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  1. Spitfires are undeniably beautiful aircraft but not really my thing but this build thread has got me hooked.
  2. Thanks Keith, I know ending a post with bad news tends to stop people liking the whole post but its much appreciated that you liked the earlier work.
  3. Thanks Martin, very kind of you. I have an old Badger brush myself - but I'm sure I can fix this one. It really needs a small blow torch and possibly some silver solder. I'll see if my local Maplins can supply such items in the morning.
  4. I'd rather try soldering first. If that doesn't work I'll try five minute epoxy as a temporary fix while I get a new trigger on order.
  5. In readiness for some painting I masked up the joint between the bulkhead and cockpit floor. I have also added a small piece of PE to the facia but here it's way out of focus: Most of the joint lines on the fuselage were similarly masked with 1mm tape: The first painting job was to apply some clear metal primer to the metally bits: Next I broke out the airbrush and applied some Tamiya clear orange to the roof lights. Here is under its own bespoke dust deflection system: Then, without using any primer, I applied matt black to the other cockpit parts as well as the wipers: My thinking of not using primer was that on the clear parts it should leave a slight black outline around the windows to simulate the rubber weather seals. I was then going to apply some grey primer to the remaining parts but my airbrush started playing up. I tried cleaning the nozzle umpteen times but was still getting bubbles in the paint cup. I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm going to soak the nozzle overnight in cellulose thinner to see if that helps. Looking closely at my brush I realised that it must have been knocked heavily during transportation from Aberdeen. The stand off on the nozzle had a big ding right on the tip (which I filed away the worst of) and then I spotted the the button on the trigger was at a slight angle. This is what happened when I tried to straighten it: So the first modelling in the morning is to try to mend the trigger. I'm not sure my soldering iron will be powerful enough to solder it so there may be a problem there. Bye for now, Nigel
  6. He already thinks he's the Hood so a knighthood would not be a big stretch.
  7. Good job, cheers, Nigel
  8. I prefer gee-N’N-T’N-ix.
  9. Nice work on the internals, it looks great with the wings on.
  10. Excellent job on the wiring looms, they look really smart.
  11. I have printed decals on clear film with an ink jet printer and found that (surprisingly) liquid decal film could be brushed on with no problems.
  12. Looks good. You should enter this at Telford. The glider class doesn't attract many entries - you might win something!
  13. Looking good Ced, nice one.
  14. Thanks Aaron, I am having fun with it and like you look forward to getting some paint on at the weekend.