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  1. Have all he has written. Real shame Rio
  2. This is there first for February. But they have model fest later in the year. Have done it the last 2 years.
  3. Drill small holes in the bottom of the wheels and insert a straightened paper clip. Drill corresponding holes in the base and push through. Cut off the excess underneth and glue in place.
  4. You were unlucky to be there. Remember when it was the 2 day show about 15 years ago and we were right next to the panzer corps display and it played the Panzer March all day. rio
  5. Would love to find out. Description is of a jetranger. Rio
  6. got to agree with roymattblack. I run CCleaner once a week helps keep my laptop clear. rio
  7. Will be there with my daughter on the North Somerset stand. she loves it there. rio
  8. My wife bought some candles in jars, they came with bags of very fine sand to put the candles in. 1 large bag was liberated for diorama use. rio
  9. nicely done. rio
  10. Getting the monogram B36. Half built to big to put the wings on. Rio
  11. Try scale model shop. Cheap and delivered in 2 days. You also get points for purchases which you can use to buy items on their site. Rio
  12. take it back, they should have checked it before selling. rio
  13. Ordered on Thursday, delivered on Saturday. Don't know anywhere else with service like that. Securely packaged in their own sealed bag. Highly recommend will use again. rio
  14. I wish. I have tried a load of different words and combinations with no luck. Rio