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  1. Hmmm. Different cockpit?
  2. From what I heard, the tail section will need the biggest change. I hope they release a whole kit. Don't fancy converting.
  3. Thanks so much Ben. I agree. Due to budgetary reasons, I decided to go with the F-27. I have a hankering to do a vac kit. This one has the resin wings and metal props. As a kid, I used to live right beneath the final of Rnw 310L at O'Hare field Chicago. Saw many Ozark F-27s. So I'll go with that livery. I see that Welsh makes a CV580 kit. Depending on how this build goes, I may get a North Central scheme...or maybe an Authentic Airliner kit?
  4. I just saw a great youtube video on the new B737 MAX. Now I want one! Does anyone have an idea, or rumor if one will be released in 1/144? I should think Zvezda will eventually release one. Hopefully soon..
  5. Probably
  6. Azur FFROM

    I will probably get both.
  7. I've seen at least 2 on ebay..
  8. Thanks all.
  9. I am eyeing the 1/144 all resin dash 8 Q400 kit. Anyone have any experience with this or any Welsh resin kit? I bought the Viscount a few years back...never finished for some reason The viscount kit was vac, metal and resin. This Q400 is all resin, probably more modern? tks
  10. Does anybody know how the Welsh Models kit is? Accurate? Easy to build?
  11. Will there be a p.e. fret with this kit?
  12. My cool is that! Very interesting bird. Did the Soviets really fly this thing?
  13. Awaiting the 1D/E USCG version.
  14. Needle file too....Honestly did not think I had to tell you that..
  15. Seriously? We all have pin drills .....