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  1. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Nice work on the base, it already looks very effective.
  2. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Today after getting a coat of dark grey RLM 74 on my He-280 (in the background) I put some Alclad grey primer straight into my airbrush (no need to clean it out when going from grey top coat to grey primer) then I applied the primer to all the readied running gear parts: After an inspection session and a little remedial work here and there with filler and some sanding I was ready to apply the olive drab. Here's how that looks: I have also being doing a bit more work on the track links. I am storing all the cleaned up links in their own dedicated container system: The next job is to paint the rubber on the tyred wheels and once that's done I can start to assemble the bogies. It's my birthday next Saturday and I have family visiting me so I doubt that I will get any modelling done next weekend so see you in two weeks time. Until then, bye, Nigel
  3. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Today I was finally ready to break out my airbrush and apply the RLM 74. Here's how it looked immediately after application: And here's how it looked a while later with the masking removed: The next stage is to add the mottling on the engines, tail fins and down the fuselage. I don't think I will have any modelling time next weekend so the next update should be in two weeks time. Bye until then, Nigel
  4. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    I have got a little bit more done today. I started work on the Panda tracks, quite a few of the holes are flashed over so I used a 0.7mm drill to clear that away: Before not too long I had the first section cleaned up and assembled ready to compare to the kit tracks: These after market items are a clear step up from the kit offering. As it's such a Herculean task my plan is to work on the tracks from time to time as and when the mood takes me. The Meng nuts and bolt heads arrived yesterday: These look great so I got to work installing some of the nuts on the underside of the bogie parts. The 1mm nuts looked of an appropriate size so I broke out a new scalpel blade and used that to cut them off: The use of a sticky pencil and Humbrol liquid poly were a great help in getting this little job done. I set up the first one as a master to copy subsequent ones: I should get the remaining ones finished tomorrow and then be able to break out the airbrush for the first time on this build. Bye for now, Nigel
  5. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Impressive work on the console and glazing, some interesting techniques there.
  6. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    Looking great and I like the bike. Glad you liked my periscope guards, they were a bit fiddly TBH.
  7. Westland Sea King HU5

    I've not been on BM much recently so it's great to catch up with this epic build. It's looking superb with some paint on. I also bought some of those HGW rivets with high expectations to use on my Airfix Gazelle but was bitterly disappointed with them. In the end I didn't use them as I could see that they wouldn't show through paint. Instead I used Archer rivets which perhaps swing a little too far in the other direction but at least they are still visible on the finished model.
  8. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Great work carving those parts from an old plug pin.
  9. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Thanks Andy, I wish I could paint and weather as well as you.
  10. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Thanks Sarge.
  11. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    The first job of the day was to make the second of what I now know to be called brush or periscope guards, here just resting on the model on the right: Next was an easy job of adding handles to the front two hatches, I used 0.5mm rod for these as I decided that even 0.6mm was still a bit chunky: The next thing I looked at were the headlamp guards, the kit parts were 0.86mm wide and obviously way too thick: This is what they should look like although the headlamps themselves are missing in this case: Again clicking on that gives a nice close up. I started by marking up and then trimming off a strip from my trusty brass sheet: That was then uncurled and flattened on my cutting mat, note it still has a considerable curve in the thick direction: I will use that curve in my favour to shape the strip but first I straightened out a 40mm section for the brace parts: Next using the kit parts and my reference picture I started to add the required curvature, I used my flat jawed pliers for this: After a bit more work with both of these pliers I had the basic shape: That was then trimmed and set up for soldering on the first brace using this arrangement: Soldering this was a nice easy job: After trimming the other side was added, here it's nearly finished just needing a bit of cleaning up: The attachment slots were made by stitch drilling three 0.3mm holes for each point and then opening them up with these other tools: Here's how it looks in place: Then I made the other one following exactly the same procedure: I'd used 1mm tape to estimate the amount of material required so there wasn't much left over. Here's how they both look in position: It's taken most of the day to make those but I'm rather pleased with them, who needs photo-etch? Bye for now, Nigel
