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  1. Spot of the Day Part 2

    A very eclectic selection on the way home tonight: Rover P6 Sunbeam-Talbot 90 Mk2 Jaguar Triumph GT6 Rover SD1 Estate The SD1 wasn't a genuine Rover prototype, but a home conversion using the rear end of a Volvo 240 estate. Karl
  2. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Some very interesting, well to me, spots this week so far: Jensen CV8 Not 1, but 3 Lamborghini Aventadors on the M25 A car transporter full of original Fiat 500s, 600s and 750s in coupe, saloon & multiple variants, all mint. Scimitar Mk2 And it's only Wednesday! Karl
  3. Spot of the Day Part 2

    A couple of unusual spots on the M25 this afternoon: An immaculate Bedford J Type on a trailer, in a very fetching two tone blue. An original Lotus Elan in full 60s orange. Karl
  4. Spot of the day!

    Bit of a Triumph theme today on my travels: 2000 saloon resplendent in orange on the M40 this morning. Stag in maroon on the M25 this afternoon. TR3 in red on the M40. And just to add a little balance, a Citroen H type van on the M25 on the way home. Karl
  5. Spot of the day!

    From what I have heard, the bean counters at BL changed the originally specified head gasket for a cheaper alternative that hadn't been approved by the engineers. Cue a whole load of completely avoidable overheating problems. Somewhat less glamorous, but on topic, a mint 87 Panda yesterday in Banbury. Karl
  6. Spot of the day!

    6 Austin Healey 3000s in Banbury this morning! Karl
  7. Spot of the day!

    It was obviously trailer day on the M40 this morning as the following classics were all be trailered around: 2 MGBGTs VW Type 2 split screen van A Jaguar XK120 Both the MGs were in good shape, and the XK was immaculate, but the poor old VW was in need of some serious TLC. Karl
  8. Spot of the day!

    A Vauxhall Victor VX this afternoon in Banbury, immaculate in red. Karl
  9. Spot of the day!

    Just a few choice spots today: Pale yellow MGBGT Lancia Flamina Bright orange bay window VW bus, just like the matchbox one I had as a kid. N reg Mini with a totally Matt paint job, and not on purpose Karl
  10. Spot of the day!

    Despite the appalling weather the M25 and M40 served up a host of classics this evening: Escort Mk1 RS2000 Austin 7 Morris Oxford Farina Triumph Stag Early 911 Jag Mk10 Hillman Imp Oh, and a McLaren MP4. Karl
  11. Spot of the day!

    From the sublime to the ridiculous today on the way home. A tidy dark blue Jaguar Mk II on the M25. Then on the M40, on a trailer, a Heinkel bubble car. Karl
  12. Spot of the day!

    Opposite ends of the cool camper scale today in Banbury. A very nice split screen VW type 2 bus, resplendent in red and white, with a natty chrome and wood roof rack, and then a Bedford CF camper in white a few minutes later! Karl
  13. Spot of the day!

    Haven't been far today, just bumbling around Banbury, but spotted a couple of Morris Minors, one a split screen with late style high mounted lights. Also sadly, a semi-abandoned Midget, mouldering in someone's front garden. Karl
  14. Spot of the day!

    A Citroen Mehari in Adderbury this afternoon. Karl
  15. Spot of the day!

    This morning on the M40 I saw an immaculate Mitchelin branded Citroen HY van in blue and yellow. On the way home this evening the M40 produced not one, but 3 Triumph Stags, one in Wedgewood blue, the other two in white, all making that lovely V8 burble. Karl