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  1. 1/72 - CASA C-212 Aviocar - by Special Hobby

    Well, according to John it was "somewhere". I would take that as he doesn't want to or can't say where. The model looked great in the flesh at Telford, but ill way for any civvie decals before getting one.
  2. Me too. I'm really looking forward to the Douglas (ok, and MDD and if you must Boeing..) T-tail family coming from EE. I've got the MD-87 and intend to buy their DC-9 family too.
  3. 1/144 Lockheed Tristar, Eastern Express RELEASED

    Have you not submitted a PayPal dispute? Seems like you've given up without a fight.
  4. Another molotow thread

    Yes but not every chemical is finely atomized in a confined space and becomes a serious health threat when we inhale into our lungs. I don't remember inhaling a face mask into my lungs.
  5. Another molotow thread

    But as it's a chemical there's every need to wear a mask !!! It does look great though, thanks for sharing. Jeff
  6. Dick Ward

    Saddened to read this news. I've always admired his Modeldecal and still feel they're amongst the best produced.
  7. I've just received my civil version of this kit. First impressions are of a wonderful model. The finish of the plastic is great with neat engraved panel lines. Placing the upper and lower wing halves together suggests a fantastic fit. Amodel kits have improved hugely over the past few years. The lack of locating pins is probably the only indication that "the model is executed on technology short run". This all bodes well for their Caravelle, Falcon and Gulfstream.
  8. It says Fokker F27 ,shows a CV440 on the the box lid but...

    Thanks for this info.
  9. It says Fokker F27 ,shows a CV440 on the the box lid but...

    Interesting find there. It does appear as though it is an F27 but I'd be keen to find out a bit more about it too. If you're searching for a 1/144 F27, Eastern Express are due to release one shortly (along with a Skyvan (already on eBay), a Herald, Bombardier C Series, DC-9...they're on a bit of a"missing airliner models" roll at the moment). Jeff
  10. I fancy one of these in OTRAG colours. I'm not on faceache, is there any indication of a release date? Jeff
  11. Have a look on eBay. There are some images of the box top. It appears the Royal New Zealand Navy is one (on the box top) with the RN possibly being another option.
  12. Thanks for adding these pictures. Amodel kits get better with each new release and the inclusion of colour painting guides is very helpful. This kit looks very decent with some nice details. Great model and one that'll be added to my collection. Jeff
  13. 1/144 Eastern Express/MikroMir MD-11 Build Log

    Hi , still not seeing the images. And I'm eager to see how you've tackled the wing join 🤓 Jeff
  14. 1/144 Eastern Express/MikroMir MD-11 Build Log

    Ha!! No Dave definitely not lacking positive attitude at all and sorry if it came across that way😟. Believe me I've got a whole shelf of models for which my positive outlook and enthusiasm to see them through has all but gone! In fact after I posted my comment above I remembered from various comments and observations, yours being amongst them, that it's the wing/ fuselage joint that causes problems. The fact that anyone has started their MD-11 is a huge advantage over me as my stash just seems to multiply but the finished shelf remains the same. Looking forward to see how ridgeline tackles the wingy bits. Jeff
  15. 1/144 Eastern Express/MikroMir MD-11 Build Log

    A good positive start with a good positive attitude too - If things don't fit perfectly, try using a bit of modelling skills to make it fit...amazing!!. I can't offer the Varig decals as mine are both KLM (one from Eastern Express and the other from 26decals). On my first EE sample the rear fuselage is sharper radiused and so fits inside the corresponding tail section but as you shown a little bit of plastic card to reinforce and set the joint works well. With the clear flight deck cap, could you have shimmed the join with thin plastic card? I had to do similar on Minicraft 737 recently and it gave a very good even all round fit that just required a bit of filler around the joints to finish it off. Looking forward to your next updates. Jeff