle 1-11 and I'm putting the finishing touches to a Minicraft DC-6 to be finished as Eagle Airways. We really should flood this section with beautiful airliner models and do our best to encourage others to join us - so much nicer than just another Spitfire... Very nice build John, thank you so much for posting it. Jeff
  8. Sounds good. I've got this model on my watch list with Hannants but didn't know it's now available. I think MikroMir really have spoilt us lately - an Argosy, Beverly, MD-11 and now this little beauty. Thanks!!
  9. Well, you could buy a very expensive resin model and get no decals at all. Perhaps the company think the majority of modellers won't use the choices in the box and instead prefer to go aftermarket. It won't stop me buying a few (or more) when they're available. I hope EE/ MikroMir follow up with an MD-83 and MD-90. (And a 757...) Jeff
  10. Very nice. The decals from classic-airlines.com are good to work with. This is pretty simple scheme from Iberia, I'm still not a fan of their new current effort it's just too much like every other modern livery and doesn't really stand out. Have you any other airliners on the go at the moment? Jeff
  11. Very nice build John. The Minicraft Douglas kits turned out to be their best (apart from the DC-3, Rodens is better but still not perfect). I'm currently putting together their DC-6 and have a DC-8 almost finished. Shame their Boeings weren't great. That's a great choice of colours, you just need a couple of horses stood by it ready to be loaded - Aer Turas became well known for race horse movement around Europe. Two great models, thanks. Jeff
  12. Lovely! When? Jeff
  13. Beautiful little model. Excellently built and painted. Jeff
  14. Superb! What an intro. I love the weathering, just brilliant to see the dirt streaks and grime of flight. I put my Roden VC-10 back in its box, I found it wasn't doing anything for me, it may come back out again after seeing this one. This is the scheme I intended to do and bought the decals from Classic-airlines.com as it comes with both styles of titles. Very nice and please do a WiP of the KLM A330. Jeff
  15. Thanks Nick, I can always find the time to stick something together. I've got loads on the go, some nearly finished, others waiting for a bit of enthusiasm to restart them. Yes indeed it's been much too long!! Jeff