  12. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    So the rear hull plate was correct as moulded and didn't need cutting out and swapping as per the Italeri instructions? I think I should be able to swap it back. Today the Panda Plastics tracks arrived for the USA: Here are the kit tracks where the inner faces are peppered with ejector marks. I now think they are moulded in polythene not vinyl. I know from experience that it's a horrible material to work with so I think the Panda tracks are a very worthwhile investment: By contract the Panda tracks are moulded in polystyrene and ejector mark free: I note that one of the links is broken but there are spares. The instructions are printed inside the bag header, I need 79 links per side and there must be at least enough for 83 per side: I can see sorting out that lot will keep me quiet for a long time. Anyway the rabbit hole I decided to go down today concerned these cage like things over what I assume are periscope covers: The above image can be enlarged by clicking on it. To fabricate replacements for the kit parts I started by flattening the end of some 0.5mm tube, this was then rounded and the bends made using a combination of flat jawed and round nose pliers: This was then soldered to some 0.5mm rod cross pieces using this set up: That gave this result: To make successive joints I used progressively lower melting point solders and lowered the power of my soldering iron accordingly. This was my first attempt to add the other end: That didn't work so I tried to make both joints with solder that melts at just 70C: That didn't work either so I tried this more open arrangement where I could see all the angles and alignment (more or less): After a bit of clean up here's how it looks on the model: I think I clean that up a bit further then make the other one but they are jobs for tomorrow. Bye for now, Nigel
  13. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    All the added detailed items are really bringing this to life.
  14. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Thanks Sarge, the number of Sherman variants out there is quite extraordinary, something I hadn't appreciated before starting this build. Yesterday I began by removing the incorrect back panel. I did this by first weakening the joints on the inside with a scriber followed by some scalpel action. I then used pliers to help lever it off: It actually came off more easily than I was expecting, the axle parts were more problematic. Eventually they came off minus their mounting pegs: The new back panel got the same treatment as the old one, drilling out the towing lugs and scribing round the door: I have been slightly caught out by the instructions, stage one has you assemble these parts at the rear of the upper hull and then stage two has a requirement to remove and replace the louvred panel. Clearly this would be better done before the assembly had taken place: Anyway I got in with as best I could, first cracking the glued joints by inserting a scalpel blade and then scribing round the panel: I then ran a blade around and out it came, here along with the replacement panel: After much cleaning up the rough edges I got the new panel glued in place: The position for the handle on the back panel is marked by this raised feature. That doesn't appear in my references so before removing it I drilled some 0.5mm holes for the handle: Here it is gone: For the handle I decided that the original 0.8mm handle looked a bit too chunky so made another jig for 0.6mm rod: For reference, I think this is what the rear panel area is supposed to look like: Clearly the kit exhausts are quite incorrect but I couldn't think of a way to remove them and scratch build replacements so decided to leave them be, they won't be that visible on the finished model. I did however correct the off centre opening in the exhausts and thin the wall thickness a bit as well as getting the rest of the parts added to the back panel: Note that the hook pinged off somewhere during the removal process so I just drilled out its hole as it does appear like that on some examples. Next I glued on the back panel and while that was drying I got on with another job fabricating replacements for these hoops on the top side. My micrometer measured them at 1.1mm, now I don't have any rod of that size, the nearest I had was 1.0 or 1.25mm. The latter looked a bit too chunky so went with the 1mm stuff. To make them I made a pen mark on my round nose pliers to get the correct radii: After a bit of fiddling with the radii I got the first one installed: Here they are both done along with the rear panel fitted and its filler fettled: At that point I decided to call it a day. I have also got the Panda Plastics tracks on order along with some Meng 1/35 scale bolt heads. Both are coming from the USA so I don't think I'll have them until the weekend after next. Never mind there's still plenty more to be getting on with. Bye for now, Nigel
  15. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    Great looking finish, all the pre-shading has really paid off - learning some new tricks here as I know nothing about weathering armour. How did you paint the rubber tyres on the lower set of wheels? Those tracks look like a nightmare, I will be avoiding that type.