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  1. Stunning build.
  2. The first job of the day was to clean up the Milliput on the seat squabs. After sanding it flat I mounted it on a blob of Blu Tack and reinstated the seam details using a straight edge and this riffler tool: It was hard to see how good the result was and may need some further work after priming. Then I cleaned up the filler and uprights on the cabin bulkhead: Next I cut off the cyclic control off its base and cleaned that up while still attached to the sprue: They were then glued to the cockpit floor along with the centre console facia: I don't have all my tools so will be jumping around a bit, tackling what things I can. The next thing I decided to do was to start on the pilot steps, I selected some thick brass sheet (I don't have my micrometer but it looks to be about 0.4mm thick so quite a bit thicker than normal PE fret). That was marked up ready to make the tread part of the steps: That was then shaped with files into the required elliptical shape: Here is the finished item compared to the kit equivalent: I then used my folding tool to turn up the ends: There are several designs of step out there but the design I am trying to produce can be found here. Next I shaped the end of some 0.5mm brass rod and set it up for soldering like this: After some trimming and bending here is the finished item: Some while later I had a matching pair: I'm not sure what to do next, maybe more metal work like the replacement tail skid. Bye for now, Nigel
  3. Today I started with a mix of white Milliput and dealt with the sink marks on the seat squabs and filled some holes on the cabin bulkhead which are in the wrong place for the passenger seat frames. I also applied a brushed on coat of matt black inside the main rotor shaft housing. Clearly another coat will be required: I would like to display this with the front doors open. I think the spare cockpit sides can be cut out to provide a set of doors: I only have my JLC razor saw with me, I made a start using it but it was the wrong tool for the job. I will have to leave these until I have a standard razor saw. Instead I started to glue the broken seat parts to reinstate the vertical members (finnair): I then started to make replacement lower seat frames for the passenger seats using 0.6mm tube and 0.5mm rod. The 0.4mm aluminium tube is there to prevent solder wicking into the tube and filling it: Here is the first completed seat frame: With things like this I tend to make one leg longer than the other as it assists assembly. I then used the first as a master to create the other two frames: Here are all three finished frames: That was me done for the day, I think I'll start of the cockpit controls tomorrow. Bye for now, Nigel
  4. I did get a tiny amount done last Sunday before heading to the airport (where I ended up waiting for six hours as my plane was delayed by four hours). Instead of applying the gloss coat I decided to mask up the front wheel well ready for some RLM 02: Here's how that came out: And that's it. Next steps are to remove the masking and apply the first gloss coat. I may get back to this in a few weeks time. Bye for now, Nigel
  5. Thanks for the laughs from the figures. The factory that produces them should be commended for employing so many blind people. The PE window surrounds are most effective, definitely worth the money.
  6. Very neat, that is such lovely work.
  7. That bendy floor can't be right - what's going on there?
  8. l am currently at Aberdeen airport waiting for my flight back to Luton. In my hold luggage I have packed most of the tools and materials to progress this build. I might get a bit more done tonight. Cheers, Nigel
  9. Thats a very nice looking model and well photographed to boot.
  10. Today I started masking on the tail for the RLM 74: The masking for the rest of the plane looked like this: There was a mark on the wing (a fingerprint I think) that I had dressed before but it was still somewhat visible so I gave that a light sanding: Here is the RLM 74 applied along with some Alclad "Steel" on the missiles: I inspected the paint and found that although the mark was gone the paint had pulled away from some of the panel lines in an odd way: I decided to press on, I think after a panel line wash and possibly a bit of hand retouching it won't be visible. Here's how it looked with most of the masking removed: When the grey was dry I masked up for the black nightfighter under surfaces: Note I crudely masked the front wheel bay as that still needs some RLM 02 and I didn't want it all black in there. Here is the upper surface masking: Here is the black applied along with the unmasked missiles: I decided to go for pure black although the instructions state "Anthracite" as I think a coat of matt varnish tends to mute black to a degree. Here are the main gear doors after removing the masking: I then removed most of the masking to reveal this: I didn't remove the masking from the wings as that could play a role in the mottling to come: The final thing to do before mottling was to apply a square of paper using a tiny blob of white tack as a demarcation of where the swastikas will go: I could have used tape but I thought it would be better to have it proud of the surface to avoid creating any hard lines. The final job of the day was to take a brave pill, fit my airbrush with a 0.2mm nozzle, have a little practice and get on with the mottling, including on the radar antennas: I know others can do better but I'm reasonably pleased with how it came out. I only have the morning tomorrow but hopefully I will get the gloss coat on and maybe some decals. Bye for now, Nigel
  11. I stuck the tape on some thin clear plastic. This makes it more manageable and gives a neater cut.
  12. The instrument decals are from Mike Grant, one of the most useful products for modellers out there IMHO. I have used them on numerous builds (starting with my Rotodyne). Also good for fire extinguisher labels: They need sealing with a coat of liquid decal film before first use.
  13. I started masking round the wings and one thing lead to another and I soon got all the masking complete (I decided that the fresh paint on the fin was now dry enough). These were all then ready for an application of RML 75: That was then applied in short order: Now that can harden up overnight and I should be able to finish the scheme tomorrow. Bye for now, Nigel
  14. Nice work on the wheels and I do like that blue colour.